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Maddie Case: Searching for evidence of death in Luz

Front Cover: English search for Maddie's body. Excavations in the Algarve - they search for evidence of the body of the child who disappeared in Praia da Luz. Investigators bet on the homicide thesis.

The English police believe the child died in Praia da Luz and search for the cadaver or hidden vestiges.

by Rui Pando Gomes and Tânia Laranjo

The English Police believe the body of Madeleine McCann, who disappeared seven years ago in the Algarve, is or has been buried in Praia da Luz, Lagos. This the focus of the British investigators who began yesterday the search for evidence of the death of the English child on the ground where excavations were authorized, searching for both the corpse or other hidden vestiges.

CM found out that sniffer dogs, that were brought from England to detect corpses or buried clues, will begin to be used today in the searches. Investigators from Scotland Yard are convinced that the English child, then with four and who was on holiday with her parents and twin siblings in the Ocean Club resort, died in Praia da Luz and that her body was buried in a vacant lot.

They admit, however, that the body could have been removed, at a later time, from the location where it was hidden and that it is now possible to detect any clues that were left on the ground.

The proceedings are being followed up to detail by members of the Judiciary Police of Faro and teams of GNR officers that are ensuring all the security around the site of the investigations. Yesterday, during the day, elements of the English police marked the places where the main investigation should focus, with the placement of more than a dozen stakes, with multiple priority levels. Topographic measurements were also made ​​and tents were assembled to provide support for the investigations.

The sniffer dogs who came from England for the searches will be on the ground today for the first time. They should search the most relevant sites and a georadar will be used afterwards. Before using the equipment to search for buried corpses, vegetation will have to be cut in defined locations.

The excavations should take place tomorrow if, in the meantime, any clue or tangible vestige is found.

Intruders monitored by GNR

The whole perimeter of the sites to be searched is around the size of two football fields together and is being controlled by the GNR [Guarda Nacional Republicana/Republican National Guard] officers twenty-four hours a day.

CM was able to establish that 40 military GNR officers will be involved in this operation daily. Among them are elements of the GNR Territorial Detachment of Portimão and dual patrolling teams [binómios] of men and dogs from the GNR Intervention Detachment of Faro.All movements of possible intruders who attempt to enter the terrain are followed in detail from the top of a hill, where the control post is located, with the help of long range binoculars.

Several teams, in rotation, ensure the security inside and outside the areas where the searches are taking place. The traffic, which at this time has been much more intense, is also being managed by the GNR.

During the night the entire place is also guarded by the military, to ensure the surveillance of equipment and materials placed on the ground. In the coming days the patrolling can be further strengthened.

in Correio da Manhã, June 3, 2014

In Spanish at Mercedes' blog - Caso Madeleine McCann: Buscan pruebas de la muerte en Luz


  1. Madeleine's story has changed with this digging.
    It has become a very stark reality. And although I have long suspected she was dead, it was at a level of logic and intuition. Now my heart breaks. All of it. The tents, the dogs, the police, all these human beings trying to find evidence of what happened to a little girl 7 years ago. Shame on all those who knew and thought they could hide the truth. May you find self forgiveness in the years to come.
    To all those out there, the intelligence in the blogging, the questions, the research, the translations, the sharing, the lack of indiviudual egos just many wanting to get to this stage where this reality was considered by the United Kingdom.
    I don't think I can watch anymore.

  2. Dig up the Murat rear gravel driveway !!!!

  3. The little girl was certainly innocent but others around her are likely not!

  4. Su, my heart broke already 7 years ago. I knew that she was dead. let us pray that the SY will make it and that the twins will survive because I fear for them.
    How will the parents explain them that at least one of them is invoved in the death?
    That they lied? That they became rich cheating on good people?

  5. Was it not the hired Liar who swore blind the child was alive , hence the "fund"? The people who have enough common sense knew after the dogs were brought in that the child was dead that's fact . The mccanns were smelt out by the dogs , why was this not taken into consideration and the horrible pair and their accomplices charged for neglect? This had better bring about charges as the people round the world want answers . Dr Amaral should be given a medal for his bravery for publishing his book based on fact and not fiction as is the case with the mccanns version of events . Any Police officer with enough intelligence would know from the start the mccanns were hiding something hence why the Lied and had a professional liar hired to lie for them . This whole case stinks its not only neglect , "accidental murder" and the fraud "fund" should be charges put to the horrible parents and the tapas lot for aiding and abetting , as for the hired professional liar , the devil awaits his soul . The only reason the stories of abduction was invented was to create a good income to the "fund" .They used "public" monies to sue people who tried to speak the truth by using money from the "fund" to pay their mortgage when it should have been used to "find" the "missing" girl . Cant wait to see the lot of them face charges and pay for the crimes they are guilty of !

  6. The sniffer dogs are considered a credible tool in finding cadaver traces. So why doesn't SY consider the sniffer dog evidence gained in 2007?
    Angelo del Montello

  7. No way will the truth be revealed, even if they find the remains of the child. NSY are there to pin the blame on a dead person, who cannot be defamed or defend himself.

  8. I can appreciate all that "Su" said in comment #1 but I will continue following this sad story until those responsible for Madeleine's "disappearance" are held accountable. I just hope I live long enough to see that day. I find it very interesting that British dogs have been brought in...again, considering the way Gerry McCann dismissed the positive alerts that Eddie and Keela gave seven long years ago. I must say however that I have huge doubts about the location of the present "dig" because, due to the proximity of the location, also the description of the terrain, to the resort where the McCanns were visiting, it doesn't seem to me to be the logical final resting place. Poor sad Madeleine, a little girl we didn't even know, abandoned by her parents who continue to dishonour her memory by suing the very man, Mr. Amaral, who only wanted to solve the mystery and seek justice for her.

  9. SY have not disclosed to anyone that they are looking for little Maddie's body. The fact is: we don't know WHAT they are looking for.

    I read a chilling piece by 'Blacksmith Bureau' (great blog site) about how no one was there from her family to see the end to her journey.( if that is what is about to happen) Yes, It did hit home, yes it was sad to read that. But when has this media circus ever been about Maddie?

    I always believed she died in PDL. Other than that, I have never offered up any evidence ( have none) to say how that would have happened.

    It has been the parents behaviour which has given me my uneasy feeling about things not being quite right- well, that among other things; like the lies, the smiley celebrity status. It just never seemed to mark the seriousness of their claims.

    Just who would behave the way they did 'thinking' she was kidnapped by who? a paedophile who would rape, torture and murder her then dump her body like an old chip bag? I mean what would your behaviour be like-seriously!

    I do believe, always have, that the parents were responsible for her fate ( evidence is neglect).

    And let's just think about two instances where, It could have been different, and this may never have happened OR was prevented. (apart from the obvious).

    1. Kate and Gerry listening to Maddie make a chilling statement about where they were when the children were awakened and crying few nights before?

    Take action: don't leave them alone again, Although Kate brushed this aside as a something of nothing- It was something huge for Maddie to mention it- she must have been scared for her self and her siblings.

    But they took no action and left them again- 'the abductor may have drugged the children' YES the abductor may have- brings to mind was the abductor or remover of Maddie a stranger?

    That was a wake up call if ever there was- knowing the kids woke up crying-alone-in a strange country...

    2. Gerry 'sensed' there was someone in the apartment (creeper hiding) So why did he not have a look around? check to see if someone was there?, no, he left them alone again, instead he went on to tell us how he remembered he said to himself how wonderful or words to that affect his beautiful daughter was/is as his last sighting of her by him. Yes it would be bad reading if he was screaming and shouting and swearing at her on their last encounter. but why did he get that bit into his script? sorry statement.

    Those parents played a nation and destroyed the lives of many and they have no one to blame but themselves for the pain they inflicted.

    ...but you know, I often wondered if little Maddie was found, safe and well, would she really want to be handed back to those two...

    Whatever is found by SY I do hope it brings closure to a world phenomena known as 'find Maddie'.

    If those parents can lie about 'little' things with a straight face- they can certainly chuck out huge great whoppers!

    "We know Madeleine was taken"...

    With thanks to Joana, astro and the many posters who keep this site's integrity.

    Miss Taken Identity

  10. I hope they find something. I hope they have been given a tip by somebody who knows something. I hope the UK police have done what any good detective would do, and look very carefully at the McCanns, their behavior and the mountain of evidence against them. I hope that this isn't some kind of charade.

  11. The McCanns went to live in another apartment when they left 5a.
    At that moment the body was in a provisory place (beach?), deeply buried and under a rock,wet of salty water( no scent) I think. They(their friends) had time to dig up a grave on that wasteground while the corpse had been taken to a place with a freezer, after the Scenic was rent and later it was taken to the wasteground.
    That is what I imagine.

  12. Angelo del Montello, of course the SY considered the dogs in 5a. But a scent is not concreet. They need the body now or they need disappeared objects that belonged to the family.
    The SY had to come up with different things and they are doing it. No Smith man, no DNA, no dogs, no blood, no scent.

    I believe that at least somebody of the Tapas could have told about the grave or the name of the person who helped digging it up. Too much pressure of the police.

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  15. Maybe they are searching for the 'broken' fridge which Payne mentioned, or the large blue bag that went missing, but that Gerry said had never existed, or that huge buggy the McCanns were pushing around just after Madeleine went missing, which was always covered so the contents were hidden, and it was then said a buggy of the McCanns' had been stolen. So where might these items be now?

    Or maybe they are just going through the motions before they end this costly 'investigation' and announce they have done all they can but still can't find the 'abductor' or Madeleine, but no blame can be attached to their efforts which will appear to have been tremendous, what with digging up PDL and all, and even more sympathy for the McCanns as the public realize that little Madeleine has died at the hands of the big bad abductor, and that is the conclusion reached. No doubt the McCanns will be very grateful for all their efforts, and they can then 'move on' with the closure, and knowing that all that could be done has been done.

  16. The Portuguese Government should apply to the European court for an arrest warrant for the mccanns and take them to Portugal for questioning . Charge them under Portuguese Law as SY has got no business to "solve" crimes in Portugal , If SY genuinely wanted to help the Portuguese Government they would have got the mccanns , the Tapa 7 , the professional liar , the two jesters in the previous Labour Government and charge and hold the lot of them in custody till the body is found , Let the Portuguese Police re investigate this case without let or hindrance as was the case in the past and this case will be solved ! They should be charged and placed in Custody with no bail as they took the world for a ride with their tide of "tsunami" lies and fantasies . Start with charging the parents with neglect and telling lies , Portugal . This case is a waste of public money it would have been solved many moons ago , had they not been helped to escape and flee from Portugal , maybe after the parents are charged and the rest are charged too , the two jesters in the previous Government should be made to pay the costs for this whole case for example ? They are enough of them involved to meet the whole cost of the case . If it were not for the internet the "responsible" parents and professional "liar" would have got away with this.

  17. Still you cling to the idea the parents are guilty and the police will get them. You are wrong on both counts but it's pointless even trying to say it. You have invested 7 years of your life in their deep culpability and in hero worship of Amaral, and you just cannot let it go. It's utterly tragic, not just for a lost child but for all of you.

    I can tell you now the McCanns HAVE been reinvestigated, a couple of years back, to the point it almost made Kate McCann ill. And they were exonerated, as they were in 2008, although of course you will accept neither event as factual.
    For all their faults UK police are not stupid. The family were the first thing they looked at. Please, stop this now for your own sakes. The current investigation is likely the last chance to get to the bottom of what happened to Madeleine. Don't diss it, trivialise it or make unfounded comments because whether you like it or not it's all we have.

  18. #5 Yes, rather paradoxical that; the dogs' evidence was dismissed as unreliable when it suited, now apparently they're indispensable. That hardly adds up.

  19. There is no chance of The Portuguese Government applying to the European Court for an arrest warrant for the McCanns as poster 13 suggests. They could have done this at any time in the last seven years. The fact is Portugal has acquiesced in this cover-up. Something that should not be forgotten when posters quite rightly highlight the support the McCanns have had from the British Government and Media. I do not see any reason why the political protection they have had will be withdrawn now. On the contrary, it's logical to me that this hideous farce will end with a 'patsy' being blamed for Madeleine's murder. Internet or no internet the McCanns have and will get away with it.

  20. I wonder how the mccanns must be feeling at the presence of more cavader dogs like the othersbthat gm dismissed as unreliable. I do hope somone has tipped off the police,but i suspect this will be the winding up of the case. Has sy taken the new dogs inside apt 5a. Why havent they seen the descrepencies in the tapas statements. Maybe portugal insisted on controlling the dig to make sure of no cover up etc. With all the mcs millions they should be contributing to the cost of the investigation.
    We have a case in spain where the police were searching the ground for the body,the murderer keeps saying the body is in different places. The parents have been there at every dig and search ,waiting,helping. But the mccanns stay at home, are they afraid they may get arrested if they return to portugal at this moment. Take those dogs into 5a please sy and see what happens.

  21. #15 " Internet or no internet the McCann's have and will get away with it."

    Do you mean they will never go to prison-be charged?

    As far as the getting away with it is concerned, I think they are already feeling a price they will pay. A price they avoided for so long-thanks to the MSN media, celebrities and others.

    The thing they most wanted to protect above all else-even finding their daughter- their reputation.

    Yes, we could see this from day one! damage limitation- procuring: the best lawyers-legal teams for various types of accusations thrown at them-media savvy 'experts' PR experts, not including they and their families (who were NOT in PDL) using venomous language to attack those who only sought to help. Showing contempt, disrespect to various professionals, including the police and friendly neighbours, and residents in the area.

    Yes, they 'BLAMED everyone but themselves. They even went as far as saying it was "just like sitting in your garden" and "everyone does it, it is a uk cultural thing!" to trying to minimise peoples worst fear which would more likely cause the Team Mc's A huge backlash " she may have been taken by a loving couple who can't have children" aw well that makes it all sound nice- no mention of paedophiles/gypsies in those early days. There was also no show of regret or remorse-just a happy chappy blog by 'distraught' daddy.

    It has to be said their popularity has been waning some what-and they have to keep up their *image* by doing charity runs- erm well they did that before so what is new? ah yes no one cared.

    People seemed to have changed their opinions and looking back at blog sites and other history web pages (oh us internet haters) to add two and two and get 4.

    Yes, the thing they protected the most and paid a fortune to get"- keep their reputation"- will be gone among those who believed in them.

    They have won nothing. And I BELIEVE their twins will turn against them when they get older and they read about this.

    It may be the case that in the beginning political pressure was misplaced and discussed, however, I don't see a huge whitewash or Police being corrupted to find someone to blame. I do believe the PJ if they have evidence will seek the parents and charge them OR as is the case , SY, if they find evidence CAN arrest the parents in the UK and they can be charged and sent to jail. But they need evidence! And they are looking for it!

    Good news about Mr Amaral obtaining ward of court information! will the McCann's have the money to re jig the claim?

    Miss Taken Identity

  22. Where there's 'a well' to conceal a body, there's a way.

  23. I have a question.

    There is a TV documentary being aired in the UK tonight called The Mccanns and the Conman, about Kevin Halligen who was hired by the McCanns to investigate the disappearance of Madeleine.

    This documentary is being shown in the very same week that police start digging near the Ocean Club. My question is about the strange timing of this documentary. Is it just coincidental, or is it part of a coordinated publicity campaign? If it is not purely coincidental, who is responsible for the timing of the documentary?

  24. This case will NEVER be a cover up as the world KNOWS the FACTS what went on and sooner or later the hideous pair will be in court with all their friends . No one with enough common sense will harbour this lot any more , the tide is turning for the mccanns me thinks . The "responsible" parents will be dropped like a bag of shite by their professional liar when he finds the truth is catching on and he is unable to lie any more , considering that's his ONLY profession and thus would find it very hard to get employment .

  25. Portugal is in a terrible mess, a burglar would not bury a body in that hard ground as they do not carry picks and spades for digging. The British police have chosen the wrong place, most people believe Maddie died in the flat, the dogs did speak the truth. When Maddie cried for an hour they were in the flat, they must have given her too much to make her sleep, when she fell asleep they went for a drink and meal with their friends. When they came back they found her dead and the next day they were busy trying to do something. Mr Smith said he saw Mr McCann carrying a child towards the beach, he spoke to him and he turned his head and carried on. The dogs went from the flat to the beach . If you want to find the truth go and search the beach not where the british tell you. They and the government are on their side. They have told the people so much lies the people angry why don't you come out with the truth. Poor Maddie we all feel sorry for her.

  26. The only hope of justice in this case is the Portuguese government taking action according to their own police evidence. Sadly, it looks like that is too much to ask for.

  27. None of what the McCanns have claimed adds up. They are lying.

  28. comment 11 'but a scent is not "concreet" (sic)' . Of course it is concrete. Cadaver scent was enough to convict Susanne Pilley's murderer. SY did not consider it as their remit told then not to.

  29. The problem with this tragic case is that after running away from Portugal during the investigation the McCanns continued to weave a fog of smoke and mirrors and they now believe their own lies.

  30. @25 very true deception and greed ,they even had the front to take Dr Amaral to court for writing his book , Did they expect an Innocent man suffer in silence ? Had it not been for Joanna and Dr Amaral these two would have got away and would be made to look like saints while the fact remains , they are not responsible parents as their hired professional liar claims . Its about time the Mccanns and all the people who helped them escape the Law find themselves in Court .

  31. @26 Had it not been for Dr. Amaral, full stop. He was the only one courageous enough to write The Truth of the Lie, to risk all, and for that brave action he and his family have suffered harassment, threats, defamation, humiliations, legal and abusive persecutions. He is the hero, not me.

  32. Yes Anon 18, and where there is a wall in a room, and hidden up high, there is also a way. Nowhere should be out of bounds, and if certain restrictions were taken off this case there wouldn't be.

  33. Very true Joana , and Dr Amaral will go down in the annals of history one day for exposing a group of compulsive "irresponsible" LIARS . Thanks to you also for creating these blogs which are based on Fact and the world gets to know what really happened instead of reading the papers and thinking its true .

  34. My only wish is that they invite Dr Amaral, and chat with him, but we all know this isn't gonna happen...He is a very brave man, and I think many of us know that. He has succeeded in getting the court to act upon the ward of court situation, but now GM is permitted to enter a statement... to afraid to return to Portugal at this moment,i believe. Thankyou Dr Amaral you have suffered but you are a hero

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  36. right,first we had dopey gordon brown now ite pm,david cameron whos put millions£ s into all this crap.they know them selfs.this is people running the u.k.they should be sacked never trust an mp.they should be a public outcry over the mccann rats.why are they getting protected they should be jailed up for life and also charged with froud with the money thats been given to them ha to spend on there selfs travelling round the world i tell you very soon they ll be alone and i mean very alone people will desert them they will pay for every thing they v done wrong,karma will fix them patsy


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