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Maddie's disappearance - English follow different leads from PJ

Debate with Gonçalo Amaral, journalist Tânia Laranjo moderated by João Ferreira

Sound Only

Transcript JM/Textusa

João Ferreira, CMTV News Anchor - Tânia Laranjo, CMTV journalist, who has followed this case since the beginning and Gonçalo Amaral, who headed the initial investigation are our guests, in the first half of tonight's CMTV's special broadcast. Good evening to both, thank you for being here.

Tânia Laranjo, CMTV/CM journalist - Good evening, thank you.

João Ferreira, CMTV News Anchor - Gonçalo Amaral, I’ll start with you. These investigations by the British police are just a show-off? [idiomatic expression,“for the English to see”]

Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão - No, these investigations of the British police have much to do with what is taking place. Notice that Monday [the following day, 16th of July] the trial will proceed where the McCanns ask for damages and none of this happens coincidentally. So, now I am the target of a lawsuit in which it is essential - as Moita Flores explained a few days ago in the newspaper Correio da Manhã - not to attribute blame but to find excuses, and this is what the British police are doing. The British police, with the support of the Portuguese police, is at the moment worried with my trial. Don’t even doubt it. They are troubled and are attempting in some way to exert pressure on the trial...

João Ferreira - So you, Gonçalo Amaral, don’t have any doubts about that?

Gonçalo Amaral - No, I don’t have any doubts about that, because coincidences only exist when we want them to happen. In fact it has always been this way. If we look at the history, if we create a flowchart of the years since the trial began and see when the investigation peaks, all these peaks of when the investigation goes on to the field and media, don’t you doubt it will correspond with the eve of a hearing session of the trial, and this next session is important...

João Ferreira - Why?

Gonçalo Amaral - This hearing on Monday is important, it would be the closing arguments. It would begin with the statements of the parties, of all the parties involved in the lawsuit, of the couple who appealed against the judge's decision to not hear them. I also hope I'm allowed to speak, let us see if I'll have that right, if they give me the right to be heard seeing those who accuse me will also be heard. Deep down it has all to do with this. It does not have as much to do with the possible declaration of death in legal terms in England but with the trial that is taking place. And it has to do with something that is very important. It’s not known what happened to Maddie, it's not known what happened...

João Ferreira - Gonçalo Amaral, my apologies for interrupting but...yes?

Gonçalo Amaral -...But more importantly in the middle of all this is to understand what the mystery is that lies behind all this and is protecting this couple.

João Ferreira - Don’t you find it excessive that the British police, in an investigation that already has expenses of about 5 million euros, is doing all this - if I may say so, inferring from your own words - in association with Maddie’s parents solely to undermine you?

Gonçalo Amaral - It doesn’t have only to do with solely undermining me, it has to do with the everything. Note that it’s not only Maddie's parents, the parents of this child, who are at stake, it's also all those friends who are all doctors. It’s the mystery that lies behind all this. Why this protection? Why isn't David Payne investigated, nor the denunciation that was done related to David Payne for paedophilia by a couple, also doctors...

João Ferreira - [interrupts and talks simultaneously] One of the friends of the inner circle of Maddie's parents who were with them in the Algarve, is that right?

Gonçalo Amaral - There is a mystery which brings a perspective here that we need to understand. The parents of this little girl, who brought the legal action against me, have been saying that the trial outcome will help to exonerate them, and everything has been done to exonerate them. Take notice of the reopening of the case, of the de-archiving the case, for instance. The Portuguese Attorney General, the Prosecutor of the Republic always said the process would only be reopened if and when there are new and credible evidence. Well, I ask you, why was the case reopened? What are the new facts and which ones are credible? Zilch. And what happened at that moment [of the reopening]? A meeting takes place in Lisbon, with the British police and, has was alleged, where the couple was also present. They come out from that meeting and state they had been cleared, based on a reconstruction made by actors. All done with the purpose of them being exonerated, the case is reopened and they are exonerated and there’s nothing which connects them to anything. I'm not talking here about the responsibility for the death or anything of the sort. I'm just speaking about the responsibility for the disappearance. And note that...

João Ferreira - [interrupts again and talks simultaneously] Is there any concrete information in the investigation that points to the responsibility of the parents in the disappearance?

Gonçalo Amaral - I don't have any doubts about it. Look, those children were under whose protection? Of the parents, were they not? They were alone for 5, 6 or 7 nights, and by whose fault? Of the parents. That child would she have cried because of a burglary that didn't took place at all - she cried two days earlier, was there a burglary on that day also? By whose fault? Of the parents who were away more than 2 or 3 hours. So, if that child disappeared she and her siblings were negligently placed in that situation, thus the responsibility is of the parents...

João Ferreira - [interrupts again] The statement that we heard in the initial news segment of a Luz resident that lives about 100 meters from the Ocean Club resort, who saw - as he said to CMTV - about three hours later, after Maddie's disappearance her father, Gerry McCann, supposedly drunk, wandering around....

Gonçalo Amaral - Well, that statement is not in the case files, I don't know that statement, now I can tell you that...

João Ferreira - [interrupts once again] Isn't it strange that this comes out only now? That the police didn't have access to this statement before?

Gonçalo Amaral - Maybe because that person didn't speak at the time when he should have said something and is just speaking out now.

João Ferreira - Was that a failure of the investigation?

Gonçalo Amaral - Well, it could have been a failure of that person itself, who didn't speak. He only said something years later.

João Ferreira - Or a failure of the investigation?

Gonçalo Amaral - There are several people who have spoken out years later. There was even a man who carried a child on his arms, speaking on his cell phone and so on - these are statements that can't be taken at face value seven years later. I'm talking about what had happened at the time. A little while ago, while the news segment [with the fisherman story] was on, I asked you where did that man saw Gerald McCann...

João Ferreira - In the surrounding area of the Ocean Club Resort.

Gonçalo Amaral - ...Because there is an information, an information that reached the police at the time, to which little credibility was given due to the fact that we were moving in the opposite direction. And when it was necessary to retrieve that data, it had vanished. It was a tip-off given by the English police, of a British tourist who stated she saw Gerry McCann, on that night, at about 10-11pm, in the beach, in the beach area. The same area towards which a man was seen walking, carrying a child on his arms by the Smith family. We only learned about the Smith's statements much later on, so when this information was passed on, it wasn't given the importance it deserved. However all this should have been on file, and when we tried to retrieve that data that were in the domain of the English police, it had simply vanished. To this day we still don't know who that British witness is and no one knows where that document [statement] is.

João Ferreira - Do you think the English police destroyed that evidence?

Gonçalo Amaral - I don't know if they destroyed it or not, it simply disappeared. This is a well known fact.

João Ferreira - Of course.

Gonçalo Amaral - There were colleagues working on the investigation at the time and they know for a fact that this happened.

João Ferreira - Tânia Laranjo, you've been following this case from the start, for Correio da Manhã firstly and now for CMTV. These statements that we revealed to the viewers in tonight's special reportage [about the Portuguese fisherman and the female British tourist alleged sightings of Gerry McCann] that we showed earlier on, can they be considered of particular importance for the solution of this puzzle?

Tânia Laranjo - Like Gonçalo said, there were a series of statements that weren't known at the time, for example, the Smith family statements wasn't known at the time, that's the family that sees a man carrying a child in his arms, alleged to have been Gerry McCann, and who now, at this stage of the investigation, they [English police] say is a young man suspect of drug trafficking [e-fit released by Met in October 2013]. This is a new statement [fisherman sighting], what this man says is contrary to the statement that Gonçalo was speaking about [of the female British tourist], that is, it places the person that was sighted in an opposite direction, it places Gerry in the other side of Luz...

João Ferreira - A statement which essentially speaks of seeing Gerry McCann about three hours later...

Tânia Laranjo -... and drunk.

João Ferreira -.... and drunk, and who didn't want to call the police.

Tânia Laranjo - In any case...

João Ferreira -... who didn't want to call the police.

Tânia Laranjo - Yes, three hours later, but over time... - we're talking about a statement done seven years later, this witness statement should have been taken at the time, this process also...

João Ferreira - [interrupts again, talks simultaneously] He said he saw him about 1am.

Tânia Laranjo - But at 1am, I believe, and Gonçalo should know it better than me, the police was already there, several police forces.

Gonçalo Amaral - The GNR, the Judiciary Police.

João Ferreira - [simultaneously] There might a discrepancy between the hours.

Gonçalo Amaral - Seven years have passed.

Tânia Laranjo - Seven years have gone by since then, right? Seven years change completely the perception of time. At 1am the police was already there, so... Actually, soon after Kate screamed the police appeared. What is not known is if the disappearance of the little girl took place a long time before that alarm was raised or not, since there is a time difference between the last time the child was seen [in the afternoon] and the time when Kate starts screaming alerting to her disappearance [at about 22pm].

ongoing/so far only audio available waiting for CMTV to upload video

Broadcast by CMTV, July 15, 2014


  1. That picture of Madeleine (background) who didnt want to be on film.. looking like she wanted to dissapear when it was shot during this film..
    She realised she is on film, turn her face away, making a move like blowing out a candle , looks again at the camara, does not enjoy it.
    A bit shy.
    Dressed as snowwhite.
    Dressingparty is fun with other children to play.
    I think it is a sad picture.

  2. As a matter of interest, what happened to the 'stand alone' evidence the PJ had, presumably which was able to 'evidence' that Madeleine was dead? Or did it evidence something else? Given the whitewash that is going on before our very eyes why is it not being played, if only to send Redwood and the farce of an investigation packing.

  3. « (...) And the good news, for justice, is that Gonçalo Amaral is in good spirits and has already appointed a new lawyer, whose name is currently being placed with the court.

    The trial will soon be concluded and then it will over to the judge, Maria Emília de Melo e Castro, to make her decision.

    What view she takes of all this sideshow nonsense will only be known by her but I am confident her decision will be grounded in the evidence presented before her in the court room, and not in the flights of fancy that have taken place outside it.» in Gerry McCann - The Travellin' Man, By Nigel Moore http://www.mccannfiles.com/id232.html

  4. Being as the McCanns know they have now been cleared by SY of any involvement of the disappearance of Madeleine, how about Kate and Gerry go and help the 'search' and start by crawling around on their hands and knees in the sweltering sun. No? Thought not! Don't want to exert themselves too much with stuff like that, after all, jogging and playing tennis is much more appealing.

  5. Taking a short break, will continue in a hour.

  6. SY have no judicial right to clear these two , its the duty of the Portuguese Police not SY to clear this vile pair . Since when were the British Police "responsible" for "solving" crimes abroad , when there is enough unsolved crimes in the UK for example the stabbing sprees ?

  7. I think the McCanns epitomize the Chinese proverb 'he who rides the tiger can never dismount', and what a terrible ride that must be knowing they could slip off at any moment, and that particular tiger will be merciless. Far better to be in Dr Amaral's shoes any day of the week.

  8. Please God,justice will be seen to be done in dear Goncalo Amaral's favour,Just think 7yrs this vile pair of monsters and their compliant cohorts have hounded & persecuted this honourable man,as for the McCanns themselves,they make me shudder,just think what poor little Madeleine was up against with her deranged mother.I don't care what anyone says there are some mothers who are jealous of the relationship between child & father.Mark my words.God bless dear Goncalo Amaral,i wish I could take some of your load from you.x

  9. Joana
    Permita-me este desabafo (não sei se contraria as regras do seu prezado blog)
    Força, por muito difícil que seja o BEM vai vencer!!!

  10. found on Truth for Madeleine
    By the time Mitchell arrived in Portugal three weeks after Madeleine’s disappearance, Gerry needed assurances from the Establishment that he was being taken seriously. To this end, Prince Charles and Camilla made a press release that came out of Clarence House on May 27, 2007. They were giving their full support. The single sentence press release said

    “The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall said they had been following the case of missing Madeleine McCann “closely and with deep concern” and “fervently hoped” she would be reunited with her family.” Another indication of Royal influence came from McCann in his blog when he wrote “The rest of us attended mass which was very emotional as a priest from RAF Lossiemouth was visiting and further prayers were said for Madeleine.”

    RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland is a significant location for Prince Charles having been flown there as a boy when he attended school at Gordonstoun which is just a mile from the military base.
    July proved a difficult month for the McCanns. Three of their Tapas friends were reinterviewed in Portimão on Wednesday July 11, 2007. Gerry McCann returned to London the same day as a guest of Gordon Brown and Prince Charles at the Police Bravery Awards sponsored by the Sun Newspaper. Gerry tried to disguise this because in his blog he didn’t mention who had invited him and he entered the blog entry on Thursday July 12, 2007. Gerry’s presence there was to meet with Brown and Prince Charles.

    All weird stuff, who knows if its true

  11. The McCanns will reap the whirlwind. More and more people have realised what this conniving pair have been up to. Duping ordinary people of hard-earned money to start a fund, A fund that Kate's Uncle Brian Kennedy opined within a week of its inauguration would be used for legal costs. In other words, using the public's generosity to evade prosecution. How utterly cynical. How thoroughly unconscionable. God knows how these people have got away with so much blatant wrongdoing. It is clear there is a ring of protection around them which is really undermining public trust in police and government now.

    The cruelty meted out to Goncalo Amaral is a measure of their inhuman behaviour, and not surprising from two supreme narcissists who left three virtual babies alone in an unlocked apartment night after night. That is if they really did. Or maybe they had to settle for this terrible neglect story in order to cover something far worse. From what Goncalo has said, that would appear to be perfectly feasible.

    I wish Goncalo all the luck in the world fighting an absolutely corrupt and evil pair of monsters. The British people will never support injustice. It is only because they have been persistently lied to at every level that they have been slow to react. But I believe the scales are falling from an increasing number of eyes now.

    Thank you Joana for all you do. God Bless.

  12. We are all taxpayers whose money has been spent on covering up this scandal for seven years.If we did not pay our tax bills we would end up in prison.I as a taxpayer of many years refuse to accept that our money has been spent on this cover up and demand answers from the goverment immediately....No more...

  13. João Ferreira fazia as perguntas e depois não deixa o Sr GA responder?!?! Eu tenho um nome que he chamava mas guardo só para mim! Obrigada Joana:-)

  14. Too bad Mr Redwood, you and your police farce 'search' has been rumbled for what it really is.. You have been given the benefit of the doubt that this was a serious 'investigation' for far too long. It is hardly worth the pretense and cost any more, except of course as PR to the McCanns.

  15. JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE!!!!!! I Hope this very dark sinister case comes to a successful conclusion very soon, it has blighted everyone's life one way, or another, in the search of justice for this little girl, I find it extraordinary these parents are still free to spout their obvious lies and still be at liberty.

  16. #10.

    Yes, that statement came because an 'anonymous' person contacted the prince of wales web site stating they had 'information' and wanted to to give it to the prince- the prince forwarded the info on.

    The Royal family always say sorry to hear this that the other.. that is their job!

    We need to be aware that the PR Machine began that night Maddie disappeared. and what a brilliant job they did-they managed to elevate a crass doctor and his wife in to super stardom- they were invited to everywhere. The pope,prince charles, the white house, Oprah whinfrey (next best thing to white house) Trying to influence laws in EU. Well get them all up themselves.

    Their phone was never hacked but they were invited to 'give evidence' about press harassment? yes! now not only do they feel all powerful to silence Mr Amaral, they want to silence the UK press (only when it isn't being nice about them).

    There is NOTHING nice about these conniving, unscrupulous, deviants!

    Miss Taken Identity

  17. Imagine if the Yard concludes that the abductor was cremated in the same coffin together with that English lady and Maddy?

  18. Charles, Brown...where come those news from?
    From the UK media, of course.
    Not from the Buckingham palace, Balmoro, neither from number10.

  19. I love Amaral in pieces, I respect him but I really hope that he is wrong.
    It can not be a farce.
    I still want to believe that Operation Grange is serious.

  20. I do not believe justice will ever be served in this case. We all know that the McCanns have been treated differently from any other parents of a missing child in the entire British history. More government money has been allocated to this case than any other case. More government employees and politicians than any other case. More money paid by British newspapers. More publicity has been given to this case than any other crime in the history of the United Kingdom, more than any terrorist act, more than any serial killing, even more than any general election. Even the IRA bombing in Brighton that nearly killed Margaret Thatcher had a small fraction of the publicity given to this story.

    This is despite the overwhelming evidence, including the dogs, the inconsistencies, and the behavior of the parents. Those that read Joana's blog know the list goes on and on. Those of us who have closely followed this story, know that the UK police operation is a total sham. Why would that be? That is the question.

    The only conclusion I can make is that something happened to Madeleine McCann, something so sickly that it must be kept secret by the British establishment. An act that must be hidden by certain senior establishment figures. An embarrassment that implicates some in high places. Yes, I believe that there is a conspiracy of silence and cover up involving British political figures. The only reason that would be is that they are also involved in shameful acts that would destroy them if known.

    I cannot develop any other rational explanation other than to conclude that there is a circle that goes right to the top. And this ring do things so shocking and disgusting that the public cannot be allowed to know. They will lie, point the finger, abuse their positions or anything to keep their secret. They would even start a war, before letting the world know the truth. I leave it to your imaginations to think what I am saying. What other explanation can there be for this charade?

  21. What a fantastic interview, and for anyone who didn't think the Portugal Establishment along with the British establishment were involved in this cover up.....I think the interview straightens that out and leaves no doubt......does it not ?

    right......so now we know.....that's clear.

    I Think a clue to solving this cover up is finding out what was going on at that resort/holiday complex separate to the crime that took place .......I don't think that a lot were there for holidays, we can even confirm that to some degree ...(Gerry McCann on shuttle to plane)

    There was some other reason ....was it something to do with privatisation of NHS, EU strategy to push on UK... or Nuclear Industry maybe....I had initially thought that Comare ..was not linked but I am not so sure now.. the closer I look into this aspect.

    The nuclear industry is very powerful and on that holiday was a relation to the Man who was regarded the father of the Atomic bomb.....who is a relation to a politician who is very close with Tony Bliar.

    We must push this case ......this case is about to blow the lid off the corruption of UK establishment and what's going on behind their citizens backs.
    no Wonder "National security" keeps getting rolled out.

    Hopefully this will lead to a lot more getting flushed out into the open. It has already proved in my eyes we have severe criminals throughout our government, people that will cover up the death of children and try and put such an awful crime on other people.

    That is serious stuff .....I want them to face the courts for what they have done, and better than that to face the People they have plotted against.

    It has also proved that right through the whole establishment down to your local MPs/councillors that they control.......I hope it leads to an eventual total clear out of these weak career minded glove puppets

    There is a lot more than the conspiracy of a cover up for the McCann's by both governments in this case.....there was a conspiracy taking place on that holiday before events took this path ...I have no doubt.......so yes we have more than one conspiracy at foot here.
    I wonder what blacksmith thinks about that .......he will be doing summersaults ..lol...so naïve ..oh dear.

    I hope people don't stop just at the case in hand .....lets root these scumbags out.

    let them know....we the people are coming for them.


  22. We Must remember the cruelty that has been inflicted on Goncalo Amaral has been facilitated by Both Governments, the Law courts and mainstream media.

    There is much more to this case that now has to be addressed.


  23. Why are these hideous , vile couple and their accomplices at liberty ? Is neglect not a chargeable offence ? The pair of them should be Jailed for a very long time together with the ones that are protecting them . The dead girl and Dr Amaral need Justice from this two hideous pair , so come on Portugal defend the law and don't let an innocent man be persecuted for only trying to establish the truth and bringing it to the worlds attention what this vile couple have done - NEGLECTED THEIR CHILDREN . If it were not for their greed , they would have got away with "murder" . People round the world , especially the decent hard working British tax payer need answers as this is a very high profile case and these two vile individuals have been taking the people of the world for a ride for 7 years .

  24. The hideous couple will get caught , too many people know what really happened , may god bless DR Amaral and Joana for their hard work to seek justice for the dead child . When the hideous pair are in court answering charges of neglect and deception , they will name and shame the ones who protected them all these years , but the ones that protected them will drop them like a bag of shite , the vile couple will face justice and will serve time for their crimes . I hope and pray , in the eyes of justice , and based on the evidence of this case and the long suffering of an innocent man and his family , that God will grant the courage and guide the Judge to rule in wisdom and Justice for the little girl and rule in favour of DR Amaral , they will be a witness on Judgement day , who is on Dr Amarals side and it will be the lady of Fatima the Immaculate Conception . Dr Amaral should be given ALL his frozen assets back and be with his family and children again . Have no fear Dr Amaral the vile couple and their friends will soon face justice , may god bless you and your family for your courage and endurance in trying to establish the truth and get justice for the poor dead child .

  25. Bom dia, Good morning to all, continuing the translation above xx

  26. 21: Yes. That is why Cameron and company are digging in their heels over an all embracing Child Abuse enquiry that will shine a spot light on GOVERNMENT PAEDOPHILES. Thank goodness for Exaro and the growing band of MP's who are increasing the pressure. Lost evidence, MI5 interfering, threats to the good police - the all too familiar signs of a child abuse cover-up. The same signs as in Elm Guest House, Jersey, North Wales etc etc. Exaro would be wise to expose the SY sham in regard to Maddie as another shameful cover-up.

  27. Earlier this month, Kay Burley, writing for The Mirror, described those who suspect the parents as "haters." She attempted to misrepresent those who suspect the McCanns as
    "haters" who "refer to cadaver dogs who showed ‘beyond doubt’ that a body must have been kept in the wardrobe."


    I would ask her why it is that SHE is still writing about Madeleine McCann seven years later. Why isn't she devoting as much time and space to other missing children? Aren't the lives of other children important to her? Why is the British government PM specifically allocating funds for one case, when there are hundreds of other missing children? Why is Scotland Yard putting so much resource into digging in Portugal when there are missing children in the UK? Why are the McCanns the only parents of a missing child to have a former government spin doctor to handle their public relations? Why does she think that she knows better than the Portuguese police chief who investigated the case? Does she think she is better trained and more experienced?

    If she can answer all of those questions, that any good journalist should ask, then maybe she might have some credibility. A child is probably dead, and she has an opportunity to either be a good journalist, interested in finding out the facts, or a gutter journalist. We all know what type of journalist she is.

  28. Anon 10

    Brown and Prince Charles, top Masons, of course, all 'brothers' together and all that!.

  29. Firstly good morning Joana, thank you for all the hours of work you have put in on this terrible scam, by MCs who forget about Maddie unless she had the possibility to bring in more cash.
    Secondly thankyou Mojo 22 23 for your posts,I feel the same as you, I hope people will continue to dig for the truth After it has seruptisciously been put to bed. Unfortunately in some ways I do not live in the uk any longer, but have paid many years of Taxes, I know people in the uk without money for food and then you have the MCs who have lied, begged and profited fron their daughter, who they made a ward of court, so why are they claiming money everywhere on their behalf.
    This should not and must not be allowed to reach a conclusion eithout the mcs and tapas being in the dock, one of them will break down for sure and spill he beans. I had great hopes that Portugal would act independently and show what farce ful ideas SY have. But SY are acting under orders.Those that have the possibility must reopen a new petition for the mcs to be questioned, and Theresa May must be bombarded with all the things that are wrong with this case and ask why these things have not been investigated. I will write to her, but she needs to feel the force of the people. Stand up and fight over these two child neglectors, and Prtugal stand up and fight for GA and demand they bring the MCs back. Don't allow this white wash to continue.

  30. Latest on Textusas blog

    Textusa21 Jun 2014 11:29:00

    Some very early reports have pearls of info. From a tweet from mc (https://mobile.twitter.com/mariaccnr):

    Newspaper 24Horas, paper edition, 25 May 2007, pg27

    Caption below photo of McCanns:

    “SCOTLAND YARD INVESTIGA. Três elementos da Scotland Yard estiveram ontem à tarde junto ao apartamento de onde desapareceu a pequena Madeleine. Os polícias britânicos estiveram a fazer desenhos – ou esquissos – e a tirar medidas à janela da casa ocupada pela família McCann. A GNR estava à espera dos polícias, uma vez que foi avisada pela Polícia Judiciária, que autorizou a presença dos três no local.”


    “SCOTLAND YARD INVESTIGATES. Three elements of Scotland Yard were yesterday afternoon near the apartment where little Madeleine disappeared. The British police were doing drawings - or sketches - and taking measurements of the window of the house occupied by the McCann family. The GNR was waiting for the policemen, as it was alerted by PJ, which authorized the presence of the three onsite.”

    SY taking measurements to tailor out a burglary? Scheming little police SY is turning out to be isn’t it?

    Interesting pity they didn't take the dogs inside, I belive this poster may be right ready for the cover up burgler, need to make sure hes not to tall and not to fat.

  31. Joana, it is very well possible that the woman who saw Garry on the beach and whose statement disappeared, is following you. She could go back to the police and make a new statement. I mean the PJ, not the Yard.
    The McCannfiles could publish an appeal to this lady or at least publish Gonçalos'woords about her statement.

  32. Sorry for delay was campaigning on twitter and on FB against the Chinese Yulin dog and cat eating festival taking place today, where an average of 10k animals, are killed in inhumane, torturous, cruel, conditions for no good reason. https://twitter.com/xklamation

  33. The PJ and the Portuguese authorities share the blame for this ongoing farce. They shelved their original investigation after the T9 refused to take part in a reconstruction, and they should have insisted on that reconstruction taking place as a condition for ANY cooperation with SY.

  34. The eating of the dogs and cats in China is an horrific affair Joana, as is their eating of monkey brains whilst the monkey is still alive and in some table contraption with its head sticking out, and it would be no surprise if there are not far worse horrors than that being done. All the best with the campaign to end the cruelty.

  35. Joana.

    You really are a beautiful Soul.

    I would like to show my respect by thanking You hugely along with Pat Brown, Tony Bennett, Nigel from McCann files for supporting Truth and Justice.

    You are special people ....I hope that you all get the recognition you deserve, People like you and the others are an inspiration. I can not express how I feel about you all in words for the courage you have displayed over this case and cannot imagine what pressures you have all endured behind the scenes, so that All of us can be heard.

    Thank you for allowing me a voice and allowing me to express my feelings on this case, I know at times I may rub people up the wrong way, and that at times you may not agree with what I post but you allow people to talk and express how they feel and that is important.

    so from me

    Thank you so much.


    1. Thank you for expressing these sentiments, Mojo, and may I add Joana, that this comes from the heart from many of us, who have followed this case and your efforts to bring truth and justice from the very beginning. Without people like you, the poor little girl's fate and the destruction of Goncalo Amaral's life (almost) would have become yesterday's news. Now Goncalo is speaking his mind openly which is something he was reticient about doing in the past. The climate has changed. The whitewash and cover up will likewise change, but, even though the full truth may never come out, the McCanns are not going to be allowed to continue in their former "celebrity" roles. Of that, I am confident. Like you and all the others I hope for much more.

  36. So the fat Brit plods are measuring up the windows to retro fit an intruder or intruders? You could not make it up, if that is to be the case. Does Redwood think that the macs will go away, even if he decides the burglars/intruders did it. They will continue it insist on searching and the fund and all that goes with it. How much longer are the PJ going to go along with this s**t?

  37. So how does Redwood even know that Madeleine was alive when the McCanns left the apartment that night to go to the Tapas. Of course, the McCanns told him she was, so as far as he is concerned it obviously it must be true. If they told him black was white no doubt he would take that at face value also. As far as he is concerned every single word they utter is gospel, even when they have changed their story several times he has no suspicion of them. Yet we are supposed to believe this man is serious about his 'investigation'.

  38. Two weights two measures, justice should be blind, why Portuguese parents & not the McCanns? What kind of justice is this?

    Daniel's mother confesses to staging abduction. http://translate.google.com/translate?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&tl=en&u=http://www.cmjornal.xl.pt/detalhe/noticias/ultima-hora/mae-de-daniel-confessa-ter-encenado-rapto

  39. It reminds me of the case the McCanns brought against the retired solicitor, Mr. Bennett. When the McCann lawyer was asked in court what evidence there was for an abduction, she said it was because her clients had told her.

  40. Joana, I'm getting very nervous with this case and I mean with the NSY.
    Did they change their mind or are they suffering a pressure from high placed peope and are Portugal and the PJ again tolerating the UK making a fool of them?

  41. It appears to me that the British Police are taking the stance that Madeline's parents are innocent. They are following leads, such as they are, which with due respect are likely to lead nowhere. Why are they wasting British tax payers money? I personally think that is a crime in itself - surely if you're investigate something you should have a completely open mind and not tunnel vision.

  42. @44 unfortunately that's how things are in the UK these days it appears .Its about time the Portuguese Government got involved and start by charging the mccanns and their team with neglect and for wasting police time . The way this "investigation" is going , clearly sends out a message of gross miscarriage of Justice

  43. Getting back to this transcript again, sorry for huge delay.


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