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Maddie case: Four arguidos questioned by PJ on behalf of Metropolitan Police

Media gathering outside back entrance to Faro police station | Photo by ITV Neil Connery


TVI, Jornal da uma [extract], broadcast on July 1st, 2014 at 13pm

Report by Marisa Rodrigues | Text by Cláudia Rosenbusch | Image by Jorge Belo | Video Edition by Pedro Madeira

TVI news anchor Paulo Salvador - The Judiciary Police started today questioning the suspects of the Maddie McCann case, the English child who disappeared in Praia da Luz in May 2007, when she was 3 years old. The formal request was done by the British police, who have identified people they wish to see questioned.

TVI news reporter Cláudia Rosenbusch [Voice Over]- Four people with arguido status in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The request came from the Scotland Yard. This morning the PJ of Faro called them for questioning. Among the suspects, TVI knows, is Sergey Malinka, a Russian citizen who was investigated by the PJ back in 2007. Malinka is a friend of Robert Murat, a former arguido who the English Police leaves out of the investigation. The British detectives also target a former Ocean Club driver, and a resident of Praia da Luz, a man with psychiatric problems who wasn't seen in the days following Madeleine's disappearance. Finally, the fourth suspect is a young man, resident in Praia da Luz.

In common is the fact that all the suspects reside in Praia da Luz and to have contacted each other by phone in May 2007, when Maddie disappeared. They are suspects for the British police, but considered irrelevant to the Judiciary Police, who had already questioned them during the investigation in 2007.

Besides the four arguidos, the letter rogatory from the English police also requests the questioning of 11 witnesses. Most are former employees of the Ocean Club. Some have already been questioned in the Portuguese investigation. The Portuguese Public Ministry authorized these proceedings, and sent the letters to the PJ in Faro so they would fulfil what was requested. Scotland Yard is back in Praia da Luz, with them also came with sniffer dogs but it is unclear in what kind of searches they'll be used.

TVI news anchor Paulo Salvador - Following these questionings is the journalist Marisa Rodrigues. Good afternoon, Marisa, to whom I ask how did the questioning during the morning go?

TVI news journalist Marisa Rodrigues [in Faro] - Good afternoon, the information that we have is that the questionings are still taking place. Today we observed the arrival of the four suspects to the Judiciary Police headquarters, where they were constituted, formally, as arguidos, as well as the 11 witnesses who will make statements. By the sheer quantity of people that were called here we foresee that these questionings will take a number of days, we don't know yet how many days exactly.

At least two arguidos arrived here to the Judiciary Police headquarters in Faro during the morning - in total there are four arguidos who have in common the fact that all of them are residents in Praia da Luz, they have contacted each other by phone at the time of the disappearance, some just a few hours before and others after the event - and this is what makes them to be considered as suspects by the English investigation.

Among these four arguidos - they are all Portuguese except one who is Russian - there is a former Ocean Club worker, the driver who used to pick up tourists from the airport to the Ocean Club resort. The Russian was also a witness in the Portuguese authorities' process [2007/08], was questioned, the Judiciary Police searched his house, his computers were seized for forensic examination, he was thoroughly investigated and nothing was detected.

The third arguido, TVI knows that is a person with a psychiatric disorder, suffers from schizophrenia, is a 51 years old man and was allegedly identified by a witness who said he had similarities to one of the numerous e-fits divulged by the English Police. This man arrived accompanied by a friend who told us - though he didn't want to be filmed - and guaranteed that this man, who is now a suspect, stayed all night in his own house on the 3rd of May 2007 and that he isn't involved in this case in anyway.

TVI news anchor Paulo Salvador - A case that we will also follow at TVI24 [sister TV channel to TVI with 24 hour news], thank you Marisa.

Sergey Malinka in the PJ process
Judiciary Police searches for former Ocean Club minibus driver

Tweets covering today's proceedings [selection]


  1. my goodness isn't this a big show just a week before mr amaral case up again I cant understand all this taxpayers money being spent on this farse when we all know who are the guilty ones shame on Scotland yard when kate Gerry and tapas croud should be first to be hauled in

  2. why hasn't kate Gerry and tapas been hauled in Scotland yard such a big show just before the case next week were not stupid its all a shame such a lot money being spent on this just awful

  3. «Será a polícia portuguesa a conduzir os interrogatórios, mas na Judiciária existe uma convicção clara, resumida numa frase por uma fonte próxima do processo: "Estes são os suspeitos da Scotland Yard e não da PJ, que se limita a cumprir o que lhe é solicitado." Outro investigador da Judiciária diz não compreender a lógica dos colegas britânicos. "Até agora, não trouxeram nada de novo."» http://expresso.sapo.pt/maddie-estes-nao-sao-os-suspeitos-da-pj=f878681#

  4. We were only discussing this last night, and my wife and I both don't understand why the McCann's weren't charged with neglect. Here in the US, no matter what your excuse, you would have been charged after leaving 3 children alone.
    I believe there's more to the case, and if something has happened to Madeleine, and it was an accident, then why cover it up! It makes no sense.

  5. The absurdity of these questionings resumed in one sentence: @skymartinbrunt One suspect has been given 253 questions to answer. Scot Yard joint theories: sex motive or robbery that went wrong

    A "or" for 10 million pounds not bad, eh?

  6. sex motive...or...robbery. And 253 questions.
    They're conducting this as a fucking multiple choice. Please circle the box.
    A, B or C.

    Forensics can added later.

  7. What about the questions that KM still has not answered? It's all down to the rottenness of current UK government. It's disgusting that politics and spin are interfering in law and the effects on peoples lives. What is that call it, collateral damage, all to protect someone of others. 250 questions eh. Deadwood is determined to trap some poor sucker into taking the wrap..... No proof needed, just deflection, the rotten UK press will do the rest.

  8. All this nonsense for SY to come up with " We believe Madeleine is still alive ." While the McCanns take Dr. Amaral for every euro he has left .

  9. The UK has no business whatsoever poking their nose in other Countries Investigations , has redwood and his superiors nothing better to do ?Companies are going into liquidation in the Uk , and these bunch of clowns are interfering in the Portuguese Police business , and wasting public money or are the mccanns paying for this out of the "fund" they created going round the world with a begging bowl and taking people to court to try and SILENCE THE TRUTH FROM BEING EXPOSED ? This case would have been SOLVED 7 years ago with costing the British public money by DR Amaral , had the previous bent Government not interfered and literally hindered the mccanns from being CHARGED . This case will not be pinned on others as its a high profile case , as people round the world want answers and convictions and NOT SCAPEGOATS BLAMED FOR THIS . Its about time the Portuguese Police take the mccanns in and get THEM TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS THEY REFUSED TO ANSWER 7 YEARS AGO while redwood is there he can do something positive and sensible and witness this , then charge the hideous pair with neglect , wasting police time , fraud and everything else the law permits and hold them in custody with no bail till their case comes up for hearing . Instead of the gruesome twosome trying to dip their nasty little paws into DR Amarals pocket and claiming a million pounds , they would face justice for their part in the "missing" girl . WE hear an EX President of France is in Police Custody for corruption , very soon it could be ex prime ministers of the UK who helped the mccans flee prosecution in Portugal follow suit .

  10. I am English and let me tell you mr Cameron this is election year and all that believe mc cans are guilty wont be voteing for you after this farse its my money that is being spent im a taxpayer ill remember this

  11. Regarding the comment from the US person above - it is obvious why the McCanns decided to cover up their daughter's death. They quickly realised that they stood to lose everything - their jobs, custody of the other two children, their liberty. Even if it was an accident or accidental overdose of sedative - an autopsy would have revealed the truth. They could not afford for the truth to come out.

  12. Yes #7 and the rottenness of the one before! Each successive government more rotten.

  13. @10 Don't worry its UKIP next year the ONLY party with COMMONSENSE left in the UK . Maybe then we the British Public can ask Nigel Farage to re open this case and charge all those that helped the mccanns escape justice , can you imagine it will be a case like whats going on in France right now , we will hear of Ex Prime ministers charged with Corruption . If I were Cameron and if he wants his seat next year he better rethink and advise the Home Secretary to get SY to make the mccans answer the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago and while they are doing that get them to ask the mccanns WHY they kept changing their stories to the Portuguese Police and why Jane Tanner tried to give Imaginary sightings and charge the lot of them .That WILL BE JUSTICE FOR THE POOR DEAD CHILD

  14. @13 Sorry no comments supporting a party that I believe to be on the far right and whose MEP's [see Roger Knapman] overtly racist comments have already defamed Portugal regarding this case are going to be allowed from now on. Please make your comments without resorting to that type of demagogic BS, thank you.

  15. off subject a little but interesting to note the unclaimed reward offered by NOW te donated part was given to McCanns and not shared as promised between different childrens charitie as promised and printed. Which I suppose is a kind of fraud. and notice the Mcs have nevementioned. See Niges McCann Files for all the details, its just money with the Mcs nothing more. Sorry Joana to go off topic but I was livid, they could take monies from otherchildren in need.

  16. Why not just ask Kate McCann the 48 questions she refused to answer seven years ago.

  17. «British police sniffer dogs arrived in Portugal this week with Scotland Yard detectives. Sources close to the case were unclear as to their purpose, but told the Guardian: "We believe they could be used in the inspection of cars."» http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jul/01/madeleine-mccann-portuguese-police-question-suspects

  18. Framing some poor sod.

    @7 "forensics added later"

  19. Still no questioning of the McCanns and the tapas lot. A great advert for the UK, I must say. And despite the fact the country is rotten to the core it insists on poking its dirty little nose into other countries' business. Everyone knows the McCann and tapas stories are total fiction and millions are being spent to cover it all up. Disgusting.

  20. One of the questions NOT to be asked will be do you know the McCanns or have you known them in any way? Deadwood would be terrified of huge answer and it would be recorded in the files for this current round if questions

  21. The Met eliminated the Tanner man and that means that Murat and obviously Malinka are innocent. The Met know it, Malinka too.
    But they have to clean up everything, every road, before they get to the McCanns.
    "Nobody left, except for both of you."
    That is what I expect Redwood to say to the couple. "Just a question of regular procedures".
    The Met have to eliminate everybody, every eventual suspect, before the McCanns being quizzed otherwise the parents will say that they didn't have a fair trial.
    Or they will be at large after 3 days in the police station.
    What are the dogs doing in Portugal right now?

  22. Tell me anonymous @21 do you believe in Santa Claus too? :)

  23. Does anyone think that the type of sniiffer dog deployed would indicate what they may be looking for?

    Live scent or non live scenting dogs?

    That would be useful for the media to know because live scent dogs sniff for live scent.

    Death scent dogs on the otherhand ....................

    Brunty - take careful notes this time.

  24. Gerry & Kate know what they did or didn't do on their

    little holiday in Portugal

    so do their pals - all of them - none of them are idiots

    the truth will out

    or as Neil Young sang:

    'rust never sleeps'


  25. Early this evening I called Faro PJ to present a complaint against SY making requests to hear testimonies from people that are not in any way involved in a Portuguese investigation. I was attended by a very respectful person in Lisbon that put me through to Faro.
    The person that attended me was very respectful, said he understood my complaint but that I had to contact the Public Ministry.
    That's what I'll be doing today.

  26. Any idea who could be the 11 witnesses?

  27. I just learned that one of the suspects, one of the arguidos was 16 years old at the time when Maddie disappeared. I'll make no comments right now.

  28. do witnesses need a lawyer?
    Could Tapas 7 be among those 11 witnesses?

    250 questions are a terrible lot.

    I feel sorry for Malinka.

    On a photo of two people sitting on the back part of the car, the man looks like a Mediteerranean and the woman is too young to be Jane Tanner.

  29. If anyone thinks Redwood is eliminating people just so in the end he can arrest the McCanns is living in la la land,i can tell you they are politically protected by the "lowest to the top of politics",i was told this by someone I trust completely,i was also told that the police don't believe the McCanns at all.That's all i'll say.

  30. I wonder what will happen if all the people they question today, say NO COMMENT??

  31. we have to find out who will be the witnesses today. there must be a way to film them.
    At that time, 2007, none of Tapas 7 was seen as being a suspect, only as witness.
    Tapas 7 must be fed up of the case and I believe that they are officially prepared to tell the truth, preferring being witnesses than arguidos.
    If they become arguidos, they will not easily get rid of their status, a lot of expenses with lawyers, etc.

  32. Kate McCann refused to answer questions so should the "burglars" "fairies" "dragons" invented by SY or are the mccanns or the British establishment above the law? That's the question the new "suspects" should ask as it is their "human " rights . Does this not make sense ? There has been a media circus created by the "pink" one another "prospective" tory politician aka "spin" doctor , however in the interest of peace and righteousness I have no doubt no judge in the land would not ask themselves why the mccanns were "allowed" not to answer the 48 questions put to them 7 years ago when it was in their interest to find their "missing" child , who went "missing " due to their own neglect . Or perhaps these new "suspects" are really "witnesses" to bring the mccans to face justice of neglect ? Time will tell but it had better justify the millions spent on this case and not end up blaming the wrong person in the end .

  33. Joanna at 14 Roger Knapman is only one of millions who support UKIP, and he in no way speaks for the Party, nor is he the leader of UKIP, and there are many UKIP supporters who don't believe a word the McCanns say and have been following the case. He should be ignored on this subject for the ignorance he has displayed, and eventually the truth will out and people like him will be left looking like the brainwashed McCann fools they are.

  34. Joana, where is my comment about the Faro airport?

  35. The status of the sniffer dogs ( victim recovery dogs?) and SY's request for them is very important in my opinion as to the bearing on the Libel Case.

    If SY are saying that these latest ' persons of interest' may be responsible for Madeleine's death then the death happened over seven years ago. If you file a libel case on the basis of a search for a ' live ' Madeleine and death is now being considered
    it has a great effect on the case due to restart on 8th of July.

    Particularly if the foundation of the suit is that Mr Amaral's book and utterances since harmed the search for Madeleine based on a search for a live person.

    Therefore how is the learned Judge to interpret or consider SY's latest phase of the search if SY are using victim recovery dogs? These indicate to death scents not live one.

    The Judge is in a tricky situation I feel.


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