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Arguidos answered to 250 questions and refuted involvement in Maddie's disappearance

DCI Andy Redwood | Photo by José Manuel Ribeiro

Maddie: Arguidos answered to 250 questions

Scotland Yard holds on to burglary thesis but the new investigative efforts came to nothing and so far there has been no arrests


The new investigative efforts of the British police to find out what happened to Maddie McCann continue in Faro.

Four arguidos and eleven witnesses have been questioned within the scope of the Scotland Yard's investigation.

TVI know that the arguidos have agreed to speak up in order to refute the suspicions of being involved in the child's disappearance. They have answered to more than 250 questions. Among these, they were asked if they had murdered the child or if they had burglarized the apartment.

Until now, nothing relevant resulted from this new stage of the Scotland Yard investigation nor there has been any arrests.

As to the sniffer dogs that came from the United Kingdom, they were used in an inspection to a car owned by a relative of one of the arguidos, without success.

Madeleine McCann disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, seven years ago, just a few days before her fourth birthday.

in TVI 24, July 3, 2012


Arguidos refute involvement in Maddie's disappearance. More witnesses, of the 11 that were notified, were questioned this Thursday
Broadcast by TVI, July 3, 2014 at 8pm

Marisa Rodrigues [Voice Over] - After the disappointment of the searches and the excavations in terrains in Praia da Luz, Scotland Yard had invested heavily on the questionings of the four arguidos. All of them faced over 250 questions: - "Did you murder the child?" and "Did you burglarize the apartment?" were some of the questions that were on the list. The arguidos agreed to talk in order to make it clear that they had nothing whatsoever to do with the disappearance of the child, a conviction, which in any case, is shared by the Judiciary Police who do not consider these men as suspects.

No arrests were made as a result of the questionings, nor has anything significant come out of the investigative steps for the British investigation. The same happened with the eleven witnesses the PJ started to question on Wednesday in Faro. It is known that the sniffer dogs that were brought from the United Kingdom were used at least in one inspection to a vehicle that belongs to a close relative of one of the arguidos, Sergey Malinka. Another investigative step without any results.

The thesis that motivated the return of Scotland Yard to the Algarve is that the arguidos planned to assault the Ocean Club apartment and would have murdered the child.

What happened to Madeleine McCann? To this question, none of the ongoing investigations, the Portuguese and the British, was able to provide an answer. The child disappeared seven years and two months ago. Could this be a perfect crime?

The last witnesses in the Maddie case were already questioned
Broadcast by SIC, July 3, 2014 at 8 pm

SIC journalist - On the third day of the proceedings and on the eve of their return home, the British inspectors left the Judiciary Police premises of Faro without making any statement regarding this new stage of their investigation.

Cut to DCI Andy Redwood walking and an English journalist keeping up pace with him

Unknown English journalist - "Sorry, your departure is linked to my departure, I hope it will be quite soon. Can you give us any guidance at all?"

DCI Andy Redwood - "I can't sorry, sorry."

Unknown English journalist - "Okay. That's alright."

SIC journalist - Without ever explaining publicly, while in Portugal, the line of investigation of the British police, Andrew Redwood has however followed every step of the proceedings taking place in the Algarve that were requested within the scope of the Madeleine McCann case. This Thursday morning, while half of the British team remained at the hotel in the Vale do Lobo area, five Scotland Yard officers including the coordinator of the investigation [Andy Redwood] - who should retire this year, returned to the Judiciary Police headquarters to hear the last witnesses of a group of eleven people, considered as of interest to the investigation.

Seven years later after the disappearance of the little girl, neither the witnesses inquiries nor the questionings to the four arguidos have produced any significant results. The same is applied to the searches that took place on Wednesday to the car of the mother [other media reports spoke of the father Confirmed now] of the arguido Sergey Malinka. A car that the British authorities wished to inspect in the eventuality of finding vestiges of Maddie.

It remains to be confirmed if further investigative efforts will take place, such as an inspection to the premises of a commercial business where someone has allegedly seen a man entering with a child similar to Madeleine at the time of the disappearance. An investigative step that could be done without a judicial search warrant if the owners would authorize it.

Half of the Metropolitan police team returned home by the end of the afternoon. The coordinator Andrew Redwood didn't embark on the flight to London. The green light given to the Scotland Yard investigation in Portugal ends this Friday.

Judge refused searches to homes of former Ocean Club employees - May 7, 2014


  1. The NSY does not believe at all that those arguidos have anything to do with the case.
    They are following a list of things that still have to happen, before they arrive at the McCanns. Questioning the arguidos did not bring them anywhere, they have to make the new step.
    The PJ and the Public Ministry know what the Met are doing.
    If they were cheating on Portugal, they would have been sent back home.
    Portugal is not stupid.

  2. The search goes on then for a patsy. Deadwood looks like he has come to another dead end. He can't see the wood for the trees. Someone, anyone, point him in the right direction. Metodo 3 probably achieved more than this fool. Does he like been seen as thick and corrupt? Has he no dignity? What is there in it for him? A knighthood or a book deal?

  3. They answered all the questions? I wonder why redwood don't ask kate mccann why she refused to answer 48 questions when they come to Portugal in hope of collecting a million pounds , if the British Police believe in upholding the Law , then they should ask the mccanns why they refused to answer the 48 questions 7 years ago , and why they changed their stories and their friend JT tried to lie for them in their abduction fantasy .

  4. sorry for delay was all day on coffee and cigarettes needed some food, back to the video.

  5. Come on now... This is Andy Cover-Up Deadwood - chief prick who put Barry George in jail for 9 years for the murder of Jill Dando! Did he just bungle the investigation? Did he hell! He covered and hid and distorted the truth until Mr George was the nations No. 1 creep. And covered up the fact that Jill was assassinated, silenced, shot point blank in the face by someone from our criminal establishment... Most likely something to do with Savile the monster or the murder of Diana....
    Make no mistake, Andy Deadwood is no daftie. He's up to his scrawny neck in it. Corrupt to the core.

  6. Joana, I am jealous of you. I hope you ate a wonderful Portuguese fish, rice and nice vegetables. Once I was in Figueira da Foz and I ate the whole Atlantic Ocean production. A beautiful place, a wonderful food!
    From abroad, I greet all of the fishes that are left over, the poor things.

    Speaking about left overs, according to myself, there are no left overs for the Met.
    Who will they question further now, except for Tapas 9?
    They checked already on everybody, as far as we know. Arguidos, witnesses, dogs were used.

  7. Anonymous 1, The best comment I read recently was:

    "If they are building a case against these "burglars" then they'll need to eliminate everyone else first. That's the way it works isn't it? Are the T9 ruled out yet.

    Oh. "

  8. coffie and cigarettes, Joana?
    The New York's Mayor will sue you.

  9. :e WOW! 250 QUESTIONS?

    That's grossly unfair! Kate McCann - the child neglecter - only had to answer 48 and she refused!

  10. It's starting to backfire on Deadwood and his merry men. People can see clearly now what he is up to. The PJ have a lot to lose if they continue to go along with this sham.

    @7 indeed. The whole world, you, me , would have to be eliminated before he would think about going after the Tapas. By then, a Deadwood would say the budget is spent. He should retire now before he makes more of a fool of himself.

  11. Ha ha, Anonymous #6! If New Scotland Yard's Strategy is to cast the net wide and examine all the fish, eliminating all of those that are not "Just Right", they'll find there are still a good dirty dozen of them or so who fit the bill. I'm pretty sure we'll be counting up to more than 9 by the time we round up all the stonkers, the aiders and the abettors.
    The 'problem' is two-fold, the suspect has to fit the scene of the crime and if it isn't MBM who died in Apartment 5A, then who?!

  12. Diário de Noticias

    Arguidos apenas no processo inglês

    As diligências das autoridades portuguesas juntamente com a polícia inglesa, relativas ao caso Maddie McCann, prosseguiram ontem na PJ de Faro com o interrogatório a testemunhas. No total, a Scotland Yard pediu para serem ouvidas onze testemunhas. Na terça- feira, foram ouvidos quatro arguidos. São homens que apenas são arguidos no processo instaurado no Reino Unido, limitando-se a PJ a interrogá-los a pedido da polícia inglesa, ao abrigo da cooperação judiciária. Segundo fonte judicial ouvida pela Lusa, se as autoridades portuguesas entendessem que os quatro eram suspeitos de envolvimento no desaparecimento de Madeleine tê-los-ia constituído arguidos no processo português.

  13. I bbelieve that the Met have no other choice than to investigate the arguidos and to question the witnesses.
    It takes time to arrive at the McCanns but they will.
    At least the UK media are telling that the Yard is not achieving anything till now.
    No serious suspect, no culprit.

  14. Last night it emerged the 12-strong Met team, led by Det Chief Insp Andy Redwood, has been staying at the five-star Ria Park Hotel & Spa, 24km from Faro police station where the suspects were interviewed.

    The £180-a-night hotel is on the trendy Vale do Lobo resort where England’s footballers stayed while preparing for the World Cup.

    A source close to the Portuguese police said: “There are two very nice four-star hotels a stone’s throw from Faro police station which would have been ideal.

    “For whatever reason the British officers chose not to stay there. Luckily it’s the British taxpayer that is paying for these hotels not the Portuguese.’’


  15. I cannot believe that redwood in his ultimate months as a police officer would want to retire under the cloud of corruption and failure. He must be truly aware of what he is doing and how senseless it all is, I ask you Why are the McCanns untouchable, what have they got on some high up people, part the brotherhood maybe that everyone is running around spending tax payers money for repeating what was already done. Any police force could look at those \tapas statements and the Mcs and see they were contrived. Any good police man would see that to open a fund and beg money within days of their child going missing is suspicious, why would they need a reputation managment company, the best criminal lawyers for defence , an official spokesman anflee the couny before they had found Maddie. Kates book is a load of rubbish and full of her own self importance.The public are not blind they see what is going on.
    When Gerry had his vision in the church of a tunnel, he said, that was a sign to someone, almost a threat...playing games wee Gerry.
    If the Tapas and Mcs are not requestioned very soon, the government will go down,people aren't prepared for anymore B...sh... .These two swanning around calling in favours are rubbing people the up the wrong way.

  16. Has Kate McCanns answered those unanswered questions for you yet Mr Redwood, being as she surely has nothing to fear from doing so if you are asking them? Or, does she get a pass from having to answer any questions at all, unlike the rest of us who would surely be expected to cooperate with the police, or they would be regarding us as very suspect.

  17. If they are staying in a expensive hotel, let it be.
    What matters is to catch the McCanns.

  18. When willl finally the British media attack their incompetent Scotland Yard?
    There is no worse police in this world.
    Or is it a whitewash?


    Scotland Yard will name the "murderer" the day before the McCanns versus Amaral con-trial resumes next Tuesday!

    Scotland Yard's "investigation" (the brainchild of Clarence Mitchell/David Cameron) is designed to discredit the Portuguese investigation, divert attention from the obviously guilty and find a patsy to fit the bill - possibly that Portuguese 16-year schizophrenic.


  20. Any Redwood will retire as a laughing stock, unless he has a change of heart and decides to act like a detective and not as a tool for the British government.

  21. If you have nothing to hide, answering questions fully is naturally what you want to do to clear yourself, as these new victims of the McCann bandwagon have done. If you are the mother of a missing child, you would doubly, triply , quadruply want answer anything to clear up the misunderstanding and put the police back on the right path to finding your daughter. That’s why Kate McCann’s refusal to answer anything, (while thinking F… tossers – her charming words), screams ‘guilty’ to me.

  22. @2... dignity aside. the man just wants to keep his job at whatever cost.

  23. redwood is not fit to hold the office of DCI if he does not use his common sense and investigate the obvious the ones he claimed are not involved . Did the "burglars" or the one you are trying to fit up leave under 3 year olds on their own? Why did the "responsible" parent refuse to answer questions put to her by the Portuguese Police 7 years ago ? Were you involved in the Barry George case mr redwood ? If you were its about time you are investigated yourself as Barry George was found "not guilty " wasn't he? This case WILL NEVER BE A FIT UP as people the world over will protest to the high level and make sure the ones protecting the guilty are charged and sentenced for a long time . The BRITISH AND PORTUGUESE PUBLIC HAVE HAD ENOUGH .

  24. One hopes that they are eliminating all possible "other" suspects and lines of enquiry before we get to the main event. That way they can't face the media barrage that the PJ did, which effectively derailed the inquiry.

  25. A very expensive way to do it but I am hoping DCI Redwood and team are eliminating every avenue before any arrests are made, be it the Portuguese who have to do the arresting an charging ,so that lawyers will be unable to claim that other leads hadn't been followed etc.Redwood retires the en of this year and will get his pension whatever the outcome of his review but I am sure that if he has any pride he will want to go out on a high and not thought of by millions of people as the 'Coverup Cop' .We can only hope.

  26. Redwood & SY could of saved a lot of time & money by interrogating & arresting the obvious perpetrators,people who say they are eliminating everyone else first I would ask why go around all the houses before knocking on the McCanns & the tapas 7 front doors.The McCanns are politically protected......for now.God Bless Goncalo Amaral.

  27. All that should be a good chance to Portuguese police conclude the case on their own. As it goes, Scotland Yard will present their version and conclusions for all this. The portuguese should then do the same. But they won't, unfortunately. Why? Portugal has always been under British rules politically. It is, once again, and it will do nothing to change this ridiculous situation. The political authorities in Portugal do not have (never had) such a "willing"? Why?

    "Acordai, acendei de almas e de sóis este mar sem cais, nem luz de faróis e acordai depois das lutas finais os nossos heróis que DORMEM nos covais."

  28. In my view SY will arrest the suspect with mental illness ( big media explosion ) before Dr. Amaral's trial begins on the 8th or sometime during the trial .

  29. Deadwood is hanging on in Portugal, from what I read. Why would that be? Probably desperate to be able to give the McCanns something to go to the libel trial on Tuesday. It's as plain as day, that's his remit. Get someone fitted up over the weekend, in time off the Tuesday hearing? He got nothing with the digs, he got nothing from the arguidas or the witnesses. He knows nothing of value, but hell, it looks good for the press and he gets to wear the buffoons suit.

  30. watch out tapas 7 the mcs would blame anyone except themselves any one of yous could be next especially mr david payne look out god knows what the could say if I were yous look behind you at all times

  31. I totally agree with many of the posts here, especially 15. Kate McCann could not answer the 48 questions because Gerry was answering them, and their answers might not have tallied. She was not the most controlled of people - she has learnt about public speaking since! I also imagine the two of them decided this non-answering ploy before their interviews.
    On a slightly different note, do any of you remember the photos of Gerry & Kate, the night of the disappearance both crouching, parallel, on the bed, heads down, behinds up, with the puzzled Portugese Policeman standing by? I often thought that might have been a Masonic signal asking for help - because Clarence Mitchell etc was sent soon after and the locals like Christina Pennington and the Ambassador were sent away.

  32. have just watched clip of mcs outside the court again keep talking kate you dig a hole for you both with these lies and the look on Gerry face when kate cuts in oh my such a vile people its money money they after nothing to do with poor maddie

  33. The vile pair have no shame whatsoever , they are only interested in money and alas their love for money got the better of them as the people round the world who seen their behaviour outside the court can tell all they wanted to be in Portugal for was to get their hands on Dr Amarals money and run . They are the lowest of the low cretins who neglected their children while on holiday , one goes "missing" and they expect the world to feel sorry for them while they go round collecting money with their begging bowl from good hearted people , and pay their mortgage and hire professional liars instead of using it for the search of the "missing " girl as they claim . Reality is the dogs smelt death on kate McCann and the apartment as well as the car hired by the mccanns who left the boot open remember redwood ?

  34. none of the story adds up theres so many storys that the mcCann are lying as i read more and more into this story of little maddie that it seem like a twisted case needs to be solved as there was no break in but dog detected dna in the apartment on kates clothes and in the car and gerrys tennis racket bag still not been found and they still havent arrest anyone and search all the shrub land and hills maybe there searching in the wrong part of shrub lands then as so many storys kates dream saying that maddie was at the top off the hill even that dont sound right at the top of the hill for everyone to see that sound like some trying to create a diversion and dog never lie as dog are used by human all around the world from resue dogs to detecters bombs land mines to drugs sniffer dog and guide dog for the blind so it just seem that some people are just giving alot of police and high authority the run around

  35. Its incredible
    The dogs detected death on Kates clothes and in a car that did not suit the McCann's so that evidence was dismissed as unreliable by them BUT they bring in the dogs AGAIN to investigate one of the suspects car. that seems to be ok no public outcry by the McCann's that the dogs are unreliable. For Gods sake some on bring in the McCann's and make her answer the 48 questions it makes me feel sick with whats going on

  36. off topic.

    The national archives do they store Government records.

    I Know that official records are stored, I am under the impression that important records are kept in temperature controlled rooms for there preservation and that underground storage is used.

    Just a question ...Are any of the McCann's family, relatives or friends working in these areas as a profession.


  37. IF all those video's of the McCann's being interviewed by various television presenters HAVE been viewed by S/Y, how on earth can they fail to see the guilt written all over their faces? AND that's before they even open their mouths. Although others maybe involved, in my opinion they are the main players. Never mind defending them so they are untouchable, NO-ONE should escape the LAW I don't care who they are or how important they think they are!!! No matter how uncomfortable for some the truth may be surely somebody involved in all this has a conscience, or maybe they are just alien/inhuman and couldn't care less that this child has lost her life through the selfish needs of THOSE whose job it was to protect her.


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