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English ask for DNA of the arguidos at all costs in the Maddie case - even in a sneaky way

by Marisa Rodrigues

The British Police even asked the Judiciary Police to start collecting fingerprints and DNA profiles of the four suspects now constituted as arguidos. Even if it was done in a sneaky way.

The request appears in a letter rogatory dated of July last year, but was challenged by the PJ, since it is an illegality. At the request of Scotland Yard, and with the endorsement of the Portuguese Public Ministry, the suspects were formally constituted arguidos, this Tuesday, by the PJ inspectors of the Southern Directorate in Faro.

in Jornal de Notícias, July 2, 2014

  • They even suggested illegal means
  • Suspects started to be questioned

English ask for DNA of arguidos at all costs

The British Police even asked the Judiciary Police (PJ) to start collecting fingerprints and DNA profiles of the four suspects now constituted as arguidos. Even if it was done in a sneaky way.

by Marisa Rodrigues

The request appears in a letter rogatory dated of July last year, but was challenged by the PJ, since it is an illegality. At the request of Scotland Yard, and with the endorsement of the Portuguese Public Ministry, the suspects were formally constituted arguidos, yesterday, by the PJ inspectors of the Southern Directorate in Faro.

At least two arguidos didn't take lawyers with them, lawyers who were meanwhile appointed so the questionings could take place. Waiting for them was a list of over 250 questions. Most have agreed to answer them. The questions were made by the Judiciary Police officers in the presence of British detectives who could not intervene.

JN knows that the questionings were concluded in the early evening and that the arguidos aren't expected to return to the PJ Directorate. The last to come out, about 8:30pm, was Sergey Malinka, a Russian with Portuguese citizenship who had already been investigated in 2007 during the Portuguese investigation. At the time his computers were seized and his house was target of searches, however nothing relevant was found. He was a friend of Robert Murat, a former arguido in the Portuguese case.

The other arguidos are José da Silva, a former Ocean Club driver, Paulo Jorge Ribeiro, unemployed who suffers from schizophrenia, and Ricardo Jorge, who was at the time 16 years old. They are all residents in Praia da Luz, some live close by one of the sites where searches took place last month. It is Scotland Yard's belief that they planned a robbery to the apartment where the McCanns where staying for their holidays. That Madeleine woke up and was murdered, and her body was carried away, on the arms of one of the men, between those streets packed with tourists.

This is a theory that makes no sense whatsoever to the PJ. From today on, the 11 witnesses will begin to be questioned also at the request of the Scotland Yard.

Sniffer dogs to search cars

The English authorities brought sniffer dogs from the United Kingdom, in the eventuality that they are needed in the sequence of the police interrogations and constitution of arguidos, for example, to search the arguidos cars. The dogs are the same that have recently took part of the searches on the field in the Algarve. During the initial investigation, in 2007, two dogs of the same breed (Eddie and Keela) were used in the recovery of vestiges.

Arguidos - The facts that have lead the English to consider them suspects

Sergey Malinka, businessman, 30 years old
In 2007 he was thought to be a possible suspect and was target of house searches. Now, he is a suspect again because he threw away a sofa that was analysed by forensic experts where similar hairs to others that were found in the McCann's apartment were discovered. There is also a hearsay conversation that allegedly took place near Malinka's house vicinity about a body that needed to disappear. The English valued the fact that the Russian man's car was set on fire at the time and that someone wrote "Fala" [Speak] on the sidewalk.

José Silva, former driver, 38 years old
He used to work in the Ocean Club and is pinpointed by the English as being the person who would select the apartments to be burglarized at the tourist resort and would be the man in charge of monitoring the tourists movements. According to the Scotland Yard, he is compromised by phone calls that he made to other arguidos on the night of the disappearance and in his similitude to one e-fit that was made based on the description of an Irish family that were staying in Praia da Luz for their holidays. He would be, according to them, the famous man [Smithman] that was seen carrying a child on his arms.

Paulo Ribeiro, unemployed, 51 years old
He became a suspect to the English police because foreign tourists described his erratic behaviour and reported his presence near by the McCanns apartment before the disappearance. He suffers from a mental disorder and he was also denounced for his similarities with another e-fit based on other witnesses statements who identified him as being a beggar and also for being connected with another one of the arguidos [Ricardo Rodrigues] with whom he spoke on the phone in the day the crime took place.

Ricardo Rodrigues, unemployed, 23 years old
He was 16 years old at the time of the disappearance and the English connect him to the case because of mobile phone calls he did before and after that fateful event including a phone call to Paulo Ribeiro. Another one of the arguments alleged to incriminate him is the fact that he fits with a description made by witnesses who identified him as one of the two beggars [the other was Paulo Ribeiro] and of being a suspect of robberies in the area of Praia da Luz. He has also against him the fact that he also lives close by the other men that were constituted as arguidos at the request of the English police.

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, page 11, July 2, 2014


  1. DNA after 7 years after the death?

  2. I wonder whether the parents will come to Lisbon next Tuesday.

  3. back from the papelaria with the newspapers...

  4. DNA perhaps to avoid the parents' claims that such a test was not done, Comparing it with the ones that were found in 5a.

  5. Will look forward to what you find Joana :)......It can't be much worse than the drivel being spouted by the UK media ;) xx

  6. Joana, when you finish reading the papers, you can give them to Redwood, to clean up the shit in their investigation.

  7. Where is the goat?
    Also arguida?

  8. With all this 'information' coming out thick and fast and being thrown out to implicate these 'suspects', surely the McCanns will be asking for the libel trial to be postponed until after the arrests! Well done SY, immaculate timing as usual, or was it as requested? The McCanns must be well pleased at your efforts on their behalf.

  9. I think they want the DNA to maybe fix up circumstancial evidence against the patsy.Surely the public in UK will not allow this case to be whitewashed. The McCanns behaviour ,lies,greed says it all. For sure theyre very happy to be off the hook. UK you cant allow this to happen, hopefully the PJ are monitoring everything in case, or may it will come out the Mcs asked them to remove Maddie, they will be nervous it might come out.

  10. O título do artigo diz tudo. Para que é que querem o DNA? Para poderem forjar provas, como parece ser hábito nas investigações inglesas em que este grupo costuma participar- conectam vestígios com inocentes para proteger os verdadeiros criminosos e quem vai para a prisão são os " mexilhões" privados de todos os direitos.
    O russo que se cuide.... É suspeito por causa das chamadas TM. As mesmas que o conectaram com Murat naquela noite, segundo a investigação da PJ, mas pasme-se para a SY, Malinka é suspeito e Murat não. É bom que ponha a boca no trombone e desmascare tudo ate porque isto cheira que tresanda a jogada combinada entre a SY e os prováveis suspeitos para enganar a populaça e dar música à PJ. Cá para mim, há muito que estes suspeitos sabem que iam ser chamados a depor, pelas mãos dos advogados portugueses devidamente untadas para que depois do show gozem umas boas ferias. É assim que se gastam os milhöes do Cameron.... A fingir que se investiga e a comprar suspeitos.
    Neste caso já vimos de tudo, desde avistamentos lunáticos nos sitios mais ímprovaveis até ciganos presos por não terem o direito de ter filhos loiros de olhos azuis, portanto o que é que custa forjar provas e comprar suspeitos se isso significar ter os verdadeiros suspeitos longe dos holofotes por mais algum tempo? Sim, por mais algum tempo, porque a verdade vem sempre à tona. A SY tinha txxxx se trouxesse os Tapas 9 à PDL para a reconstituição e fizesse Kate responder as perguntas que deixou em branco. Agora andar neste folhetim de feira de Domingo.... Haja paciencia, serve para vender papel e fornecer leitura de praia a quem n/ vai a banhos.
    Uma coisa é certa, a SY nunca mais será o que era aos olhos do publico, com forte prejuízo para os UK onde o índice de criminalidade é elevado- PERDERAM TODA A CREDIBILIDADE.

  11. Just thinking, no knowledge.

    Two countries two sets of laws. There are strong laws about DNA samples, collecting, storage and then subsequent use.

    Who is in possession of the original samples? Collected physical samples were destroyed, is my understanding from files.

    Samples taken from the scene \ apartment probably still exist.

    Technology marches on and cases have been solved using new technical skills, so is there something in re-testing. for example, the low copy dna from the wheel well of the car?

    On the optimistic side, the 4 arguidos if they co-operate, could quickly have this resolved. But the tendency is to run dna across the board of un-solved crimes. It's certainly a bit of hot potato. When you consider what was the outcome of the Gaspar's statements, that hardly saw the light of day when they were eventually submitted to the investigation.

    The apartment must have been a peculiar & unique pond of dna, since it was difficult to isolate a reasonable sample for Madeleine, yet alone any would be burglar, who if planned probably had gloves on! Certainly from the 'files' people who were previously in the apartment were identified.

  12. Eh! Eh! Vão ver que a SY ainda tira da cartola o Renault Scenic alugado por um dos suspeitos depois de 3 de Maio e antes dos Mccann. Senão como é que explicam o que foi encontrado no carro dos pais? Vão precisar de um exercício maior para explicar os vestígios no peluche que andava 24 h com Kate. Depois de assaltarem o 5a e levarem o cadáver da menina, assaltaram a mãe e levaram-lhe o peluche mas ela não deu conta. Nada estranho porque tudo se passa num mundo de super-heróis onde até há um saco de ténis real, fotografado por policias reais, que também desapareceu misteriosamente. Assim, sem grande esforço para a investigação cientifica, conto já com 3 assaltos, feitos por profissionais de alto gabarito porque não deixaram vestígios, para roubarem porcaria.

  13. sorry for delay had to do some work on another blog.

  14. Mitrochondrial DNA ( Maternal line only) is virtually meaningless.

    Jane Tanner and AN. other shared some.

    You need Nuclear DNA.

    Big problem for all these investigations is that they have a wonderful Control Sample apparently but no-one to match it with. They have found none of Madeleine's DNA anywhere. According to the FSS not even in the Scenic. Interpretive but for the FSS
    that was their conclusion.

    By the way many hairs require testing from the Scenic. Get the British labs to do that
    and apply the same logic as the allegations against Malinka.

    They will still come up with the same meaningless result both ways.

    Nuclear DNA of Madeleine is required to be found to match the already known Control Sample. Hairs are not good enough.

    Opinion only.

  15. To my mind the DNA thing is point the blame or probability on the suspect that is going to be targeted. At the moment, if looks like the Russian? As no body will ever be found, it does not matter, as it will get the McCanns in the clear and blameless for the libel trial. That is the whole point. It does not matter that there will not be enough evidence, any even, to convict the new suspect. Clear the McCanns that is what matters and forget all that real evidence against them. Rotten does not cover this outrage.

  16. Gerry McCann yesterday

    " We are hoping for a happy outcome ."

    What happy outcome ?



    :e Now you know....

  18. On some of the other sites on this case, people constantly repeat that this is a big plan by NSY to rule out all the other possibilities before going after the real suspects. What a load if nonsense. Any police investigation does not have unlimited resources or money. The shortest route is the best route, financially and logically. NSY have no intention of going after the real suspects, ever. So the oNly logical conclusion is that it's all part of the plan to obscure the real truth and promote an alternative story, abductors and set that as fact. So far that appears to be the only possible reason for the intervention of NSY. Logic is not required.

  19. break for a while and then after correio da manhã article

  20. A must read. How police use DNA to "close cold cases" and frame a patsy or two instead of the real culprits...


  21. Anon 02/07/2014 12:58

    Pat Brown, the American criminal profiler, seems to be saying the same. Also I agree the timing suggests it is all a white-wash. The on-going timings, that is (plural).


  22. one of these men will be set up to take the fall mcs should be takeing game over am sick to my stomack its all aimed at destroying mr amaral good people never win shame to be british at the moment

  23. If redwood or his superiors try to pin the blame on someone else in this case , are they going to ask the Portuguese Police to charge the mccanns for leaving under 3 year old children on their own? This case will be the result of a public outcry from all over to claim Justice for the Dead girl . Where have we heard a "burglar" abducts children ? Perhaps redwood should be made to answer this on live TV? SY is becoming a laughing stock the way this case is going .

  24. martinbrunt @skymartinbrunt · 48m

    #Madeleine Suspect and witness interviews almost done, quicker than thought. Some Scot Yard cops already on way home.

  25. This is sick. I did not think this case could get worse, but the behavior of the British police and the British police is every bit as bad as the behavior of the parents who they are determined to protect at all costs. It is clear they are looking for a patsy. I have always been one to dismiss conspiracy theories, but this is turning my view of the depths of corruption inside the British government.

  26. "Burglars" killed Madeleine??? At Apt 5A, you would presume, as that's where the dogs signalled for cadaverine. And how many hours transpired between this burglary and the time the alarm was sounded that she had been "taken"? And which of the burglars made her bed? Was it the same burglar who removed all traces of her hair from Apt 5A too?

  27. :m
    Was it also the burglars who washed the curtain in Madeleine's apartment?

  28. Portugal don't you think its time to finish with the British police there are no burglars involved that is another lie story they have given your country enough trouble, they should question the tapas nine if they want the truth of what happened to Madeleine and where they put her. Most people believe that she died in the flat and they were all involved. Stop the British coming in your country and telling more lies. It is time that Portugal do something now the people fed up with all the lie stories. Why don't they ask Mr McCann where Maddie is after Mr Smith saw him carrying her and spoke to him. They know where she is.

  29. It seems very strange that the present arguidos were supposed to answer 150 questions whereas Kate managed to refuse to answer 48. The BBC news today , Wednesday, is that the British police are returning home.

  30. The british govt, met, sy,mcanns,pinky mitchell,tapas lot et al, have absolutely no morals,no conscience. They make me sick and i feel despair. To frame innocent people, ( imo looks like set up "evidence") ,one with mental health illness = easy target, is evil. I've never hated my own country and its stinking corruption so muc

  31. @30 That lot you mentioned are a disgrace even to the people in third word Countries . They have no shame or credibility at all . The whole thing stinks . As for redwood and his bunch of merry men one day they will face a public enquiry panel to explain why the mccanns were not made to answer the 48 questions they refused to answer years ago .


    "José Silva, former driver, 38 years old
    He used to work in the Ocean Club and is pinpointed by the English as being the person who would select the apartments to be burgled at the tourist resort and would be the man in charge of monitoring the tourists movements. According to Scotland Yard, he is compromised by phone calls that he made to other arguidos on the night of the disappearance and IN HIS SIMILARITY TO ONE E-FIT THAT WAS MADE BASED ON THE DESCRIPTION OF AN IRISH FAMILY that were staying in Praia da Luz for their holidays. He would be, according to them, the famous man that was seen carrying a child on his arms."

    :c Talk about Simulacra and Simulation!

  33. Anonymous 26


    The burglars killed in 5a and then came back to 5a to place cadaver scent behind the sofa and on many other items belonging to the McCanns without leaving any forensic trace in 5a depite the possible panick. Also they then disposed of certain items amongst the fields and plots of land where the SY searches took place. Oh and I forgot
    they made many phonecalls before during and after the deed was done.

    Psychics apart this is probably the worst theory in the whole investigation tha t SY are
    persuing. It's crazy.

  34. Why are the PJ accepting this mess made by the Met?
    What is behind it?

  35. I'm again suffering of lumbago because of this case. I'm walking around like a turtle victim of reumatism.

  36. If Portuguese citizens get framed for this crime, I cannot understand why the PJ, Ministry of Justice, or who ever just go along with it , against their own people? It is truly bizarre. Is there not an outrage in the Portuguese press or amongst it's people? I just cannot comprehend this injustice being played in front of our eyes,almost in slow motion. It is so obvious that it is truly painful to watch.

  37. Perhaps the PJ are having a good laugh on the Mets expense and will arrest the mcscamms when they come to Portugal next week with their suitcases to carry the million pounds back but instead they get arrested and charged as soon as they set foot on Portuguese soil ? For too long the gruesome twosome and their friends have made a mockery of the Portuguese Police and the Justice system .

  38. Did these 'burglars' also take Madeleine out in the large blue bag, which subsequently vanished, (and Gerry had even forgotten he owned), and then bring it back that night before the police photograph of the apartment, then decided it had been so useful to carry Madeleine around in that they nipped back and took it again after the photo was taken. It wouldn't surprise me if Redwood would even believe that rubbish rather than have the McCanns implicated in any way. What an absolute load of tripe SY are trying to sell us, and we have so far paid million for.

  39. after quizzing the 4 arguidos, the Yard is still nowhere, thanks God.
    Now we have the wiitnesses. Absurd that Malinka was made an arguido. Nothing to do with the case.

  40. Is it impossible to find back the content of the messages or the conversations done by telephone between Gerry Mccann and Kate Mccann the night of 3 May 2007 ? I red somewhere there was contact by telephone, but that Gerry and Kate whiped them, is this right ?

  41. I hope that SY have their people reading these sites which have been followed by those not buying into everything told by 'officials' or 'sources' close to the McCanns. Until Redwood can explain why the blood and cadaver dogs, who have NEVER been wrong in hundreds of cases they worked on, are being ignored in this case, presumably because they have strongly indicated a death having occurred in the McCanns' holiday apartment, and to cadaver scent in the back of the McCanns' hire car and other items related to the McCanns, this is not going to go away. There are thousands of people who were not born yesterday, or on the back of the moon, who want an explanation as to why those dogs are being ignored. Sorry Mr Redwood you are wasting your time trying to push abductors, burglars, and all, until you answer that one. Enough of the silliness, back to the original investigation and sanity please, UK DOGS INCLUDED.

  42. K & G sabem exactamente o que aconteceu. Porque estão a ser protegidos desde o princípio? Porque não foram julgados e condenados por negligência? Porque continuam a tratar a opinião pública como ignorantes?

  43. So what we have clear for ALL to see ...is a concerted on-going effort by both Governments, and the UK police to find "innocent" people they can make GUILTY of a crime .. that law enforcement know they did not commit.

    They have become Mafia....and the UK politicians and police are the GODFATHERS.

    that's the top and bottom of the POLICE state of the UK
    It is a crime that is extremely serious - it is corruption at its most severe.

    This is the stuff that revolutions are made from ...and rightly - we need to find the masonic cabal and smash it and then make sure they are in prison for a very long time.

    We the people need to do everything in our powers to ENSURE the truth is out - It is so important that we never let this case die.

    I am confident that at some point in the near future we will get everyone involved - even the behind scenes rich tycoons and their political chums ......they are going down!

    They have huge connections throughout Europe ...there are a family of people who think they know best for the public at large ....they don't and we will not be dictated to by anyone.....we have the right to decide our own futures.

    When the UK gets it referendum to leave Brussels ....which the huge majority of the public want ....the politicians in the UK will be isolated and answerable to UK citizens.....if they haven't all run off to Europe to live on dual passports or the likes.

    I guess the point I am making is that ....safety in numbers ....will not always be.
    There will come a time when they will have to face their people.


  44. Mojo 43

    It would not surprise me if this is the case that will bring the UK Masons down, and there will be quite a few wishing they had never got involved.

  45. Hi Mojo

    What we may be witnessing in the UK press in particular is revenge for the Levenson Inquiry. Hence the frenzy of paedophile allegations in the news.
    Whether there is a connection in this case I'm not sure. I hope not but these a dangerous times for the politicians of all parties.

    Cameron is on the ropes. He is on his way out.

    Coulson was the guy who agreed to take the rap. He will be repaid handsomely when he comes out of jail.

    A dirty business is politics.

  46. There was never any evidence against these men and the British police should be ashamed of themselves for making them suspects. I do wonder what Operation Grange is doing now in 2019? wasting tax payers money I suppose still chasing mythical abductors.


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