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Maddie searches have ended, English police to return to UK on Thursday

Searches to find Maddie, requested by the English police have ended

British police will return to Portugal to question more people

The searches to find evidence that might lead to the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann ended on Wednesday without success in the area of Praia da Luz, Lagos. The English police are expected to return home as early as Thursday.

A Judiciary Police source said the searches requested by the English police had ended around 17.00pm. The source explained that the work was completed after over a week of searches in  areas where Scotland Yard admitted that items or other evidence could be found that would help clarify the disappearance of the girl, seven years ago.

The operation, which included excavations, started on the 2nd of June, in the lookout of Praia da Luz. This Wednesday they focused their searches on the fields in the outskirts of Praia da Luz. According to the same source, the English detectives will return to Portugal, at a date not yet scheduled, to question eight people, who the English police believe they can help solve the case.

Seven years after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Portuguese and British authorities have searched the grounds adjacent to the tourist resort where the McCann family was holidaying.

in Público with Lusa News agency press release, June 11, 2014

Operation Grange update

Operation Grange officers working alongside experts in their field from around the UK, the Policia Judicial and the Guarda Nacional Republicana today, Wednesday 11 June completed an eight day period of work searching specific areas of land in Praia da Luz.

At this time no evidence relating to Madeleine McCann has been identified. However it has given us an essential understanding of the activity on and people that have used this piece of land.

This was the first phase of this major investigation which has been agreed with the Portuguese following the four International Letters of Request submitted to date. More activity has been agreed and we expect that to commence shortly. In addition further requests are being compiled and will be submitted in due course.

The decision to search the “horse shoe” shaped piece of waste ground to the west of Praia da Luz and other sites was as a specific result of the UK’s investigation work to date.

The total area of land searched and surveyed was of approximately 60,000 sq metres and included all utilities, drainage channels and derelict buildings. 41 ground anomalies were identified initially by both aerial survey and ground analysis which were then investigated fully. These included three outside of the original area.

This deployment which was the largest ever undertaken by UK police overseas in a case of this type, highlighted the effective nature of the assistance given by the Portuguese authorities, for which the investigation team and family are very grateful.

The media’s understanding and co-operation following Assistant Commissioner Rowley’s pre deployment briefing has also been noted and appreciated.

There is still a substantial amount of work yet to be completed in the coming weeks and months, which again should be viewed as no more than normal operational activity in a case of this size and complexity. This recent work is part of ensuring that all lines of enquiry are progressed in a systematic manner and covers just the one hypothesis that she was killed and buried locally. This is the same as would be done in the UK for a murder or high risk missing person enquiry. The scientific support staff involved were there to provide the highest level of assurance that this area was searched to the highest possible standards.

in Metropolitan Police press statement, June 11, 2014 @ 17:50pm

«Clarence Mitchell, the McCann family spokesman, said last night: “In the light of what Scotland Yard has said, Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry continue to have full confidence in the operation.

“In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, they continue to believe that Madeleine is still alive and out there waiting to be found.”» in Daily Express, paper edition, 12 Jun 2014, Anil Dawar in Praia da Luz


  1. I came across this, I had not read it before, but it may offer some explaination and well worth a read

  2. Did the graffiti on the wall final send the message home and the "search" comes to an end? Will the gruesome twosome and their pals be taken in for questioning as to why they REFUSED to answer questions put to them by the Portuguese Police 7 years ago? The fact that this case cost millions and nothing was found would suggest it was a total waste of money in the first place when the main suspects are in the UK , the ones who left toddlers on their own while they went out with their mates . The Portuguese Police should visit the UK and take back with them the gruesome twosome and their pals for questioning and this time get them to answer all the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago . As for the hired Liar take him too and charge him for misleading the public .

  3. Well of course SY will return to Portugal since the libel trial is not finished yet and Redwood has promised to do his bit for the 'cause', that being to give closure to the McCanns which will also mean all suspicion officially taken away from them.

    How could Dr Amaral and the original investigation team even dare suggest the McCanns were in any way involved with the disappearance of Madeleine, since Redwood has the word of the McCanns that they weren't responsible, and anyway how could anyone suspect doctors in the first place.

    Besides that, how could it be the McCanns' fault if they were given a holiday apartment that had blood splatters on the wall and blood under the tiles, or that reeked of cadaver scent, and what awful bad luck they had when they were given that one hire car which also sent the cadaver dog wild with the smell of cadaver scent, and that there was forensic evidence connected to a dead person having been in the boot of the car was also unfortunate for them. Surely they are just victims of circumstance, poor McCanns.

    Well, it must be obvious that whose ever the cadaver scent belonged to, it could not have been Madeleine's, and all sympathy should go to the McCanns for their absolute bad luck of being given that particular holiday apartment and hire car, that is besides having their child vanish of course. It was all just coincidence, surely that is obvious, as it must be to Redwood, as he already has told the public in no way the parents or their pals are responsible for whatever happened to Madeleine.

    What is wrong with those people following this case, who surely can see the obvious just as Redwood can.

    Well, yes Mr Redwood, but it is because the people following this case can see the obvious that they are not going to let this attempt at a whitewash, chasing here there and everywhere for an 'abductor', drop, and as there has been no explanation on your part to even attempt to explain the alerting of the blood and cadaver scent which all points one way, this is not going to go away no matter how much 'searching' or 'digging' you look to be doing.

  4. To be translated later on - Maddie: polícia britânica não desiste e marca novas diligências http://www.tvi24.iol.pt/503/sociedade/tvi24-buscas-policia-britanica-maddie-ultimas-noticias/1559682-4071.html

  5. It is such a shame too that poor, poor Kate's holiday clothes were also found to have cadaver scent on them. Because of her obviously ungrateful brats, the poor, put upon woman didn't have time to wash the clothes before her holiday, after attending 3 dead bodies, whilst working her job as a part time GP. You know, GP's do that all the time.

  6. @ 3: I cannot and I will not believe that so many British policemen should be so incompetent - or so corrupt - or so cowardly - that they see what you call "the obvious" (and I agree, it is blatantly obvious) and collectively decide to do the wrong thing and lie and hide the truth and betray the public and their duty and take part in a whitewash or in a hush-up on such a scale! It would be the end of civilization! Admittedly, I have already lost my faith in the media (including the BBC and the Guardian) and their role in promoting the truth and fighting against corruption - but an entire policeforce! Unimaginable!!

  7. If redwood claims that the mccanns are innocent he should be sacked and investigated , by the way the new law states that corrupt police offices can be jailed for 14 years . Its clear and simple redwood , as a public servant , can you and your superiors say why have the mccans NOT BEEN CHARGED WITH NEGLECT? This case WILL not fade away till the guilty are in front of the court , sooner or later the public will demand answers from the home secretary .

  8. So this is it...

    millions spent by taxpayers of two countries,

    drones, copters, magic boxes and trespassers from SA,

    reputations ruined, acres of news print - only fit for chip paper, lots of lawyers, PR types and frankly pathetic PIs getting rich on the back of the case.

    And after all that and the recent 'rapid landscape gardening' by the Met.

    We have...wait for it.............

    a sock and some wacky baccy plants????????????????

    Now THAT is ludicrous and rather..

    unhelpful, isn't it?


  9. Let us admit it! From a PR point of view (reputation management) the operation was an enormous success!

    Even the London Metropolitan Police AKA "Scotland Yard" admits it when they state "the British Police wanted to test the hypothesis of the child being killed and buried in the area" (in the tvi24.iol.pt link you gave us above) Thanks by the way!

    The Brits also warn the Portuguese that the "reputation management" operation has not ended and will go on, advancing that "they have already prepared rogatory letters to be submitted in the future" (same source).

    I get an intuition this is likely to happen around the forthcoming dates of the McCanns £1 million celebrity trial against their nemesis - a must win for them, in terms of reputation management.

    The political (and possibly financial) pressure on the Portuguese judge must be colossal.

    Given all these hi-tech searches by what is still regarded by the robotic masses as the best police in the world (cough) it is hoped the Portuguese judge will feel inclined to sympathise with the poor (very rich) parents and believe... that contrary to G. Amaral's "difamatory" opinion the child was not killed and buried. They just "proved" that, didn't they?

    Although I can sympathize with the Portuguese authorities obligations to comply with international law, allowing these clowns in their backyard was not very intelligent. Not least because now they have "samples" they can contaminate at will. We shall see if there is anything in Baudrillard's "Simulacra and Simulation" theory.

    At least the Portuguese should have imposed conditions and forced the hand of these clowns by demanding David Payne and the Gaspars' be interviewed on those words and gestures. Possibly, also Jane Tanner for positively identifying Robert Murat as the abductor (even if she denied it later). I don't think SA even tried to have a chat with the Smiths! Anything that might suggest the McCanns' and/or their friends had anything to do with this has become "political taboo".

    There are many things that remain to be clarified as CMTV "reconstruction" showed - nothing that we did know already but still... at least the Portuguese population now knows (well, they already did!) their government is selling them cheaply to an old, opportunistic friend (reads more like "old foe") and die-hard imperialist power.

    Sorry! I must stop here! I feel like vomiting!


    Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulacra_and_Simulation

  10. They are going back to England to offer their help, driving the McCanns to the airport.
    One way ticket to Lagos.




    :d The teams they are playing that is...

  12. I think that the Yard's possibilities are exhausted now. They did everything they could do.
    Now they will turn themselves to interrogations and the McCanns are a part of the left overs. Finally, I pray the angels in Haeven.

  13. @10 they deserve to go to the airport on the back of "steptoes" cart and get ol "henry to kick the lot of them on the plane . starting with the gruesome twosome. As for pinky , he too should be kicked on the plane after he goes behind steptoes cart collecting the droppings as he is very good at bullshitting !

  14. «Clarence Mitchell, the McCann family spokesman, said last night: “In the light of what Scotland Yard has said, Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry continue to have full confidence in the operation.

    “In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, they continue to believe that Madeleine is still alive and out there waiting to be found.” » in Daily Express 12 Jun 2014, Anil Dawar in Praia da Luz

  15. Pinky hasn't wasted time getting back on the band wagon , this time only the "fund" will not attract many people as most of us know its a con ! How about they start a "fund" to get the mccanns and the Tapas 7 back to Portugal to answer the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago ? As for Pinky , with the funds running low he will be looking for work soon unless the Portuguese give him a free ticket too .

  16. «This deployment which was the largest ever undertaken by UK police overseas in a case of this type, highlighted the effective nature of the assistance given by the Portuguese authorities, for which the investigation team and family are very grateful. » - Why thank in name of the McCanns? In 7 years the McCanns have not once thanked or acknowledged the efforts of the Portuguese authorities, quite the contrary. Reminds me of when Leicestershire police, while in liaison with the Judiciary Police initial investigation and at a time when the couple were considered main suspects, arguidos. featured a a link on their site to the McCann's "fund".

  17. Of course no evidence turned up by SY, gives the Mcs more ammunition that Maddie somewhere is waiting to be found, more begging and publicity in time for Mondays court date. SY didn't spend much time on the oher two sites, all done and dusted in a day, I personally think they were called back to the Uk by the powers to be. How did GM manage to get a statement entered at the last minute, hes such a slippery character. Always remember him sitting sucking lollys and talking rugby whilst the police were negociating with a blacker mailer. If anyone knows where Maddie is Its him

  18. "And after all that and the recent 'rapid landscape gardening' by the Met.
    We have...wait for it.............
    a sock and some wacky baccy plants????????????????
    Now THAT is ludicrous and rather..
    unhelpful, isn't it?

    We were told they found a sock and animal bones and cannabis plants by the tabloids, so why believe that's all they found? There were items sent away for analysis, how do the tabloids know what they were before they'e even come back from the lab?
    One ITV reporter tweeted yesterday that an 'object' was found after the dogs were concentrating on one area and that many 'pieces of evidence' were sent away from the first site. SY are not going to announce the lab reports for every object they find so maybe we should wait and see.

  19. How can it be denied that the Madeleine case is full of Freemason involvement right from the beginning when the fund was started by a top Freemason law firm – Bates Wells & Braithwaite – to Ed Smethurst’s also Mason, position on the board of the fund.
    Also the highly expensive lawyers carter Ruck have Freemason connections, as do a lot of LP and SY police and,politician friends the MCs have and so on.
    Gerry has something on someone that if it came out would create mayhem, that's how people like GM become successful, they dig the dirt on people and use it against them to rise the ladder of success. Why else was MI5 invoved in Portugal and at the airport when they fled. Why would Special Branch meet them off the flight take them directly through customs and drive them home. No one else has ever had this treatment, and GMs roots are not from nobility, hes irish brought up in Glasgow, and Hotlips kate came from a normal family in Liverpool. why where all medical records and bankstatements held back from PJ, They said they had no credit cards, but didn't he have one stolen, didn't he pay the hire car by CC. The only way a person like him would have these contacts is through the Masonic lodge, but he knows something that some are afraid will come out, hence the pussy footing around him. Not a nice person in my eyes, pure opinion only.

  20. "...in the coming weeks, months."? Daily Star
    Shall I shoot myself?

  21. Joana quote"This deployment which was the largest ever undertaken by UK police overseas in a case of this type, highlighted the effective nature of the assistance given by the Portuguese authorities, for which the investigation team and family are very grateful. » - Why thank in name of the McCanns? In 7 years the McCanns have not once thanked or acknowledged the efforts of the Portuguese authorities, quite the contrary." unquote

    I agree with you on this joana, it is shocking, and to add insult to injury they ran around blaming everyone who even looked at them suspiciously!

    I seem to be on the outskirts here with my view which is: Scotland yard-British Police- went to investigate what happened to a British born citizen. There is nothing else there to suggest SY were' friends' OR co conspirators with Team McCann. I DON'T see the connection. It's not like they asked to be involved -they were TOLD.

    The Why they were told is a whole different story-It could read like a bewk-as Kate would say.

    The parents have taken a deep sigh of relief, that again no evidence against them have been found'- but then most of us knew that !no evidence' would be found right?!

    One day, Little Maddie will speak to us in some way- something will turn up and the truth will out! hope it is soon!

    The cost of the operation was NOT the rights of any couple to 'DEMAND' that little Maddie be found- wholly outrageous if truth be told.

    I dislike them even more. But It isn't the SY's fault. any more than it is the PJ's fault for not finding any evidence.

    I can blame them and dislike them, but I have no evidence either to do anything about it. I accept my belief that Maddie is dead.

    Could I Just point something out which is becoming rather silly?

    The Masons are a non religious affiliated group. The Catholic church warned against any catholic joining them as they were deemed as evil by the pope ( because they refused to give money to the church-who set up a rival sect called it the Knights of St Columbus). Historically, Catholics would never associate with the Masons. Please 'Google' and read the history.

    And for the record: The Knights of Columbus are a more secret group!

    I have no affiliation with either.

    Miss Taken Identity

  22. The Sun dares, does not it?


  23. McCann's statement :

    "We are further encouraged that, despite the intensive searches, no traces of Madeleine have been found and this reinforces our belief that she could still be alive"

    But a 'trace' is a trace, it could lead to finding her alive or finding her dead.

  24. Anon 21

    The Catholic Church may not officially look too kindly on Freemasonry, but that does not mean there are not people who loosly claim to be 'Catholic' who are members, and a family member of the McCanns seemed rather confused at their sudden devotion to the religion, but then they have also taken advantage of any help from the Church of England, attending their services too.

    There are many Freemasons in high places, and no doubt also Catholics amongst them. Not all those claiming to be 'Catholic' are devout, and coming from a family with many 'Catholics' members I can attest to that, and you only have to find out more about the Vatican banker who was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge to learn the connection with secret cabals, and Masonry is certainly that. The guy who died was certainly a Catholic who had gotten himself in too deep with the wrong crowd, including Mafia. That is the point of Masonry, it is secret, and a few years back a Labour MP called for membership of those in high places to be revealed, but of course that request was 'lost' amongst it all. The Freemason in the UK are very powerful, with membership from top Royals on down, and a basic rule of theirs is to help brother Masons no matter what. Surely that is one of the very reasons it should be revealed exactly who these people in high positions of influence are, although many are already known, but not all. There is most definitely a Masonic thread running through this case from Blair, Brown, Cameron, all Masons, SY which is full of them, on down, and that 'Masonic connection' cannot be dismissed so easily.

  25. Scotland Yard know what happened to Madeleine , no doubt about it . They are working on the orders of a sinister regime . She'll never be found because her body doesn't now exist . Those in the know are quite confident that her little body will never be found . It's an utter disgrace , a little girl missing and possibly murdered and the British establishment won't do a proper investigation starting from the very beginning with the grilling of her parents .

  26. "This recent work is part of ensuring that all lines of enquiry are progressed in a systematic manner and covers just the one hypothesis that she was killed and buried locally. This is the same as would be done in the UK for a murder or high risk missing person enquiry."

    Searching around in the Operation Grange comments about what they have just done in digging all round PDL, I found the above comment, which could, at a push be considered hopeful. Firstly it makes it clear that the Met were following just the one hypothesis with the dig... that she was killed and buried locally. This hypothesis has failed them, so maybe they will try some of the other more likely productive, but till now neglected ones? We could suggest the most likely one, I'm sure! At least the last dig was not following the hypothesis of abduction by an international group of paedophiles!

    Half of me thinks they were 'sold a pup' with false information.... all that money spent on the dig had to have some intelligence behind it, and half of me thinks if was all just grandstanding in the sun as an excuse to be seen to be doing something.

    However it is hopeful that they reference what would happen in such a serious case in the UK. In the UK, first and foremost, the investigating police would ask 'WHO SAW HER LAST and where?'

    In this case, so we are told, it was Gerry (family) in flat 5a, fast asleep, at around 9:15pm on the day she disappeared; earlier - Dr Payne (close friend) 6:30pm on the evening she disappeared in 5a ready for bed with Kate and the twins; last independent sighting cited by Mark Harrison police adviser homicide/missing persons AT THE CRECHE with various nannies in attendance (time and even date not totally sure).

    All these people mentioned in the UK would be key persons of interest if not suspects!

  27. With all the lies and deception the gruesome twosome come out with in the last 7 years , why is it they are not charged with neglect ? As for the gruesome twosome believing the child is alive , did Eddie and Keela not bark otherwise? Are these not trained dogs? Or is their belief only to try and convince people to donate to their "fund" , while struggling people put money in their pockets and these hideous pair and their hired liar live in luxury? Can the good people reading these blogs tell me something, Why would any parent of a missing child want the services of a hired liar AKA "spin doctor" to assist them ? Would not any normal parent who has nothing to hide not answer questions the police ask as it could help find their child? These are the things the British Public and the people round the world should ask the Home Secretary .

  28. Apparently the gruesome twosome will be back to Portugal on Monday for their case against Dr Amaral , I hope the pair of vile human beings are ARRESTED as soon as they appear in court and CHARGED for NEGLECT 7 years ago and put in CUSTODY with no bail till their case comes up . Its unbelievable these two horrible creatures didn't want to set foot in Portugal while the Police were busy digging but now they want to return to Portugal to go to Court and see how much they can con from Dr Amaral . "RESPONSIBLE PARENTS INDEED "

  29. Ah...just read Amaral's recent interview where he says there's not a 'trace' of a burglary, so McCann's are now saying there's no 'trace' that Madeleine is dead. Roll on Monday

  30. I really don't believe that the McCanns are going to Lisbon on next Monday.
    They are not idiots, are thethey, and why both of them?
    Unless they are 2 of the 8 suspects that will be quizzed in Algarve and they want to hide it. After Lisbon they wil go to Portimão.

  31. @ 18

    a) I prefer to take my info from the broadsheets rather than from the tabloids -
    a personal preference - not being a snob.

    b) I admire your unfettered optimism - long may it serve you

    c) Prediction time - now the lid is being firmly closed on the disappearance of Madeleine - the doctors will leave Britain - they lived and worked in NZ and have family in CND - either place,many a thousand miles away from prying eyes and ludicrous speculation.

    This move I reckon will happen before the year is out.


  32. hi Miss Taken Identity.

    just googled...Is this what you are trying to tell us ?



  33. These are the most shameless and greedy pair of cretins , if it were not for the internet and these blogs the world would be none the wiser . The horrible pair claim to be going to Portugal on Monday to fulfil their deception and greed , I hope and pray the Judge rules this case based on fact and fear of Gods wrath and clears DR Amaral . Many people round the world would like to see this horrible pair return to the UK empty handed , the way this pair behave is beyond reality . Don't worry Dr Amaral God is on your side as you speak the truth the

  34. I wish you would revisit your 'ping' discussion and The Triangle in re: a search that might actually turn up the poor child's remains.

    I think Mrs. Gaspar exposed what is really going on here. The very high class assistance the McC's received tells you how high this goes. SY is ordered to conduct wild goose chases for the sole purpose to 'manage the reputation'

  35. Anon 34

    Presumably Clarence Mitchell can also be included in that 'reputation management' being as the PJ already said 'he lies through every tooth in his head', and that should not be forgotten.

  36. it takes two to tango.

    Let us not forget for all of this to be happening requires two sovereign countries to be working together, certainly at the highest levels.
    Portugal have in this case the Lead role...this is integral.

    is there anyone who can explain this to me?
    Why are Portugal pursuing Stephen Birch and not the investigators the Mccanns used?
    I understand the Murat's suing but why Portugal.

    other questions

    The McCann's have been found to not have the legal authority to pursue the case due to ward of court that was obtained for Madeleine.
    Why has the Portuguese court/judge allowed them to continue with the "damage" statements?

    Do you have other instances of such happening in other cases halted ?


  37. Isar 31
    I agree with you on your views that the Mcs Will flee the country hopefully with a million in their pockets and all forgotten. They know the body cant be found. I have post a similar post to your self before. They will never be bought to trial not even for neglect. Forget all the money this has cost the british taxpayer, they don't care about anyone but themselves. I hope something turns u p last minute, something totally unexpected. Our hearts are with you Dr Amaral and may you have victory over this pair of deceitful scroungers.

  38. Why did Blacksmiths say goodbye to Dr Amaral, I thought they supported him.

  39. In my opinion blacksmith has never supported Goncalo Amaral.

    I find his opinion articles beautifully worded nothings....they refuse to delve behind the scenes of what is going on, just skirting around issues with snazzy writing to lure those who enjoy that form of expression....before you know it the minor stuff becomes the topic.

    oh well ....wave the train off......the carriages of content left will fight for truth.


  40. @36: The Mccanns sued in their own name and additionally on behalf of their three children. Only Madeleine - if she is still alive, which I doubt, is a ward of court, so they can't sue in her name, not without the permission of the English court that holds the wardship. But of course they can (and will) sue whomever they like in their own name and on behalf of their other children. Mind you, they have failed to show that the twins have in any way been affected by Amaral's book, so I do not believe that they can win the case in that respect. And how they can assert that "the Search" has been damaged by Amaral's book is beyond me, considering the frenetic diggng and searching that is going on at moment and the millions of pounds being spent on finding the child that they so carelessly lost ....

  41. @ 38 Levy was only ever concerned about one poster



  42. DR Amarals book NEVER effected the case as people who read the internet and seen the files knew the horrible pair of "responsible parents" are liars . The gruesome twosome don't care for anyone but themselves , the fact they are claiming for their children too , purely shows their greed and love for money . Would they sue themselves for leaving their children on their own ? Maybe they should do this to raise money for the search? Now that would be Justice .


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