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McCann couple versus Gonçalo Amaral trial expected to restart on Monday

Gonçalo Amaral and his lawyer, Santos Oliveira | photo by A.Guedes
Trial which opposes Madeleine McCann parents against Gonçalo Amaral to restart next Monday

The trial of the process in which the parents of Madeleine McCann ask for a compensation of 1,2 million euro, for alleged defamation [sic] by the former Judiciary Police inspector Gonçalo Amaral, is expected to restart next Monday morning.

The hearings that were taking place at the 1st Civil Court of Lisbon, at the Palácio da Justiça, had been on hold since October last year, so the parents of the English girl who disappeared in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in May 2007 could reach reach a court settlement with Gonçalo Amaral.

Since no agreement was reached between Gerry and Kate McCann and Gonçalo Amaral, the judge who presides this court action - action which has caused Gonçalo Amaral's assets to be frozen as a precautionary measure, has decided to schedule the restart of the sessions for Monday.

The adjournment was granted four months after the trial began, on 12 September 2013, with the hearing of witnesses indicated by the McCanns, which included Gerry's sister.

The lawyer Isabel Duarte, the McCanns trustee, waived the testimony of the mother and father of Madeleine McCann.

In this action, the McCann couple, also allege that the rights, freedoms and guarantees of the family have been infringed, and demand 1,2 million euros in compensation from Gonçalo Amaral, who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine in May 3, 2007.

In the book "Maddie: The Truth of the Lie", written by Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Judiciary Police of Portimão defends the alleged involvement of Kate and Gerry McCann in the child's disappearance and in the concealment of her body.

In a connected legal action, the McCanns submitted a temporary injunction banning the book and the video based on the same title, a documentary that was aired on TVI [TV channel].

On January 19, 2010, the 7th Civil Court of Lisbon decided to uphold the ban on the book and the video, that had been provisionally decreed in September 9, 2009.

Following legal recourse [by Gonçalo Amaral, TVI, Guerra e Paz and Valentim de Carvalho's defence lawyers], the Lisbon Appeals Court decided on 19th October 2010 to overturn the ruling [the ban] of the first instance court.

Kate and Gerry McCann appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice seeking for the overturn to be nullified, but the Supreme Court of Justice refused their request and confirmed the decision of the Lisbon Appeals Court, in 18 March 2011.

Madeleine McCann disappeared from an apartment in a tourist resort in Praia da Luz, while on holidays with her parents and twin siblings.

The girl had then three years old and the parents have always sustained that she was abducted.

Madeleine's parents were constituted as arguidos [formal suspects] in September 2007, nevertheless the process [investigation] was archived for lack of evidentiary proof in July 2008.

The process was re-opened on the 24th of October last year, after the Public Prosecutor's Office concluded that there were "new evidentiary elements to justify the continuation of the investigation."

in Agência Lusa [Lusa news agency], June 11, 2014

Note - Date confirmed, first trial session on Monday, 16th June at 09.30am at Palácio da Justiça in Lisbon.

How the UK media shows bias & misreports the events - Gonçalo Amaral has in fact won the "latest round":

«Kate and Gerry McCann will tell a Portuguese judge next week of their heartbreak over smears spouted by the detective who led the bungled police search for their daughter.

The couple won the latest round in their long legal battle to silence ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral - who claims they were responsible for Madeleine's death.

They have both been granted permission to give emotional statements in a Lisbon court on Monday as the libel case comes to a close.

The pair will describe how the cruel and malicious lies from Amaral have caused them unnecessary grief and hampered the search for Madeleine.» in Daily Mirror, 12 June 2014, Martin Fricker

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  1. I thought that the beginning of the trial was postponed (at the request of the McCanns) so that the McCanns could reach an OUT-OF-COURT settlement with Mr. Amaral. When this did not happen, the trial took place but was interrupted when Mr. Amaral argued that the McCanns were not entitled to sue him on behalf of Madeleine McCann (since the latter is a ward of court). Thus the long interruption was not due to negotiations between the two parties but due to the time it took to collect and deliberate on the necessary court papers detailing Madeleine McCann's ward-of-court status.

  2. Indeed @1 News agency Lusa article is very poorly written and researched. It sounds more like a Lift Consulting press release. Only thing missing is the "comment from a close family source" aka Clarence Mitchell, or in Portugal's case, Salvador da Cunha, the McCann's Portuguese PR.

  3. I bet kate Gerry be there for court case yet the couldn't come for the digs my god the are so full of it I hope mr amaral wins he has spoken out for maddie from the start good luck sir as for sy what a load of crap its all for show

  4. I hope the Judge is reading these blogs and asks the mccanns why did they want an out of court settlement from Dr Amaral . Was it to try and get their nasty hands on the mans money? Its about time the gruesome twosome are charged for neglect and their scam of a fund confiscated . Fight on Dr Amaral the decent people of this world are on your side , The book exposed the truth and that was what the mccanns were scared of . Long live honesty and Justice , as for the"close family scorce" , I hope he is jailed for a very long time for telling LIES for 7 years and helping the horrible pair escape justice .

  5. Is this the reason GM is so arrogant and sure of himself

  6. Gonçalo Amaral there are hundreds of thousands of UK people right behind you, you know the truth and that is why your being harassed. The truth will come out and the world will see that you are true and honest. Fight them all the way!! good luck!

  7. Good luck! Fight it all the way were all behind you xxx

  8. Good luck Goncalo Amaral , in the UK we are right behind you.

  9. Forca Goncalo Amaral! Muito Forca e couragem! England believe you! xXx

  10. good luck mr amaral Ireland is behind you

  11. You shouldn't need luck, Dr Amaral, because you have truth on your side, but I wish you luck anyway as nothing is certain in this most bizarre of cases. God bless you and I will light a candle for you on Sunday.

  12. I don't see how the McCanns can win with their bunch of feeble, unprepared and unconvincing witnesses. Also so much evidence of the McCanns laughing, smirking and revelling in their power over the media/law/plebs that they simply cannot claim distress or trauma. I wish the honest and sincere Mr Amaral the very best against this terrible pair.

  13. The gruesome twosome would make good actors as I have never seen a genuine mother of a "missing" child smile so much when they smell money , 9 DAYS AFTER THEIR CHILD GOES MISSING ! These two should have been charged and caged for neglect 7 years ago ! Charge and cage them for NEGECT Portugal ,as soon as they appear in court !

  14. Good Luck Dr Amaral God is on your side as you speak the truth and was only after Justice for the poor dead girl . The gruesome twosome and their accomplices will face the wrath of God on Monday .

  15. Gonçalo Amaral never met the girl.
    Did not 'abduct her, abuse her'
    Or left her alone...
    His thesis is not looking good on the Mccann.
    The Mccann do point their finger at others.
    So their own 'abductionthesis' is never proven.
    'jammed shutter' was half a lie
    'Gerry tough' and repaired early, even not the same bedroom..
    The mccann can rewrite their own horrorstage..
    Again and again.
    Gonçalo Amaral should not stand trail for doing his job.
    The SY even digg for a body..
    Then they should stand trail to..

    The UK is not a place for Justice, or Medical care, or raising children.
    This case shows it.
    UK Children get raped while parents sleeping next door, the SY is telling me..
    And even known..only UKgirls are 'rapetargets.'.
    Well they silent it for years then
    (IF TRUE)

    The Mccann should not destroy other people or familys because they would not pay for childcare they had offered.
    The whole Tapasgroup did left their children that week.
    Preventing is a good thing.
    Take care of your children, lock the door to keep burglers out.
    Basic really

    This case is not about Justice, it is about money.
    And media..
    they need the Mediamoney.
    The Mccann did expose their family.
    Even the siblings (supposed to be in the same crimescene) are always mentioned.

    Gonçalo Amaral did make the mistake not to arrest them.
    If you ask me..
    Well.. I dont think this trail will help or harm Madeleine.
    You cannot save or harm a dead girl.

    It is not about preventing or a safer world.
    The Mccannstory dont do that.
    Yeah, sure..

    Well my prayers on Gonçalo Amaral..
    And I hope the UK parents will use the lock their doors..while sleeping.

  16. What did he have to gain from saying this about Kate and gerry, you cant say 'a book deal' because hed have got one anyway

  17. Tambem estou com o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral e revoltada com todo este processo. O Dr. Amaral fez o seu trabalho de investigação mas foi sempre boicotado e vilipendiado pelos Ingleses.
    Desejo que tudo o que os McCann fizeram recaia sobre eles, essa será a justiça do Universo.
    Gostaria ainda que houvesse mais solidariedade e que, pessoas com possibilidades, ajudassem monetáriamente o Dr. Gonçalo Amaral. Esta seria uma parte da justiça.
    Obrigada Joana por partilhar publicamente o que lhe vai na alma!
    Força Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, força Joana.

  18. Oh dear , what can the matter be , two desperate scroungers return empty handed and fuming , This pair don't fail to make the world laugh when they open their mouth , they claim they took time off work ( what work? charity runs? sitting on sofas on the telly trying desperately to convince the world they are "responsible" parents? have to get child care for their kids while they travel to Portugal , had they done this in the first place they would not be in court trying to claim a million plus ! ) The pair of them and ol Pinky , have more front than Brighton Beach , excuse the pun pinky , Their scam has be exposed by the publishing of Dr Amarals bewk based on fact? I can see that it will seriously damage their income ops "Fund" as the world now knows what really went on . To me and a million others round the globe the real victim in this case is Dr Amaral , what was he expected to do ? Suffer in silence? Or tell the world the truth based on real Police files ? The second victim in this case is the poor neglected child . That is the fact , its not alleged but fact . Its about time the Portuguese Police ask the Mccanns to Answer the questions they REFUSED to answer 7 years ago and maybe save them the cost of accommodation while they re appear in court for neglect ? Now that I would say will be Justice , time saving , and money saving and would prevent un necessary landscape gardening in Portugal .

  19. Gerry McCann is a Freemason. Case closed.

  20. My very best wishes to Dr Amaral. The world should know the full truth about this case instead of the media lies we are told in the UK. Why? Why? Have the McCann's been protected and funded like they have????? This alone leads us to believe their is a huge cover up. Again, good luck Dr Amaral.

  21. newspaper headlines coinciding any time soon with new suspects, e-fits, evidence etc - as usually happens.

    09/08/2014 20:20

    Please prove you're not a robot

    Any time soon there will be headlines re new suspects, e-fits statements etc. to coincide with the verdict being delivered in September as is the usual tactic to divert attention away from the McCanns.

  22. Is it possible to purchase Goncalo Amaral's book The English Gag in English or is there a translation on the internet anywhere? What a man!!!


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