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'Did you Murder Madeleine? Did you hide her body?'

R to L: DCI Andy Redwood, in charge of Scotland Yard's investigation and the head of the Policia Judiciaria 
in the Algarve, Luís Mota Carmo, after a search last month

Arguidos were confronted with direct questions about the crime and all of them refuted it

by Marisa Rodrigues

"Did you murder Madeleine? Did you hide her body? Did you assault the apartment?". These were some of the questions put to the four men constituted as arguidos [formal suspects] at the behest of the Scotland Yard. They have all agreed to answer them to refute their involvement in the child's disappearance.

The police interrogations did not result in arrests nor in information that would allow to support the English thesis that the girl was killed for allegedly having surprised burglars in the apartment where the parents left her alone with her twin siblings to go out and dine with friends. The same happened with the inquiries to the 11 witnesses that went on yesterday at the Judiciary Police(PJ) headquarters in Faro.

A PJ source considers “inconceivable” the thesis that people with “humble and poor financial resources” would be able to keep the secret for seven years and recalls the big rewards that were offered to anyone who had information. “It would be far too tempting for some of them, at least for those who would have played a smaller role in the crime, such as monitoring the street, to contact the authorities or even the British newspapers to denounce the others”, he added.

These men are regarded as suspects only in the Scotland Yard investigation. The PJ has no doubts that they had no involvement in the case. However, it was the duty of the Portuguese inspectors to constitute them as arguidos, as ordered by the Public Ministry, since the British authorities classified them as “suspects” in a letter rogatory of July last year. The acceptance of the constitution of arguido was also motivated by the wording of the questions and also so the suspects could defend themselves.

One of the arguidos is Sergey Malinka because hairs were found similar to the ones that were discovered in the McCann's apartment. The others are José Carlos da Silva, a former Ocean Club driver, a 51-year-old man, who is schizophrenic and a young man who was at the time 16 years old, who is similar to a “beggar” spotted near the Ocean Club.

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, page 40, July 4, 2014


  1. I feel so sorry for those 4 arguidos. The man whose mental health is not good at all, the poor Malinka, and the two other ones.
    Absurd to scare a person who suffers of schizofrenia. It is a crime itself.
    When are those f. Yards going to live behind bars?

  2. It seems that the Met are ready with their questioning. They have to write down everything and perhaps show it tho their boss and to Theresa May.Analize it, etc.
    This case will take YEARS.

  3. Doubtful it's the end of SY "show off" investigation.

  4. Did you murder Madeleine McCann? O dear! That shows a total lack of respect towards Portuguese citizens. Imagine posing that question to the main suspects - the parents (...)

  5. Great to read thatt the Met is asking about murder and body.
    Not talking about an accident.

    "Did you accidentally killed Madeleine?"

  6. For all those people who think that Deadwood has any intention of looking at the Tapas, then this is proof positive, he is not. The questions alone show that he is pursuing a thesis that is not viable, other than to take it away from the Tapas group. He knows damn well these individuals had nothing to do with the crime. What is he hoping for, that one or other of them will admit to a crime they did not commit? Case solved. Ever occurred to him that he has found nothing, because he is no tacking or looking at the right individuals?

  7. Anon 6,you're right about Redwood & SY,they have no intention of bronging the McCanns & tapas 7 to book,for them to be willing to accuse innocent people of this crime means that something so sinister & rotten is at the heart of it & at the heart of the main players ie the McCanns,tapas7,Redwood & Co,& whoever else is driving it along.Leaders & followers.God Bless Goncalo Amaral.

  8. Poor sods. At least they answered the questions eh Kate?

    1. Haha, they had nothing to hide though.......

  9. 'One of the arguidos is Sergey Malinka because hairs were found similar to the ones that were discovered in the McCann's apartment'
    It took 7 year to find 'similar' hair?
    Sergey did never clean his apartment in 7 year?
    To find hair, even similar in a apartment after 7 year.
    Well.. a good job then.. if it was not cleaned in 7 year.
    A hell of a job.
    Or did he cut her hair and saved it like a reminder..
    Like the murders in the film seems to do.
    Did Mark Warner only employed drugaddics , schizophrenics, and beggars to take care of their holidaymakers?
    Remember.. Only UK children were assulted in a unlock room while parents sleeping nearby.
    And the UK parents let the raper WALK away when they find out. or woken up ..and did not mention it to the travelagency police Hotel or holidaymakers for years.
    It was ok?

    Again .. it does not look good on UK parenting.
    It took 7 year 'to come foreward' with this.
    It never stopped the UK from going to Portugal..
    Even when the assult was only on UK girls..
    'As a parent' I will never go there if my children are targets..

    Well.. it is wierd, and I dont believe it.
    But it is really there in the (SY) statements..

  10. They are back in England, still months and months to come. What an irritating case, goodness. Is it so difficult to accept the PJ's conclusion?
    It is proved that the Yard is absolutely incompetent, a big spender, what a disaster for the most well known police of the world.

  11. Are they at least going to have David Payne in for questioning being as fellow doctors pointed the finger at him as a possible paedophile, based on observations and comments he made regarding Madeleine whilst on holiday with him, and for his liking to bathe their children. Will his name and face be bandied around in the UK media for the public to see? No? Thought not! It would appear that certain people in this case are well out of bounds for questioning, though they surely should be back to answer questions, and especially Kate McCann who has answered none put to her regarding the disappearance of her daughter so far. What a farce this all is, and impossible to take SY seriously at all.

  12. Do tell us Mr Redwood how do you even know that Madeleine was alive when the parents went to the Tapas that night? Because the McCanns told you she was? So, do tell us Mr Redwood how do you know that Madeleine was alive when the parents went to the Tapas that night, and with nobody except Gerry McCann saying he saw her alive? If you have ruled out the McCanns being involved in her disappearance on the basis of this then perhaps you should go back to the drawing board, or better still the original investigation in which the parents refused to cooperate, and told lies to the investigators. e.g. when asked if they had credit cards they answered 'no', yet they did. Does that not disturb you in any way Mr Redwood that you would want to question the parents again?

  13. If the 4 arguidos were of sound mind and independent means, surely they could sue SY for police harrassment? Really, how does this charade help the McCann's get money from Sr Amaral? Police and politicians seem very scared of them and help them get whatever they want. Someone is above the law Mr Cameron........? Just trying to think logically without having the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. How many people really know what happened?

  14. Rebekah Brooks is at large and no charges.
    Could she be a danger for the ongoing investigation, does she still have any power in the media?

  15. There are so many bits to this story that boggle the mind. There are some things I can get past and some things I can't. I can get past no one's fingerprints but the McCann's because IF there was an abduction, I would think that person would wear gloves. What I cannot get past is that, as a medical professional myself, is how ANY GP or physician would not wash their clothes after dealing with corpses. Unless Mrs. McCann is a COMPLETE boneheaded slob, she would/should have immediately put those clothes in the wash that day, not taken unwashed or not dry cleaned work clothes on holiday - (keeping in mind that is reported that she washed cuddle cat because it smelled like suntan lotion). That is a huge one for me. Secondly, it is reported that the McCann's initially stated that the doors to the apartment were locked, if true, how did their friends check on the children? Logically, they couldn't have without a key and I have read no reports in which the "checkers" entered the apartment with keys, which is why they changed their story to say they left the door unlocked. Thirdly, all of these people with the McCann's were/are supposed to be professionals with brains. WHY ON EARTH did they think it was alright to go into the apartment before the PJ arrived? I can see Kate and Gerry checking under beds and in closets and what not but not the whole crew coming in. Anyone with half of a mind would know better, even without having a course in crime-scene 101. I'm baffled. Frankly, I do not know if Madeleine McCann was abducted or killed in that apartment but what I do know is that the Tapas bazillion seem to be the most ignorant, non-thinking, and hair brained lot I have ever heard of. Whether they are part of a cover-up or whether they contaminated the scene by traipsing in and out of that apartment, they certainly didn't help in this stagnant investigation.

    To Joana Morais, I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and this is the first time I have commented. Thank you for giving people a different perspective rather than what little we hear in the American news. Seems a great place to throw ideas around and not be harassed for having an opinion. I'm still trying to figure out what my opinion is on this case. Thanks for working so hard on the updates!

  16. Now they are going to take sniffer dogs into a store where a witness saw a man entering with a child re. McCann files today
    Could this be a big fridge in this shop, why was the fact Gerry bought a fridge never checked out by SY, and why wont SY take the sniffer dogs into apt 5a, why are they ignoring vital facts , also the blue bag Gerry denied having, such a lie as it was seen in photos. Why is everyone ignoring the evidence Dr Amaral collated.
    SY if you don't want to appear like a corrupt force, you have to bring in the MCs and Tapas and give them the same 250 questions, one of them will surely squeak.. Masonic cover ups and assistance must not be allowed to corrupt this case. That poor child needs to be laid to rest, this is abouther after all so why cover the parents, demonstrate your commitment to that small child, and not the greedy parents who have long used Madeliene as a cash cow, and as for those Tapas friends, some of you are doctors I am truly disgusted at your behaviour,it takes one phonecall to set things in motion. How can you live with yourselves...do the right thing or class yourself the same as the Mcs

  17. What is most fascinating for me, is why NSY are going to such trouble and expense? Is if for the McCanns, or is it for Cameron et al? The case could have just been dropped as unsolved after the review, yet that did not happen. The McCanns won't up, no matter what. So what is this all really about? Redwood was picked to muddy the and divert the waters. The only conclusion is orchestration, to help with the libel trial, only that appears to be backfiring.

  18. what a farse mr Cameron you are a farse of a leader get your police forse in order get the mcs and tapas 7 in for questions there the guilty ones otherwise sir forget you be elected to office again well done that sign its about time public spoke up

  19. McC's and Tapas7 should be FORCED to answer questions.

  20. Scotland yard's time would be far better spent at home questioning the paedophiles in very high positions in HER MAJESTYS GOVERNMENT .

  21. A few weeks back channel 5 did the Halligen - Scammed the McCanns. If you watched the whole hour, you'll find they were very active in PDL following people around, photographing them, checking their backgrounds. IMHO this is where the MET have got their information from - the File of Oakley Investigations files. Certainly the METs actively seem very reminiscent of the Channel 5 programme.

    It just remains interesting to ask, WHERE did the MET get the two e-fist from? yes we know it was Oakley's files, but the Smiths would never have agreed to giving them information, who who gave the information?

    Then next up - the alleged abduction sighting by Mrs Tanner has been replaced by a father + child, exactly where did that little gem come from, walking in the opposite direction?

  22. 22, besides the Smiths did not see the "abductor's" face very well. It was dark.
    Now I think that the Met could have been the ones who made the e-fits like they transformed the Tanner man in an innocent father.
    It could also be that somebody close to the McCanns told it was Gerry.

  23. Doesn't Redwood care that those so called 'investigators' the McCanns hired have for the most part turned out to be a bunch of crooks. If SY are following any 'leads' from them and ignoring the official investigation they are complete chumps, or are they simply obeying the McCanns wishes, like 'look anywhere, crazy leads included, but don't look at us'..

  24. "Then next up - the alleged abduction sighting by Mrs Tanner has been replaced by a father + child, exactly where did that little gem come from, walking in the opposite direction?"

    this was in the revelatory Panorama bit about Tanner man

    This was something the PJ should have known really, there was night creche for holidaymakers nearby, this man was collecting/taking back his child, he has been traced and spoken to

    low copy DNA

  25. @ 26 That Panorama doc was a farce and Jane Tanner, pressured by Dave Egar, was forced to change her version, a mockery just like the night crèche man that suddenly pops-up on the crimewatch is. What night crèche? There's no night crèche! And the man was living in another planet for 6 years? And he still had his daughter pyjamas, and pink blanket to match Tanner's 3rd or 4th version? Don't be ridiculous!

  26. does anyone else think kate Gerry look really old and haggard these days mr redwood ask kate Gerry did you kill maddie did you hide her body I have never seen such a cold pair the not look for maddie never have its money money with then shame on them

  27. The Ocean Club's crèche is open till 10pm. Tanner said she saw the man at 09.15pm.
    Still having his daughter's pyjamas: perhaps he is a fetishist and Redwood did not tell it in order to protect the man's privete life. It could be that the man's wife does not know it. Neither do his neighbours.
    About having disappeared for 6 years: I think he feels ashamed that he is a fetishist and he hides himself all the time.

  28. Possibly the Met made Gerry's e-fits. Too perfect.

  29. Here's Cameron with all these SY cops and millions to spend working on this supposed 'abduction' and back in UK there is a big scandal brewing of how paedophiles in Westminster have been protected for years, and he is only allowing a handful of cops to investigate all that. The few brave MPs who are daring to take on the Establishment should be given a medal, and one of them has already told he has been threatened if he carries on. We are surly at least getting a glimpse of the slime behaviour that has been going on, courtesy of the 'great and the good' ,who have known about it, or participated in it, for years, and just how many children have ended up dead from suicide by the hell of it all, and even knowing that when they have reported it, nothing is done by the cops who have had their orders from on high.

  30. Surprise, surprise, the UK Government has 'lost' 114 case files related to paedophlia connected to Westminster MPs and officials. They must be scrambling like mad to cover all of it up, and we are supposed to trust these characters! This is far worse than fiddling expenses which is usually what is happens. What's the betting they will invent some 'crisis' to distract the public from this paedophile scandal as it is far too close to those at the top, and may even bring down a Government which is what happened with the Profumo Affair, those this involves members of all three Parties.


    'Did you Murder Madeleine? Did you hide her body?'
    Two stupid questions in my opinion!

    That said, one must give credit to Inspector Redwood superior IQ. Perhaps he thought the schizophrenic suspect would get so confused that he would "confess" straight-away - and get his clients off the hook...

    He have to feel sympathy for the poor man. The patriotic assignment David Cameron has given him, may be too big for his shoes even assuming he is too sexy for his shirt.

    On a lighter note....

    Has anyone read about the recent news of paedophiles in the "entertainment industry"? I mean in the UKGB government? Cameron included? The mind boggles. Please read on ...


  32. another aspect of this case ...

    Why is it that the McCann's were allowed to use Private investigators in Portugal?

    Why has Portugal taken no action over that ?

    Why are Portugal going after Stephen Birch but not the McCann investigators?

    answers on a postcard.


  33. I read in the police file of the PJ the Mcs were giving lists of people they wanted the police to interview, ugh.... theyre telling the police who they wanted interviewed. I think it was to tell the police what good parents they were, who do they think they are. Your not good parents leaving two babies and a toddler alone night after night, any thing could have happened and did so you say. this was not in the realms of good parenting and not to help the initial investigations confirms it, it was you daughter that was missing, first you thought getting someone to adopt her, then you make her a WOC.
    And then you have used her as a cash cow, when its illegal to run a fund in search for her, shes a WOC remember

  34. Too late. The Met can not turn back what they said to believe. The girl was dead when she was taken from the apartment. They are searching for the murderer and for the body now.
    "Did you murder Madeleine? Did you hid her body?"

    If they really asked that to Malinka, they will ask the same to the next people to be quizzed.
    It can not be a whitewash.
    , Redwood will explain the McCanns that those are standard questions but when finally they will start quizzing the parents?
    The McCanns will certainly be made arguidos, for sake of themselves, and they will have rights.
    Will they again try to make a mess of everything?

  35. Dr Amaral told us from the get go there was intervention from the UK Government in this case, and now with the Westminster paedophile cover up, plus the UK cops speaking out they were told to stand back and not prosecute MP Cyril Smith after numerous people came forward and complained they had been sexually abused by him, including many young boys, it is being revealed as to the extent of how the top politicians control everything including intervening in criminal matters. An absolute disgrace when they are supposed to be protecting the public, more like protecting themselves and their vile activities.

    I hope this information comes out in the Portuguese media also, because it is a scandal of high proportions, and who can believe that over one hundred Files, plus an important dossier naming some of the politicians involved which was passed to the then Home Secretary Leon Briton has now gone 'missing'. How very convenient for them. By the way, somebody has now come forward and told about being raped by Briton in his apartment, but others have been connecting his name to sexual crime for years, but he was never arrested! I hope the MP who has threatened to name the alleged paedophiles on the floor of Parliament, where there is immunity from prosecution for doing so, goes ahead, because if not we can surely expect it will end up swept under the carpet otherwise. Cameron is talking about an enquiry, but any enquiry set up by the politicians themselves will be the equivalent of allowing the fox to guard the hen house.

  36. 35) I hope it is an old list. That is the trouble of being an arguido.Arguidos have rights.
    It is possible that the police decision to arrest the parents has to do with the rights that the couple will have. The police need to shoot well,a big bullet, giving no chance to them.
    Daily Mirror of today's (Mccannfiles) came up already with a new scrubground.

    The McCanns have two police forces and probably Tapas7 against them.
    Not much of a chance.
    I don't think that any of Tapas 7 is willing to protect the McCanns anymore.
    If the SY said already that Maddie died in the apartment, Tapas 7 have no other choice than to tell the truth.
    They prefer to be witnesses than suspects: can you imagine the British media?
    Gossips about paedophilia?
    If Kate is responsible for Maddie's death, Tapas 7 can better tell the truth instead of accepting a cloud of paedophilic suspicions above their heads.

  37. Scotland Yard " Did you murder Madeleine ? Did you hide her body ? "

    The lazy beggars can't they be botherd searching anymore !

  38. @22 brillant all makes sense to me now that this is the intellegence that SY are working on. I cant believe for one moment that SY investigation is a complete farse and at the same time i dont believe that these recent suspects killed maddie. When that halligan program was on i thought that the private investigators wouldnt have been keen to be interviewed unless they felt they had done a very good job and had made good progress. I think they developed evidence against the mccanns and thats why the report was surpressed for 5 years. Call me an optimist but i think when the truth comes out we will see where these people fit into the whole equation. Well done 22 for bringing this perpective

  39. It's disgusting...like some slow-motion Dystopian Play or Experiment being played out, right before us...and we being the ' experiment '...how far can we be pushed...how far can obvious truth be distorted by convoluted lies and deceit...by the McCann's...their backers, whomever they are and whatever they need to protect or whatever ' leverage ' those negligent parents have over ' their backers '...ie, the ' Establishment '...the ' British Establishment '...

    ...NEVER forgetting that an innocent, defenceless young person has lost their childhood, freedom, liberty or life as a result, indeed...poor, poor Madeleine, just how bitterly I / we have wept for you!

    There's no point rehashing the ' facts ' on discussion forums now, it seems to me...the ' facts ' ARE out there now, it's the implications and consequences which are the discussion points and concerns now...

    ...those parents can NEVER abrogate responsibility for their obvious ( and shameful! ) neglect over their children - never! They can dance on a pinhead for the rest of their natural born days over whatever nuance or interpretation of ' facts ' they wish...dupe all those they dupe...fine...BUT WE KNOW, YOU TWO GOT THAT?! And so SHAME on YOU TWO, and FOREVER too! Truely disgusting!

    And who knows...these most recent revelations of alleged paedophilia in the highest levels of established society could ever be the beginnings of the unravelling of the McCann ' protectionism '...if that ' secret ' was indeed his leverage for same...since, after all, if that's blown by other means, he ain't got nothing no more, compredez?

    Justice? Yes please! For Madeleine - PLEASE!

  40. @34
    Because Birch trespassed on private property. In pPortugal.

    Agree completely. And the original sniffer dogs have yet to be mentioned. Sit back and enjoy the show.

  41. I think that Mrs Fenn (r.i.p.) heard the last hour of Maddie's life on the night before. Her friend was on the phone and Mrs Fenn, from a flat above, remarked on the crying.
    The remark reported by Kate, of Maddie saying at breakfast "Why didn't you come when Sean/I/Amelie was crying?" is a cover-up. By risking the spotlight on their neglect of an apparently LIVING Madeleine the night before, it gave them time to work out the abducted-while-left-alone strategy set in the next evening.
    We then have the unnecessary visit of David Payne that late afternoon, the 'three angels in white' and Kate just out of the shower; another untrue ploy to distract us.

  42. Sounds like the British Police force namely Scotland yard , have no common sense whatsoever . "Did you kill |Madeline"? , " Did you hide her body" ? redwood , ? Do you have any common sense ? Or do you have to be a complete idiot to get promoted a a "DCI" in the UK these days? The Public round the world will DEMAND JUSTICE and since the British establishment is so corrupt , as we hear the MPS are "investigated" for paedophilia the people of the third world countries should tell the bald headed Hague to mind his own business and look after his own Countries Corruption instead of going to war . Do these Ministers these days think the people of the world are Idiots? The whole lot of them including the corrupt SY officers should be hung drawn and quartered . Why don't we start with big eared blair ? The idiot who claimed weapons of mass destruction ? remember?

  43. @22, that wonderful loving father never existed, neither did that child.
    Tanner made up the sighting and the SY made up the explanation.

    If everybody lies, why shouldn't the Yard?

  44. Anon 43

    I would like to have know how Mrs Fenn actually knew the crying stopped when the parent RETURNED as she heard the door open and close. Did she just assume that was what had happened, or could it be that the crying stopped when somebody LEFT the apartment, and left behind a child that wasn't crying any more for another reason.

    Had she actually heard adult voices speaking, or the child being soothed? Exactly what did she hear, but if that is not on record we wont be able to know since she has sadly passed away.

  45. @ 42 What if all this circus is NOT about finding the truth (bacause it is known) but about preparing the court case? After all the media meddling I suppose the defense could claim bias and unfair trial if it cannot be shown that other possibilities were fully explored. And when this systematic ticking-off of suspects and theories is finished Redwood & Co can declare that the results of the "discredited" Portuguese police were correct after all and have been duplicated by the superior British SY, in whom the parents have repeatedly placed their absolute trust, and then it will be time for those who have not yet been eliminated from the search ....

  46. 7 Jul 2014
    Daily Star
    by JERRY LAWTON Chief Crime Correspondent j


    Kate and Gerry are fighting claims by ex detective Goncalo Amaral that they covered up their daughter’s death.

    The couple had hoped to give evidence last month.

    But they faced fresh agony as the case was adjourned after they arrived in Portugal when Mr Amaral sacked his lawyer. He has now appointed a new one and the hearing resumes tomorrow.

    Former GP Kate, 46, and heartdoctorGerry,45,from Rothley, Leics, have been granted permission to give personal statements in the closing phase of their fiveyear civil battle over the detective’s book. Met Police have publicly stated they are satisfied the McCanns were not involved in Madeleine’s disappearance in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007. The family’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry believe they have a very strong case and expect to win their claim.

  47. Is there any evidence for 'abduction?'
    No abduction= is no abducter.
    In the meanwhile..
    This Savile history shows there are high respected creeps in the UK.
    Necro perhaps?
    It sells, but he is dead, so what??
    Savile never have to pay, anyway.
    Or why?? after his dead.
    Why did they wait?
    SY seems to investigate him before..
    It must be good then.

    A body abducter?
    Could it be more creepy??
    Not a place you find dead body's, me think..to steal.
    A graveyard is a better place ( Ed Gein)

    To die.. and get abducted while parents 'eating in the backyard' is a strange story.
    The most abducted children are abducted by their own divorced (or wicked) parents, ( Fritzl )or relatives,
    Strangers do abduct children in the mall ( Bulger) on the way to school. ( Kampbush)
    Or from the streets,( Dutroux) or playground they take children who can be picked up easy, who have no adults around at that time.
    So how can it be.. with such regular checks?
    '50 meter away' from the Parents? (*)
    ( But it probaly could' have happen' if they were there K&G know it?)
    Statistic even point out the most sexual abusing is in the family.
    Even the most murdred children are murdered by their own parents or family.
    Fred and Rose.. (Clarence knows)

    In this case there is no logic.
    If Madeleine was abducted ( while eating in YOUR backyard) jammed shutters,out of ear or sight.Gerry was LIKELY in the same room as the abducter?? he said.
    It is insane..

    From the first say this story came in the news, this was a huge one..
    The sightings and Telegraafletter shows the 'effect' it had.
    Beyond normal.
    Children couldnt sleep well anymore, after hearing this story.
    It is a shame the children 'needed awareness'
    (shannon matthews)
    It is a shame the Mccann still mention or exposing their family, friends and children to prove they are the best parents.
    You dont see many familymembers in 'crimecases' so medialoving..
    Probaly the family do answer the police, instead of the (paying) press.
    My theory ...

    IF.. Madeleine indeed is alive and reuntited..
    Well, it is not like she never left..
    How odd to say it..( Steven Stayner )

    She is so famous, she never could have a normal life anymore..
    Not because Amoral, but because K&G sold her.
    Did not want to pay for a nanny.
    Put their friends for their childrenssafety each night.
    Did make a lot of money from it.
    Do claim it is good parenting in the UK.
    This case never did do any good..
    It probaly never will raise any 'real awareness' to prevent children from any harm.
    Like.. dont leave your children, lock the door at night.
    Put your children first,especially on a holiday.
    ( Familytime is important)
    Monitor your children when they sleep.
    That kind or parenting awareness.

  48. Anon 48 Thanks for that posting.

    'Met police have publicly stated they are convinced the McCanns were not involved in the disappearance of Madeleine', and there we have it in a nutshell of what all this farce is really about. Nothing but a PR whitewash, which also will aid the McCanns in their bid to win a million from Dr Amaral. Plus, the timing is perfect. All those who keep going on about SY playing some clever game in which they will eventually arrive at the arrest of the McCanns, dream on, or wake up and see what is really going on right under your noses.

  49. Why would a kidnapper take Madeleine when a younger girl was much easier to sell for adoption? Amelie didn't speak so much, wouldn't have many memories

  50. #41 This is my thinking too now and my biggest hope. There are MPs who are speaking out about inquiry coverups and continuing protection for paedophiles among the establishment. Please God, let justice for Madeleine mean something for vulnerable children. Stay strong Sr Amaral.

  51. 'Well, we would be very .....to conceal the body....Well, we.......Well,......
    Did I read recently that they are searching a well? Might find pink and white pebbles and no I'm not a crank.

  52. The hope of getting to the bottom of this saga, recedes by the year. The rottenness at the heart of the British establishment is entrenched, no matter which Government us in power. It's the civil servants who have the power all of the time, life long for those in high jobs. Ministers , MP s can come and go, but they remain. The most heinous crimes of paedophilia can be covered for decades and forever in reality. So the prospects of the McCann case bring sorted is nil. The papers have got their orders now to say the McCanns are in the clear, NSY say so. As we all knew, the searches, suspects and witnesses farce were all for show. The McCanns are going to Portugal to get their money, confident it appears. I hope the judge has the courage to go against the tide of influence and does the right and proper thing.

  53. @47, be a 1000 times blessed. It is what I also think

  54. mr Cameron has said no stone unturned to sort out child abuse in parliament sound just like mcs no stone left unturned to find maddie what a load of whitewash sy have said mcs not involved in maddie case well that it I be praying for mr amaral and im English god bless you sir

  55. With regards to the M.P's. 30 yrs ago my friend's brother was dating a guy who told me he was a rent boy for M.P's. They would take him with them when they went abroad. I did not believe him but then he pulled out his passports and showed me page after page of entry visa stamps literally everywhere. He said he was saving up for a house. Maybe this cover up and charade of Madeleine is based on supporting a group of doctors who have tendencies that way and they have been backed because many who walk the powers that be swing that way. I would love to know more about whether Madeleine's father GM really had been cautioned in this area along with David Payne's history. It would certainly explain the way common sense has given way to dressing opinions up as facts.

  56. Kate and Gerry McCann Risk Fresh Libel Trial Delay Because Goncalo Amaral Lawyer 'Doesn't Use Email or Phone'

    By Dominic Gover
    July 7, 2014 15:05 BST

    Kate and Gerry McCann are fearful about going to Lisbon for a libel trial because of more bizarre behaviour from Goncalo Amaral.

    The parents of missing Madeleine McCann fear yet more heartache when they arrive in Portugal tomorrow (Tuesday) for the often-adjourned case.

    The last time they went to Lisbon the proceedings were postponed at the last minute when Amaral dismissed his lawyer inside the court, leaving Kate and Gerry fuming outside.

    But they remain hopeful of winning the defamation case against Amaral over his claim in a banned book that Madeleine died in an accident in 2007 and they subsequently hid the body.

    Amaral's unorthodox tactics in his defence have not stopped, with Madeleine's family being told his new lawyer cannot be contacted because he doesn't use 'phone or email.'

    Being unable to contact the other party hampers efforts to prepare for the case.

    A source close to Madeleine's parents said: "Kate and Gerry have been told Mr Amaral has appointed a new lawyer but he doesn't use email or phone. How he can operate like this in the modern era is beyond belief.

    "They wouldn't be surprised if Mr Amaral pulls another stunt to try and stall the case yet again."

    Despite the risk of being stood up in court again, the McCanns do intend to travel to Lisbon for the hearing on Tuesday.

    Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell added: "Kate and Gerry are planning to attend court on Tuesday as required by the judge.

    "They believe they have a very strong case against Mr Amaral and they expect to win their claim."

    The McCanns are suing Amaral for libel over his book 'The Truth of the Lie,' which is banned from publication in Britain because of its incendiary claim that Kate and Gerry know what happened to Madeleine.


  57. @ 58 How [Amaral] can operate like this in the modern era? - Without fear of his phone being hacked by some of the McCanns' closest allies, for one. Maybe he is simply too poor to afford such modern gadgets, bearing in mind that his assets -including part of his pension- being frozen at the McCanns' behest. And finally -what's to be expected from a primitive, sardine-munching peasant from some lawless lair in the Algarve (which does not even have the decency to be on the Mediterranean, regardless of what those geogaphically challenged British journalists keep telling us ...)?

  58. I have always been troubled by McCann and Payne - their comments and their actions.
    Gerry " expletive - I'm not here to enjoy myself" and David Payne "we were waiting for something to happen but didn't...expect this."
    So why were you there Mr McCann and what were you expecting Mr Payne.
    Have you been arranging holidays for couples with lots of pretty little girls so you can film them in the bath with adult males and sell your home videos on paedophile websites?

  59. No Yard officer right now in Portugal?

  60. Common sense at 57

    It sounds like the 'rent boy' you mentioned was willing to go along with that, but there are many children who are not, especially those in childrens homes which have often been run by these paedophiles, and are brutally abused by the vile creatures, also give drugs and drink initially to get them into their clutches, many of the boys so badly sexually treated they have to wear nannies for the rest of their lives because of the damage done during such abuse (which I have only recently discovered and am horrified). If only people realized the extent of this evil, but it is hushed up most of the time and a blind eye turned, mainly because of the power many of these people have, and now we are actually beginning to see members of the police force talking about how they have been unable to take action against paedophiles in high positions, due to higher level interference. In fact, if there is really to be a genuine public enquiry carried out it should be possible to discover who these people were who were issued such orders to the police that allowed monsters like Savile and Cyril Smith to carry on regardless. Here's hoping that happens because they were aided and abetted to the end of their lives by those from on high. There is much information on line about who these top people were/are involved in paedophile activity, but the bringing of them to justice has always been the problem by getting the police to take action. The ball has now started to roll by some Westminster MPs demanding answers. Here's hoping it can keep going until we get those answers, and none of the ones who have been behind this gets off free to continue the horrific sexual abuse of children. It is about time the public realizes just how corrupt the 'Establishment' really is and to what lengths they will go to protect themselves and continue their vile acts. They are genuine sickos, and by the way one of the men who had been doing research on these top paedophile characters said that as far as he could gather they were mostly Masons. Is that a prerequisite for getting help and protection from the Establishment, many of them also Masons, including UK Prime Ministers? More research should be done on this.

  61. Anon 58

    Thanks for posting that. What a bunch of outrageous lies it is telling, and as for the 'heartbreak' suffered by the McCanns because it was adjourned the last time, was that because they came away empty handed without the money. These people truly make me sick, liars to the last, and always ready to blame somebody else. They deserve nothing! Here's hoping that is what they will get, though of course that also will be somebody else's fault, and their fury will know no bounds, yet again.

  62. Dearest Mr Amaral,

    All the best for tomorrow. My thoughts are with you.

    Much Love & Respect.

    An English Lady x

  63. The only "heartbreak" these two hideous creatures are suffered was when they returned from Portugal empty handed ! Good Luck Dr Amaral , hope the Judge goes for Justice and rules in your favour . And while the hideous pair are giving their vile commentary after loosing I hope they get arrested and charged for Neglect , That would be Justice for the Dead Child .

  64. Many are supporting you today Dr Amaral, Those arrogant B's are confident they will, lets pray not. Good luck sir and thankyou for everything you have done so far.
    An English lady living in Spain,
    away from all the corruption caused by those get rich quick doctors

  65. Still waiting on the McCanns actually get the abduction evidence out there to the world! Instead of trying to stop all the other evidence being out there. That would quash speculation and rumours would it not? Luckily I am not holding my breath. The spin in the UK media is priceless.

  66. Watched previously those extremely indignant earlier TV and other media broadcasts by those McCann's...where ' we ' were all branded as low-life scum for even questioning their ( extremely questionable ) version of events when they purported Madeleine had been abducted...despite NO forensic evidence to support this...

    ...and now...this afternoon...seeing those sorry pair...still ' using ' both Madeleine's memory AS WELL AS now bringing one of their other children into this sorry mess - and of their making, too - to protest...it is THE most sickening display of narcissism and self-preservation...

    ...unless one compares it to that sorry lump of a Home Office Permanent Secretary's display today in front of the Home Office Select Committee...WHAT a plonker!!

    But...returning to theme...once again, let's hope this disgusting paedophilia claims within Parliament and established British Society serve to undermine the McCann's ' insurance policy ', and that justice CAN finally prevail...that those sorry pair are brought to justice for their neglect, their lies, their shameful use of funds made available to them by concerned members of the public of their daughter's welfare, when they KNEW FULL WELL the poor girl had suffered an unfortunate and untimely demise, which THEY covered up with an absurd story of abduction to seek to exonerate themselves from blame...

    ...but...TOO LATE...WE, the people, BLAME YOU TWO!!!

    Pah! Disgusting specimens, the lying pair of you...

  67. I am getting rather confused as to why the McCanns are blaming Dr Amaral, even if their child did hear something about the case on the radio on his way to school, being as Dr Amaral's book has not even been released in the UK. So why would that be his fault? Shouldn't they have sued the UK news media instead because that information was coming from them, not from a book that is not even on sale in the UK. Perhaps they should take it up with them, instead of using it as an excuse to get money from somebody who has written a book recounting the official investigation, and the conclusion that Madeleine died in the apartment, which is openly on File anyway for anybody to read, the Case File having been officially released in Portugal.

  68. @42 ...your wrong the trespass issue is Not what Portugal are going after Stephen Birch for, they are pursuing him for carrying out an illegal (private)investigation ........the McCann's private detectives did the same thing.

    the trespass lawsuit would be for the Murat family.


  69. I would like to know why the McCanns are requesting information about Dr Amaral's finances when they surely have already made sure the one million is secured if he lost the case, or presumably they would never has asked for that amount to begin with. So why should they require more than that?

    More to the point, if the McCanns lose will THEY have the amount needed to pay costs and compensation to Dr Amaral and fellow defendants? Or, are they given a pass on that, and it is merely presumed they will have the money? Maybe the defendants should be the ones requesting to see the McCanns financial affairs, so as to ensure they are not about to declare themselves bankrupt and so never pay up if they lose, having put the house in somebody else's name so as to secure it in case they would even be required to sell it to pay for their expensive court cases they pursue to acquire yet more money.

    Am I the only one thinking this is all so one sided in favour of the McCanns, what with the McCanns also being allowed to speak in Court, SY being allowed to publicly declare them innocent with no evidence for that whatsoever, and all the favourable media free PR which is against Dr Amaral, and now this. It is an absolute disgrace, and I only hope the judge realizes just what has been and is been going on.

  70. Not only thankful to Rebekah Brooks but also extremely thankful to the McCanns themselves.
    Yesteday they, themselves, told court what happened to Madeleine. Death, concealing of the body, freezer, car...
    The media can publish it without being sued.
    What a relieve must it be for all of the papers, tv channels, blogs.
    When they started suing Amaral, their argument was that people would stop searching for Madeleine. And now Sean is their argument.
    We will not shut up, will we?

  71. I can almost imagine the UK headlines if the McCanns lose this case, and the words 'FURY' and 'HEARTBREAK' they will use. It is beyond pathetic, but then again it would depend how much the money means to them, and that would appear to be considerable since they are always ready to show up to participate to collect that, and genuinely furious and distressed when thwarted, as we witnessed when Kate McCann was blaming Dr Amaral for it all. The McCanns were very keen to go ahead with that court session, unlike the answering of questions, or the taking part in an official reconstruction for the investigators when they were trying to discover what happened to Madeleine and wanted the parents to participate. Then it was excuses all round for the McCanns not to. What a pair!

  72. The McCanns, we are told, Are not of Interest or SUSPECTS to Scotland Yard, this is baffling everyone.
    Moreover, the fact that the McCanns refused to give any Answers to the Portughese Police QUESTIONS, and then flew back in the middle of the night to the UK, assisted by the then British Prime Minster Gordon Brown's Team, is very murky.
    Any Police Force, will tell you, the Murder of children is virtually always carried out by the parents, relatives, neighbours or people known to them, so for SY to have NO wish to interview the McCanns, under Caution, or otherwise is extremely sinister, and makes SY the Laughing Stock of the World.
    As the McCanns version of Events cannot be relied, indeed even believed upon, why are they being PROTECTED, and by whom ?

  73. Two things that must be answered: if the McCanns are guilty, how and when did they dispose of her body? A dead body soon stinks and attracts flies; larvae, maggots, the whole bit.

    Also, why has no one come forward with information in order to get the reward? I am sure that many members of the Algarve criminal fraternity would have spilled the beans for financial reasons.


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