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Maddie Case: First stage of searches ends without success

Luis Mota Carmo (L), Head of the Polícia Judiciária in the Algarve speaks with British Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood | Zimbio photo

In three years the English police has spent over 10 million euro



Marisa Rodrigues - Sniffer dogs, sophisticated equipment, reputed experts - Scotland Yard bet everything on this vast wasteland at the 25 de Abril street, in Praia da Luz. Three years of investigation, seven days of searches, which end in the same way as when they were started: without clues as to what happened to Madeleine McCann.

At the beginning expectations run high - numerous spots were deemed as of interest, even the period for the searches was extended to open holes, lift manhole covers of the sewerage system but with each passing day, discouragement ensued and the reduction of personnel followed.

After halting the operation for two days [10th June is Portugal day, a national holiday] the search teams will move on to two other sites outside the village urban perimeter.

The [English] thesis which sustains the searches is that Madeleine was murdered because she woke up and surprised a group of thieves that broke-in in the Ocean Club apartment.

It's a thesis that makes no sense whatsoever to the Judiciary Police, especially because there was no indicia of a robbery ever taking place seven years ago in the apartement, nothing was burglarized, nothing was stolen from the apartment where Madeleine was left alone with her youngest siblings, while the parents dined with their friends.

The image is by Jorge Belo, Marisa Rodrigues, TVI.

Broadcast by TVI, 8 June, 2014


  1. If the English Police feel that the burglars , fairies , druggies broke into the apartment and killed the child , it WILL appear they have no common sense at all ! Why did the mccanns change their stories ? Why did the mccans loose a blue bag and claim they never had one when you can see it on earlier pictures ? Its about time the people lobby the Portuguese Government and the International courts as it is plain to see the British Police have no clue how to solve crime or are totally corrupted hence the high crime rate in the UK . Instead of questioning the mccanns and the tapas 7 and their hideous hired liar and the two previous Government officials who helped the mccanns flee from justice , they are digging for clues in Portugal , or maybe they like gardening? This lot are a disgrace to the once good name SY had , its about time the people round the world demand answers and get an international police force involved in this case through Interpol and question the mccanns , and if SY has been told to sum up this case based on fantasy then whoever has instructed them should face the full weight of the law with the mccanns .

  2. Its very strange they do not bring the Mcs and Tapas back to Portugal, after all it is Kate that said she returned several times a year to walk the streets and search for clues, bit late now Katie girl, should have been out there searching for clues when the whole village and police were searching. I don't believe the Tapas searched either. Why have they not taken the new dogs into the apt 5A maybe 7 yrs is too long but its worth a o, why are they ignoring the descrepencies in the statements. What does our wee Gerry have on these people if anything that creates such protection. Time to bombard Theresa May with these questions. SY will not find a body as GM said Find the body and prove it was us. Arrogant smuck

  3. All the questions are asked, but all who ask are wasting their time. From. The start the brief of a Redwood was to pin the blame on others. A crime used to cover another crime. Imagine all the questions if it was shown that the Tapas group colluded in the crime from day 1? Think about what would happen, all the official help that was given, and all the rest. The picture of Redwood above speaks volumes to me, a film star that is doing a role, he already has the shades and the suit. Portugal should throw them all out before it is truly complicit, in a cover up, that it will regret forever.

  4. Another thing, why bother with the searches, as the aim is to fit others up? Unless, it's just for show?

  5. @2 I agree time to bombard Teresa May with questions as to why the mccanns are sitting pretty in the UK and SY is wasting public money on wild goose chases . Why a person refuses to answer questions put to them by the Police it clearly shows they have something to hide , and I am afrais this pair have a hell of a lot to hide , ASK THE DOGS Eddie and Keela !

  6. @4

    «The search for Maddie McCann is to be expanded into a second week as UK Police have been given a second week to search a large area of scrubland and two other sites, as the effort is branded a PR exercise.

    The search, which was criticised yesterday for lacking a focus and direction has now been expanded to include another two sites close to the location where Maddie disappeared in 2007.

    The search, part of a €10m investigation launched in 2011 by the Metropolitan Police Force at the instigation of the British Prime Minister has yielded no significant evidence that could lead to an arrest or charges or done anything to help reveal exactly what happened to Maddie seven years ago when she mysteriously disappeared without trace from apartment 5a in Praia da Luz.

    The investigation was started as the Metropolitan Police Force faced a growing wave of public discontent over corruption allegations and cover-ups, and face even more damaging revelations in the months to come, over the continuing fall out from the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry.» http://www.sundayworld.com/top-stories/crime-desk/donal-macintyre-s-crime-cafe/maddie-search-expanded-as-effort-branded-pr-exercise-to-distract-from-corruption-troubles

  7. How the world , after reading these blogs based on fact , sit back and watch a decent honest Police Officer Dr Amaral face injustice is beyond the realms of reality . One would think the "investigation" is conducted by third world police offices as the facts are not re investigated , time to lobby the British Government to answer questions as to why these pair of vile parents are not charged for neglect and investigate the whole case again , maybe pay Dr Amaral the millions wasted so far to investigate and prosecute the guilty?

  8. There is and has been by many, a view that the 'British public' were 'supporting' team McCann and it was with public pressure that Dave(Damthemancam) gave the green light for SY to intervene.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. I have not met one person in real time or in chats who dislike Mr Amaral OR support the McCann's. Or who dislike Portuguese nationals.

    In the beginning the Public were, quite rightly, sympathetic for obvious reasons-a toddler was 'snatched'. It was the msm who made claims about lazy, fat, incompetent, cops. Not the British Public.

    The SY investigation is purely at the door of Team McCann (including Clarence), and the MSM-IN PARTICULAR- Rebecca Brooke. (their newspaper have made million's of pounds and continue to do so- (why they feel the have the moral high ground is beyond me).

    Once it became clear to the public about the behaviour of the 'celebrity couple' the public lost interest in them and their fund.

    And just in case anyone forgets; a lot of fund money was from poorer people who believed they were looking for her...Little did they know it was to be used for mortgage payments (which could have been frozen), and luxury travel, and legal teams.

    All around the world they went-and all the time Little Maddie is still in PDL-waiting to be 'found', lying decaying?...

  9. It is show, for some reason.

  10. Important not to forget the soil "samples" collected.

    These samples may later be contaminated with Madeleine's DNA together with the DNA of the suspects (next phase) thus "proving" who "did it" and completely exonerating the McCanns of any wrong doing. Very much like FSS (Birmingham) did in the first place except the other way around (...)

    :d "Elementary my dear Watson!"

    Never underestimate the cunning of the English crack team. They love "scientific" solutions...

  11. How in gods name can the vile parent with NO responsibility whats so ever be made an ambassador of missing children or was it just to generate money for their fraud fund? Its time the vile couple had their children taken in case and face the courts to answer charges of deception and neglect . Would this not be the case had it been an ordinary couple in a council flat with no friends in high places? Bring back the death penalty for all found guilty as this whole case stinks to high heaven and is a gross miscarriage of justice in a western world today .

  12. I wonder if the Met will "find" something and demand the McCanns to go to Portugal to identify it.

  13. @12 Nah , latest on MSN pictures , the met claims its a botched break in , burglar looking for money ( but took the kid instead ? ). A number of people are going to be questioned , I wonder if it will be the mccanns and their pals as they was never a break in ! God help us , are we surrounded by liars in this nasty world of today we live in who are defended by the law? Has common sense vanished from society? I hope the good Mr Cameron is reading these blogs , and get SY to start with the parents and the ones who helped them flee Justice and give them a hired mouth piece ,instead of wasting money or he will see the results in the next election when UKIP win and the public ask for the re opening of the case , and bring to Justice AL:L the ones involved including the previous labour stooges who aided and abetted this hideous couple flee from Portugal .

  14. Most concerned about the idea of MET analysing soil samples. PJ should give them no wriggle room whatsoever and not allow anything to be taken out of the country.

  15. A most likely scenario is that the British Police fully know what happened as they would have been bugging the Tapas crew and K&G. What they found was more than likely so awful that they decided to cover it up in the national interest. Obviously, the vast majority of citizens would want the truth no matter what, as it involved the likely death of a 3 yr old left alone with two younger children whilst their parents laughed, drank and joked. The fact that a Tapas member had been reported for uncomfortable sexual comments and the father was apparently seen carrying a child means nothing to those who want to cover up the real story. But the dogs smelt death, the shutters were not jemmied, the sports bag went missing, the care free runs on the beach with smiling faces, the Robert Murat stitch up, cuddle cat getting washed, the apartment surgically cleaned etc. It all points to the British media being asked to act in this way through a special order from above. If the tapas doctors had pedophiles amongst them in that group, which would be the worst case scenario, would that really be so damaging to harm the national interest. Surely we are all grown up to know that these horrific and disgusting things go on in every country in the world. To the powers that be the time is right not to try to smooth the story over yet again but too say that the parents must now be properly charged with neglect and be re-interviewed as to what events occurred on that holiday and that night. It is a matter of common sense and justice for a young girl who vanished into thin air. If the dogs are right, and dogs don´t lie, the parents will one day face justice in law, not just in the silent stares they receive from the public.

  16. i think the digs (as far as they go) and the obvious postering of SY and PJ of places of interest is about shaking the tree and see what falls out. it is interesting that the search last week was only few hundred metres from where the mccanns stayed in june/july - and is where the lcoals fly tip. also the mound is in direct view of the cliffs. i am sure there is plenty of monitoring of emails and calls whilst these 'digs' go on - i think its about getting nearer the truth by careful positioning of police in areas of interest. where next on wednesday - i think the cliff area or below it near camp site/restaurant on road to lagos. pings show this an area of interest also the abandoned building site next to 5a would also rattle a few cages. all careful positioning to see what comes out of the wood work little to find except for some interestin internet/email/telephone calls as the search progresses.

  17. This particular kerfuffle in Praia will finish - just as the football world cup is starting on Thursday - panem et circenses - Joe Average in Southampton - might just register:
    'oh that Madeleine case - we'll never know now - will we?' before settling down with a cool beer for the opening match.

    A good day for burying bad news - and the English have form where that is concerned.


  18. It seems that the polilce officers know why they are digging up. Nothing. They are doing their job far from enthusiastcly. Everything very supperficial and they don't seem to be convinced that they are doing something useful.
    A bad performance.

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  20. With 10 million to spend the SY will still come up with more ludicrous clues and suspects until the last pound. Perhaps there is still enough left to force the Tapas band to travel to Portugal, answer the unanswered questions, and make the re-construction of the events that night. That would be money well spent!

  21. If Madeleine is buried, I think she is buried on a privete garden,, perhaps Hubbard's.
    I don't believe she was buried on a open field where people could see the grave being dug up. Besides that home could have spades, etc
    She could even have being buried inside the house, under the kitchen floor.

  22. Well said fernis , its about time the hideous pair and the Tapas lot including the hired liar are taken to Portugal and charged for neglect and aiding and abetting as well as falsifying fact . Then the Portuguese Government should throw on them the full force of the law .

  23. the 1st time i saw gerry on tv i immediately thought pedo ,he has the same arrogance as that well known pedo frank beck ,my theory is she was already dead the night she vanished maybe as a result of physical assault (kate losing it with her) or even accidental but they could not risk a autopsy because it would revile sexual abuse ,i believe they are part of a pedo ring with connections in high places it isnt a case of who they are but what they know about other ppl

  24. To Common Sense @ 15:
    I agree. The only part of this story I personally want to work out now is: why the cover up. It has been mentioned before that the reason for cover ups is generally because they are "in the public interest". There are members of the public who have survived the atrocities of war. We all know many details about the 2nd world war, for instance, what has been covered up there, in the public interest? Yes, the vast majority of people want to know and not to be treated like children. But I think that the real reason is to protect someone who is above the law. So who else was involved in the "holiday"?


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