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Maddie case: Searches to continue on two sites outside the urban perimeter


Nothing relevant was found on the site where there are still ongoing searches

Image by Marcos Soares Pereira, Marisa Rodrigues, TVI.

Marisa Rodrigues - The sites are located outside the urban perimeter, on the road that connects the Luz village to the N125. These are two sites, facing each other, much smaller than the first search site where there are still some ongoing searches expected to end on Sunday.

After a 48-hour halt, all attentions will be focused here on Wednesday. During two days the English police and forensic technicians, using sophisticated equipment and sniffer dogs, are going to search for traces of Madeleine McCann, in an operation authorized by the Public Prosecutor's Office, which will also be supervised by the Judiciary Police.

TVI knows these two sites were selected because of the morphological alterations on the ground surface that were detected with the help of satellite sensing. This was used as basis in the request in the letter rogatory, which also includes requests for 8 persons of interest to be questioned to be conducted by the Judiciary Police, a step that will only take place when all the searches on the ground have ended.

Bearing in mind the dimension of these two sites, the GNR personnel will be significantly reduced from the total of the 40 GNR military officers that are in Praia da Luz. Everything will be set up, during the dawn time of Wednesday so all will be ready in the morning to go-ahead with the searches.

in TVI 24, June 7, 2014


  1. on videos we can see detectives of the Met smelling sewes on that waste ground, as if their investigation was not sufficiently shit.

  2. Good, the searches are spreading to other areas. Do you think the McCanns are getting worried?

    As reported in the Leicester Mercury:

    The couple, of Rothley, said: “We would like to ask people to refrain from spreading rumours and speculation based on inaccurate press reporting."


  3. Surely it would have been wiser to question the 8 persons of interest first, before all this digging? Who are these people anyway? Redwood needs suspects to justify his actions and all the money spent. Has anyone ever asked him want makes him so certain that the Tapas group know nothing......a simple question? I fear Redwood is out of his depth and he is fast becoming a laughing stock.

  4. They certainly sounded a bit rattled. Not sure where Clarence Mitchell is but he clearly wasn't involved in their public statements the other day. As a tory candidate in the next election, he might be evaluating how beneficial it will be to him to be seen to be the McCann's PR consultant in the eyes of an increasingly weary and sceptical electorate

  5. @3 Three men alleged to be drug traffickers and five former Ocean Club workers... All Portuguese apparently.

  6. Round and round the block we go. Even if there is is no result, create doubt. It's all spin. When they are through with those people, it's back to gypsies and other reliable suspects.

  7. EN125? Could one of these be in the Monte José do Mestre referred to by Pat Brown - the American criminal profiler?

    "I was particularly interested in the activities of the McCann in the days before the Huelva trip when Gerry's phone pinged repeatedly in an area to the west of Praia da Luz along the road to Budens, (estre EN125). I also found it interesting that the day he was to leave for Huelva, he was not feeling well, having a bit of an upset stomach. This led me to theorize he could have used that day to move the body or to recover from moving it the day before. I decided when I got to Praia da Luz, I would take a trip down that road to the west and see whether there were any suitable places to lose a body forever." (quote/unquote)


  8. why is the PJ announcing that there will be arrests if those suspects are not yet quizzed? Why don't they arrest them now?
    The last thing the PJ do is to telling what they are planning and to telling what they are doing now.

  9. resident suspects in Portugal? What are the Met doing to us?
    Who could be those suspects, unless the police will say that they had to arrest the parents because of something that emerged during the quizzing of those 8 people.

  10. @8 That was a Guardian article, a mistake by the journalist, it was corrected, no arrests are expected nor they could be even before questionings had taken place.

    Could be Zizi, who knows? :) beijinhos

  11. DCI Redwood has to finda solution to save the governments skin, a lot of responsibility for one man. Why have they not backtracked to the beginning when it all happened, Cold Cases that are reopened usually start from the beginning. How does it make sense that witnesses come forward after 7 years with all the publicity that's been given to this case. If the suspects are Portuguese why speak in English unless....ok Gerry all done and dusted, GM doesn't speak Portuguese. That poor little girl, what parents use their missing child as a cash cow. Not even bothering to search but preferring to jog and laugh instead.Something stinks here and its not the dogs. DCI Redwood save your reputation and listen to the public and read those in cohesive statements, think about it, parents of missing children do not make their own reconstructions, and refuse police ones unless there is something to hide. Blair and Brown I cant think of a word strong enough to describe the pair of you. What happened to the priest who said the McCanns had deceived him. Meanwhile GM now gets to present a statement at the closing session of the libel case. And Dr Amaral I hope he does as well, they are desperate for the money. once this is closed they hope to take Amarals money and run and settle elsewhere, maybe change their names like most who have something to hide.

  12. just a reminder that kate once said that she would be willing to take a lie detector test ... it is known that liars always think that they can beat such a test but obviously some one with more sense convinced her not to because she suddenly changed her mind with a flimsy excuse

  13. Joana at #10

    :o It could, except I was wearing a spacesuit and left no traces. Redwood would never trace my UFO. The dogs maybe but... what would they be barking at? Hyper- space?

    :d Beijinhos

  14. :o Oh! I see! You meant the Monte José Mestre not my persona! I guess I need another cup of coffee! Keep up the good work!

  15. Its about time the home secretary was asked to explain WHY have the mccanns not been made to answer the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago , Instead of wasting the hard working publics money on trying to fit some fantasy abductor in the disappearance of this girl the good mr redwood should use common sense and arrest the mccanns and get them to Portugal to ANSWER the QUESTIONS they REFUSED to ANSWER 7 years ago . As for the hired liar he should be charged and jailed for life for telling lies and twisting and turning the stories in the press .


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