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Maddie searches move to private wasteland and private farm

View the the possible search areas, estimated according to media reports, in a larger map. Today's search is taking place opposite of red marker/field | Grab yellow man icon and move it along blue path to see street view on top

Today and tomorrow Scotland Yard and PJ officers are going to halt the searches. They'll resume on Wednesday on two new locations

By José Manuel Oliveira & Miguel Ferreira

After a week of no results in the searches to find traces or evidence that could explain the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, on 3 May 2007, the Scotland Yard officers and the Judiciary Police (PJ) inspectors are going to halt the operation for two days.

Up to yesterday [8th June] they excavated, used sniffer dogs and a geo-radar in a property that was once used for growing vegetables that is now a promenade area in Praia da Luz, all in an attempt to discover information that could lead to the explanation of what happened to the 3 year-old child. Nevertheless and according to what transpired, the outcome of the searches ended up being just some inorganic material that was collected for analysis and a man's sock.

The next phase of this operation, carried out by the British police in the scope of an investigation to find the missing child, will focus from Wednesday onwards on two other sites.

One of the sites is a private wasteland that stretches along four acres from the National Road 125, in an levelled field with some slopes that tends upwards and towards a hill. A site which has, in any case, already been searched by the PJ and the military of the National Republican Guard (GNR) with sniffer dogs, in May 2007, shortly after Maddie's disappearance from the bedroom where she was sleeping, along with her twin siblings, while the parents dined with friends nearby The Ocean Club tourist resort.

Opposite to that wasteland there is a fenced private farm that belongs to a Portuguese man, a land that was not investigated at the time, which, according to what DN found out, will be target of searches in the following days.

Since both sites have much smaller dimensions in comparison with the property that was examined in close detail last week, the GNR team is also going to be reduced. However, only tomorrow shall be decided how many military will stay to ensure the security of the site and in what way.

Yesterday, during the final day of the searches, the English technicians used probes in various areas of terrain located at Rua 25 de Abril, an area that stretches to the seaside, about 800 meters south-east from the Ocean Club. The two sniffer dogs from England went through that area again, and in the afternoon the Scotland Yard detectives and PJ inspectors searched once more a cane field, from where soil samples were taken in bags to be analysed later.

DN found out that the search operation did not produce any relevant indicia to the investigation, including in the areas where approximately 40 manholes were opened so the English police could use a micro camera in an attempt to detect traces of Madeleine McCann.

Oddly enough one of  the search areas overlaps with top yellow marker of crackpot Danie Krugel "Madeleine map", but then his "search area" overlaps almost all Luz. We surely hope this is not the basis for the current searches.

It should be recalled that up to now there was in Praia da Luz a total of 40 GNR military officers 24 hours a day, divided into four shifts, each consisting of ten elements, which included a patrol on horseback (two GNR's and two animals) on the field where searches were undergoing. Working in the surveillance of fixed locations, preventing access of journalists and civilians, which included a rapid intervention brigade with two dogs to keep public order in case of need and in a control post on the top of a hill.

in Diário de Notícias, paper edition, 9 June 2014


  1. All for what ? Nothing . Then we'll be told by the McCanns to keep looking for Madeleine "she's out there waiting to be found ."

  2. @1 Then we'll be told by the McCanns to keep "donating", to buy luggage tags, posters, and tacky plastic wristbands and shirts - nice way to merchandise a tragedy! Oh and to light candles and question nothing or else... - the distraught parents don't need to be reminded of the "mistake" they did 5 nights on a roll. "There but for the grace of God", leaving children under 4 yo alone, 5 nights was "well within the bounds of responsible parenting"...

    But hey didn't Gerry say in a Vanity Fair interview that despite the risk to his daughter, «the iris “is Madeleine’s only true distinctive feature. Certainly we thought it was possible that this could potentially hurt her or”—he grimaces—“her abductor might do something to her eye.… But in terms of marketing, it was a good ploy.” »

    Follow the "fund" money, plods!

  3. @2 Our Plods have no common sense do you honestly think they will follow the fund or face the fact the gruesome twosome are guilty of neglect and changing their stories? Its time to demand from the home secretary why are Plod wasting public money when the main suspects are in the UK !

  4. I think the net is closing and someone, somewhere with some clout, and NOT afraid to ask questions, should begin as soon as these 'searches' are finished.

    The Jimmy Saville 'outing' was a revelations to millions of unsuspecting people. However, many 'knew' but had no proof. He was even asked by police and an interviewer who asked out right. But he was so famous, so untouchable, so GODLIKE, He was even made a knight of the queen!

    He got away with crimes that I couldn't even want to think about....until someone, somewhere, spoke out- and the police had to investigate...

    Back to the burglars who stole little Maddie, there was, at the time, a reward for information of over 1 million pounds I think.

    Hmm lot of money- who would resist that? What kind of person?

    And so to the finding of evidence to 'arrest' the 'suspects'...

    Miss Taken Identity


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