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On the last hearing session

Palácio de Justiça, 8th of July 2014

Intervenient parts
Judge Maria Emília de Melo e Castro presiding the trial
Dr. Miguel Rodrigues for Gonçalo Amaral, the book author
Dr. Fátima de Oliveira Esteves for Guerra e Paz, the book publishers of ‘Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira
Dr. Miguel Coroadinha for TVI, the Portuguese TV channel that broadcast the documentary ‘Maddie, What lies beneath the Truth
Dr. Henrique Costa Pinto for Valentim de Carvalho [VC] Filmes who produced the documentary and DVD copies with the same documentary that were never sold
Dr. Isabel Duarte for the McCann couple and their children, the claimants

What follows is the recount of what happened yesterday at court, to the best of my knowledge and short handwritten notes.

The Judge at the beginning of hearing sessions spoke and instructed the scribe about the request that had been made by Gonçalo Amaral’s previous lawyer so the defendant could be heard in court. That request was opposed by the McCann couple’s lawyer, Isabel Duarte, and had been previously denied by the Judge in 2013.

The McCann couple, who had also requested to be heard in court, saw their application being refused as well. Yet they pleaded against that decision to the Appeals court and their request was granted, therefore they were now authorized to be heard in court, which is what takes place after this “introductory” instruction by the lady Judge, Maria Emília de Melo e Castro.

The Judge then added that since Gonçalo Amaral’s former lawyer did not oppose to the ruling - which refused his request to be heard - a new appeal opposing it [the Judge's ruling] could no longer be accepted, and therefore that decision had now become final.

The Judge continues instructing the scribe and states that the authors of the lawsuit - the McCann couple - have requested the court to solicit an official application to ATA [Autoridade Tributária Aduaneira] i.e. the Portuguese equivalent to the IRS, in order to obtain confidential fiscal information.

The Judge Maria Emília de Melo e Castro authorized and ordered for the dispatch to be prepared “since it is essential to know, within the scope of the case being analysed here at the court, what are the eventual earnings” of the defendant Gonçalo Amaral regarding the sales of the book ‘Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira’.

The Judge then added that the court dismissed the need to observe the confidentiality of that fiscal information in view of the fact that “the acquirement of that evidence” is crucial and ruled that the other defendant parties have 10 days to oppose the McCann’s lawyer request. That meant that the hearing session of yesterday's afternoon, where Isabel Duarte was supposed to make her final allegations for a period of three hours was adjourned sine die [without a definite date scheduled] and so was the hearing session of the 10th of July. Due to the judicial holidays it's very likely that the trial will only continue in or after September. The Judge also mentions that in September alterations will be made to the Penal Code Process but those changes will not affect in any way the ongoing trial.

Earlier on this year, the only defendant party opposing the McCann’s fiscal request was the lawyer for the Guerra e Paz book publishers who argued that this new application would cause an unnecessary lengthening of the trial.

Follows Kate Healy and Gerry McCann declarations to court in strict compliance to Portuguese law. A declaration is a series of answers to questions put by the Judge, and of questions from the accusation or/and defendant lawyers.

The couple decided to ask if they could make a further statement at the end of each declaration, these statements will not be considered and will have no reflection on the trial outcome even though they were recorded by the scribe.

Court outline

Kate McCann enters the court room, stands at a chair directly in front of the Judge Maria Emília de Melo e Castro, standing at her right side is a lady interpreter that will translate the questions put to Kate and her answers back in Portuguese Brazilian to the Judge and lawyers, on Kate's left side is the scribe.

On the left side of Kate McCann, sits the lawyer Dr. Miguel Coroadinha, Isabel Duarte's assistant Dr. Ricardo Afonso and Dr. Isabel Duarte. Opposite to the McCann couple's lawyer is the lawyer for VC Filmes, Dr. Henrique Costa Pinto, then Dr. Fátima de Oliveira Esteves, Gonçalo Amaral's new lawyer Dr. Miguel Rodrigues and Dr. Gonçalo Amaral. In the gallery there was a wide range of people, from British journalists, to Mr. Amaral supporters, to the McCanns' entourage.

The Judge tells Kate McCann that she is obliged to speak with truth during her declaration. Kate then promises under oath to tell the truth and the whole truth. The Judge questions her about her name. Kate replies that it is "Kate Healy". The Judge wonders why she doesn't have the name McCann as her last name, she states that she still uses her maiden name. Kate Healy is then asked about her home address, and her employment status to which she replies that she is a "general practitioner" and that she has stopped working since Madeleine was "abducted". The Judge orders Kate Healy to sit down so her declaration can proceed.

Judge - Do you recall when the book was first published and when you first heard about it?

Kate Healy - A few months after it was published.

Judge - Did you read the book and when?

Kate Healy - I first read extracts from the book in media reports and then on the internet around the end of 2008.

Judge - How and what did you feel?

Kate Healy - Devastated, I already had an idea but it made me feel desperate because of the injustice done to my family, to Madeleine. I felt anxious. It damaged our family.

Judge - What sort of damages?

Kate Healy - Mr. Amaral's book stated as fact that we were involved in the disappearance of our daughter and faked an abduction, it attacked us systematically.

Judge - What were the damages in Portugal?

Kate Healy - The book was read by thousands of people, people would believe, due to the author's credibility, that Madeleine was dead and that we were involved. People, neighbours on the street, in coffee shops believed Mr. Amaral. And for us Portugal was the most important place. It was here that Madeleine was taken from us.

Judge - Do you remember a documentary?

Kate Healy - I learned about it through Portuguese friends who watched it on TVI, they texted me saying the documentary was horrible. On the following day they sent me detailed annotations.

Judge - Did you watch the documentary?

Kate Healy - I watched some parts of the documentary on the media and then the full documentary on the net.

Judge - What did you feel about the documentary when compared to the book?

Kate Healy - It was worst in terms of damages, because it was more definitive, Mr. Amaral's assumptions were more unequivocal, it led the audience in a journey of certainties. It compounded to the anxiety and feeling of injustice at a time when we were the only ones making efforts to find Madeleine. There was no police force investigating and it damaged the searches.

Judge - Do you recall an interview that Mr. Amaral gave to Correio da Manhã? [You can read it here, from July 24, 2008]

Kate Healy - He gave several interviews but I do recall one in particular which was exaggerated. Where he said that Madeleine's body had been kept frozen and then taken inside the boot of the car we had rented seven weeks later [sic, car was rented 23 days later].

Judge - How did you learn about that interview?

Kate Healy - Some friends in Portugal sent us the translations, they made summaries of what was published by the Portuguese media.

Judge - When did you learn about that interview?

Kate Healy - Right after the documentary was broadcast.

Judge - What is your impression about what the Portuguese people think of you and your husband regarding this case?

Kate Healy - Most people are against us. The damages were more extensive because Mr. Amaral published his book in various languages and gave interviews.

Judge - What were your feelings regarding that?

Kate Healy - We needed the help and support of the Portuguese. We felt distressed with the negative opinion people had of us. It was stressful.

Judge - You felt ashamed by it?

Kate Healy - That is not the right word for it. People thought that we were bad parents.

Judge - In the thesis presented on the book it is claimed that you hid the body, do you think people thought that you were cowards?

Kate Healy - It was worst than that.

Judge - Do you suffer from insomnia?

Kate Healy - No, not as much as I did in 2008, 2009, because then the efforts that we did were boycotted by Mr. Amaral's book. We were desperate to find Madeleine. I felt that he destroyed our hypotheses.

Judge - Do the twins know about the book and about the documentary?

Kate Healy - They know about them but they don't know the details. They understand why we are here today.

Judge - So they have an idea?

Kate Healy - In October last year my son Sean asked me why did Mr. Amaral said that we had hid Madeleine's body. I told him that Mr. Amaral says many silly things.

Judge - How did he know about that?

Kate Healy - I think he heard it in the radio, in the school bus.

Judge - What have you done to protect the twins?

Kate Healy - We arranged for them to have psychological support, David Trickey a child psychologist told us that we should answer the twins questions with honesty and let them speak about it if they wished to. We also had to make arrangements with their school and supervise the twins access to the internet in school and at home. The book is already very distressing for an adult and it's even worse for a child.

Judge - Were you diagnosed with a clinical depression?

Kate Healy - No. Depression is over-diagnosed, over used term to diagnose those who feel a bit down, clinically I wasn't depressed.

Judge - There is a quote attributed to you - did you ever say that you wished you were in a coma so you wouldn't suffer?

Kate Healy - Yes.

Judge - Did that have to do with the disappearance of your child, or with the book and the documentary?

Kate Healy - Both were overwhelming, but it was intensified when the book was published.

Judge - How old are the twins?

Kate Healy - They are nine years old.

Judge - What year are they at school?

Kate Healy - Fifth grade.

Judge - In what year did they start at school?

Kate Healy - When they were 4 years old at the end of August 2009.

Judge Maria Emília de Melo e Castro allows a question put by Dr. Isabel Duarte - What were the reactions to the book and to the documentary in England?

Kate Healy - The reactions were less negative than in Portugal, due to the newspapers in England who were sued for defamatory articles, those articles weren't based on evidence. We have people that monitor the internet and there are groups of people, like the 'Madeleine Foundation' who have caused us great distress by publishing Mr. Amaral's theories on the internet, which has compounded to our vilification.

Judge - What is the 'Madeleine Foundation'?

Kate Healy - They are a group of people who believes and promotes Mr. Amaral's theories. They even distributed leaflets in our home town at a time when our children were starting school.

Judge - What is the connection between them and the book or the documentary? Did they appear afterwards?

Kate Healy - I think they already existed as a group, the book just added more fuel to the fire. They even invited Mr. Amaral to go to England for a conference, they kept promoting his theories.

Dr. Isabel Duarte - Were there threats?

Judge - [to Isabel Duarte] That is not material to the case being discussed in this court. [rejects the question]

Judge - [to Kate Healy] On the subject of your children, of Sean, where there any repercussions?

Kate Healy - At that time no. The twins ask questions, and following David Trickey's advice we answer their questions only then, instead of giving them information.

Judge - Did Sean speak to you about the case again?

Kate Healy - No, he never spoke again, it was just that one time.

The Judge Maria Emília de Melo e Castro allows a question put by Dr. Miguel Rodrigues - What caused you to feel more distressed - a) The disappearance of your daughter? b) to be constituted as an arguida? c) or the book and the documentary?

Kate Healy - There is nothing worse than loosing a child, and that pain was amplified by both the book and the documentary.

Dr. Miguel Rodrigues - The authors of this lawsuit speak of social destruction. However didn't you have the support of many celebrities? Namely of Angelina Jolie in August 2008? [see article - Jolie’s support to Maddie mum]

Kate Healy - I don't recall Angelina Jolie but we were given support by various celebrities.

Dr. Miguel Rodrigues - Do you recall an event that took place in December 8, 2008 of about twenty thousand people who got together to pray for Madeleine? [see article - Thousands join East Lancashire group's prayers for Madeleine McCann]

Kate Healy - No, I don't remember that. Where did that took place?

Dr. Miguel Rodrigues - In the UK.

Kate Healy - Obviously there are people who have always prayed and will continue to pray for Madeleine.

Dr.Miguel Rodrigues - Did you not receive the support of Missing People UK, when they created a fund raising gala dinner to commemorate the 1,000th days since the disappearance of Madeleine? [see the McCann Files - The 1,000 Day Anniversary Events in January 2010]

Kate Healy - Yes I did.

Judge - Very well, no one else has questions. [To the interpreter] Please tell the lady that she is excused.

Kate Healy - May I say something?

Judge - You may.

Kate Healy - I believe in freedom of expression I don't believe in the freedom to defame.

Judge - Very well. This court will now hold a break of a few minutes and then we will proceed with Mr. Gerald McCann declaration.

After the court recess I was a bit delayed outside smoking a cigarette, so when I entered the court room Gerry McCann was already sworn in, and was sitting down answering questions. I'll quote Anne Guedes' report hosted kindly by Pamalam for the start of his declaration.


At the end of a 10' pause, the clerk arrived with GMC. He was asked to stand to answer the usual identity questions and commit himself to tell the truth.

Judge – When did you learn that Gonçalo Amaral's book had been published?

GMC says it was in April 2008, a friend sent them translations of media articles.

Judge – The book hadn't been published yet?

GMC – No. He says that the book was introduced in the media before it was published.

Judge – Was it through interviews?

GMC – Yes.

Judge – When was the book published?

GMC says it was published 3 days after the releasing of the AG final report [Note by JM: The prosecutors José de Magalhães e Menezes and João Melchior Gomes co-wrote and signed the archival dispatch on July 21, 2008 which closed the investigation pending new evidence, there was no final report written by the at the time Attorney General Pinto Monteiro].

Judge – When did you have access to the book?

GMC replies that he learnt through the media, particularly the Correio da Manhã, that the book was published. Portuguese friends daily translated for them what the media said.

Judge – Have you read the book entirely?

GMC says that he read translated parts. Only later a translation of the whole book was available.

Judge – When?

GMC – Later in 2008. He adds that he must say that their lawyer Rogério Alves read the book, made a report upon it and then had a discussion with them about it.

Judge – How did you feel?

GMC says that what was said in the media, before he himself read the book, was the cause of much anxiety for him.

Judge – And the book?

GMC says it was shocking. The book is an affront to him, to his wife, to his family and to the people who believe in them.

Judge – How did you feel?

GMC says that he obviously felt anguish, despair and of course anger reckoning that someone so close to the investigation alleges claims without evidence that his missing daughter is unequivocally dead. The most important issue for them was that the book was read by hundreds of thousands of people and widely publicised. That made the people believe in the conclusions, preventing information about Madeleine from being brought up.

Judge – Then the documentary was broadcast?

GMC says that it was even worse then.

Judge – Why?

GMC explains that it states right at the beginning that Madeleine is dead, that there was no abduction, that he and his wife are liars, that they are cold and ruthless enough to hide a body instead of rending assistance. There's no evidence of that and the evidence that the documentary presents doesn't match.

Judge – Have you watched the documentary?

GMC watched it on the Web.

Judge – Have you been feeling the same as with the book?

GMC says it was worst.

Judge – In what way?

GMC says it was horrible to realise that people were watching something that wasn't true. They were working very hard on the investigation, including people in the Algarve who had been brought in to help. The documentary destroyed all the possibilities of obtaining assistance.


Judge - Do you recall an interview Mr. Amaral gave to the Correio da Manhã?

Gerald McCann - I read several interviews that were published in Correio da Manhã and in other newspapers.

Judge - It was an interview published on July 2008. [See Cadaver was frozen or kept in the cold - July 24, 2008]1

Gerald McCann - There were many articles published on a daily basis. May I see the headline?

The Judge allows it and orders the interpreter to translate the header and the first paragraph of the interview.

Interpreter - «'Cadaver was frozen or kept in the cold' Correio da Manhã – As the case investigator, what is your thesis? Gonçalo Amaral – The little girl died in the apartment. Everything is in the book, which is faithful to the investigation until September: it reflects the understanding of the Portuguese and the English police and of the Public Ministry. For all of us, until then, the concealment of the cadaver, the simulation of abduction and the exposure or abandonment were proved.»

Judge - Do you recall it then?

Gerald McCann - Yes, I've read the same in other interviews.

Judge - Did this article had to do with the pressure from the media that you allege?

Gerald McCann - Yes.

Judge - Did you suffer from insomnia?

Gerald McCann - Yes, we didn't sleep well for many nights because of the anxiety caused by the book.

Judge - Do you have any idea about what people thought after reading the book?

Gerald McCann - I can't answer that, only if I knew what people thought before hand.

Judge - Allow me to rephrase that. Do you think that people believed that the thesis in the book was true?

Gerald McCann - When the process was archived there was no evidence to prove that Madeleine was dead, and there was no evidence to prove that we were responsible for the concealment of Madeleine's body. The Portuguese were bombarded with information that we hid the body in the car and that we had staged an abduction, mainly after the book publication.

Judge - What about the English?

Gerald McCann - The book was never published in England because of the legal actions that we took. It wasn't published on the main stream media either. There is however a small minority, a small group who have launched an harassment campaign who use quotes from the book.

Judge - Who are they?

Gerald McCann - They are called the 'Madeleine Foundation' and we were forced, as the last resort, to take legal action against them, specifically against a man named Anthony Bennett.

Judge - What is the connection between the book and the 'Madeleine Foundation?

Gerald McCann - The book was quoted by the 'Madeleine Foundation' on a forum and they have inclusively distributed a leaflet in Rothley titled '60 reasons which suggest that Madeleine McCann was not abducted'. [see article - Accusatory leaflets scare McCanns, August 16, 2009] They have interviewed Mr. Amaral and invited him to meet them in England. This was what led us, after our lawyers had warned him several times, to seek legal action against Anthony Bennett, as a last resort.

Judge - Do you know if the group existed before the book was published?

Gerald McCann - I'm not sure if the book was published before or after.

Judge - Do the twins know about the thesis?

Gerald McCann - We try to be open about it but it worries us that they make questions about Mr. Amaral's allegations since he was the coordinator of the case. Kate told me that Sean had asked her about us hiding Madeleine's body. It worries us that they might hear things from other people.

Judge - What measures have you taken to protect the twins in that instance?

Gerald McCann - We had professional advice by a child psychologist who still advises us today if needed. He gave us a key piece of advice which was to answer the twins questions as honestly as possible, at their age level of understanding. However I am afraid that they might read the horrible things people say about us on the internet.

Judge - How is the coordination with the school?

Gerald McCann - The school has been very supportive, Kate has handled that with them. As far as I know there were no incidents specifically related with the book.

Judge - Have you ever heard about a book written by Paulo Pereira Cristovão? ['A Estrela de Madeleine' (Madeleine's Star) pub. 2008]

Gerald McCann - Vaguely...

Judge - Have you ever heard about a book written by Manuel Catarino? ['A Culpa dos McCann' (The McCann's Guilt) pub. 2007]

Gerald McCann - I can't say I have no. I don't remember that name.

Judge - Have you ever heard about a book written by Hernâni Carvalho? ['Maddie 129' pub. 2007]

Gerald McCann - I know about Mr. Carvalho's comments in the press about Mr. Amaral's book.

Judge - But you never read the book?

Gerald McCann - No, I haven't.

The Judge Maria Emília de Melo e Castro asks each lawyer if they have any questions to put to Gerry McCann, only Dr. Miguel Rodrigues has a question, replicating the one he had previously asked Kate Healy.

Miguel Rodrigues - What caused you to feel more distressed - a) The disappearance of your daughter? b) to be constituted as an arguido? c) or the book and the documentary?

Gerald McCann - They all happened at different times, obviously the abduction of a child is devastating but the book intensified that feeling.

Judge - Very well. [prepares to conclude the hearing session]

Gerald McCann - Can I make a statement?

Judge - The statements in the Portuguese court system, unlike in England where people can give extemporaneous statements [see VPS], are the declarations, which consist on a series of questions put by the lawyers and judge and by the answers of the deponent, which you just gave. You can say something but it won't have any legal validity, nevertheless it will still be recorded.

Gerald McCann - I want to speak about the sniffer dogs. They never alerted to any blood in the car and they never alerted to cadaver odour...

Judge - [interrupts] We are not here to ascertain that, our perspective here in this court is to analyse your claim.

Gerald McCann - But the book states that as a fact!

Judge - To decide that there are already forensic experts. We are not here to prove if the contents of the book are truthful or not. Here we are only trying to establish if the freedom of expression of the defendants has affected the rights of the claimants. This court cannot be a substitute of the criminal investigation. [Turns to the interpreter] Tell the gentleman that he is excused.

Note 1 - Amended since on my handwritten notes I have the interpreter reading out-loud an extract of a question of the Correio da Manhã journalist to Gonçalo Amaral "What is your thesis?", question which only appears on the 24th July 2008 interview and not on the 22nd July 2008 article which publishes Gonçalo Amaral's book extracts in exclusive, that was published in a link at Anne Guedes report and reproduced here without proper verification. My apologies.


  1. Reading between the lines, even though you have not completed your evaluation of the court hearing. You can see that Sr Amaral was left, I presume with no option but to have change his legal adviser, it seems most peculiar that the McCanns had appealed, which was up held and therefore able to give verbal statements, yet Sr Amaral was basically timed out.

    As to regards the 'fiscal' data, i.e. earnings etc. This is putting the cart before the horse. This would only be practical to the proceedings if the case is found for the McCanns and an EVALULATION of their pain & suffering has to be calculated against a potential 'pot' of money. Either as the millions euros or a percentage against each of the people the McCanns have sued.

    Or, does the McCann team up the ante if the decision\judgement supports them and more than a million euros is declared as 'earnings'

    I suppose nothing is final until September, Thursday this week will not give a final decision. Then what about the Ward of Court, does that allow for a deduction of a 5th if this case supports the McCanns, or does that 5th (or however much) go to the British Courts to be held in Trust. Or have the McCanns been given consent by the judges, decanted responsibility (limited) back to the McCanns to act in Madeleines best interests.

  2. What about the WOC were they legally able to even present this case, and did they bring the paper from the court saying they had permission. And the use of Seans name should not be allowed its hearsay, the jusge could have asked for a person specialist in child traumas to speak to him gently and ask him what he heard, so he does nt feel pressured, a courts choice or the Mcs would control this, and they would anyway they would feed him up on what to say before the interview, bad idea.
    I feel it not fair that Amaral lost his opportunity to speak, the mcs would be happy about this, but basically it was the fault of the previous lawyer. I don't know how this will affect the trial, but if the new lawyer is worth his salt he will relay what Dr Amaral wanted to say.
    The whole thing is a farce, just an exercise in using Maddies name to gain more funds in their illegal fund. that should have been closed down anyway. We all wish for Dr Amaral to be successful in this case, the Mcs are confident they have cleared their name, but who knows with the latest up roar on paedophilia in the government something could come out people hopefully will be less afraid to talk. They are saying high up judges,police officers, mps and so on. What a rotten country the UK has become. Word has it GM was ordained highest 33 [degree sign} Soveriegn inspector rank, along with Blair and Brown '[sound familiar} on the13th july 2007. This is hearsay on the net. This is where the blair and brown connections came in and the brotherhood.
    We have to keep supporting Dr Amaral.

  3. Joana, obrigada pela informação e pelo magnífico trabalho.
    Aparentemente para este casal o valor venal da questão é muito importante. Parece no entanto, que se o que a acção pretende é prevenir que a publicação do livro cause ulterior dano à investigação, a questão económica não deveria ser objecto de especial atenção, como está a ser (desde que o valor da acção ultrapasse a alçada da Relação…).
    Parece-me que com este novo pedido fica claro - para quem tivesse dúvidas - que o que esta acção pretende é a obtenção de um montante em dinheiro e não a prevenção de um alegado dano causado à investigação.
    (For this couple, apparently, the venal value of the question is very important. It seems however that if what the action seeks is to prevent the publication of the book from further damaging the investigation , then the economic question should not be particularly focused, as it is.
    It would seem to me that this new request clarifies – if doubts existed – that what this action seeks is the obtaining of a sum of money and not preventing the damage allegedly being caused to the investigation.)


  4. I have a feeling that Dr Amaral will lose this case as the judge seems to be siding with the mccanns
    Can Dr A maral take it higher he he does lose.

  5. '... The Judge Maria Emília de Melo e Castro authorized and ordered for the dispatch to be prepared “since it is essential to know, within the scope of the case being analysed here at the court, what are the eventual earnings” of the defendant Gonçalo Amaral regarding the sales of the book ‘Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira’. ...'

    What have the earnings of the book got to do with the trial by itself. i don't understand that!

  6. I can't for the life of me understand why Mr Amaral wasn't given the chance to speak this seems so unfair to me. In my book HE IS THE VICTIM. There is no proof that what he states in his book isn't true. therefore he should have the same rights as the McCann's.
    I really hope if it turns out he was right all along I hope he sue's the pants off them, but watching, and hearing him speak he's far too decent to play the McCann's dirty tricks.

    Good luck Mr Amaral, I among many others wish you well.


    I am afraid Amaral will loose in the first instance and so on to the Appeals Court but... hey! wait! the Appeals Court is already playing to the McCanns' tune by allowing the Macs to shed crocodile tears in court in a last ditched attempt to influence the judge.

    It's the same old story - money and influence having the last word. I smell a rat. I smell Marinho Pinto, Rogério Alves and Associates.


    The McCanns' have been found guilty in the Court of Public Opinion on the basis of the one and only original police files and the sustained analytical work of citizen journalists world-wide.

    Everybody knows Scotland Yard's investigation was dictated by David Cameron, a close associate of "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell - the McCanns' spokesperson.

    STOP! The McCanns' circus!

  8. How are the defendants to ensure that if the McCanns lose the case they will be able to claim for loss of earnings and expenses from the McCanns, which being as there are three defendants would be considerable.

    Have the McCanns also had to ensure there is money put aside for that eventuality? If not, then what is to stop them declaring themselves bankrupt and never paying the defendants if they lose the case. Even any property they may have could have already been put into the name of somebody else so they defendants cannot claim that.

    Can anybody answer exactly how this is to be ensured, and can the defendants also apply to know the McCanns state of finances because of it.

  9. Did the McCanns ever cough up the compensation for loss of earnings and expenses for the previous case they lost against Dr Amaral since it took them long enough to even give the books back, and I am presuming they eventually did give them back rather than face imprisonment as it was an order of the Court they did so.

    Or, is this latest case something to do with trying not to have to hand over any money for that, and leave Dr Amaral with the bill for it all?

  10. The statement from yesterday widely attributed to Mrs McCann (but elsewhere to Mr) as per the Daily Express - 'heard Goncalo Amaral claim Madeleine was dead and her parents had hidden her body.

    She said her son listened to the claim on the radio while travelling with classmates on the school bus.-

    -needs to be challenged, and for the McCanns to provide date, time and Network, and evidence the radio in the school bus was tuned to this channel at that time, in what language Amaral was speaking.

    I would have thought a radio news editor, especially bearing in mind the one sided coverage in the UK media, would have been very wary of broadcasting that information, at least before 9 pm?

    It seems to me elementary that if you exploit the media for publicity, you have to live with the consequences.

  11. I can see this case going on for the next five years also. The hardfaced McCanns show their greed in asking the court for a report on how much money Dr Amaral's book has made .

  12. Looking at the demeanour of the pugnacious McCann, it is as clear as day that he has nothing to worry about. Each time we all see them, we know the whole NSY, Grange thing is a massive stunt to side the cover up. He took the opportunity to talk about the kidnapper, abductor etc.....re-enforce the concept, and the press lap it up. The story of the son, Sean hearing about the details on the bus. Utter rubbish. He would have heard it long before that, on the street, in school, seen it in the tabloids, anywhere. The saga will continue. It's all they know now, they are the victims and this will be their lives. I fear that Mr Amaral will have to go to the European Court of Human rights to have any justice.

  13. At the end of the day , do the mccanns feel money will ease their "pain" ? This pair of hideous creatures live in a world of their own , the people from round the world know they are liars and they know what happened to their child 7 years ago . As for this hearing Dr Amaral should appeal to the high court if the judge rules in favour of the gruesome twosome . Any person of sane frame of mind could see on their TV "appearance" yesterday , they are desperate for money , hideous pair of human beings .

  14. I don't think people are still spending their free time so keep on searching after 7 year.
    Were to look anyway?

    Recently SY was digging.
    So.. when did it stop?
    The search for a living girl did stop.
    Gonçalo Amaral had a thesis, but it did not stop the search.

    Mccann also had an abducterthesis..
    Because they say it, doesnt mean it is the true.
    They say a lot of silly things.
    Each time they open their mouth.

    It was a huge mediacircus they made for themself.
    All the friends and family invited the media in..
    Like they witness it for theirself, and to claim thy were such a nice couple.
    If something bad happened in my family I dont think I would invite the press in.
    questions I woudl anser from the police (for free.)

  15. A question Dr Amaral's lawyer should have been allowed to ask Gerry McCann is whether he is a Mason. We are now finding out that vile monster Cyril Smith was, and the police were told not to prosecute him no matter what, and no matter how many people went to the police asking them to press charges. An investigator who has investigated many of these top paedophiles said that most of them, as far as he could discover, were Masons. One of the main rules of Masonry is to give aid and assistance to a fellow Brother Masons, no matter what. Being as so many of the Masons are politicians, judges, MPs, top SY police, and the like, it is a damnable disgrace that all this is not made public and their Masonic Brotherhood connections to each other brought to the fore. We already know that Blair, Brown, and Cameron are top Masons, so is that why the McCanns got all these millions spent as they requested by Mason Gerry, which appears to have turned out nothing but a clearing their name exercise, and all the others with missing loved ones get nothing at all?. How can this Masonic secret organization, by invitation only, be expected to be thought honest until they do tell us who in the top jobs are Masons, and the Lodge they belong to. I don't think we should allow this to be swept under the carpet by the UK Establishment as it seems to have been already hidden there for so long.

  16. Not at all this ploy asking about his earnings is just to undermine him, let him think he hasn't got a chance of winning. He will see through this. The Mccanns might live to regret being placed in a position whereby Judge Castro can ask awkward questions. If the McCanns needed to add further statements then they are unsure they will win. Rely on the integrity of Judge Casto. She must know the McCanns have courted publicity from day one.

  17. Joana, you're such a sad woman. It doesn't matter how much of your life you devote to Goncalo Amaral, he is never ever going to love you as you love him. He doesn't respect you because he sees how in love with him you are, and just how easy you are to fool! You need to move on- he won't even fuck you. You're even fatter and uglier than he is. You're also mentally ill because you can't see how Amaral is conning you. He doesn't believe his own 'theory', but he knows there's plenty of people like you who will!

    1. what the hell is wrong with you ?!!!. joanna and snr amaral are honest, decent people not like those hideous mcanns! your tone sounds very familiar,you dont happen to have a few sock accounts on facebook and ofm do you ?????!!

    2. You are sick @17 your comment is just as silly as you are.

  18. The British Establishment it would seem is starting to fall apart . The scandal relating to high profile paedophiles is causing them real fear . They will do anything in order to keep Dr. Amaral's book off UK book shelves at this point . If there was a true sense of justice in UK establishment the Sun Newspaper would have wanted to serialize Dr. Amaral's book . Rupert Murdoch is the real power in UK . Lets hope he brings out the truth when SY investigation in Portugal is seen to fail . If not the European Court imo is Dr. Amarals last hope for justice .

  19. The European courts are the only way Dr Amaral will get justice against these horrible pair of conning liars . They stop at no level to try and make themselves look like "victims" when they are guilty of neglect . Dr Amaral has truth on his side and the people reading these blogs and other websites can see the truth . God bless Dr Amaral , Joana and the rest of decent people who took time to get justice for the poor neglected child .

  20. Post 15,
    I agree with everything you've said. Masons OR NOT, they certainly shouldn't escape the law because they get themselves involved in this secret society to hide their dark secrets. I'm certain he is a top Mason!! I read it on one of the forums a while ago. It really makes me shudder to think that this sort of thing can be ignored by the very people we should be able to trust, this investigation has REALLY opened my eyes it's a complete and utter disgrace.

    I wish Mr Amaral all the luck in the world, and hope when this is all over he isn't out of pocket, and lives a peaceful,happy life once more.

  21. A lot of people in Britain feel sorry for Mr Amaral, he is the man who speaks the truth of the evidence he found at the time.. The British haven't read Mr Amarals book they believe Mccanns have told so many lies to make money. We all think they are still involved in Madeleine. We wish Mr Amaral good luck. Thank you.

  22. Judge Castro appears to be testing Kate Healey by asking her why she isn't called McCann and Kate didn't really give an answer to the question. Stating she is using her maiden name, isn't giving the reason why? Kate doesn't appear to have read the book but has received it's contents through the media internet and friends in Portugal.
    This is odd because she visited Portugal many times where it was on sale.

  23. Where did Kate read the book in 2008? She doesn't speak Portuguese, or any other foreign language that I know of. The first English translation of the book, from the French version by Annaesse, was only put online in January 2009.


  25. Having read up to "Were you diagnosed with a clinical depression?" it is clear so far that the Judge is asking all the right questions to ascertain "damage". In response, we get answers that point to concern over IMAGE. Me me me me MEEEEEE...!

  26. It doesn't matter what the McCann's say is the truth half of British population know they're hiding something, It's just finding out what that something is!! There's been that many slip-ups already which I hope are being noted.

  27. Anonymous @ 11:40

    «How are the defendants to ensure that if the McCanns lose the case they will be able to claim for loss of earnings and expenses from the McCanns, which being as there are three defendants would be considerable.»

    If the McCann lose I assume they will be ordered to pay court costs etc. And if they don’t comply, then that’s a different procedure that is not relevant at this stage.

    «Have the McCanns also had to ensure there is money put aside for that eventuality? If not, then what is to stop them declaring themselves bankrupt and never paying the defendants if they lose the case. Even any property they may have could have already been put into the name of somebody else so they defendants cannot claim that.»
    «Can anybody answer exactly how this is to be ensured, and can the defendants also apply to know the McCanns state of finances because of it.»

    Again, that is something that cannot be considered at this stage of the case. There are a lot of “if”s in your question: if they lose, if they declare themselves bankrupt, if they never pay anything back. The law does not work with hypothesis and the scenario you put forth may never actually occur.


  28. Do they speak English or Portugese in trail?
    I always thought it has to be in the language of the country the trail is.
    The translater is only for the translation at court.
    Not to do the papers for requesting BEFORE court.
    So they only get a translation in court.
    So I do wonder if it was in Portugese..
    After 7 years such smart people did learn the language very well.
    They have friends to inform in Portugal.
    Kate reads the files, etc.
    Just wondering..

  29. Dr Shira Silverman 22

    The McCanns' English lawyers had a translated copy in 2008.


  30. @ 22
    The book was released in the Netherlands.
    They spend time over there after Maddie was born, before the twins were born.
    They are clever, so probaly read the Dutch one.
    Or get a good translation from Their Portugese friends.
    Or friends from new zealand, if it was sold there..or somewere ( America Australia)
    She probaly read it herself, or do have every book sold in every country from Amaral.
    This is ´just` a missing girl.
    Still no trace found in 7 years..
    Such are the facs.
    But she did not read the book herself.
    She was 'informed'..or something

  31. 09/07/2014 19:56
    Dr Shira Silverman
    Is that so? She was lying then. I's all mis-en-scene. It's all about reputation management and money-grabbing!

  32. Kate lied under oath, she said she read the bookfew months after it was publish, a contradictory statement to what she said before, which I remember reading as soon a it was published they knew it was going to be published. I think the reason GM went on about the dogs and no blood in the apartment is maybe he is worried that SY are talkink of searching a shop with sniffer dogs, gerrys favourite animal.
    Maybe there lies the freezer, who knowsbut carryon digging SY you never know what might just turn up.I don't understand why the PJ changed their minds about the MCs when you read the files there is so much that needs clarification, how were they all allowed to leave Portugal.
    The MCs have got away with everything, even the reward money that was donated, they kept that well hidden, other children in need was supposed to benefit from that not you two greedy morons. Look back over the time the Mcs were in Holland apparently this super special course was a short regulary run course, nothing special. GM is not a heart surgeon he reads the scans mostly, why the uk press call him a heart doc, I dont know for he is a cardiologist, heart specialist or heart surgeon, but he reads the nuclear scans. But then that may be down the poor education some jounalists, who write as if they are writing fairy stories. Mr GM you may have now a high position the same as Blair and Brown in the brotherhood, and you may walk around with an expression that you have some bad smell under your nose, but you will never get rid of the suspicion. I wonder if you have enjoyed ruining peoples lives, from what your ex university chums wrote, you would do anything to climbe the ladder of fame and fortune. Have you heard of what goes around, comes around and maybe someof your chummy mates will fall quite soon with the new investigations starting into the mps etc.

  33. You used Maddie as a cash cow,Now your using Sean, how much do you get for each time its printed

  34. @22 Did you not realise that Kate and Gerry tell more lies than the British Government . Why else do you think both the British Government and the mccanns need the services of a professional liar aka spin doctor"?

  35. Joana.

    As always, a magnificent quality work. Thank you so much for such an effort.

  36. How can a mother of a missing child not suffer from depression?

  37. Joana,
    I left this comment initially on Pat's blog because I was on mobile and couldn't get here.

    KM: He gave several interviews but I do recall one in particular which was exaggerated. Where he said that Madeleine's body had been kept frozen and then taken inside the boot of the car we had rented seven weeks later [sic, car was rented 23 days later].

    So she regards the claims as "EXAGERRATED" - quite distinct from being wholly UNTRUE.
    And then as a true pathological liar might, she compounds this with the true exaggeration which come from her own lips: "seven weeks" as opposed to 23 days!

    As regards the radio. What is the likelihood of a child saying "Mr Amaral says....".

    Was the poor boy already so well acquainted with the names of the people involved? Wouldn't it be more likely to say "Mummy the news said..." or "Mummy I just heard..."

    And then Kate's reaction: "I think it was on the radio"

    Really? She isn't certain then?

    Speaking for myself it would have been my very first question, to make absolutely sure: "My God, where did you here such a thing." And I'd be unlikely to forget.

    Just my thoughts! A pack of lies.

  38. #21,
    If Kate's official and legal surname is Healy, not McCann, and in her passport drom 2007 she is Kate Marie Healy, then if she signs any documents as Kate McCann, she's using a false name. Maybe she is named as(and signed as) Kate McCann in the court documents, I mean, in the application documents for the libel accusation? That would be an illegality, I suppose...just like including Madeleine's name in the application, without the permission of the court that has Madeleine's guardianship...

  39. @ 22 hello.

    I recall at the beginning of the trial one of the McCann witnesses (cannot remember which one) said something similar that they had read it, at a time, when as you say, it was not in in print in English, and the person did not read/speak Portuguese or any other language in which the book had been published.

    McCanns and their cohorts all lie with the greatest of ease. The Judge hopefully will have noted this.

  40. My apologies for the delay, last night I went out with new friends - lovely people - that came from various parts of the world to give their support to Mr. Amaral at the trial. We were like the Pro Justice for Madeleine United Nations :D It was a very needed break from this extremely sordid affair. Continuing the translation right now. xx

    1. im glad you had a nice evening. So many people around the world can see exactly what the mcanns are. Injustice makes us all share common feelings. Snr amaral knows he has the support of many, who see his honesty and decency. All the mcanns have are people as corrupt and vile as them imo.

  41. I get the feeling Amaral is heading for martyrdom...

    He will become a modern day Portuguese hero who will remembered for ages to come.

    He stood for Truth and Justice whereas other Portuguese in high places, who should have known better, lowered themselves to Mammon!

    Isabel Duarte, Rogerio Alves, Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto, Melo e Castro, Passos Coelho... I do not know what to say or think about these lot. I leave that with their consciences - if any.

    As for Dr. Amaral... all that remains for him to do is to give these hyenas his last penny for them to suck on. He is already a hero in the eyes of millions of people who do not buy into reputation management.

    May Dr. Amaral stand tall! May the long time sun shine upon him, all Love surround him and guide him all the way on!

    One day Justice will be done (may be).


  42. The end is approaching and justice will not be done !

    I am going to give you as best as i can explain what in my opinion i believe to be the reason for such a diabolic monumental cover up.

    There are lies within lies in this case and bucket loads of blind faith by initial supporters, that I believe today recognize they were duped.. and as such drawn into the crime, I believe that many have been involved unwittingly and as such their is pact to this day ( which some are not comfortable with but fear binds them, justfiable fear with the forces involved).
    In my opinion the phone records that were requested in the early stages of Goncalo Amarals investigation and were subsequently denied by the Potuguese judge, with the reason given that the request was deemed retrospective (how ridiculous)...would have solved the case has stand alone pieces of evidence, aswell as unravel what is at the foot of we are all witnessing.

    You see in my opinion the Mccanns are been instructed in what to say and do and have been since BEFORE the 3rd of may.
    I believe that madeleine sustained an injury on the night of the 1st may - I believe that Kate was at chaplains bar and returned after been found there by OC staff who were alerted by a resident of the crying (Pamela Fenn). Furthermore i believe phone details would clarify the timelines and locatons.
    It is my opinion that Madeleine sustained a terminal injury on this night (1st) and that she was critical, in my opinion their family/relatives were contacted back home in the UK. We have all observed throughout the case the connections they have, suffice to say it is my belief things were arranged and co-ordinated from this point from the UK, and the Mccanns were instructed in their following actions.
    It is my opinion that the Portugal and UK governments know and are complicit.. and that this case would be detrimental to both, it would easily be enough to bring down Governments..no doubt about that....( I don't believe it was a coventional holiday either ..some very high powered, extremely wealthy people were present).

    I believe that people initially drawn into the cover up did so out of what they thought was compassion, supporting a couple who had a child with a critical injury and would later on the 3rd of may pass away.
    It is also fair to say that if people were lead to believe it was a "tragic accident" that was a punishment greater than any prison sentence could impose on the couple... ..losing your child.
    Unfortunately the accident was taken at word ..like many people do with friends ....there is a thin line between trust and naivety.

    So initially people close helped,... not wanting friends and families to suffer more by arrest, loss of liberty, scandal ....a decision that possibly felt the right thing to do by those closest to the family on their "understanding" of what happened ie Accident.

    I have a lot of empathy with such actions, i think many if truthful would also.

    However I believe that what was initiailly given as the reason for the injury was not truthful, and that any medical examination would have shown....even with help they were receiving from back in the uk... i believe the real truth was been held back.....but they have no pulled others in to crimes to varying degrees.

    Later through the investigation people were beginning to recognise flaws in what they had been told to begin with ..too late....the die was cast.
    The repurcussions for many people... even token supporters with high profiles who helped through nothing more than their celebrity status and money... would become embarrassed and ashamed at the association.....at the other end we have the corruption facilitiators.. Governments, media, quangos, specific rich backers, courts, police
    Its all very sinister ...yet a piece of cake to untangle and solve in my opinion ...its all in the denied phone records!


  43. Mojo,
    An excellent summary I think. I don't know the details of timings etc as well as you; but as for what followed from the initial tragedy I think you're absolutely right. People got drawn in for a multitude of reasons and are now desperate for the whole affair to be washed from their hands.

  44. ARREST them and force them to speak up!

  45. Joana,


    (i) From the 1.2 million requested, how much is on Mr Amaral's solely?

    (ii) Was Mr Amaral only to refute the extrajudicial agreement. The others refuted too?

    Regards and thanks.

  46. If Kate McCann said they hired the car seven weeks after the disappearance instead of 23 days, could that be an subconscious revelation of when they moved the body? What were they doing that week?!

  47. Anonymous @ 11:59

    «some very high powered, extremely wealthy people were present».

    I don't know what you mean by this but it seems to be a recurrent comment; that the McCann or the people with them are upper class, or powerful or extremely successful etc. , in a word, the UK “crème de la crème”.

    Obviously they are not. Extremely powerful, rich foreigners do NOT vacation in the Algarve in May; and if they do, they might book the Vale do Lobo luxury resort, or maybe stay at friends at a super-villa in Balaia; they would certainly steer clear of a shabby 2-bedroom apartment at frigging Ocean Club.


  48. Can't believe - did she really answer: "The reactions were less negative than in Portugal ... those articles weren't based on evidence." Probably, I do not understand correctly - but does she mean that it was less negative in UK because NOT BASED on EVIDENCE. And that the book did more harm because it is based on evidence?

  49. Comment @17 allowed to show the abuse I get daily from McCann couple supporters.

  50. @45 I will try to get correct and verified answers for your questions. Meanwhile, I suppose it should be divided by all the four defendant parties however I am unsure since I've only seen media reports stating that the McCanns demand 1,2 million euros from Mr. Amaral.

    Second answer to your question, it seems likely that they all did if they were offered one - refused the extra judicial agreement that is - otherwise we wouldn't see the 4 defendant parties in court I believe.

  51. V

    there was a very wealthy individual there ....who could easily afford to buy the places you talk of ....(all of them.....with a little help from family accepted) ,,,let alone book a stay at them.......super wealth.


  52. I believe that the McCanns dont need Amaral's money at all. However they do want to keep him from his own money for as long as possible to show who is in control, especially so since he would not settle out of court.

    At No. 17 - Do not make personal insults on this blog, very cowardly to do so in my opinion.

  53. @17.

    your fortunate that Joana has class and does not allow people to react to you as you have with her ....with that pathetic post.



  54. @17 are you just a sad excuse of a human being? Joana is a decent person who is trying to seek Justice for the Dead Girl , Dr Amaral is a honest decent Police officer unlike some of the Liars in uniform we have in the UK , so get a life and stop typing shite in here begone cretin

  55. @29, that link says quite clearly that the McCanns HAVE NOT read the book at that point.

    “Mr Amaral’s behaviour is a disgrace”

    They have not read the book that is a best-seller in Portugal. And they don’t spare the author and former PJ inspector

    Q – Former inspector Gonçalo Amaral remains convinced of your involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance. Did you read ‘The Truth of the Lie’, the book that he wrote?
    Kate and Gerry – No.
    Kate – Why would I?
    Gerry – I won’t learn anything from reading it.

    Q – It was a success in Portugal.
    Gerry – Was it? How many copies did it sell?

    Q – Approximately 200 thousand. Next week, it is edited in Spain.
    Gerry – That is what can be called illicit enrichment.

    In other words, BOTH of the McCanns have lied in Court, under oath.

  56. Do read 'Gerry & Kate McCann WHY?' at http://l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun.com/McCann-Gerry___Kate_Why_.html

  57. Thank you Joana will do

  58. Judge Castro is only interested in one thing and that is what affect the book has had on the McCanns. Difficult to answer because prior to the release of the book, readers in the uk already knew about the case and many disapproved of the alleged bad parenting style of these two doctors. Leaving such young children unsupervised is a jail sentence in Portugal so no matter what, this would surely give them a hostile reception despite anything Dr Amaral would come to write in his book. Then added to this are groups of interested campaigners for Maddie who viewed the McCanns behaviour with suspicion prior to the publication of the book. There are several more books circulating now and it must be almost impossible to say if Dr Amaral's book is of any consequence.
    It is worth noting that Kate's memory seems to fade when trying to remember the wealthy celebs and groups of influential supporters gathered over the years, even Dame Angelina Jolie!

  59. Is it not written somewhere that liars have bad memories when faced with the truth? People round the world read in papers that this hideous pair left under 4 year old children on their own while the parents went frolicking , Dr Amarals book is based on truth , unlike Kates tales of lies and woe to get her nasty paws on the mans money .

  60. @55 Dr Shira Silverman
    "In other words, BOTH of the McCanns have lied in Court, under oath."

    Or the McCanns lied in that interview.

    Anyway, we can conclude they are liars.

  61. So there you have it! Of all the books authored, only Dr Amaral stands to be penalised in their view. Only "The Truth of the Lie" caused them distress: not even the publication of the case files caused them as much distress. Not even the findings of The Dogs caused them distress when, on the face of it, knowing that your child is missing...abducted...and learning that cadaver dogs smelled death in the last place you saw her should be enough to cause one great distress.

    Dr Amaral's book did not stop the Portuguese and UK police from continuing their search for her - they are still searching! People who desperately hoped the child would be found still kept a look out for her, even putting a lot of innocent children and adults at risk in the process. And Dr Amaral's book did not stop the people and institutions who wished to believe that only her parents were looking for her from donating to their privately-owned search fund.

  62. Poster @ 17
    People who post on here to insult joana and Dr Amaral, are senlessdiots, insulting people who are doing their best for justice for MM, is despicable. They would not consider leaving 3 tots alone for hours in an unlocked apartment, or you say. On this forum we get to hear the truth notice the McCann controlled UK press who are s....scared of being sued. And just to say whoever you are, I suspect McCann brigade then it is known that wee GM now holds the same Masonic Status as Brown and Bambi Blair. Truth finds a way out eventually, freedom of speech is about discussion and opinions, and long may it be so. Whatever the truth you have no right to post insults to joana and Mr Amaral, your comment demonstated lack of intelligence.


    :o "Gerald McCann - I want to speak about the sniffer dogs. They never alerted to any blood in the car and they never alerted to cadaver odour..."

    That is not what Martin Grime - the sniffer dogs' handler, said, was it?
    Just asking...

  64. So what Gerald McCann is really saying is that Dr Amaral's book is the only one which has had a high level of sales - no disrespect intended to the other authors. It would be interesting to know the sales figures because it is clear the McCann's do not think it worth pursuing other authors. However, that might change after a certain amount of time because they left it for a year to sue Dr Amaral to calculate the profits presumably. I am sure the judge can see this - the more the McCanns and their useless witnesses open their mouths, the more the McCanns stand outside the court whining about babysitters, so it goes against them. The judge is not stupid and she retains control of her court.

    Thank you to Joana for translation.

  65. Well Joanne, I respect you for your work.
    It is good to have a Portugese side on this story.
    I think it is not easy to translate it so well.
    The comment on 17 is a very personal attact.
    Such comments say more about the one who make it.
    Not the one who is spoken to.

    If (S)He did not agree with you than (s)he could argue on facts and set it straight.

    If you get more of this hatefull comments because you disagree the Mccann.
    Only prove you hit a nerve..
    Well I have said it before..
    The Mccann use people.
    Even their own twin they expose in the media.
    The more they try to convince the more I think of them as 'using people'.
    Like their children are just pets.
    To leave the and expecting they stay in the cot when they just left?

    Quote http://themaddiecasefiles.com/topic14008.html
    `Was Madeleine drugged?

    'The day she went missing, Madeleine was pale and tired and asked me to carry her from the pool back to the apartment,' says Kate. 'It was odd as usually she has loads of energy.' Was her daughter tired from holiday activities or had she been given something during that day - or the previous night - to make her sleepy? einforcing Kate's fears is the fact that despite the chaos, lights and screaming that went on after their sister's disappearance was discovered, the twins slept soundly on. Were they drugged too?

    Was someone in the room the night before?

    The day before she went missing Madeleine asked why her parents hadn't come to them when she and Sean had cried in the middle of the night. 'I'm haunted by those words,' says Kate. 'I'm convinced someone was in their room to wake them and blame myself for not sitting down with Madeleine and drawing more information out of her.'

    If you are doctor.. and you know your kid is acting strange or really tired.
    You go out?
    ( JT her child was sick to)
    So.. everyone did it..?
    Responseble loving parents or good docters don't.
    They say.. I'm sorry but my child is not o.k.
    (And send the nanny away.)
    It was their holiday to..???

  66. Right okay if the case is specifically about damage..........

    can I just remind everybody that Kate and Gerry McCann originally were claiming it was the ARGUIDO status they were given.. that had damaged the search ! FACT

    STOP the circus.


  67. Mojo @ 51:

    Let me see; could you be suggesting then that the obscenely rich person you mention was looking for a particular kind of attraction in Luz that has nothing to do with the usual super-posh-magnificent-indoor-outdoor-pool-18-hole-golf-course-private-marina-whatever-etc-etc thing? such as … oh, I don’t know, little blond angels to “play” with ... ?


  68. @69 mojo
    I agree a lot with what you think happened and I know you have followed this case for a long time too or all time as many have. I think the mcs knew before they left uk that Maddie was going to go missing, hence the im not here to enjoy myself, then why were you there Gerry, and KM saying I have a bad feeling about the trip, preparing the ground. I have read some terrible things about Masonic rituals, I cant say if I believe them, but I wonder if this trip was organised and Maddie was taken for some connection with a masonic demand, if you look what is happening in the government now. So the Mcs would be primed this would occur and when she went missing kate shouted they have taken her, as if it was expected, even the PJ found this odd. Hence they had a lot of help to cover tracks and turn it into an abduction. I am not saying this is what happened but with all the high up paedos coming out of the woodwork,this would explain the cover up. Hence SY looking for a Patsy the PM putting loads of cash into the investigation etc. I can find no other reason why SY said the Mcs were innocent, before investigation. there is so much more going on in this case than most of us would have imagined,because what is clear is being ignored

  69. Much like Scotland Yard the McCanns use illogical reasoning to make unsubstantiated claims which grab all the headlines.

  70. V

    No I am not suggesting that at all....far from it.

    I don't believe It was a Holiday, it was some kind of networking event possibly to do with Nuclear Industry, NHS privatisation...there was a "common" purpose to that holiday.

    It was Political and would be a scandal if found - another factor in the cover up and support receieved.


  71. @71.

    I don't believe for one minute that they knew Madeleine was going to go missing or that anything was planned before the trip regarding what you suggest.

    The trip I believe was a networking holiday.

    I agree that the Gaspar statements should have been followed through and it is concerning - especially given the Leicestershire police taking 6months to forward them to the PJ....The content is very disturbing.

    That been said I do not believe that is at the root of this case.

    Masonic connections ...definitely.


  72. Mojo @ 71

    «I don't believe It was a Holiday, it was some kind of networking event possibly to do with Nuclear Industry»

    Ahh yes. Bingo. Ever since i knew GMC worked for the commission i thought the whole story must be somehow connected to the nuclear industry.
    Really, i am not overdoing this: ordinary, honest, hard working people simply have NO clue just how far the tentacles of that particularly disgusting giant, planetary octopus spread. Nope....


  73. Many thanks Joana, and I think I would have joined you for that ciggie!

    I don't think Gerry advanced their case one bit. He has claimed 'Insomnia' in his Writ, but replied to the Judge 'we' lost a few nights sleep. How do you quantify loss of a few nights sleep? And is it devastating enough to warrant compensation of £250k or thereabouts.

    The truth is Gerry and Kate have probably lost many nights sleep, but that is probably because their daughter is missing with no explanation and they are the subject of two police investigations. But of course, he can't admit that, because he is a practicing doctor and he has to keep up the pretence that he is a normal functioning human being, completely unfazed by the recent excavations for his daughter's body. Because that's how normal people behave isn't it?

    Isolating The Truth of the Lie is the central cause of their woes, was never going to pan out. When they launched their claim in 2009, they had half a chance of squeezing Goncala Amaral until he had nothing left to fight with. They were heavily armed with a million pound Fund and the world's snakiest lawyers and they were squishing people beneath their feet. Even the great Newspaper barons were settling with them rather than slug it out in Court.

    They never expected this case to go to Court and if it had, in 2009, they would have been able to click their fingers and experts would have lined up to speak in their defence. In 2014, they couldn't find one qualified psychologist to present their case for depression, anxiety etc, in a way that would make them deserving of £1m cash.

    Gerry came across as a callous, grasping wideboy when he failed to differentiate between the pain of losing a child, becoming an arguido and damage to his reputation. The McCanns have a very strange idea of suffering if they can compare the loss of a child to the words of a policeman in another country. For 99.9% of the population, there is no comparison whatsoever.

  74. Mojo 73
    Again, interesting comment. Thank you. NL

  75. The photo taken outside the court as they drove away, obviously chauffeured by the looks of it, and the windows were down to enable more photos to be taken,look at GM smug face , he loves the fame and neuvo rich lifestyle.
    Thankyou Joana for the l azzeri lies in the sun articles, its the first I have seen of this site and who ever is writing, writes better than many journalists on the uk press.
    I looked also at some other articles they were very interesting and some they add a little sarcasm to, for instance when GM had his proud fathers moment, the imitation of what he said in the Mcs video was brilliant, it brought a little light relief to a very sad subject. Please don't think its full of jokes its not its very interest, but I had to smile at how he told the wee fellas famous moment ,before it was analysed.

  76. REVERSE TIME-LINE THEORY:-(Sources P.J. McCann files)

    Work back the time-line from 22.40 3rd May 2007: local police called by Mark Warner reception.
    21.55 Smith sighting man carrying young girl/child going towards church.
    22.00 Kate raises alarm.(Which differs from below, various independent accounts of tapas restaurant workers/chefs/waiters)
    21.20 Various staff/chefs/waiters in tapas restaurant are alerted to a missing child.
    21.05 Gerry visits apartment, confirms 3 children sleeping/speaks with Jez Wilkins?
    21.00 Matt Oldfield checks McCann apartment audibly only.
    20.30 McCann's leave apartment for tapas restaurant.
    (Note: All timings NOT assisted by a reconstruction by party).

    18.30-ish Various accounts of times & durations (McCanns' statements & D.P's statement/s) David Payne visiting McCann's apartment and being one of 3 last adults to see Maddie alive, allegedly.

    Factor-in the fact that cadaver oils take approximately 1 & 1/2 hours for a trained sniffer dog to detect, and the time of death is calculable. Therefore 22.00 minus 1 & 1/2 hours means ...20.30... 3rd May 2007.!! (Or earlier!!)

    I rest my case.

  77. The McCann's spoke up at Leveson enquiry and Gerry said that it was the media which had stopped people from looking for Madeleine. Obviously a case of blame everybody else especially if you can screw them for money.

    He also said that people were entitled to their own theory. So why is he persecuting Mr. Amaral?

  78. The story has to come to an end because of what is happening in the UK re Murdoch, SY and Cameron. The Portuguese police have come out of this very well in as much as they have put their own views to one side and allowed the SY investigation to continue and been seen to collaborate in the search for Maddie. They have shown huge integrity and patience in my view. Judge Castro has deliberately named other book titles to establish that it isn't so much the book that threatens the McCanns but the author who has dared to challenge them. It is a shameful and unrelenting personal attack on Dr Amaral.

  79. another very important witness to the truth of this case....please refresh if interested.


    In My opinion this man is a KEY witness , there was a concerted attempt to devalue this mans sighting and confuse the dates.

    I believe this man did pick up the parents.......there's was some kind of plan in place for the 3rd of May in regards to Madeleine....In my opinion something went wrong with what had been arranged ......a disaster, a disaster.

    Right from the beginning I have always thought the taxi driver was a key witness and a genuine guy. He had tried to report but was been ignored, I believe his son his a policeman as well.


  80. @79 ("reverse time theory")
    Try 21:05+1:30=...?

  81. I really hope the McCann's don't get a penny of Mr Amarals money and the Judge finds in his favor, It would be an injustice not to. We have no PROOF Madeleine WAS ABDUCTED only the McCann's say this, so why should people believe their story more than the evidence Mr Amaral found. I know who I believe!!

  82. In my opinion the sticker book timeline in which the present story is loosely built around, was plan B (contingency) rushed.....and why the statements were tweaked and recollections changed along the way of this case.

    It explains the conflictions, ums and r's and the.. make it up as you go along.. feel to them.

    They returned with a critical Madeleine in my opinion on the 3rd to the apartment - the taxi driver description of Madeleine's condition is telling.

    You can see how useful satellite imagery would be and in my opinion another clincher in terms of a piece of stand alone evidence.

    again ...thwarted .....with stories of satellites facing the other way and so on, the case was Not going to be allowed to be solved......it is so obvious if you look at the reaction from authorities, courts etc. ...for basic requests during the investigation.

    The truth of the lie...... is known in my opinion.

    So one must conclude that the powers that be, have decided to let innocent people suffer to allow a terrible injustice to be committed.

    I just know that somewhere in the heads of the powers that be... it is been justified amongst themselves has been for the "greater good".

    I don't deny that its no longer about this case per se. ,,,It is were it will lead to, the case personifies ..."opening a can of worms"

    These people running the show do not let justice work as it should, they think they know best in my opinion and thus skew things.

    Its a disgrace but that's how it is.


  83. Mojo what exactly do you think has happened? I always read your comments and think you know a lot about the subject but I would like to know your full opinion. Tks, C.

  84. If the McCann's escape justice when it's so glaringly obvious they were involved, then in my opinion it sets a precedence for other similar cases. My goodness, as those twins get older and start to ask more awkward questions I wouldn't want to be in the McCann's shoes trying to fob them off with their silly unbelievable answers.

  85. A Journey to the centre of the wormhole.....have we reached hell yet?
    In my opinion to really understand the case and the corruption around it, requires people to take time out and just really absorb what is at stake.
    I have followed this case from early on, when it became apparent that something was not right and subsequently watching the events unfold has left me feeling ashamed of my country.
    As for what as been waged against Goncalo Amaral i find utterly despicable....I dont know the man, or for that matter anyone linked to the case, but i refuse to cross the road when i see an injustice especially of this magnitude taking place.
    We English people are not like that and the powers that be do not represent us....I am fed up of the corruption of my country tarring its people with their indefensible behaviour.
    In my opinion i believe, as i have alluded to in the above posts that their are lies within lies and shall we say alot of blind faith, maybe even over eagerness to help, given what was thought to be the situation the family found thereselves in.....bottom line is that intentions were good even though illegal... thus ..helpers got dragged into this sordid affair.
    Suffice to say i beieve that alot more people are involved in this crime than people can imagine albeit to varying degrees, most i believe were duped into complicity, nevertheless in doing so have become part of the scandal... for at the time what they believed to be the right thing to do, add the hysteria that was more than likely present and you can see how things could spiral .....the spinning of the web commences.
    The varying degrees of complicity is relevant also to the lies within lies, i believe that within their own camp some are knowledgable to things others are not aware of... and would not have given their support if they had been made aware initially .....again too late....the rubicon had been passed.
    What i am trying to demonstrate to begin with in this post is context, to explain how what seems to be straightforward can be more complex, It helps understand how events spiral. It would have become more concerning to the "involved" as the case progressed and edged closer to been solved...lets face it, Goncalo Amaral did a more than competent co-ordination of the investigation - especially given the forces working against him behind the scenes, even on his own side.

    1of 2


  86. in a nutshell.
    It is my opinion that Madeleine sustained an injury on the 1st of May. the Ocean Club reception were contacted. I believe that staff were despatched to find the parents to alert them of the crying reported coming from their apartment.
    In my view this is were what happened or happens to Madeleine has to be taken at word, I believe Kate returned to the apartment alone with Gerry to follow later.....possibly after been called or texted to get back immediately..( you can see the importance of the DENIED phone records).
    It is my opion that this was the night Madeleine sustained the injury, I do not believe from this moment on she took part in any more OC activities, I am of the opinion that back home in the UK contact was made, and that events were co-ordinated with the help of official channels, (friends in high places - which has more than been demonstrated, i believe they have family members also that are well connected and held in high regard ....the wheels of the machine started to spread out its tentacles in the coming day'(s) and more people got pulled in ...Portugal officaldom too.)
    It is my opinion that people who helped, reacted to the situation in hand to begin with, they had been told a child was injured and knew that the Parents were culpable legally through neglect - so were arranging for Madeleine to be seen Privately and instructing the Mccanns on arranged time, locations.
    With each action deeper into the wormhole we journey, but theres no space to turn only proceed deeper, especially given the nature of the crime and a child been at the root.
    It is my opinion on the 3rd of may that Madeleine was returned to 5a (where she would pass away) after a disaster occured with the initial arrangements.............. and I am certain in my opinion the taxi driver is a crucial witness to the timeline of the 3rd of May, I believe he picked the parents up with Madeleine.
    It is my opinion and what makes the case very sinister, is that the help which goes right to the top was given even though known illegal, because they were good people from a good family stock, and it was a tradegy etc. My own thought is that the people that helped had been lied too and know now....but are into deep.
    The judge in Portugal knows the truth of this case will lead to unforseeable consequences and scandals that will throw so much into disrepute....and many people would be charged...theres alot of false statements in my opinion.
    It will have the effect of confirming how corruption in the corridors of power can turn the world upside down for many innocent people.....and how cabals can bully the many.


  87. I am interested to know why Portugal are pursuing Stephen Birch, I understand he broke the law regarding carrying out the private investigation, but what about all the others ...Oakley, Metodo , Edgar...media crime watch reconstructions.

    They are not pursuing him for trespass......where the others legally allowed by the Portugal Government ?

    I have become of the mind-set now ...that if any official tries to shutdown people, that there is a strong chance they are onto something......such is the effect this case has had on me.


  88. Mr. Birch is being sued for illegally trespassing a private property, the Public Ministry process is connected to that. Had the McCanns detectives been caught on the act - flagrante delito - as Birch was - he published the video of his illegal trespass - I'm sure the Public Ministry would have evidence to pursue the same action against them.

  89. Joana.

    Thank you...I was under the impression that the Murat were suing for trespass and the Public Ministry were connected in respect to the illegal Private Investigation aspect.


  90. @92 That's correct Mojo - if the video of the illegal trespass didn't exist as evidence then the Public Ministry wouldn't be able to sustain the accusation.

  91. Joana

    thank you again

    So the McCann's book written documenting private investigations been carried out - declarations admitting to technically illegalities as also claimed in the book wouldn't constitute the same?

    Residents we are told have been approached etc.

    Incidentally can you confirm who carried out the dive and associated costs regarding the reservoir search.


  92. All the above sounds very plausible and a very good post indeed 'Mojo' but for one thing can you explain- if it happened the way you say it might have, why would those books be needed that was found in the Mccann's apartment! The one's Jerry was doing his research on, about abduction, cadaver dogs etc?

  93. Great minds think a like or what a coincidence! I wrote a very similar summary to yours Mojo on 9/07/2014 on Pat Brown's daily profiler blog. I would also like to add that I have never believed the Tapas 7 and their version of events. Too many pauses and hesitation. If you didn't know they were doctors you would think they were uneducated people who couldn't explain the events coherently. No, they were thinking on their feet, consciously aware that they were making things up, embroidering them and hoping to god that it was convincing enought for the police. The David Payne visit to 5A and his comments about the angelic children he saw was all made up. For a reason. To confirm that he saw Madeleine alive. The Ocean Club /Warner people covered up what ever was going on there during those days by lying.and workers were got rid of just like the tons of nannys that were hired and then fired. I could be persuaded to think that Madeleine died earlier on and had been kept in the flat until 3rd. Something that would be of an incendiary nature that would compromise important people and governments was at stake. The question is what ? I suggest something sordid /sexual while you Mojo suggest something politically sinister, a meeting for networking or discussing top secret plans. I just think that if it was a meeting for VIPS ready to talk about nuclear issues I think they would have chosen a flash place along the Algarve. I'm sure any of the better hotel complexes would have bent over backwards to have VIPS swanning about the place..I feel it is something that you would want to hide. As I said in my post, what is it that PDL had that might have attracted a VIP or several of them? Also the whole negligence story was a red herring which has generated so much public debate. It was to distract people from other issues and also promote the abduction theory. Not to say that the parents did not leave the kids and go off for a bit of R&R. It may not have happened systematically every single night but perhaps on Monday when Mrs fenn heard Maddie crying. There are so many things we now know after 7 years but instead of having an overall picture of things people still get bogged down with details. Don't get me wrong details are important but sometiems we forget that a lot of the stuff that we have has been fed to us by the Mccanns themselves and we forget that and take it at face value.

  94. There's a lot the McCann's didn't tell us that we're still hoping to find out, but I doubt if we ever will like..

    What happened to the blue bag?
    The pink blanket?
    Why was Kate McCann's hand print on the window when she said she'd never opened them?
    Why did Jerry McCann have those books in the apartment about abduction& cadaver dogs? Why the research? all very suspicious!!
    Why move the furniture around?
    Why did Jerry say Kate never had a dream about Madeleine being buried on a hill?
    These and many more questions need answering before they can be proved innocent of any involvement.

  95. @95 ..

    Goncalo Amaral was dogged (excuse the pun ) in his determination to solve the case and was co-ordinating resources well, It was Mark Harrisons first report which advised on the use of dogs.

    In my opinion things were escalating and the grip on controlling events in the investigation were failing, the "machine was not at full strength" and the PJ were an excellent outfit.
    I don't think the Portuguese hierarchy had the control over its police force as the UK does,...... As it should be.

    In other words the control on the investigation was taking time to filter through and Goncalo was not the sort to be corrupted or knocked off track so the dogs made it. ....and its is clear what they indicate unless your barking << my attempt at humour ..no offence.

    The ceop manuals been in their possession just adds to the scrolls of peculiarities of the case.
    I guess there could be 33 different degrees of reasons for such help/connections....you could take a "gamble" on it.


  96. @96

    I read your post on Pat Browns blog,, it was an excellent post and I will be honest, you captured in your words the essence of my feeling about this whole case.
    It was your post that inspired mine here, to put something a bit more coherent together with my posts rather than the snippets of late.


  97. Judge Castro seems to be only interested in how the publication of the book has impacted on the lives of the McCanns. It would seem impossible with so much other material circulating online prior to the book and the sale of the book abroad to determine the extent and long term effects of the book. Am I wrong or have the McCanns never at any time at all, to their friends or the press, ever expressed any shame in the way they left three children under the age of four, unsupervised to join friends who they had socialised with during the day, to wine and dine with in the evening? The book reminds them of the circumstances surrounding the missing child, it strips them of showing sound and moral judgement. It raises too many questions regarding their lack of care and compassion towards their three vulnerable children.
    They cannot transfer their guilt for showing a parental deficit,onto Dr Amaral. The twins
    will ask questions and the answers are to do with the parents and not Dr Amaral.

  98. I think the description of mojo 89 rings true up to the point of the inclusion of the taxi driver- this happened at monte gordo at 8pm 3rd May right? According to the taxi driver, madeleine was alive. For there to have been cadaver odour on the apartment, she would have to have promptly died immediately after the taxi trip, taken on the 1 1/2hr trip back to apartment 5A, put in the wardrobe and then on the floor of the living room and then removed again from the apartment. All before 10pm when the alarm was raised. Seems unlikely.
    The other elements ring true – died on the 1st May we know that they were on their own in the apartment and that madeleine was in distress, the situation was an accident waiting to happen.
    If madeleine died on the evening of the 1st may, there was plenty of time to prepare the staging of the abduction on the evening of the third, if she had died on the 3rd, there doesn’t seem enough time to get an alternative story together. David Payne’s visit to apartment 5a on the 3rd does seem like a load of old tosh, nobody could agree how long he was there. Photo of madeleine on the third was released suspiciously late, could have been taken earlier.
    I still think the simplest reason for a cover up is the more likely - to avoid blame for child neglect and administering of drugs to make the children sleep.

  99. As the McCann's enjoy their 'Celebratory Status' so much I wish they were invited onto a TV program, similar to question-time/Hard Talk, were they were invited to answer any questions the invited audience put to them! There'd be no need for a lie detector test then, no time to plan their answers, no chance of them being set-up, or the lie detector test being wrong, just a live audience, there to hang on to their every word.

  100. This case is an establishment coverup. Unless there were signs of abuse, madeleine's body would not have been disposed of and there would have been no need for thorough cleaning and bleaching of the apartment. The last bit means they were cleaning away traces of someone who they knew, shouldn't have been there, someone who they let in (no signs of forced entry). So they covered for an abuser known to them. Someone who they had to cover for because they had incriminating evidence on the mccanns and/or they were an establishment figure? Looking at how many gov agencies were involved in this, given that Paul Grover of Rex Features had taken pics of Madeleine and was photographer to Prince Charles, there was the Burgau makeup pic, the comments by Payne of what "Madeleine liked to do", the deleted, encrypted images and deleted, encryption software on Murat's computer, it's likely the couple were peddling illegal child images to the establishment, even royalty. If Gerry had evidence of transactions, it explains the unprecedented level of help the 2 ordinary doctors from Rothley have had, it explains why Charles made Gerry "Scot of the Year" and why Ambassador Buck had secret talks with the PJ, details of which are never to be disclosed and why the 2 were then allowed to leave Portugal. Res Ipsa Loquitur. IMO


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