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Quotes of the Day

"He [Gonçalo Amaral] deserves to be miserable and feel fear." - Kate McCann, in madeleine

"Mr Amaral is not the victim in this." - Kate McCann, 16th June 2014, Lisbon court

"Today is a blatant and cynical attempt to wear us down." - Gerry McCann, 16th June 2014, Lisbon court


  1. This is typical narcissistic behaviour. Mr. Amaral is the object of their hate because he dared to expose to the public what kind of people they really are, which contradicts the false image of themselves that they have been projecting to the world. A narcissist will try to destroy the reputation of the object of their hate and this is what has been happening these 7 years. A narcissist will also attribute their character flaws and despicable behaviour to the object of their hate. Therefore, when the McCanns say that Mr. Amaral is trying to wear them down we can deduce that it is the McCanns who are trying to wear down Mr. Amaral.

  2. Its not Amaral who needs to be miserable and feel fear Kate , but its you who needs that as YOU left under age children on their own not Amaral - miserable for doing the deed and fear of getting caught .
    Its not you who is the "victim" Kate , its Amaral who is the REAL victim as had you not NEGLECTED your children to go out with your friends none of this would happen .
    Today is not a not a blatant and cynical attempt to wear you both down Kate and Gerry , your disappointment was that you both did not get hands on the mans money.
    Alas , people round the world have seen the behaviour of your both and sooner or later you both will be answering the questions you once refused to answer in Portugal .

  3. he deserves to be miserable and live in fear, bit like how your kids must have felt being left alone on holiday by yourselves!!!!!
    DR Amaral is not the victim, no he is not the victim, the victim was your daughter remember the one you left behind when you flew off to uk to amass your lawyers
    i hope he never stops wearing you down you failed humans
    id love to know which bit of the search the book stopped was it when it happened right away and you didnt serach "cos it was too dark" maybe his book was blocking the door so you couldent get out????
    arrest them and send them back do a reconstruction and at least charge them with NEGLECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. There was no neglect as the only night every one was together was the 3rd to make the abduction plausible

  4. Also.. such a nice couple..
    The best parents.
    Isnt it?

    ��?Gerry McCann, "We have been advised our behaviour was legally well within the bounds of responsible parenting and 'have been assured'(?) no action will be taken.
    ( UK parenting promoted bij MCCANN)

    Gerry says: "If we could turn back the clock we would. Of course we wouldn't do something like leave 'the twins' alone (?) like that now."
    Gerry - (on finding Madeleine gone) it was like going to the bank and finding yourself over 'our student overdraft'..

    They manage to make stupid comments..
    They didnt need to involve the twins in the Media.
    So no harm is proven..Gerry keep on saying.
    Why then do they claim Gonçalo Amaral did harm the family?
    Since Jan 2014 the SY was about to arrest the abducter(S)
    Wel.. It is a big shame the UK officials keep on promoting this crazy story..
    There is something rotten in the UK.
    Childcare in the UK .
    There are many well known horrorstorys reported about childabuse in the UK.

    The murder of James Bulger Martin Brown, and Brian Howe, could happen by fucked up neglected youngsters.
    Even parents like Rose and Fred do torture and kill their children without noticing for years.
    something is wrong.Baby Peter C, Daniel pelka etc
    Well..For those children is not as much done to prevent them..from harm.
    Unknown children living in the UK do not have protection, money or attention like this case to prevent them from neglect harm or dead.
    The UK should protect or prevent children from neglect, or harm.
    Instead they promote the Mccannparenting.
    And the Mccann do act like celebs..
    Not like parents..
    I think it is creepy.
    And I dont understand why after all this millions spend the only ones who brought to trail never met Madeleine..
    Or can be proven to hurt or harm her.
    Not even 1 childraper/abuser did they found in the search..
    The UK is to blame!

    1. The uk govt and met are corrupt for sure,be assured most of its citizens know it too ! We despise the mcanns and support goncalo. Also leaving our children alone to go out is NOT the norm here, the mcanns are big liars. The problem is not the uk as ive said, but the corrupt govt. (shameful to have them running our country) Im praying for good, honest snr amaral.

  5. Joana, I lost my confidence in the Operation Grange and I don't understand why the PJ are still investigating the case.The Yard is making a fool of us all.
    How can Portugal again accept such a humiliation.
    It is obvious that the Yard does not want to come forward with the truth.
    This could not take such a long time. It is not JF Kennedy's assassination, is it?
    I'm tired of living in expectations.
    I wish Amaral would tell more. He must know a lot about it.

  6. My hope is that the investigation on that waste ground was smoke and mirrors while the real investigation was happening somewhere else. I hope that they have found the body and that an autopsy is happening right now and that the police will come up with all of the answers, when they will tell of the breakthrough.

    The autopsy will take long because the death took place 7 years ago. I believe they will test eventual sedation and it is a laboratory work, At least three weeks.
    That ground had definitely a goal, keeping the media concentrated on it, distracting their attention.
    I believe that it was a strategy.

  7. @6 Then you are willingly blind to reality. There's no "real investigation", at least not one that intends to find the real culprits by the MET officers.

  8. if kate mc cann can give such hate for mr anaral god help the twins id like to ask mr Cameron if his kids were on holiday with the mc cans and were left alone one was missins then how would he feel bet hed see it different then as a parent I cant understand them get away with it may god help and protect mr amaral

  9. @7. I agree. The injustice that needs to be put right is that against Mr. Amaral. He has been vilified for doing his job and speaking his mind. His life and that of his family have been ruined. There is nothing more people can do for Madeleine McCann, as the authorities have covered it up and keep it so. Mr. Amaral needs to get his life back. The time for bring punished for standing up off what is right and proper has to end. The judge in the libel case needs to start that process..

  10. She is right about one thing - Mr Amaral would never regard himself as the victim in this most shocking of cases. The victim is poor little Maddie, who never got to live the life she should have had, and has never even had any respect from her parents in death. Mr Amaral has lost everything that counts in this world - his job, his wife, his home, and his assets which have all been frozen for years - but he has kept his integrity, his genuine Catholic faith, and his indomitable spirit and he is still alive, much to the McCanns' evident regret. And he will fight on to the end to get justice for this little girl he never even met. Alison

  11. Surely that slip of the tongue by Gerry proves maybe maddie was not there on the 3rd may,
    Gerry says: "If we could turn back the clock we would. Of course we wouldn't do something like leave 'the twins' alone (?) like that now."
    Gerry - (on finding Madeleine gone) it was like going to the bank and finding yourself over 'our student overdraft'..
    He thinks this is gone but people have copied his blogs..How can SY ignore this crap.
    GM you are an ignorant, arrogant piece of s***, even the fellows at your university said the same. You will do or say anything to get what you want, and your wife is no better.

  12. It is interesting, That the 'parents' forgave themselves and the alleged 'abductor' for their part in this whole sorry state of affairs ,but want fear and pain for Mr Amaral? for writing a book?

    ...and it is usually always mentioned that Kate 'clutches' her cross and her rosary beads.. what a hypocrite! trying to gain a catholic wave of support. ew- disgusting!

    They truly are a despicable couple IMO.

    Miss Taken Identity

  13. As mentioned before Amaral needs a financially rich businessman from Portugal to fund him. That way Portugal can stand up to the British charade which is due to someone informing the media to act the way they are in the so called national interest. Of course, this is a terrible mistake by the British authorities but equally why has the Portugese side allowed this to have gone on? Has someone been paid off? Arrest these two parents, charge them with neglect and extradite the Tapas group. If Amaral is not backed financially by a rich person he should talk in court himself and expose it all.

  14. I was quite astonished at Kate's claim that 'its unfair' and I'm astonished she said it. Not fair Kate? Wonder what all the parents of genuinely missing children have to say about 'fairness', Kerry Needham especially.

    But whats 'not fair'? Is it not fair that Goncalo refused to hand over £1m when you first made your demand as the newspapers in the UK did? Is it unfair that you had to travel to Portugal and prove your case, would it have been more fair if those you issued Writs against just put the cheques in the post, no questions asked?

    The unfairness Kate is actually referring to is the refusal of the Goncalo Amaral and the other Defendants to give them money. How their refusal to give the parents money harms Madeleine, I can't imagine. How exactly would she benefit if her parents were awarded £1m+ in compensation and how is she harmed if they don't receive it?

  15. It's unfair dear Linda that GA can gerrymander the Portuguese justice system and make a mockery of it. If he is sure of his case, he should let it come to an end immediately, his assets will be unfrozen and he can ride off into the sunset a happy man. And yet he chose not to do that.

  16. This case is giving the UK a bad name and the hideous pair are persecuting Dr Amaral . Its about time the people support Dr Amaral and expose these two hideous liars and their friends . They need to face charges of neglect and the "fund" confiscated . Mr Cameron its time you and the Home Secretary get the Portuguese Government to handle this case instead of wasting public funds or you will find yourselves voted out of office in the next election . The people in the UK are fed up of the corruption going in , it stinks to high heaven .

  17. I'd say they're simply condemning themselves with their own words. It's a well-tried device of the guilty conscience - or of the mentally unbalanced - to attribute its own sins to another. Or to put it in an old-fashioned way, your slip is showing ...

  18. The Right To Reply......

    You [McCann's] deserve to look over your shoulders for the rest of your lives never knowing for certain what others think of you both, Gonçalo Amaral has no reason to look over his shoulder let alone live in misery or fear.

    No ones ever going to wonder why he left 3 small children alone in a strange apartment, that burden is all yours to bear.

    Gonçalo Amaral does not claim to be the victim in your daughters disappearance, he knows the only victim of whatever crime was committed is MADELEINE herself.

    Once again the cause of MADELEINE becoming a victim of a crime is all yours to bear, not his.

    On the 16th of June 2014 outside the Court in Lisbon, you [McCann's] showed your own fear through anger when you made yet another blatant attempt to blacken the name of Gonçalo Amaral.

    You have to wonder who lives in fear of whom.

    Your meanness and self pity when you dismissed the question put to you outside the court mentioning Gonçalo Amaral's own personal suffering was only to be expected from two people who consider they and they alone are "the victims in this".

    If you hadn't let your tempers get the better of you both you might have been able to come across as though you too know that the only real "victim in this" is MADELEINE.

    It was very obvious that wasn't the case.

  19. The problem with this tragic case is that after running away from Portugal during the investigation the McCanns continue to weave a fog of smoke and mirrors and they now believe their own lies.

    "Letter from Iberia"

  20. @ 16 Remember: it was the McCanns that tried to get the trial postponed until September, not Mr. Amaral. It was the McCanns who tried to negotiate an out-of court settlement, not Mr. Amaral, yet they say - petulantly, I must add - that they don't want to talk with him. And they are spreading innuendo and lies about his 'attempts to wear them down'. Who is trying to destroy whose life, out of spite and malice, I wonder...?

  21. They where happy to go with the neglect to justify the abduction. I do not for one minute believe they neglected there kids as there was always one member of the group missing every night the only night they was altogether was the third

  22. @ 22 and 23 There was no neglect? Has this world we live in today , no common sense whatsoever? If you both suggest there was no neglect , let me tell you something , try leaving under 4 year old on their own EVEN for half and hour and in the eyes of the law you are guilty of Neglect period .

  23. #24--I don't mean to speak for them but I think what #22 and #23 mean is, going by Joana's theory Maddy did not go missing the night the night of the 3rd. Joana thinks the child was already dead by that time and the abduction was staged as a cover. [sightings in the intervening time are unreliable, riddled with contradictions] Ergo, there was no 'neglect' of a child who was already dead.

  24. You mean Johanna from Unterdenteppichgekehrt not Joana @25 - I certainly do not share that view or that theory.

  25. Ah, very sorry. I'm not sure how I got the two of you mixed up. Perhaps because of your suspicions of the parents? In any case, apologies again.

  26. Kate's Hate Spills Over. L-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun.com

  27. The real problem with the maccanns, they have been given excuses about their behaviors, from even stranger supporters?
    I use common sense to what is being said, and all the public have about this case is words?
    I dont know if the maccanns have followed what they say?
    I have took some vital notes of public interest to who isnt being honest from the start to this point in time?
    Its very questionable why the maccanns did not set up a charity, in the event a reward wasnt claimed, and wont exccept they received finance?
    What was a fighting fund set up for, before amarals book was ever published?
    There is also a threat in kates own book about amaral?
    What is odd about this, kate couldnt get a book deal in portugal, because of the questions she avoided?
    Plus there was no basis for her book before publishing, without a reconstruction?
    This is libel without scotland yards reconstruction also?
    To fully test any book as lies, there isnt no credence to kates book to oppose amarals theory!
    His findings are based on police evidence, and contradictions from statements the group made, and the changing versions since he noted this in his own book.
    By all accounts, the maccanns have never explained these contradictions amaral pointed out?
    They have been evasive on all levels, to prove they would not take part in any reconstruction, why then do their freinds never appear in any interviews the maccanns do?
    What could possibly be wrong in their versions not to appear to support the abduction theory the maccanns keep pushing?
    I would think this is a telling sign who is the liars?
    The 2 people amaral pointed out from the group, and the maccanns havent noticed this error in their behavior towards their own red herrings yet?


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