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Andy Redwood's Four Arguidos - one was 16 years old at the time


Photo: Reuters

TVI news anchor Pedro Pinto - Scotland Yard returned to the Algarve, this time to question 4 arguidos and 11 witnesses, they are fulfilling the letters rogatory. The four suspects reside in Praia da Luz.

[From 0:18 until 1:37 is the same news piece that was broadcast at lunch time with different footage already translated here.]

TVI news anchor Pedro Pinto - Marisa Rodrigues is in Faro, good evening. Have the questionings already ended?

TVI news journalist Marisa Rodrigues [in Faro at 8 pm] - Good evening, the information that we have is that not yet. The Judiciary Police intended to question throughout the day these four arguidos, and that is precisely what happened. Some of the arguidos have already left the PJ headquarters premises, others still remain inside, one of them is Sergey Malinka. These men, as far as we were able to find out, have all agreed to answer the questions the English police wished to ask them. At least one of the arguidos, according to what one of his family members said here earlier on, faced 253 questions, from which one can infer that the questionings will be time-consuming and will take more hours until they are concluded.

What is the line of investigation being pursued now by the Scotland Yard? The British detectives believe that three of these men, in other words the other arguidos including Malinka, masterminded a plan to burglarize the apartment where Madeleine McCann was spending her holidays with her parents, and that the child woke up and surprised them during the robbery. For that same reason they decided to murder her and leave the apartment carrying her body, one of the men carrying her on his arms and then conceal it in Praia da Luz.

In common these four arguidos have the fact that they all reside in Praia da Luz and that they have made phone calls to each other in the night of the disappearance and from what is known, they have little else in common.One of these arguidos is a young man, who at the time was only 16 years old and is somehow given the profile of a burglar, a theory followed by the English police.

It was precisely on the request of the Scotland Yard that these proceedings are now taking place. Today the four arguidos were questioned, tomorrow the witnesses will start to give their statements.

Sniffer dogs are also here in Praia da Luz who are likely going to do searches in the cars owned by the arguidos.

TVI news anchor Pedro Pinto - Marisa Rodrigues, live from Faro, following the questionings regarding the Madeleine McCann case.

TVI, Jornal das 8 [extract], broadcast on July 1st, 2014 at 20pm


  1. The crime happened in Praia da Luz and the aguidos and the witnesses must be connected with that region.
    I would expect the interrogations being done in Portimão, where the investigation started and 20km from Praia da Luz.
    Nevertheless they are happening in Faro, where there is an airport.
    It could be that some witnesses are coming from abroad.

  2. Que absurdo é esse aí. Até um homem que sofre de esquizofrenia é suspeito, coitado.
    Mas ainda bem que a Yard está acreditando na morte da Maddie. Já é uma mão na roda.

  3. 253 Questions and Mrs McCann wouldn't answer 48!

    There should be a book called: The Profits of Crime.

    So FOUR

    ''masterminded a plan to burglarize the apartment where Madeleine McCann was spending her holidays with her parents, and that the child woke up and surprised them during the robbery.''

    This was to what, to steal? a half used packet of Losec tablets?

    Doesn't make sense, split fourways if they cleared the whole apartment out, there was nothing of value. OR WAS THERE?


  4. Funny how they're not interested in the only fingerprints that matter ..... the ones on the shutters of 5a that were not jemmied or broken. But then a little detail like Kate MCann's fingerprints being the only ones found on the shutters are a mere detail and obviously of no interest to SY.

    What a sick sick world we are living in and you can see it all in microcosm in this vile circus being played out in plain sight. No wonder what is going on in this so-called investigation appals people right across the globe.

    UK, home of democracy and justice. Huh, I don't think so.

  5. 253 questions? Do you think Scotland Yard are a few decades behind in modern interrogative techniques? Do they not know that it is better not to ask too many questions

  6. Reading the above I am horrified that these accusations are being put about, and that SY are saying they believe this. I am also horrified when I have read on other sites that Murat was behaving somewhat shiftily and not being truthful when questioned, as though that means he must have been involved in the disappearance of Madeleine. Surely he was more likely behaving like that, if he actually was, because he was having an affair with another man's wife, and nicking a child would no doubt have not even been on the agenda, so much as getting to meet the woman he fancied alone. Yet he is as good a Patsy as any so far as this supposed SY 'investigation' is concerned, and when Redwood has already ruled out the most obvious suspects without any reason whatsoever, which are the parents and pals, presumably because they were the ones wanting SY to do this review/investigation whitewash for them. Nothing has come of the gypsies, tramps and thieves either, or the dead paedophiles. I am utterly disgusted by all of it, and by what these now accused people are being put through and what is being fed to the media, meanwhile the libel trial is still going ahead, and how will the judge have been influenced by all this, who can say. It is outrageous. Yet hardly surprising, since the whole thing has been outrageous from the get go thanks to the behaviour of the McCanns and their refusal to answer questions, blatantly lie to the investigators about things like not having credit cards, and constantly change their accounts. Meanwhile, the millions have rolled in for them each year, and where is the accountability they claimed for the spending of all this money, some even going to support their well heeled extended family and all. Have they also actually paid their mortgage yet, because it is a fair bet that most of those sending them money wont have.

  7. I am sure the judge isn't stupid and knows this is the English investigation, and would have perhaps asked the PJ what they were thinking happened. Id bring a change of underwear K and G on Monday in case you have to spend a night or two longer in Portugal.

  8. What is the point of the heading? Sadly, some disturbed 16 year old boys can and do commit these kinds of crimes.


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