1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

Scotland Yard to quiz four formal Madeleine suspects

Scotland Yard is to begin questioning four formal suspects in the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, ITV News understands.

Officers will begin questioning the four people - identified as arguidos, meaning formal suspects - tomorrow at a police station in Faro, Portugal.

Eight key witnesses will also be questioned.

The four-year-old vanished while holidaying with her parents in Praia da Luz in 2007. [changed to]

The three-year-old vanished while holidaying with her parents in Praia da Luz in 2007.

in ITV News, 30 June 2014, 6:54pm, (unsigned)

A few things on the above ITV leaked article

1. Metropolitan Police can't question anyone, they can sit in on the interrogations just like PJ did in April 2008 in the UK.

2. From past leaks, of unknown provenance, it's likely that the 8 witnesses are 5 former Ocean Club workers and the 3 house burglars.

3. However it is also likely that the 4 alleged arguidos are part of that group, or maybe they are an entire set of different people of interest to the Metropolitan Police investigation.

4. If the unknown 4 were constituted as arguidos, the possibility is that that was done so they can refuse to reply, so they won't incriminate themselves, whilst as mere witnesses they would be forced to answer. Like Kate McCann, as arguida, refused to answer the 48 questions put to her in September 2007 by the Judiciary Police.

5. Legal disclaimer. I'm not a lawyer and what I just posted above, is my opinion, I could be wrong, and if I am feel free to correct me.

6. Can't help notice the coincidence of the timing, that will once again overlap with the McCanns versus Amaral trial.

Update at 20:45pm
11 people to be questioned as witnesses and 4 to be questioned as arguidos - PT media reports via TVI.

Sergey Malinka is one of the 4 arguidos to be questioned in the scope of the English rogatory request - PT media reports on SIC Notícias

Update July 1 2014, 13pm
One arguido is a former Ocean Club driver, the second a young man, the third a man with psychiatric problems & the fourth Malinka. The connections between them are alleged to be phone calls done in May 2007.


TVI 24, broadcast 30 June 2014

TVI News anchor - There are new developments in the Madeleine McCann case: At the request of the British authorities four people will be constituted as arguidos. The interrogations are going to take place tomorrow in the Judiciary Police headquarters in Faro, and they [the police interrogations] are going to be attended by the Scotland Yard detectives. There are at least 11 people who are also going to be questioned under a witness status. These steps were requested in the letters rogatory, and have solely to do with the British investigation.

Sic Notícias, broadcast 30 June 2014

Sic News journalist - The step was fulfilled by the PJ, confined to an English request made via letter rogatory: three Portuguese and one Russian are from this moment on formally arguidos, within the scope of the English investigation into the case of Maddie's disappearance. In the case of the Russian citizen, it is already the second time that his name appears connected to the case. In 2007, at the time of the initial Portuguese investigation he was also constituted as an arguido [sic, he was not constituted as arguido - R. Murat, K. and G. McCann were the only arguidos of the PJ 2007/08 investigation] and was target of house searches which came to nothing.

Nonetheless, the Metropolitan police, after reviewing the whole process, officially requested for Sergey Malinka to be questioned again as an arguido. There are three other suspects to the British investigation, residents in Praia da Luz, who, from this moment on, are also arguidos following the analyses of the mobile communications of phone calls done on the night the child disappeared. The fact that all of these men live near to one of the sites where the Scotland Yard believed that Madeleine could have been buried, was another one of the justifications used by England [sic] to substantiate their suspicions.

These four arguidos and about eight witnesses are going to be questioned by the Judiciary Police as soon as this Tuesday, in the presence of Scotland Yard officers. Between inquiries and interrogations, these proceedings are likely to be prologued until Friday. All these steps have exclusively to do with the English investigation, which has not found any echo on the investigative line of enquiry being followed by the Judiciary Police.

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*legalese in a comment bellow will be translated tomorrow, sorry


  1. SY questioning the "burglars" ? so technically they are "aguidos" ? I guess they can just remain silent like the original "aguidos" did 7 years ago ? Or are the "burglars" really witnesses for the original "aguidos" who are going to Portugal in hope of making a million pounds but instead find themselves facing Justice? Well they did say they wanted "Justice" didn't they ?

  2. So SY is sitting on the Police questioning "burglars" ? Are the "burglars" aguidos? Surely they will refuse to answer questions like the original "aguidos" did 7 years ago ? Or are they really "witnesses" for the original " aguidos" when they travel to Portugal in hope of raking in a million pounds but instead they face Justice? Mind you the pair did say they wanted "Justice" after all .

  3. " . Can't help notice the coincidence of the timing, that will once again overlap with the McCanns versus Amaral trial."

    I don't believe it's a coincidence Joana it's nothing more than a deliberate distraction !

  4. I don't believe it's a coincidence Joana it's a deliberate distraction !

  5. The UK media has been through an inquiry, Leveson & most recently the hacking. But what it's really about is the way they REPORT. It would seem that GA has to have the prefix ''disgraceful' before his name, wherever his is mentioned. SHAMEFUL.

    They (UK Media) can't report the facts, explain & educate the public about the MET interviewing..... OBSERVING the Rogatory exchange process, if the Press's life depended on telling the truth.

    The only way perspective of this case can be altered is for the Press & People of Portugal to stand up and be counted.

    I am sick to death, not only for this case but many other aspects of UK reporting. It's neither objective nor truthful.

    What draws a person to this saga (missing Madeleine) is the way the press treat the whole case. Many people I'm sure jump on the bandwagon now, not because M still remains unaccounted for, but to see for themselves the level of MISREPRESENTATION. the front page splash & M's sweet little face to sell their scandal rags. THAT IS WHAT I CALL DISGRACEFUL.


  6. Or could it be a cheaper way to get the greedy pair in Portugal and their dreams get shattered , instead of a million they face charges which should have been done 7 years ago ?

  7. Sergey Malinka to be an arguido? You couldn;t make this up. The man with the closest links to Robert Murat. surely they are going to try and stitch up Murat again are they?

  8. Note to self - translate

    Lei nº 48/2007 de 29-08-2007



    LIVRO III - Da prova

    TÍTULO II - Dos meios de prova

    CAPÍTULO I - Da prova testemunhal


    Artigo 132.º - Direitos e deveres da testemunha

    1 - Salvo quando a lei dispuser de forma diferente, incumbem à testemunha os deveres de:

    a) Se apresentar, no tempo e no lugar devidos, à autoridade por quem tiver sido legitimamente convocada ou notificada, mantendo-se à sua disposição até ser por ela desobrigada;
    b) Prestar juramento, quando ouvida por autoridade judiciária;
    c) Obedecer às indicações que legitimamente lhe forem dadas quanto à forma de prestar depoimento;
    d) Responder com verdade às perguntas que lhe forem dirigidas.

    2 - A testemunha não é obrigada a responder a perguntas quando alegar que das respostas resulta a sua responsabilização penal.
    3 - Para o efeito de ser notificada, a testemunha pode indicar a sua residência, o local de trabalho ou outro domicílio à sua escolha.
    4 - Sempre que deva prestar depoimento, ainda que no decurso de acto vedado ao público, a testemunha pode fazer-se acompanhar de advogado, que a informa, quando entender necessário, dos direitos que lhe assistem, sem intervir na inquirição.
    5 - Não pode acompanhar testemunha, nos termos do número anterior, o advogado que seja defensor de arguido no processo.
    Início de Vigência: 15-09-2007


    Lei nº 59/98 de 25-08-1998



    LIVRO I - Dos sujeitos do processo

    TÍTULO III - Do arguido e do seu defensor


    Artigo 61.º - Direitos e deveres processuais

    1 - O arguido goza, em especial, em qualquer fase do processo e, salvas as excepções da lei, dos direitos de:

    a) Estar presente aos actos processuais que directamente lhe disserem respeito;
    b) Ser ouvido pelo tribunal ou pelo juiz de instrução sempre que eles devam tomar qualquer decisão que pessoalmente o afecte;
    c) Não responder a perguntas feitas, por qualquer entidade, sobre os factos que lhe forem imputados e sobre o conteúdo das declarações que acerca deles prestar;
    d) Escolher defensor ou solicitar ao tribunal que lhe nomeie um;
    e) Ser assistido por defensor em todos os actos processuais em que participar e, quando detido, comunicar, mesmo em privado, com ele;
    f) Intervir no inquérito e na instrução, oferecendo provas e requerendo as diligências que se lhe afigurarem necessárias;
    g) Ser informado, pela autoridade judiciária ou pelo órgão de polícia criminal perante os quais seja obrigado a comparecer, dos direitos que lhe assistem;
    h) Recorrer, nos termos da lei, das decisões que lhe forem desfavoráveis.

    2 - A comunicação em privado referida na alínea e) do número anterior ocorre à vista quando assim o impuserem razões de segurança, mas em condições de não ser ouvida pelo encarregado da vigilância.
    3 - Recaem em especial sobre o arguido os deveres de:

    a) Comparecer perante o juiz, o Ministério Público ou os órgãos de polícia criminal sempre que a lei o exigir e para tal tiver sido devidamente convocado;
    b) Responder com verdade às perguntas feitas por entidade competente sobre a sua identidade e, quando a lei o impuser, sobre os seus antecedentes criminais;
    c) Prestar termo de identidade e residência logo que assuma a qualidade de arguido;
    d) Sujeitar-se a diligências de prova e a medidas de coacção e garantia patrimonial especificadas na lei e ordenadas e efectuadas por entidade competente.
    Início de Vigência: 15-09-1998

  9. At least they are still alive although English people don't have any difficulties to talk to ghosts.

  10. i was just wait on this knew s y would make move like this before the case against mr amaral such a show its all awful god bless mr amaral sy are a disgrace

  11. Inspector Clouseau would have a better chance of solving this crime than the British police. Forrest Gump would outsmart Andy Redwood ten times over. Andy Redwood could have retired on a high and looked at the suspects who are right in front of his nose, but instead he is playing a charade, and millions know it.

  12. Sy say this is the 2nd phase of the investigation! I am hoping that they have looked thoroughly at the evidence from the Portugal police files.......and that them sitting in on interviews today will be to eliminate the said burglars, I really hope the 3rd phase will be to arrest all of the people that went on that holiday with the mccanns and interrogate them until the truth is told. Karma is on its way to all of them

  13. The Yard is eliminating as much as they can before it eliminates us, I guess.
    We will definitely be the last ones.

    Being serious: I think they are closing the circle. If Malinka was a arguido in the past, it means that the Met are going to quizz all of the former arguidos, including the parents. They could not start with the parents, I believe, they have to show that they are not discriminating anyone. The McCanns will impossibly refuse to go to Algarve in order to be quizzed because those 4 suspects will show up as arguidos, why not Kate and Gerry? Just standard procedures, the McCanns have nothing to fear.

  14. The only Russian that shoul be interviewed as a suspect is http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/TAPAS-EMPLOYEES.htm#sv


  15. If MI5 were involved in the past and it is known what actually happened, what the **** is Redwood doing, the pratt? No wonder MCCann can say what he likes, as he knows after 7 years, the police have not come near them, or ever will. It's no coincidence, the idiots at SY, are reduced to henchmen, trying to suppress justice for mr Amaral. If the libel trial was delayed another month, no doubt the next phase of NSY cover up would be as well,its truly disgusting

  16. Minor note on nouns for journalists and others:

    arguido - masculine singular
    arguida - feminine singular
    arguidos - masculine plural
    arguidas - feminine plural

    So - Words ending in vowels, just add an +s.

    More info here http://blogs.transparent.com/portuguese/how-to-make-nouns-plural-in-portuguese/

  17. The McCanns must be going to the loo every second of the day. What a mess, what a mess. I don't know how long those interrogations will take but we are obviously very near to the end.
    Finally ACTION, no rhetoric, hè Gerry? No fluffy words, hè Kate? Exactly what you insisted on.
    How could you both be so stupid, demanding a review.
    How could you both imagine that you would shoot yourselves. Where is your power gone? Aunt Rebekah and Uncle Gordon will not do anything for you anymore. They have their own problems and Brooks is longing for new articles in the Sun.

  18. On the 20th of June I left a comment saying that Scotland Yard would return in about a week's time to reaffirm their belief, by their actions, that the McCanns are innocent, to make sure that the public and above all the libel judge doesn't forget where they stand on this case. And here we have it 10 days later.

    Stop being ostriches, Scotland Yard was not restricted to investigate an abduction, they were not ordered to conduct an investigation of any kind. They were ordered to disparage the conclusions of the original investigators; they were ordered to whitewash the affair.

  19. Further note

    arguido/a - status given to a formal suspect of a crime
    testemunha - witness
    pessoa de interesse - person of interest
    suspeito/a - suspect

    Reason - Absolute confusion by a Emily Davies at the Daily Mail «The suspects are attending ‘of their own free will’ and will be made ‘arguidos’ - people of interest - after they meet police.»

    It should read something like: The 8 (11) people of interest will be attending on their own free will as witnesses and the 4 suspects will be constituted as arguidos when they meet the police.

  20. Guerra, if this would have been a whitewash, the PJ would have noticed it and they would have cut down their contact with the Met. The PJ are not stupid at all.
    For us it is very complicated but they know what they are doing.
    I wish we knew it too.

  21. Guerra, what would be the reason to protect the MccCanns and to whitewash the case?

  22. Two things spring to mind, rather LIKE JT's sighting and the amazing about turn, where is the MET getting this information from. Is GA right there were other ''uk forces'' at work?

    Then, for one moment let us look on this process of Rogatory exchange & the subsequent interviews, in Portuguese - OBSERVED by the MET. When eventually they get the translations done - although I'm sure they will have someone there translating immediately. Who knows, perhaps ''the people of interest'' might actually, whether negative or positive part with a piece of information that points in some direction or another. Now there is crèche-father the movements of the group in the Tapas restaurant are of great importance, since Mrs Tanners ''new''\crèche-father sighting no longer gives everyone an alibi. Her earlier sighting of the abductor gave everyone an alibi of non-involvement since she saw it happen, that of course is now defunct.

    Let us therefore, pinch ourselves and remain OPTIMISTIC ! that there is some light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps the MET could secure an reconstruction where their LP colleagues failed.

    On the other hand ''these people of interest'' might be as helpful as the T7 & JW when they refused to return to Portugal for a reconstruction and Mrs McCann's refusal to assist by answering 48 questions. But then, they are British and on British soil - so that's OK and can go unreported in the UK.

  23. The Public WILL DEMAND JUSTICE if SY try to cover up this case no matter who is involved , NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW NOT EVEN REDWOOD OR SY this case will be resolved . Its about time the Portuguese Government and its people demanded the mccanns and the Tapas 7 be taken to Portugal and made to ANSWER THE QUESTIONS they refused to answer 7 years ago . They can answer the questions with SY sitting in and the "burglars" present . As for "pinky ", arrest the cretin and charge him for telling lies , one of his comrades is going to prison on Friday anyway he could join him . The best part of this case will be if the gruesome twosome think they are getting money but instead get charged and held in custody for the "disappearance" of their daughter and deception . Now that will be Justice and DR Amaral can sue their backsides for the INJUSTICE THESE TWO CRETINS CASUSED HIM .

  24. Joana the UK papers tell lies its world renown anyway had it not been for the blogs the world would be none the wiser . As time goes by we will see a few newspaper journalists being sent to prison for telling lies , the tides catching up on them , very soon "pinky" might join them too . They keep referring to DR Amaral as "the disgraced" policeman , when in reality they should be referring to Dr Amaral as the TRUTH SEEKER . I hope the Judge sees COMMON SENSE and rules in DR Amarals favour then he should sue the British papers for libel . Why is it the papers don't refer the mccanns as "LIARS" ? They lied to the Police in Portugal .

  25. Well..
    I wonder if the UK act so shameless if Madeleine was missing in Germany.
    Or else.
    They act like they own Portugal.
    After all ,It was he Mccann who put their friends first for wining and dining.
    Gerry also said it clear theTapas did it to..without questioning.. if ,it was ok.
    Do UK children get raped in Portugal while the parents are in the same house.
    Because they dont lock the door, and they sleep good.
    The parents from the same assulted children even can see the rapist WALK away.
    Wearing the same shirt.
    It must be true then..
    SY is telling us.

    So back to the cleaners now?
    What happened to the gypsyman who did look like a dark and younger Savile?
    Or the German/Belgium/Dutch speaking neighbours in the apartment next to 5a?
    Did they already check the owners from the cellphones in 2007?
    It seems like they point in every way.
    But it seems like the key is in the UK.
    Reading all this.. It seems like there are no Portugese persons over there in this case.
    Mark Warner was only for Media en Medics, in the UK exclusive (in the same age, even the children)?
    Madeleine is still waiting to be saved?
    They did find some childporn makers at least?
    Probaly not after 7 years..
    Nothing found.
    What a waste, what a bad reputationspin.
    Only harming, no prevention or safety is done to preventing children.
    The travelagency or UK parents raped children did not speak then.
    Why only the UK?

  26. It is impossible not to believe that all this is a well planned strategic battle plan, put together to coincide with the libel trial, and to make any accusations against the McCanns totally invalid and not even worth considering.

    When is somebody going to confront Redwood publicly about the UK blood and cadaver dogs and their alerts to a death in the holiday apartment, and all other alerts indicating involvement by the parents, with their hire car and all. That this man who is called a 'detective' can simply ignore all this and declare the McCanns and their pals above suspicion is beyond belief. No way can any of this so called SY 'investigation' be taken seriously unless he can explain all that away, and he would have to reach beyond the bounds of logic and reason to do so and try to convince us we are in fairy land.

  27. The interrogations must have already started in Faro.I wish Sky News was there, to film arguidos and witnesses going inside and leaving the police station.

  28. The UK's entire socio/political culture is based upon the assumption that people (particularly the most vulnerable souls) can be reduced to mere chattel to be whored through a market.
    For seven long years this has been the fate of Madeleine. Dirt such as Redwood and Hogan-Howe are just two minions, amongst countless others, who are still facilitating this (on a daily basis).
    I remember long ago, on this site, referring to Redwood as being "Eichmann like". At the time I half regretted saying as much, thinking it was far too strong; but it remains the only appropriate term I can find.
    This really isn't about national 'identities' at all. It is about those individuals in authority who might have the courage to stand forward and say 'Enough' (to quote you Joana!).
    The upper ranks of the Met and UK government have no such people. The mechanism through which they move to 'the top' is closed and self-selecting.

    But Portugal? Apart from Goncalo Amaral, why is there no one in authority speaking up about this sick charade?

  29. Presumably if the McCanns win the case, then these SY characters busily making all and sundry suspects, except of course the McCanns, who they have informed the world are in no way suspects, can all pack up and go home, job done! With the McCanns a million euros the richer, and thanks all round.

  30. PERFECT TIMING! (for Guerra)

    This should surprise no one.

    Full kudos to Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns spokesman - who directs Burson-Marsteller, the global reputation management PR firm.

    Mickey Mouse Mitchell is a close friend of his mentor David Cameron and, a candidate for his party in the next UKGB general elections at that.

    You will recall it was David Cameron who ordered the whitewash in the first place. True the "Sun" helped but then Rebekha Brooks (its editor at the time) was (is) married with Charlie Brooks - David Cameron's old chum since their days at Eton.

    The question is:

    Will Lady Melo e Castro - the judge - be able to see through the smoke screen of deceptions or will she fit the imagined prototype of the Portuguese as imagined by these idiots?


  31. Redwood has to be careful now how far he pushes this suspects nonsense. Any defence lawyer worth his or her salt will point to all the hard evidence collected by the original PJ team, including the dog alerts. Such evidence would be more than a reasonable doubt in a juror's mind. The point is to detract from the real suspects though. It would be jolly interesting if Redwood learned something useful from any of these people, and then had to ignore it, as it would implicate the real suspects. He could be in a bit of a pickle, but then again, it's all just a charade, window dressing to help the libel case

  32. Bravo Redwood. If you learn something useful, you gave to ignore it, as it's not in the script. There is too much evidence they points to others, and everyone knows it. End this farce and we can all move ahead, and leave Mr. Amaral to get justice that he deserves. Perverting the course of justice is a big crime in the UK, so why do it in Portugal?

  33. How does this relate to the PJ investigation. Surely this will delay the PJ investigation. To my knowledge there are still 2 independent investigations going on. We know that SY are playing a game - I hope it does not impact the PJ too much.

  34. daily mail this morning accepting comments on mccanns....and six out of six are against them as are a lot of arrows

  35. We can only hope that this is about elimination or gathering evidence from witnesses who saw what happened at the Tapas and who can make the McCann-produced timeline worthless.

    As somebody said above, I hope the PJ are in Lisbon to make arrests on 8th July. I believe there will not be a verdict because of the Portuguese official holiday? Perhaps a Portuguese person can correct me on this - anyway, the greedy pair do not learn if they collect their jackpot until September. And Mr Amaral has more months to wait until he can afford to buy a meal...

    The saddest part of all this? A 3-year old little girl. Madeleine is now forgotten. Madeleine is now a brand to be exploited by her parents and everybody else for filthy lucre.

  36. Update July 1 2014, 13pm
    One arguido is a former Ocean Club driver, the second a young man, the third a man with psychiatric problems & the fourth Malinka. The connections between them are alleged to be phone calls done in May 2007.

  37. will the mccanns arrive in Portugal for the court case, or will a little man named fear put them off in case they are arrested for questioning, as probably witness will be heard by then. This is choose a patsy time, I hope they pull in Robert Murat,he might well drop a few hints or the Russian. this is our only hope. Before everyone say they saw a guy on a tractor driving away with maddie laughing in his arms

  38. is it just me ..or are we all going around in circles.....distracted.....from the real issues at hand.

    The Focus at present in my view, should be what is happening in the Libel/damage trial.

    Lets just recap so it is fresh in our minds.

    1. It has been established in LAW that Madeleine is a WARD of the court (WOC).

    implications of WOC...in Law.

    The parents have NO authority to represent Madeleine, it is the responsibility of the HIGH COURT.

    this leaves two options to validate the proceedings.

    1. The High Court joins forces with the McCann family and exercises Madeleine's part of the claim.
    2. Or the High court completes the necessary pass over of that authority for Madeleine back to the McCann family and complete the legal passage for that to be valid.

    Without these steps carried out the case has no legs!

    It is NOT a fair trial to complete the above steps retrospectively as the judge seems to have decided, but it does shield the UK Courts from showing their position on this matter ...and in my view why it has been done this way.

    By allowing these legal steps to be leaped over, it will keep the UK establishment away from the media focus of a LIVE trial.

    The issue of the woc is a point in law, not a technicality .....Madeleine is central to the claim and therefore it shapes the whole case.
    The money claimed in damages is made up of amounts aligned to each family member.
    ( as an aside...It would be interesting to see where the money as come from to fund this libel/damages action)

    At present ...Goncalo Amaral is facing a trial of which he does not know who is suing him and and for what sum......it has not been confirmed in law.

    The case has no remit or legal standing .....How can a legal defence ..defend against a unknown ??

    and don't even start me on the "delayed" presumption of death act !

    Its all kangaroo in my opinion.


  39. Jo, @38...aha

    "..the third a man with psychiatric problems.."

    The Met's preferred MO. We've seen it before.

  40. As time passes you tend to forget, ARE THE MCCANNS, still arguidos, that is once the case was reopened.

    That aside as a reply to @13.15 No 39
    Do you think for one moment the McCanns would travel to Portugal without some understanding that will be not be DETAINED.


  41. Anonymous 01/07/2014 05:01, Scotland Yard is conducting a public relations campaign which obviously is not conducive to bringing charges against anyone. By letting the public know that they are pursuing every Tom, Dick and Harry who made a call on that fateful night, they are conveying the idea that they don't suspect the McCanns and that they devalue the conclusions of the original investigators. In other words they are conducting a whitewash. A whitewash doesn't necessarily mean that they have to name anyone as being the perpetrator of the crime, which is a narrow definition of the word that many people have.

    It's no coincidence that Scotland Yard is on Portuguese soil at the very time that the so called libel trial is taking place. It's quite apparent that every time the trial is postponed that a week or so before proceedings recommence Scotland Yard release some story about what they're going to do next. Wouldn't it be nice if the stock market was this predictable?

    Anonymous 01/07/2014 05:04 I don't know.

  42. UK newspaper, high profile defence lawyers bullying press and protecting criminals. Victims afraid to go to the police.

  43. what libel trial taking place ?

    someone tell me (no speculation) who is suing Goncalo Amaral and for how much ?


  44. This charade, when is finally revealed as such, will rank alongside the Dreyfus Affair for its infamy. And also for the attempted destruction of one decent man by a bunch of moral bankrupts. Shame on you UK.

  45. Guerra 01/07/2014 14:34 : "Wouldn't it be nice if the stock market was this predictable?"

    :o beautifully put!


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