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Maddie Square Garden

McCanns outside Palácio da Justiça in 2010

The moral of this story is that there is no moral because the only one accused sitting in the court's dock is the former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão

by João Pedro Martins

The soap opera surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is turning this high-profile criminal investigation into a gigantic fraud.

The operation put together by the British police in the landscaped gardens of Praia da Luz looked like a new episode of black humour of the Monty Python. Looking at the Scotland Yard officers (the PJ in Her Majesty's England) with pickaxes and shovels digging in the attempt of finding traces that could lead to Maddie McCann's whereabouts could be confused with a collective lesson of apprentices learning how to plant potatoes. Any Algarvian trowel pusher would look better than those English gentlemen dressed in Her Majesty's uniforms.

We learned that the British police are no better than their Portuguese counterparts. We were also able to learn that the trained dogs who came from England did not even manage to sniff out a small bone in the gardens of Praia da Luz and therefore are no better than the canines in our PJ. We also learned that over the past seven years of transnational investigation rivers of public money were spent without any visible result.

Nothing was done so that paedophiles would retrench their heinous and criminal obsessions for defenceless children. There is no international policy articulated in fighting human traffic, protecting the child victims of being sold into the sex, labour and adoption markets. No significant legal changes were introduced to punish negligent parents who leave their children at home while they go out to have fun with their friends or who deliberately mistreat their offspring. There is no regulatory body to prevent the taxpayers' money of being spent on pickaxes and shovels used in useless excavations. There are no culprits, only another child to add to the list of thousands of who went missing.

The moral of this story is that there is no moral because the only one accused sitting in the court's dock is the former coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Judiciary Police of Portimão. Gonçalo Amaral had the unfortunate idea of ​​writing a book that defends the thesis of the possible involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann in the disappearance of the child and in the concealment of her cadaver. The editorial boldness of the former inspector drove Maddie's parents to ask for a lucrative big bucks compensation of one million euros as part of a lawsuit for alleged defamation.

The solution of this case, which became a Maddiemania exploited to the bone marrow by the media and a permanent headache for the inspectors, could give voice to the millions of children that are silenced every year. But the probability of Maddie to show up or the real culprits for her disappearance to sit in the court's dock is so minimal as is the hope that by Christmas we will have a government with principled politicians.

More children will continue to fall from verandas, drown in pools or die suffocated and locked in cars, due to the negligence of busy parents. The scent of the predator paedophiles will continue to pursue young and fresh meat until another family cries for the disappearance of their children. While there are those who pay, the mercenaries who traffic humans will continue to have a regular clientèle.

Until when will the silent pain of abused children and the families who have lost their offspring continue to scream for justice to be done?

After all, how much is a child's life worth?

in I Online, June 20, 2014


  1. Read as well - Bombshelling by Textusa http://t.co/0jcEpZCV20

  2. ...................... an amazing article and at the end of the day no one lesson learned, not one child or human being saved, nothing positive came out of the DISAPPEARANCE OF MADLEINE MACCAN.

    This is what I now find, as the legacy to the case. THE NOTHINGNESS of it all, except one voice, that of Gonçalo Amaral , that has to be silenced. Right or wrong he above all others had the right to an opinion - must now be known as a voice in the wilderness.


  3. Excellent post, Joana - terrible words describing a terrible and shameful state of affairs. What sort of a world do we live in where children are abused and exploited in every way imaginable and the populace turns a blind eye? Is it the world we want or just the one we deserve?

  4. Adding relevant article

    Don’t lift hopes, say Madeleine police

    Sean O’Neill Crime Editor
    Published at 12:01AM, May 23 2014

    The £6 million police investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann might “draw a blank”, a senior Scotland Yard officer said yesterday.

    British and Portuguese police officers are set to begin search operations in the next few weeks in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz from where Madeleine went missing in May 2007, days before her fourth birthday.

    Search operations are expected to begin with the use of ground penetrating radar before excavations in three locations in the resort. Police are also expected to try to interview a number of potential suspects and witnesses.

    The Metropolitan Police said there would be a “substantial phase of activity” that would see British police in the resort led by Portuguese officers.

    Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley of the Met said that the highly visible activity would not represent a breakthrough but was “normal police activity you would expect in any such major investigation”.

    He added: “Serious crime investigations work through all credible possibilities and therefore it should not be assumed that this substantial upcoming phase of work will immediately lead us to the answers that will explain what has happened.”

    In Madeleine’s case, many of the basic tasks of the investigation are being carried out years after the crime. Mr Rowley said: “We may go through every line of inquiry and all of them draw a blank.” The officer said that he expected there would be more work to be carried out once this phase of activity was completed.

    He added: “I want to be able to go back to Kate and Gerry at some stage in the future and tell them we’ve got to the bottom of this, or second best is to say we’ve turned over every stone and we can’t get to an answer sometimes.”

    Madeleine was on holiday with her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, in the Ocean Club complex when she disappeared from the bedroom where she was sleeping with her twin siblings. Her parents were eating with friends at a nearby tapas restaurant when she went missing from the apartment.

    In the renewed investigation, the Met has requested help from the Portuguese authorities to carry out specific tasks. However, relationships between the British and Portuguese authorities are tense, leading to delays.

    Mr Rowley renewed his appeal for the media to exercise caution in reporting police activity in Praia da Luz. He said the Portuguese police might cease cooperation if there was intrusive media activity.

    A key line of inquiry for Scotland Yard is tracing a lone male who staged a series of sex attacks on young British girls in the Algarve. Detectives believe that nine sexual assaults and three “near misses” on British girls aged six to 12 between 2004 and
    2006 are linked.

  5. How much plainer does anybody need this to be to get the message this is all done with a complete WHITEWASH in mind for the McCanns. What a damnable disgrace it all is.

  6. So there it is: mister Amaral has nothing more to loose. Everything is stolen from mister Amaral, professional en material, except for one thing: his integrity. Mister Amaral is completely free to speak his mind. He is a true beacon that shines when all is getting darker and darker.

  7. Well.. many children die unknown.
    The Dying rooms in China.
    Streetchildren in Brasil.
    The abandoned children in Bulgaria.
    The Bahnhoffchildren in Berlin (The homeless seems to be 25% children.)
    Many children without good care are still on the streets, left on their own.
    Mabye the Mccann will present this group uncared children.
    Lady DI was not scared to pick up a aids orphan..or take visits from less furtuned children..
    The Mccann case do not have a good reputation about UK parenting..
    ( Such a good parents)
    Or Justice..
    ( Abduction unproven)
    Well..careless medical high trained people who leave their children, because their friends are more important than their own children..
    Dont even want to pay for childcare..

  8. This case will not be a whitewash even if they try , if they try and make it into a whitewash , the people will want to know how come the parents were not charged with neglect , that's common sense .

  9. I admire but do not share the optimism of poster no. 8. This case is most certainly going to be a whitewash. I don't buy into this idea that Scotland Yard are playing a cunning game and waiting to nail those two scumbags. They are waiting for the right moment to "bring closeure for the McCanns which will be the completion of a hideous political cover-up. A dead patsy is the best bet. People have been asking for seven years why have they not been charged with neglect. Charged with child-neglect? Good God they were accompanied by a British Government Minister to the EU where they are granted a platform to talk about childcare! This sickening episode illustrated more than anything the protection they have.

  10. |The Portuguese Government should instruct SY to go back home as its no business of theirs poking their nose in other crime committed in Portugal . The Portuguese Police should apply for European warrants on the grounds that the hideous pair refused to answer questions and neglected their under 4 year old children to go drinking with their friends . The other liars should be questioned too and charged together with the hideous couple for child neglect , and a string of offences which will follow the child neglect charge .

  11. To anonymous of 17:49 - unpublished. There was no break in and no abduction took place, take your comment back to where it belongs, or do you actually think that I allow McCann shills to comment on my blog, making derogatory comments about Mr. Amaral?


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