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Phone calls and hairs frame suspects

The faces of the English police suspects were pixelated

Investigation Three Portuguese arguidos due to phone calls made on the day of the crime
Phone calls and hairs frame 4 suspects
Sergey Malinka an arguido because he had a sofa with hairs whose DNA "was similar" to Maddie's

Texts by Henrique Machado/João Mira Godinho | Photos by Luís Costa

The driver of the resort, José Carlos da Silva, transported the tourists to the Ocean Club apartments in Praia da Luz. He had the “opportunity” to select the houses to be robbed - [robberies] which “tripled” at the time. And, in the three weeks before Maddie's disappearance, on May 3 2007, “two break-ins took place in the same apartment block” - in which the entrance was made “through the windows”.

This circumstance allied to the fact that José, 38 years old, made four phone calls on May 3 that were considered as suspicious, were the reasons why he was constituted as an arguido yesterday at the Judiciary Police (PJ) headquarters, at the request of the Scotland Yard in their letter rogatory to which the CM had access to.

One of the other arguidos is Sergey Malinka, a Russian that had already been constituted as an arguido [sic, he wasn't constituted as an arguido but was considered as a possible suspect to the PJ investigation at the time and cleared of all suspicions later on] by the PJ in 2007. [Malinka] Who had a sofa - that he tried to dispose of and which was later retrieved by the PJ and was subject to forensic analyses - where hairs whose DNA “was similar to hairs previously found in the 5A apartment (to Maddie's hairs) and to those that were retrieved from Robert Murat's bed”.(see secondary news piece)

Another suspect is Ricardo Rodrigues, a beggar, 18 years old: [sic, actually he was 16 years old in 2007 and he is now merely unemployed and is 23 years old] he received phone calls from José (see box). Finally, the other suspect is Paulo Ribeiro, addicted to heroin and a schizophrenic: he is said to have a “strange behaviour” and what connects him to Rodrigues is a suspicious phone call at 12:08 of May 2, 2007.

Box [text insert in this page, on the left]
Four phone records under suspicion
Four phone records between José Silva and Ricardo Rodrigues, made at the day of the crime, are under suspicion: the phone call made at 17:26 which coincides with the time that Maddie left the crèche; a text message at 21:25 when two members of the McCann's group went to check the children; another at 21:38, when Jane Tanner left the Tapas bar and the last at 21:51, when Kate, Madeleine's mother goes to the apartment, before alerting to the disappearance.

Photo Captions on this page
Middle top - Suspects. Ricardo Rodrigues (left) and José Carlos Silva (right) were questioned yesterday and constituted as arguidos at the PJ headquarters in Faro

Middle bottom - Two suspects were transported by police

Left bottom - Morning. Scotland Yard inspectors arrive to the Judiciary Police of Faro before 9am yesterday

Right bottom - Lunch time. The works were only interrupted around 13pm to buy the lunch which was consumed inside PJ headquarters.

End of page 4

Robert Murat was mentioned

Robert Murat who was constituted as an arguido by the PJ in 2007, is also mentioned in the rogatory letter by the English authorities, even though there is no request for him to be constituted as an arguido again. The English make reference to hairs “that were retrieved from Murat's bed” that are similar to the ones found on Malinka's sofa and also to the ones discovered at the apartment 5A - which would belong to Maddie. Besides that, the Russian “has helped Murat to set up a site on the internet”, this can be read in the rogatory letter sent by the Scotland Yard.

Finally the document highlights the fact that “Robert Murat was previously constituted as an arguido”. It should be recalled that in 2012 a South African investigator [Mr. Birch, an alleged businessman who illegally trespassed Mr. Murat's mother's home and is now, rightly so, being sued by both Mr. Murat and the Portuguese Public Ministry for the illegality of his actions] did a georadar analysis on the grounds of the Englishman's house in Praia da Luz. At the time, based on the results, three experts admitted that a human being could be buried in that spot. [It should be mentioned, since CdM hasn't, that Mr. Murat's mother's house was thoroughly investigated in 2007, inside and out, using sniffer dogs and georadars and nothing was found.]

Murat was the first suspect to be questioned by the Judiciary Police in 2007. He was interrogated and the house with a garden where he lived with his mother, in Praia da Luz, was target of searches. Robert Murat was never detained and the PJ ended up dismissing the suspicions they had about him.

“They rely on considerations made by the family private detective”
Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ coordinator that has investigated the case, told CM, that these leads of the English police “do not present anything relevant”. And he deplores that Scotland Yard is relying their investigation on the “considerations of a private detective” hired by the McCann family. As to the DNA of the hairs found in a sofa which used to belong to Malinka, he says that the fact “that they present similarities is meaningless”.

Child being carried on arms
Malinka, José, Paulo and Ricardo they all live in the same area of Praia da Luz. There, says the English police, two men were seen arguing on the night of the crime. And, at 21:50 “a man was seen carrying a child on his arms”.

Burnt out car
On the suspicions about Malinka it also weighs the fact that his car, Audi A4, was set on fire on March 20, 2008. On the side-walk, in front of of his house, the word “Fala” [Talk/Speak] was written down.

Suspicions ruled out
Investigators contacted by CM state that all of these suspicions had already been ruled out by the Judiciary Police.

Box [text inserts on red boxes at middle of page]
Woman says that she overheard conversation
A woman said that she overheard the following sentence spoken in English, between two men who were at Malinka's house door, a few days after the crime: “Why did you bring her here? We have to get rid of the body.” [see here how this hearsay statement is refuted]

“He would do anything for drugs”
The English police basis its conviction on the considerations of a detective about Paulo Ribeiro, the suspect who suffers from schizophrenia: “He would do anything for his next fix.”

Top Page [text inserts]
Cars | The English bring dogs
The English police brought to Portugal, again, sniffer dogs specialized in detecting cadavers. They want to use the animals in the arguidos' cars.

Media | Gathering in Faro
At the early start of the morning several media, from the printed press to TV channels, arrived at the PJ headquarters in Faro, where they remained gathered for the rest of the day.

Luz | Arguidos were neighbours
Connecting the four arguidos, besides the phone calls, is the fact that they all lived close to each other in Praia da Luz, near by the first site that was target of searches a month ago.

Photo Captions on this page
Top Right - First suspect. Robert Murat was the first suspect questioned by the Judiciary Police in 2007

Bottom left - Gerry and Kate McCann have an ongoing dispute with the former PJ, Gonçalo Amaral, whom they accuse of defamation.

End of page 5

in Correio da Manhã, exclusive paper edition, pages 4 and 5, July 2, 2014


Transcript by JM/Textusa

CMTV News anchor - The questionings at the Judiciary Police headquarters in Faro, requested by the Scotland Yard within the scope of the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, continue today. After the four arguidos, witnesses will give their statements as requested by the British police.

Unknown reporter [Voice Over] - Hairs found on Sergey Malinka's sofa had a very similar DNA with Madeleine McCann’s. This is the main argument that Scotland Yard has presented to the Public Ministry in order to constitute as arguido the man born in Russia but living for many years in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve.

With him, there are 3 other men, now also arguidos at the request of the English police: José Carlos Silva, Ocean Club driver in March [Sic, May] 2007, when Maddie disappeared from the resort; Pedro [sic, Paulo] Ribeiro, who the English classify as a drug-addict and schizophrenic and also Ricardo Rodrigues, a young man who at the time was close to Pedro [sic, Paulo] Ribeiro.

These three men made a series of phone calls regarded as suspicious on the night of March [sic, May] 3 2007, when Maddie disappeared.

Scotland Yard believes the three planned a burglary to the apartment and when surprised by the little girl, they murdered her and took away her body.

The arguidos were all questioned on Monday [sic, on Tuesday] at the Judiciary Police headquarters in Faro. This Tuesday [sic, this Wednesday] the questionings will continue, now of the 8 witnesses [sic, 11] requested by the Scotland Yard.

The English brought with them again to the Algarve the sniffer dogs specialised in detecting cadavers. The idea is for the animals to inspect the cars owned by the four arguidos back in 2007.

These proceedings are likely to go on until Friday.

in CMTV [Correio da Manhã TV], July 2, 2014

Note: Firstly published on this blog on 02/07/2014 08:00 GMT, republished on 14 July 2014 at 19:00 GMT - this Correio da Manhã article is important because it quotes directly from one of the Metropolitan Police rogatory letters. Everything in square brackets is my personal addition to text either to aid the flow of the readability of the text or to explain facts.

Maddie case: Four arguidos questioned by PJ on behalf of Metropolitan Police
English ask for DNA of the arguidos at all costs in the Maddie case - even in a sneaky way
Andy Redwood's Four Arguidos - one was 16 years old at the time
Arguidos answered to 250 questions and refuted involvement in Maddie's disappearance
'Did you Murder Madeleine? Did you hide her body?'
Maddie Case: Car of Malinka's family member searched by two sniffer dogs

In the UK media
EXCLUSIVE: Maddie witness overheard sinister comment about disposing of a body, 13 July 2014
Former Ocean Club driver is suspect in McCann case, 13 July 2014



    It is a frame up! Obviously!

    The message to the Portuguese judge, Lady Melo e Castro, in the McCanns £1 million scam, is now clear:

    "Be on the side of our clients or face the European Court of Human Rights! Our clients are obviously innocent and we have got the murder (cough)". I

    :o It is the word of the "prestigious" (read: corrupt) "Scotland Yard" against "third world" PJ.!




  2. Dr Amaral said there were hair samples kept in the PJ. I hope this judge is not fooled by this charade. If any of them are guilty then its because they assisted the Mcs. Remember Kate, "They taken her" who was they.

  3. Corrupt, framing, filth.

  4. It makes no sense at all that the trio would take the child and kill her, a child of that age in a foreign country is highly unlikely to prove a good witness.

  5. Cadaver scent develops after 1.5 hours after death. So therefore she would have had to have been dead for that length of time before she was removed from the apartment.

  6. Why burgle the McCann apartment when there was nothing of value in it, except of course three little ones left abandoned by their hopeless parents?

  7. Just how many lives are these wicked people going to wreck? The McCanns and their mates will blame anyone other than themselves. Has Jane Tanner yet again recognised one of them as the abductor she saw? She is quite prepared to say its anyone, including a woman. Have several more of the tapas group highlighted and pointed the finger at the mentally disabled man or the OC driver? The tapas mob are like 'rent a witness', more than happy to see an innocent person accused, vilified and castigated as it takes the attention away from them.

    I cannot even begin to state how appalled I am that in their efforts to steer the blame away from the parents, the British police are concocting a ridiculous story about a planned burglary (for a holiday apartment?) that turned into murder and concealment of a child's body.

    The story is ridiculous and it doesn't stand up to scrutiny, but I suppose as one of their victims is mentally disabled, he could be the perfect patsy, sadly history shows us that police forces have in the past used the mentally disabled to take the rap for crimes they cannot solve and in some countries they execute them. Incidentally, about 80% of the prison population in the UK are illiterate and that statistic probably applies to most countries.

    We saw the men yesterday, trying to hide their faces as they sat in the back of police cars, young men who the world will now think are child abusers and child murderers. The police know full well who are responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, and in pointing the finger at innocents, they are aiding and abetting the evil scam. Shame on them.

    1. The world will NOT believe them to be child killers and abusers, because the world already know the McCanns and their cronies are responsible.

      Scotland Yard can attempt to frame innocent people all they like but then they will have to explain why there were no finger prints on the window, except Kaye McCann's, why there were no footprints on the bed underneath the window, why there were no hairs or fibers belonging to these framed men, how they could have killed her and remained in the apartment for 1.5hrs in order for the cadaverine to be released from the body and detected by the dog in the apartment, how they were not caught in the apartment if they were there for a minimum of 1.5hrs if the McCanns and their friends did the checks every 15mins. Were all 3 men hiding behind the door when Gerry checked in in Madeleine at 9:10??? Did the 3 men change the sheets to hide their foot prints? Did they vacuum the apartment to get rid of any hairs or fibers? Did they wash the window avoiding Kate's prints but removing all traces of theirs? Talk about a ridiculous theory!!! Scotland Yard deserve to be charges with aiding and abetting these murderers and perverting the course of justice! Unspeakable vermin!

  8. Well said Rosalinda. I only hope that somebody within Faro police station decides that they have seen enough, and makes it perfectly clear that SY are no longer welcome.
    They are hanging people out to dry in full media glare.

  9. Its about time the Portuguese Government kicked out SY from the country and took on the investigations themselves , maybe start by charging the mccanns with neglect , fraud , wasting police time , and their Tapas friends and pinky for aiding and abetting .

  10. So,what about the Smith sighting? Do any of the male 'suspects' look the image of Gerry? Why would they remove Madeleine's body? They know the Portuguese law on abandoning a child so would have left body in 5a so parents be charged for leaving children alone? Why didn't Jeremy Wilkins or anyone else see them? How could cadaver be in 5a ,there wouldn't have been time to leave her body for hour and half ? What about Gerry's deleted messages he denies and K and G phone pings? They are talking about a body so confirms Madeleine is dead, Goncalo Amaral was right all along as we believed..Rest is bull###t .

  11. the mcs are off the hook no matter what the public think even pjs are not looking into them so no matter how we feel someone is gonna get to pay for the crime poor maddie and god help who gets stitched up

  12. The mccanns would have got away with it if it were not for the internet , sadly for them , sooner or later , no one will be able to "protect" them and they will find themselves in Portugal answering the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago before going to court and getting charged for neglect . Had they not left the under 3 year old children on their own to go out with their Tapas mates , NONE OF THIS WOULD HAPPEN hence the gruesome twosome are to blame . One really hopes the gruesome twosome get charged as soon as they go to Portugal in hope of getting their mits on Dr Amarals money , maybe then they will learn to earn money like the rest of the world , by working instead of using "fund" money to pay their mortgage and liars fees . These two have no shame whatsoever when it comes to money . About time they felt the long arm of the law and are put in the dock to answer why they left their children unattended in the first place .

  13. @Rosalinda.

    well said.


  14. I've lost my last comment. It vanished. Just wanted to say. How come everyone's missed the elephants?

    Hairs: with DNA similar to Maddies found in Robert Murat's bed.Eh? Now whose might they be?

    How come Murat hasn't been questioned?

    Recall McCann's angry refusal to say whether or not he knew Murat? Why so snappy, doctor?

    Hairs: these are not new discoveries. They come from the PJ investigation.

    Break-ins through windows: the original McCann story - a proven lie, but they tried, oh boy they tried.

    SY and PJ are working together.

    These phone calls and texts are suspicious. They need inestigating. The interrupted investigation is back on track.

  15. 16 - You're totally wrong, there's no joint investigation. Robert Murat is not a suspect. These four men are considered as innocents by the Portuguese Judiciary police, and they will have a criminal record for the rest of their lives due to Andy Redwood's and his Met police team absurd thesis.

  16. well i for one think its a damm disgrace.......after all.......the evidence is there.....also all the work goncalo amaral did......bless him.......this has to be fully re...investigated......and all unanswered questions ANSWERED......

  17. Scotland Yard knows that no one is going to be prosecuted. They know you can't incriminate someone because they made a call that particular night and that this story about hairs is nothing but nonsense. As I've said before this is a public relations campaign, planned to coincide with the trial, to make people aware that Scotland Yard does not suspect the McCanns. In other words to convey to the public that the original investigators were wrong when they concluded that there was no abduction.

    Nelly Vieira, the world is big place in which people still get the majority of their information from the mainstream media. When Scotland Yard comes up with its final narrative most people will accept it as a credible account of what happened. That's just the way it is.

    The main objective is to get the Portuguese judge to rule against Mr. Amaral. Yes the money is nice but having the Portuguese justice system declaring the original investigator, one of their own, to have defamed the couple is priceless. And as I mentioned in a previous post, I can see it happening. I don't claim to understand how the Portuguese justice system works but one would think that in a judicial process that has been labelled a libel trial, you would first determine if there was libel before determining what damages were incurred to the plaintiffs, but this is not what is happening in this trial.

    The Portuguese are not innocent bystanders. The Portuguese authorities are allowing Portuguese citizens to be persecuted by a foreign police force. They are allowing Portuguese citizens to be besmirched not only in their own country but internationally. It's disgraceful and criminal.

    And to finish off, there is no Portuguese investigation; it's all BS.

    1. Yes, I know there is no Portuguese investigation. But as far as the Portuguese being culpable, specification is required here. If you're referring to Portuguese politicians, then yes. They are culpable cowards as they've always been when it comes to threats and demands from the British politicos. As for the Portuguese police, not at all culpable. They have no choice. They have their marching orders and if they chose to ignore those marching orders, they don't have to look very far to see what will happen to them. The persecution and crucification of Dr Amaral is right in front of their face. If you think the PJ are supporting the SY shills, then you haven't read everything on this case. They are not but their hands are tied.

      Now if you want discuss the complete and active support given to the McScums by the media and the British public at large, well there's quite a story, isn't there?

  18. The only one who has paid a heavy price for Madeleine's disappearance & death is dear Goncalo Amaral,i'm truly heartsick over the treatment of him by the evil McCanns ,media & SY.I was told by someone very dear to me,and who knows someone who has connections, that the McCanns have political protection and will not face prosecution,i was told two other things which I won't say because it'll make your blood boil.I hope the judge in the phoney libel case sees through the charade that was played out in her court by Mommie Dearest and Creepy Daddy.Please don't help destroy one of your own Portugal.God Bless Goncalo Amaral.

  19. Isnt it time the public protested about this case ? If people handed out leaflets in front of SY and the court where the gruesome twosome appear , can you imagine the consequence ? Most of the general public believe in what they read in the comical UK newspapers , but a great majority are turning to the Internet too so sooner or later this pair of irresponsible parents will be caught . As for the Portuguese Government letting SY operate in their country and letting a Portuguese national be persecuted for the greed of this couple , its shameful , kick these idiots out of Portugal and handle the investigations yourselves , SY can not handle the crime in the UK and how can they justify trying to solve crime in Portugal? Its none of the UK Police business , this case should be investigated by the Portuguese Police . As for the mccanns , can the British establishment explain how come that jester redwood had the nerve to "sit in" on the questioning of the Portuguese nationals and the mccanns were not made to answer the 48 questions they refused to answer 7 years ago ? All SY will get for the mccanns is a few more years of liberty , sooner or later this pair will be in court answering charges of neglect , fraud and deception .

  20. With the current partial revelations about the cover up of a Westminster paedophile ring, how can the cover up of this whole sorry saga not begin to split apart?? There has been talk of HRH Prince Charles' involvement with both. The rush to push through legislation to tighten disclosure of information about the queen, Charles and William at this time suggests that this talk is well founded. I am disgusted.

  21. Guerra.

    My opinion why Goncal Amaral has been betrayed is because he had been warned not to proceed with the case by colleagues, the case was politically skewed and he was never going to be allowed to solve it.

    I believe Goncalo was fighting internally with his superiors in this case, he knew something was not right and that he was deliberately been obstructed, but was not going to let go of the investigation.

    He is suffering because he didn't fall into line and it would seem from Portugal's establishment that they are angry with him for such. Rather than looking on Goncalo Amaral as a fine non corruptible policeman - they see him as troublemaker.

    My honest opinion is that Portugal's establishment know exactly the detail of the case, they are thoroughly complicit and that solving the case would highlight such.

    The UK are trying to get out of the European human rights court.....so when Portugal make their judgement on the libel against Goncalo Amaral it will be over for him.

    the next stage for the McCann's lawyers will be a... "right to be forgotten".....on all internet sites.

    I feel sorry for the Judge.

    I was hoping that she would not want to be the one who puts the nail in the coffin of Justice, she knows how the public feel and in my view is trying to convince herself that the case is only about "damaged" feelings and she is not making judgements regarding the investigation.

    Its a naïve mind-set if that's what she believes and the words from her in the court room indicate that.

    What disgusts me is what people will do to their fellow man to advance careers and standing in life......even when they know its lies and innocents suffer.

    I still think there's a small chance that something will go eerie in this court case - that been said it will not be ruled in Goncalo favour either way.


  22. I think Guerra is right, I don't believe there is any Portuguese investigation going on. The case was opened to enable SY to work in Portugal. I still believe kate lost it, she never looks directly into the cameras unless she feels comfortable with some like that lorainne kellyThe sympathy gives Kate confidence. Too much evidence not enough action.
    Kate clothes were marked by sniffer dogs, for sure she would of not worn cut off troseurs to work.
    The booklets from CEOP, and the friendship with Gamble.
    the black ribbon and rosary draped over a photo of Maddie. this is for mourning
    the fact they never searched at all, and ignored police advice about publicity.
    The washing of c cat and madelienes things.
    The fact they refused the cleaner to clean the apartment,saying it was ok
    Lack of happy family photos on holiday.
    suspect signatures at the crech.
    contamination and marking of car.
    laughing and joking when they left the church.
    The mother claimed they were not devout catholics
    Gerry is a controller and does not like kate to speak, and now after 7 years she is getting moe confident at public lying.
    Why need a spokesperson after 7 years or at all.
    Why use the fund to hire the most elite team of lawyers and why would innocent people need them.
    When they broke down in the villa and Gerry fell on his knees crying were finished.
    The hire car with the boot open at night
    As we all know it goes on, whatever they have on someone, or whether its all a coverup by the brother hood to save their skins. I don't know and I believe the public need to know, before innocent people are accused. I don't understand SY can declare the mcs innocent when they haven't pulled them in or apas on the differering statements.
    Im lost for words, that these two are ruining the lives of Dr Amaral for their own greed and satisfaction. I know what I believe and that's why GM became promoted to high rank in the masons, Payment for favours maybe.

  23. @ 19. There lies part of the problem, in that the Portuguese roll over and are complicit in the deception and cover up, especially against their own people an police..... Why?

    Most people will never go along with what NSY out up as what happened, not now. Only complete morons would dismiss all the evidence collected by the original PJ. People know a cover up when they see it, and that clown Redwood should be sacked in disgrace for pretending to be an officer of the law, instead of what he is a paid mercenary.

  24. disgrace absolutely shocking
    what kind of a world are we living in

  25. Very well put Guerra, I agree with you and joana 100%. Being an Englishman in my mid forties I have come accustomed to hearing and reading of police fit ups. Birmingham 6 Guilford 4 broadwater farm Barry George Colin snape (spelling) so hearing of another fit up is not surprising. They convicted Barry George on less and Birmingham 6 from playing cards.

    It just makes you so disillusioned with the hiercy of the police force in this country. Even when there is plenty of us saying no your doing it wrong it is a clear there is no evidence they still carry on regardless.

    The mood I feel is against the mccanns and SY.


  26. @22 Be careful when making accusation of that nature, just because Prince Charles knew celebrities, now dead, that have been accused of sex abuse, that does not in any way imply that Prince Charles or any of the Royal family knew or are culprits of any crime.

    1. I have stated the fact that there has been a lot of talk. I think you will find that members of the British royal family are indeed guilty of many crimes.

  27. Very specific and very plausible, I suppose

    ''Four phone records between José Silva and Ricardo Rodrigues, made at the day of the crime, are under suspicion: the phone call made at 17:26 which coincides with the time that Maddie left the crèche; a text message at 21:25 when two members of the McCann's group went to check the children; another at 21:38, when Jane Tanner left the Tapas bar and the last at 21:51, when Kate, Madeleine's mother goes to the apartment, before alerting to the disappearance. ''

    So O'B stayed behind because of a sick child: MO who left with him at 21.25 checked on the his own and McCann's children, so he probably got back at 21.35, up jumps Ms Tanner 21.3? to RELIEVE her husband. HE WALKS BACK (no report of hearing or seeing anything). Immediately 21.51 Kate McCann goes to check her children.

    Fits in nicely now with the original timeline ..... NOW WE HAVE CRECHEDAD, not clogging up the timeline for nearly six years, as sighted by Ms Tanner and promoted by TM (putting M back in the apartment). Interesting that! The MET paved the way for this scenario, by placing CRECHEDAD in the Tannerman slot, only thing is we now have a clusterfu*k with the need for O'B with MO checking his children @ 21.25, when Jane was already deciding which way Tannerman or Crechedad was walking in her check passing McCann & JW talking.

    If we start off by JTs any earlier than 9.20, that puts McCann at 9.10 for the sake of argument. Then why would McCann go and check, being that MO just got back from the 9.00pm check - be it through closed doors.

  28. On The Strength of The Evidence

    On the strength of the evidence. Firstly, let me make plain my own misnomer. Evidence, there isn't any.

    So just what was it that took Scotland Yard's finest, this team of super-sleuths, orf to the sunny climes of Portugal to cause mayhem and consternation at the beginning of the holiday season?

    The answer to that, is almost too embarrassing to say; almost, but I shall try to overcome that. After all, it's not my embarrassment we are talking about, but rather that of the metropolitan police and as such, this England. For surely, aren't Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood and his team of the Met's finest, our representatives abroad? in full at http://onlyinamericablogging.blogspot.com/2014/07/on-strength-of-evidence.html

  29. Be content, or not! The twins will always have their doubts about the truth behind Madeleine's disappearance. Gerald McCann and Kate Healy will never be in peace not knowing what do the twins really think about their involvement, or not. In a way it will be as a guilty sentence they will carry for the rest of their lives. And I don't pity them.

  30. Obviously Mr. Amaral is being persecuted but when I wrote what I posted above my thoughts were with these Portuguese citizens who are being tied to a crime based on arbitrary phone calls, hearsay and evidence which most likely doesn't exist.

    The judge knows that what is in the book is in the files however she spent the greater part of the trial trying to determine how the book has affected the McCann's lives, not a good sign for Mr. Amaral.

    Mojo, if Mr. Amaral loses I don't believe that the next step is the European court of human rights. He will appeal in Portugal and win. The Appellate court ruled against the couple and overturned the ban on his book. The Supreme court dismissed the McCanns appeal, the very reason the McCanns tried to settle out of court. Yes, that trial dealt with an injunction and this one deals with something else, but the issues addressed are the same. The problem is that the people representing the McCanns will make the most out of a ruling in their favour, it will be reported worldwide. If Mr. Amaral wins the English media will disparage the Portuguese justice system; if he wins on appeal you won't hear or read about it. I don't recall the decision to overturn the book ban being reported by the English media. Am I wrong?

  31. They are raised by those 2, will stand by them but with plenty of doubts for their whole life

  32. The McCanns are driving a massive wedge in the friendship between Portugal and UK. It`s thanks to the McCanns that the UK press is full of zenophobic comments against the Portuguese. If they wanted to start a war, they`re definitely succeeding.

    Please Portugal - don`t let the UK bullies win. I am so ashamed of my country (and not just over this matter).

    1. I am ashamed of the United Kingdom too. I cannot call it my country because what there is to be ashamed of is establishment vices, not the people's. Our Britain is nothing to be ashamed of.

  33. Judicial holidays till September the 1st mean that for 6, 7 weeks we will have to hear about gypsies, trucks, burglas, Gosh, how long is this still going to take?
    In whose hands is the decision to call Tapas 9 to the Algarve?

  34. Guerra.

    No your not wrong.....as you correctly point out any future appeal victory wouldn't be reported as before.

    nevertheless ...it leaves Portugal Justice looking like a flip flop system.. if each court keeps contradicting the last one.....am I wrong?


  35. what concerns me is in her book KM talks about paeds and madeline. remember the famous phrase on Ms genitals This worries me because I think kate knows this happened, and maybe not by an unknown. GM sudden promotion in the brotherhood.
    If SY has al these phone activities of the rguidos, then why could they not retrieve the mcs phone calls and txts, why one and not the other

  36. Guerra, you state that SY wants "to convey to the public that the original investigators were wrong when they concluded that there was no abduction". Over the past 10 months, SY has done quite some PR in conjunction with the McCanns vs Amaral trial, but not exactly to confirm the abduction scenario. To summarize:
    - they trashed the Jane Tanner's bundleman sighting, the original abduction theory's cornerstone
    - they emphasized the Smith sighting and published an e-fit of Smithman that everyone noticed looks like Gerry McCann
    - they admitted publicly that Maddie might have died in the flat
    - they made sure to be seen digging Praia da Luz for remains of a dead Maddie

    So it doesn't look like they are heading to the same old abduction story that we have been fed with for seven years. What they are up to, I don't know, but they seem to be slowly preparing the public for a different story. That burglar story that the Portuguese police says was checked and dismissed a long time ago? I doubt it. As you righlty say, they know they cannot incriminate anyone without evidence. On the other hand, they are highly expected to deliver results at some point due to the huge funds engaged in the SY review. The deadline might be the next UK general election in May 2015. Quite soon from now...

  37. Joana, is it possible that the NSY and the PJ will continue their investigation during the Judicial holidays, even doing the reconstruction or will they all stop their actions till September?

  38. http://l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun.com/Barcelona_Boob_Job.html

    One for Goncalo Amaral

  39. 15/07/2014 18:31
    Guerra said...

    I agree with everything you said - you phrased it beautifully, as usual.

    However, I suspect the McCanns' manoeuvre to "settle out of court" was a gambit by their reputation management team to buy time for SY (who was by then working for David Cameron/Clarence Mitchell) to get on the ground, stage the simulacra and simulation mis-en-scene and, hopefully, influence Lady Melo e Castro - the judge.

    The subliminal idea is that people world-wide will be inclined to believe the corrupt Scotland Yard is much more competent than the Portuguese PJ - even if (statistically at least) they are not.

    We will see in due time if it did ...

    :k Nostradamus





    :d Draw your own inferences ...

  40. 37- 41 I assume you're the same person? How can I make this clear to you? The McCanns and the Tapas 7 are NOT being investigated by any police force. PJ and Met are NOT working in co-operation. Hope that was clear enough.

    Now, the judicial holidays have only to do with Courts not with Police forces. https://www.pgdporto.pt/proc-web/faq.jsf?ctxId=85&subCtxId=94&faqId=1055&show=&offset=

    There's no date scheduled for the next court sessions where the McCanns are asking for 1,2 million euros as compensation for damages. THey can take place in September, October or even in the next year.

  41. Joana
    Afinal quando teremos as "razões" que levaram G.A. a prescindir do advogado?
    Quando as soubermos , DE FACTO, talvez isso simplifique as coisas.Evitar-se-iam muitos destes posts "desnecessários", pese embora lhes assistam os meus respeitos.

  42. Não faço ideia de quais as razões que levaram GA a prescindir do seu advogado , excepto que ele não se sentia satisfeito com o seu representante legal. Na minha opinião pessoal creio que teve a ver com o que se soube na sessão de dia 8 de Julho, logo no inicio, mas não posso afirmar com toda a certeza. Nomeadamente quando a Juíza refere que o advogado de GA não apresentou recurso atempadamente e, que devido a isso, ele não vai poder fazer declarações em tribunal tal como fizeram os McCann. http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2014/07/palacio-de-justica-8th-of-july-2014.html

  43. @44, Joana, thank you and sorry for the trouble. Now I remember that Judges can be stand-by during Judicial holidays.
    I hope that a new rogatory letter will emerge before September demanding the presence of Tapas 9 in Portugal.
    That group is the only one which is not being investigated but I believe that things will change. The SY has no other choice but to request it. They are the real witnesses to what happened(7) and the parents are still suspects.
    It would be a scandal if the Yard would not investigate them.
    If the PJ are helping the Met it is because they were assured that the Met would arrive at the Tapas.
    Tapas 9 are the left overs and try to remember Sherlock Holmes.

    The Yard knows that they are involved in the disappearance.

  44. Mojo, no matter where you reside when you enter a court you never really know how a judge or jury is going to rule, I've seen some strange rulings over the years, however it does seem that the Portuguese justice system is a tad more fickle than most.

    Nostradamus, you could be right. The book ban was overturned in October of 2010; the Supreme Court rejected the McCann's appeal in March 2011; Scotland Yard started their review in May 2011; the McCanns sought an out of court settlement in Jan 2013 which resulted in a delay of the start of the trial; Theresa May sent a rogatory letter in July 2013 requesting that Scotland Yard be allowed to investigate on Portuguese soil and the trial started in September 2013. Team McCann knew that given the past rulings that Mr. Amaral wouldn't settle out of court. I'm sure even if the rulings had gone against him Mr. Amaral wouldn't have settled and they knew this too. Yeah, I agree with you, seeking a settlement out of court does seem to have been a logistical ploy. This latest manoeuvre by the couple, i.e asking for fiscal information on how much Mr. Amaral profited from his book, which has prolonged the trial to September was most likely done to give more time for Scotland Yard to come up with their final narrative.

    Anonymous 16/07/2014 01:50, " What they are up to, I don't know, but they seem to be slowly preparing the public for a different story."

    Madeleine was abducted; Madeleine was abducted; Madeleine was abducted;Madeleine was abducted; Madeleine was abducted; Madeleine was abducted; no she wasn't. Doesn't seem to me like that would be a slow preparation, more like a jolt.

    All Mr. Redwood has done is advertise abduction. What Scotland Yard is trying to do is provide alternative explanations to those given by Mr. Amaral in his book. Mr. Amaral stated that Jane Tanner's testimony is not reliable, in steps Mr. Redwood with his story about a father returning from the creche with his child. What this accomplishes is it gives Tanner credibility and allays suspicions of collusion between the McCanns and Tanner. Mr. Amaral wrote in his book about Mr. Smith stating that he believed it was Mr. Mcann he saw that night carrying a child. Mr. Redwood has already announced that he is tackling this matter and you can be sure he will find someone other than Mr. McCann to fit the bill. Yes Mr. Redwood admitted that Madeliene might have died in the flat, but hasn't he also been advertising that the child died as a result of a bungled burglary? Admitting to the child having died in the apartment could be an attempt on his part to explain to the naive why the dogs reacted as they did.

    Let me ask you this do you believe creche dad exists? If you believe that Scotland Yard is conducting a proper investigation, that they are building a case to be tried then you must believe he exists. No police force would refer publicly to a person that they cannot produce in court, if they have any intentions of prosecuting anyone.

  45. MSN news today claims the British Police "not solving half the crime in the UK " , how the hell the British establishment got the nerve to send British Police officers to Portugal when they can not solve the crimes in the UK ? The UK is becoming worse than a 4th world country I am afraid its shameful . Its time Portugal got the Irresponsible Parents in and charged them for neglect , Kick out SY they are not fit for purpose , tell deadwood to solve his countries crimes before poking his nose in Portuguese crimes .

  46. On their facebook
    Official Find Madeleine Campaign
    11 juli
    "He or she or they may strike again. There's an unsolved serious crime and there's a series of other crimes against children which have come to light who have been on holiday so at the very least these people need to be brought to justice.

    We don't know if Madeleine is alive or dead but there is no evidence that she is dead and she is a missing child and she is completely innocent."

    ~Gerry McCann.
    Why does he think 'the same abducter' will strike again?
    Is Madeleine to old? or do the Mccann know what 'the abducter' is planning?

    There's an unsolved serious crime and there's a series of other crimes against children which have come to light who have been on holiday so at the very least these people need to be brought to justice.

    So Why are only Ukgirls attacked? and only in Portugal?
    ( Open door)
    And did the Mccann(investigation) also found such childattackers which they brought to trail?
    ( ?)
    but there is no evidence that she is dead and she is a missing child and she is completely innocent."
    The dogs rereally good to trace anything.
    There is no evidence she made her forth birtday.
    She is MISSING, never found.
    Of course she is completly innocent..
    She was only 3 and had nothing to choose with the situation she found herself in.

    They are not acting like loving parents..more like big salesman.
    They had no need to expose the twins to the media.
    It did not help the search to do it.
    So Gerry thinks the abducter will strike again.
    Why does he want/need to say it?
    Because he said so?

  47. When/in what situation did GM say "i am not here to enjoy myself?"

  48. 52 In the video footage, exact words are "Fuck off, I'm not here to enjoy myself" to whomever was filming who had just said: "Cheer up Gerry, we're on holiday"

    Date 2007 05 29 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1AlT1Jg0fw

  49. guerra 49 "Let me ask you this do you believe creche dad exists?"

    I believe Tapas bar dad exists.

    "When I crossed the road outside the MW reception I remember there were cars parked, I remember taking some time to see if I could cross the road because there were cars parked to my left and I was carrying I****. They were about six metres away from me and i calculate that some (inaudible) metres from the back of Gerry's apartment,"

  50. Guerra,

    Crèche Dad, like the three burglar story, are just PR hoaxes - totally irrelevant to a serious investigation. We agree on that. But I believe that SY are here to get closure on the case and that they can't achieve that by just running a PR campaign. That's basically why SY came into play 3 years ago. So, yes, I believe that they are running an investigation, mainly taking place in the UK, of which nothing has been disclosed yet.

  51. If GM thinks the abductor will strike again, is he going to arrange one to put his name further in the clear. And why haven't they explained why they took all the reward money, instead of it being shared as stated


    Joana at 53

    Gerry and Kate had no social standing prior to their university degrees and becoming MDs (Minor Deities).

    They were simple, uneducated working class street urchins brought up in social estates.where shouting at and beating children up is the norm..

    Gerry lack of an educated upbringing shows up in his polished, f**k remark to his friend. Add to it the kind of conversations he engaged at the dinner table in Mallorca with David Payne - as overheard by their educated colleagues - the Gaspars.

    This is another reason I am inclined to believe in Textusa earlier theory. In spite of mockmentaries and other reputation managed appearances in which they play their "middle class parents" act, these are the kind of parents (given their upbringing) that would feel inclined to beat up children when they were being naughty.

    For all we know, Madeleine could have been the target of a "chapadão" (brutal slap), hit the head on some hard surface and popped-off a result. It is statistically possible. The parents are nearly always involved in the death of their own child. Don't believe it? Well, think of the sniffer dogs then. Could they have been wrong those many times in a row?

    Hard to believe? Bear in mind they had downed a bottle of wine (by their own admission) before they hit the Tapas and downed another two plus at least a "daiquiri" (rum cocktail).

    I say it is possible. With all the news coming out about pedophilia in Westminster and other high places, Textusa's "frankfurter-bockwurst" scenario is nothing but plausible.

    No allegations made of course. "I believe in freedom of expression not in freedom to defame others" (Nietzsche).

    :k Nostradamus


    A question to our good friend Joana Morais to answer (prego).

    In your recent translation of the court proceedings of the McCanns vs. Amaral you state that Geraldo Mau-Cano told the judge:

    " I want to speak about the sniffer dogs. They never alerted to any blood in the car and they never alerted to cadaver odour..."

    What I recall from reading here is that the sniffer dogs did alert for cadaver odour and body fluids in the car and not only. Am-I right?.

    Could Geraldo Mau-Cano been lying to the judge?

  54. We are disappointed with the judge in Mr Amarals case that she makes him wait for such a long time. She knows the truth about the case and why she does not come out with the truth? Have the Portugal court not got someone else to bring the truth out and not be afraid of the British. Its all in the British papers about her delays. Amaral is a true man. he does not lie, its not good enough what she is trying to do to him. The whole world knows about it that she trying not to find for him. We hope the Portugal find someone who will speak the truth. Dont give your country a bad name the British newspapers been waiting for it and the Mccanns waiting for money from Mr Amaral, you got enough evidence that most people believe that Maddie died in the flat the blood and the dogs that give a good reason that is true so please do what is right and don't be afraid of Britain the all lies. The whole world want the truth, that poor girl she must have had a very bad time before she died and they were involved. We hope the judge will not be afraid and make the right decision.

  55. Childless couple' theory takes lead in Maddie inquiry but resources under threat from Westminster 'Abuse' investigation

    By Donal MacIntyre.

    Maddie was snatched to satisfy a childless couple one of the lead theories being investigated by Met Police officers in Portugal suggests but the resources dedicated to the search for the missing four year old are likely to crash, as the Westminster 'abuse' investigation takes precedence.

    The theory was raised by a number of years ago but now is back in vogue among the officers.

    It is also, the one which the McCann’s cling to, as it offers Maddie if she is alive, the safest possible predicament.

    The Sunday World reported this before but the relevance of this theory has intensified as their investigation in Portugal enters a new phase. Despite this direction there has been no breakthroughs of any significance in the case, as experienced investigators outside of the inquiry, expected.

    With the trail so cold and the case so public, it is highly unlikely that any abductor, however amateur, would not clear up any residual evidence that might link him or her to the crime.

    The Scotland Yard team remains in place with 30 officers and an open cheque book, but with such resources in place for a cold case investigation in a foreign country, and only 7 officers are working on the historical abuse allegations involving hundreds of children and ten and tens of abusers around high society and political circles in Westminster, that situation is unlikely to last.

    Simply one cannot compare the cases but you can compare the resources and it is too disproportionate to sustain itself now that the Westminster historical allegations, have taken off.

    Although centered around the Houses of Parliament, it is shortly to hit the elite in Scottish judicial and political circles as a ex-senior Police officer is due to go public on concerns that dramatic and explosive allegations he found in one house search was sidelined.

    It is also likely that Northern Ireland’s Kincora Boys’ Home scandal will be drawn into the public arena again as the allegations of an establishment cover-up in similar cases gain credence.

    After one inquiry failed because of poor cooperation from the RUC, another in 1985 dismissed the main allegations of a sex ring operating there for the rich and powerful in Belfast business and public elite.

    Three members of the home were prosecuted for abuse at the home but the wide ranging allegations were dismissed by the private inquiry run by the Northern Ireland office and the then Northern Ireland Minister James Prior.


    In Portugal we call this "throwing mud at a wall to see if it sticks"


    Feedback on Joana at #61

    "Only 7 officers are working on the historical abuse allegations involving hundreds of children and ten and tens of abusers around high society and political circles in Westminster, that situation is unlikely to last."

    :o Will they interview David Payne this time?

    Just when I thought Amaral may not have a point concerning David P infamous paedophile-looking antics at the table (with Gerry) the news hit the front lines!

    Gosh! Good old Amaral may have been right all along!

    There is only one problem.... David Payne is a friend of the "Mau-Canos" (is that how you write McCanns in Portuguese?) and therefore untouchable!

    I suspect SY crackpots - funny you should call them that! have no permission to investigate Payne. We no longer need to wonder why, do we? Our suspicions have come true!

    No! Wait! Perhaps we shall have to wait until the abused children (if any!) are grown up and come forward as they did recent recently concerning Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville - who went as far as having sex with corpses - to quote but three (...)

    As many of us have always suspected Scotland Yard may have received orders from David Cameron to brush the Madeleine Affair under the carpet but why?

    Why? Because Cameron might have known already there were skeletons in the closet and somehow these cases are all linked!

    Good old child bathing David Payne! Who would have thought. You did? Well, so did I?

    I can't wait to hear who was involved in Westminster - any former prime-ministers? Ministers? This sounds much worst than the reputation management of the McCanns' or the exposure of IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

    This is a bombshell much louder than the Madeleine Cover-up Affair. Now we know what lurks underneath the high echelons of British society (...)

    "Once a barbarian always a barbarian!" - the Romans used to say...

  57. Anonymous 18/07/2014 08:18 Mr. Carpenter took his wife and children to the Tapas bar that evening.

    "We arrived at about seven because we had the children with us and I saw a man sitting at the table next to us with three children."

    Just before the passage you quoted is the following:

    "Between approximately a quarter past nine and half past nine we left the Tapas bar to go home, we walked across the MW reception area, crossed the road and a semi circular path to return to the apartment, were we put the children to bed and a short while later did the same ourselves. I do not remember seeing or hearing anyone during our return to the apartment."

    Mr. Carpenter was returning home from the Tapas bar with his wife and two children. He was not returning home from the creche; when he crossed the road carrying his daughter his wife and other child also crossed the road with him. Therefore he is not creche dad.

    Anonymous 18/07/2014 11:26 So, you believe that Scotland Yard is conducting a proper investigation back home and that these "hoaxes" are necessary to achieve some end. How inconvenient these hoaxes must be for Mr. Amaral. I've read people say that Tanner's sighting is the "cornerstone" of the abduction theory, the couple's "alibi. Let's say hypothetically that you're correct and these hoaxes and whatever else they're doing lead to the McCanns being brought up on charges. What do you think will happen when the trial commences and the prosecutor cannot call upon creche dad to disprove the "cornerstone" of the abduction, the McCann's "alibi"? What do you think will happen when the lawyer representing the McCanns realizes that creche dad doesn't exist? What would happen is that the credibility of every piece of evidence provided by Scotland Yard would be brought into question. It would be a disaster for the prosecutor who had taken up the case.

    Yes, Scotland Yard was brought in to bring closure for the McCanns, Mr. Redwood said so. Closure will simply be a story offered up to the public by the fabled Scotland Yard.

  58. Guerra & Nostradamus.

    I am interested to understand what reasons you think there are for ....Portugal... a sovereign nation to be so involved in this charade and cover up.

    I agree with much of what you say but I haven't seen any of you address the reasons for the blatant corruption taking place in Portugal.

    Guerra you have identified there is NO investigation been carried out by the PJ and that it was all a ploy to get the case reopened to allow in SY....furthermore you say and I agree that SY remit is purely to debunk Goncalo Amaral thesis ....in part so the judge may be influenced in the Libel ( Portuguese Court)...and to close the case pointing away from the real culprits.

    Incidentally it was Portugal hierarchy who removed their Policeman Goncalo Amaral (how many years service had he given ?) at the behest of a request we are told from the UK's then PM.

    It has been the Portuguese Justice system that has been used to render one of its citizens and ex Policemen into a unrelenting nightmare for doing his job ...very well!

    So what's the reasons ..Money ?....blackmail? .....subservience to another ?..or involved with the UK as a partner in crime ?

    What I am interested to understand in your view is WHY.

    All the readers here need to be clear that NOT ANY of this could be taking place without the HELP, complicity and assistance of Portugal's establishment, with the result to help the British government accuse/harass and smear their citizens with lies.


  59. @guerra 63 (from 54)

    Indeed, Stephen Carpenter is not creche dad, he is Tapas bar dad, but I do believe Jane Tanner saw Stephen Carpenter carrying his daughter.

    Creche dad is a Scotland Yard fabrication.

  60. Nostradamus,

    "This is another reason I am inclined to believe in Textusa earlier theory"

    "IWith all the news coming out about pedophilia in Westminster and other high places, Textusa's "frankfurter-bockwurst" scenario is nothing but plausible."

    Please explain these statements. Thank you.

  61. Crèche dad is still 'at large'. According to Redwood on CW in 2013, he had been identified as a holidaymaker returning his child to their apartment. This gave the impression that he had come forward. The official "findmadeleine" website has him as still to be confirmed. Both the BBC and Redwood (on behalf of NSY) have again tried to lead everyone along a certain path. This 'case' has to be one of if not the most advertised 'abduction' in history, so why has crèche dad not come forward yet? The only plausible explanation is (unless he lives in a world like the unfortunate McCann twins where access to information is controlled tighter than in North Korea) that he doesn't exist. Bare in mind too the fact that Redwood was the lead in the Jill Dando murder that originally led to convicting Barry George on the flimsiest of evidence in order to placate the masses at the time.
    What is needed here is for Andy Redwood, Teresa May, David Cameron et al to be brought before a Parliamentary Select Committee and explain why 37 British police and an open cheque book have been authorised to conduct enquiries that is out of scope of agreed international legal parameters, when it is now confirmed that cuts to British policing means that UK forces can not investigate or solve crimes efficiently within its own borders.
    Once accountability is established it won't take long to define motive.
    So Mr Vaz, call the above to account and let's get an answer as to why British taxes, in an era of austerity, are being used to investigate this case?

  62. Re the phone calls..how many people do you think made a phone call at 17.26 in the entire country? The times of the calls coincide with movements..And thats all it is coincidence..The Mccann's and Metodo 3 have had plenty time to TAILOR the evidence..
    My suggestion to SY would be,if you want to concentrate on phone calls may I suggest you start with all the deleted calls from the phones of the Mccann's & Co and there you would probably find enough info to steer you in the right direction....sb....

  63. Comment #58:
    "For all we know, Madeleine could have been the target of a "chapadão" (brutal slap), hit the head on some hard surface and popped-off a result. It is statistically possible."

    "I say it is possible. With all the news coming out about pedophilia in Westminster and other high places, Textusa's "frankfurter-bockwurst" scenario is nothing but plausible. "

    Well, if I remember correctly, Textusa's theory IS NOT about paedophilia! The "sausages" scenario involve ADULTS, and ADULTS ONLY ! The hypothetical "chapadão"/heavy clip'round the ear suffered by Madeleine happened as a result of her witnessing such "adult activities" by people who were NOT supposed to be engaging in such acts together and could not afford to have Madeleine "spilling the beans"...if you know what I mean...
    Textusa DOES NOT support/believe the paedophilia theory!

  64. Guerra....this might interest you.


    The McCann case when in review status with the Met was using Gold Command structure (strategic).


  65. "Blatant - done openly and unashamedly, completely lacking in subtlety, very obvious."

    Mr. Amaral was removed from the investigation and reassigned to another department. The reason given was that he openly criticised the English police, i.e. he said that they were not fully cooperating with the Portuguese police. Another reason that was given was that his superiors felt that it would be best that someone else took over the reigns because he had become the focal point of a worldwide massive attack by the English media. It was also suggested that Mr. Amaral was removed from the investigation because prime minister Gordon Brown had pressured prime minister Jose Socatres to intervene, however even Mr. Amaral cannot state with certainty that that was what happened. Is that blatant corruption?

    The only time that I believe a Portuguese prime minister publicly mentioned the Madeleine case was when Mr. Socrates was interviewed by a Spanish newspaper. I don't recall which paper it was, he said in that interview that he had been contacted by English politicians about the case but that he felt that politicians shouldn't get involved, that they should let the police do their work. Is that blatant corruption?

    I've seen English politicians accompany the McCanns to the European parliament to champion a child welfare initiative. I'm not aware of any Portuguese politician fraternizing with the McCanns. Is that blatant corruption?

    The only judge that has explicitly expressed her belief that Madeleine was abducted was the English judge Justice Hogg when she appealed to an abductor to return Madeleine. To my knowledge no Portuguese judge has behaved in such a way to suggest that he or she believes that the child was or wasn't abducted. Is that blatant corruption?

    The Portuguese police archived the case in 2008 after it was determined that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute anyone. I too believe there is insufficient evidence to prosecute. Mr. Amaral himself has said that there is a lot of investigative work still to be done. Some have suggested that the case came to a standstill because evidence critical to the case was withheld by the English authorities, therefore for economic reasons the case was put on the shelf. Others have suggested that the Portuguese police was forced to archive the case because Portuguese politicians succumbed to English political pressure. Is that blatant corruption?

    - to be continued -

  66. I'm not aware of anyone leading an investigation who has made more appearances in the media than Mr. Redwood, appearances in which he never fails to express his conviction that Madeleine was abducted. Aside from Mr. Amaral, when he was the lead coordinator, saying to a journalist that the English police were at the service of the McCanns, a comment which he believed was off the record, the only other Portuguese person connected to the case, that I'm aware of, to make an inappropriate comment was the national director of the PJ Mr. Alipio Ribeiro when he said that the Portuguese acted too quickly in making the McCanns arguidos. Is that blatant corruption?

    The English media has portrayed Portugal as a lawless place a haven for paedophiles and they have attacked or censored anyone, be they Portuguese or English, who expresses their belief that the child was not abducted. The Portuguese media, despite the current news coming out of Britain, has not declared that Britain is a den of paedophiles. They have not portrayed Mr. Redwood as a lazy incompetent drunk, although one or two commentators have smirked about Mr. Redwood's penchant for the cameras. And you won't be censored in Portugal if you do or don't believe in an abduction. Is that blatant corruption?

    The McCanns were successful in obtaining an injunction in a Portuguese court to have Mr. Amaral's book banned, which was later overturned by the Appellate court. The Supreme court upheld the Appellate court's decision. Are we to justified in saying that it is blatant corruption that the current trial was allowed to proceed in light of past verdicts? Could it be that although the underlying issues being addressed are the same the Portuguese justice system makes a distinction between an injunction and a defamation trial? Is it just bureaucracy? And if this judge rules that Mr. Amaral was wrong in making his views public? Is that blatant corruption? Haven't there been similar rulings elsewhere? Is Mr. Amaral the first policeman to ever be sued?

    Many have speculated that the Portuguese are just being good friends to their oldest allies by allowing them to traipse all over the country. Myself, I tend to believe that arms are being twisted. As far back as 2007 I speculated that the case was political. I expressed my views in this blog. I even speculated that Mr. Brown had leverage on Mr. Socrates because he had evidence to confirm the allegations that Mr. Socrates had accepted a bribe to build the Freeport mall when he was minister of the environment. This is not obvious; it is mere speculation.

    It was always a mystery to me why the Portuguese started a review in Porto, why they reopened the case. I saw no reason for it, and I expressed that in this blog. It was not until Joana posted the article "The Maddie case reveals a good deal of subservience, much to the detriment of our penal sovereignty " written by the former minister of Internal Affairs Rui Pereira that I came to the conclusion that there was no investigation that the case had been reopened as a formality to overcome some law that prohibited the cooperation between the two forces. Is this blatant corruption?

    It sickens me that ordinary Portuguese citizens are being linked to this crime based on just the fact that they had the misfortune of making a call on that day. One can only speculate why the Portuguese authorities have allowed this to happen, however the reason why is not obvious.

    I have reasoned that Scotland Yard is not conducting a proper investigation; what Scotland Yard is doing will not result in anyone being prosecuted, in fact it will make it very difficult in the future for this case to be tried. Based on the timing of Scotland Yard's foray into the media and the fact that they are not conducting a proper investigation leads me to speculate that this was all done to coincide with the trial against Mr. Amaral and to undermine the work of original investigators.

  67. 19/07/2014 02:18
    Anonymous mojo said...

    "I haven't seen any of you address the reasons for the blatant corruption taking place in Portugal."

    :j Do they need addressing? One fosters the other. Is that simple.

    Ask yourself which is the country with more money ("quantitative easing" included), atomic weapons and more income from "pop music" and other missanga?

    Lusitania or Britannia?

    :n Correcto mundo!

    The "Rule of the Jungle" - the same which rules co-called "human" societies - dictates the stronger will impose their will on the weaker.

    Compliance with the sharks becomes a question of survival for the small decorative fish who share the same tank with them.

    Remember the days when Britannia - or Germania for that matter - were part of the Roman Empire and your ancestors had to follow the dictates of Rome?

    Nowadays, the process is very much the same, except it has been reversed. The once-upon-a-time barbarians are the new kids on the block! Well done kids!

    Unfortunately, for all we know, the "barbarians" still have quite a way to go to become "fully civilized" - which is not the same as bombing some Arab country to smithereens or leaving your foot-prints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

    Men in Britannia, are still bathing their friends' little girls and for all we know salivating at the experience...paedophilia is or was ripe in Westminster...Scotland Yard is ridden with corruption... Anthony Bennett - A British citizen and himself a solicitor - has been told not to utter anything that may contradict the McCanns "official" version of events... and so on...

    So, talking about "blatant corruption taking place in Portugal" becomes somehow a mute point. Does it not?

    It may be more productive for you to put aside your obvious ethnical prejudices and try to come up with a model that can handle bureaucracy, legal rhetoric and EU constraints along other factors such as those just discussed









  68. guerra, if the Met police were not being serious, the review would not have become an investigation.
    I wish I could find that article with a photo of the parents, about May the 3rd 2003, when the Yard decided to start an investigation and we still didn't know it.
    That photo is the proof that it could not be a whitewash.

    Who can tell us here where that article and photo can be found?
    Thank you.

  69. 19/07/2014 09:41

    Hi Textusa! What a pleasant surprise! It is an honour (and a challenge) to explain things to such a distinguished thinker - particularly since, you do it so much better.

    "At some point, she started to jump up and down on the couch, shouting with the control and conviction that a child that age throws a tantrum or defies an adult.

    David Payne must have slapped her hard enough to throw her off the couch and have her bang her head against the wall, dying instantly, or shortly thereafter."

    Full details at: http://textusatheory.blogspot.co.uk/

    At the time I had at the time difficulty in imagining Payne inflicting pain to Maddie right in front of the mother but... when dealing with the British "nouveau riche" everything is possible.

    I was more inclined to think Gerry had done it afterwards e.g. when little Maddie went on about it and refused to forget Payne's sausage and Mommy's odd behaviour vis a vis the popular item of Greys' Anatomy but of course this was an earlier theory. Full kudos to you, anyway.

    In my humble opinion, the point to remember was Gerry is the one with the butch looks even if bespectacled David may look the more deranged of the two but of course this is all mere speculation. May God bless them both for their table manners at the Mallorca's mansion! AaaaMEN!

    Now concerning my other statement about "paedophilia in Westminster and other high places". I made no allegations, the "Daily Telegraph" did. Please read on:


    Keep up the good work and stay loose!


  70. Nostradamus.

    well you have made clear your feelings about the prejudiced barbarian that I am....thank you.

    Then you will not mind if I choose to stay that and not become part of Europe ....I will leave that for you and your "civilised" Roman friends.


  71. Gonçalo Amaral sobre os erros cometidos pelos jornalistas quando dizem que o julgamento é por difamação https://t.co/kiwvO78cSv #McCann Related http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/10/lisbon-appeals-court-ruling.html

  72. Acordão Do Tribunal Da Relação de Lisboa - 14 Outubro 2010 http://www.scribd.com/doc/234679000/Acordao-Do-Tribunal-Da-Relacao-de-Lisboa-14-Outubro-2010

  73. Early on in the trial the judge did ask one or two witnesses that worked on the case if there is anything in the book that is not in the case files, however the judge for the most part has spent her time trying to ascertain how the book has affected the McCann's lives. This is not a libel trial or a slander trial, i.e. it is not a defamation trial. And I have tried to avoid using the terms libel and defamation when referring to this trial, but occasionally I fall into the trap of using these terms as seen in my previous comment. What do you call this trial? I've heard people refer to it as a damages trial, but calling it a damages trial indicates to me that a decision has already been made that the book is illegal and that what is now being determined is how much compensation the plaintiffs should get. Has the judge already decided that the book is illegal and is she now trying to quantify what damages were incurred? Very troublesome.

  74. For 21/07/2014 12:27
    Anonymous mojo...

    Not to become part of the IV Reich is indeed a wise decision - particularly when your cousins are running the show - not you.

    That said, I have always preferred lions to tigers. The lion looks more like a big dog. Tigers, like moogies, are sly and filled with self-importance. Not a good trait in a post-modern, ego-centred world where everyone is already soooo important.

    Nationality is a state of mind. You have to buy into the Ideology and believe the publicity - very much like football fans do. Succumb only knowingly. That's my advice.

    For no matter what nationality you have bought into (or born into) you still have to get up every morning, go to toilet and push ...

    Imagine Cameron, Mitchell and the McCanns doing just that... my informed guess is, Clarence is the one who farts louder but then he is used to it as a pro.

    Sorry! I digress... the moral is.. wherever we go in the Afterwards, we cannot take our passport with us - the Universe does not pay tribute to artificial human constructs.

    :h Oops! There goes another Big Bang! Was that Clary? I don't think so! That could have been Melo e Castro - the Million Dollar judge!

    Keep your seat belts (and the gas masks) on...
    Be well...


  75. Nostradamus,

    Stop playing with words. This case is filled with the specious use of them. Just like you do.

    You said “With all the news coming out about pedophilia in Westminster and other high places, Textusa's "frankfurter-bockwurst" scenario is nothing but plausible.”

    I’m supposing that the "frankfurter-bockwurst-scenario” refers to my hypothesis of Maddie having interrupted a sex act being performed by her mother and then with all the innocence of her age voicing out in her own words what she must have understood to be just a playful act between adults.

    Nowhere in the theory is it said or implied in any way any act of paedophilia. In your response you confirm that. The alleged act described was exclusively between adults.

    The article you refer to shows “more than 10 current and former politicians are on a list of alleged child abusers held by police investigating claims of a Westminster paedophile ring.

    MPs or peers from all three main political parties are on the list, which includes former ministers and household names.”

    Your initial comment links clearly my "frankfurter-bockwurst-scenario”, an act between adults to “paedophilia in Westminster and other high places”

    We fail see any and whatsoever linkage (besides the intentional misleading on your part) that you try to make between high ranking paedophilia and a stand-alone outburst of violence without thinking and which is what we think caused Maddie’s death.

    What happened is nothing to do with class. The only thing to do with class is the refusal of some people to contemplate professional people could be involved in such a cover-up.

    If in on my initial theory I did say that I believed that it was DP the one who had that a stand-alone outburst of violence without thinking, further analysis have made me, or our team, to not rule out K as a possibility.

    It’s our firm belief that it was one of the 2, DP or K, who had that a stand-alone outburst of violence without thinking and only a confession, which we foresee as very unlikely, will solve this uncertainty.

    Lastly, do take into account that although the existence of intimacy does allow an easier flux of humour between parties the forcing of intimacy via patronising humour is always very counter-productive to the forcing party.

    Attempts at humour, multiple aliases, silly rhymes, putting words into mouths, unnecessary academic references... We are familiar with.

  76. What did they teach you in detective training school Andy? 'When in doubt, follow the money' I believe is the answer. Investigate the 'fund' and I mean a proper forensic investigation. You may find more than the truth that way and be able to retire with a decent reputation...or are you happy to be another McCann lap-dog?

  77. The only thing he "learnt" is to dig holes in foreign lands , methinks he wants to go into landscape gardening . The Clown has no clue the guilty party are in the UK not Portugal , its the pair of irresponsible parents guilty of neglect !

  78. Textusa said... 81

    "Stop playing with words. This case is filled with the specious use of them. Just like you do."

    :o If that is what "the investigator" thinks...

    My dear! You sound too tense! I must admit I was bemused by your ex-cathedra comments on my persona but hey! That's what freedom of expression is all about! Well done!

    David Payne happens to be associated with certain comments (Gaspars') which suggest a certain mind-set (paedophilia). This is where my associative process took over and left yours lagging behind - I am sorry about that!

    "Textusa Theory" is so hilarious and memorable exactly because of the stratospheric flight of imagination you made. Unfortunately this is an area where you do not retain the exclusive (far from it) but I will see what I can do.

    In the last analysis, it is Joana's prerogative to publish or not to publish my comments which is one reason I do not comment on your blog - the level of allegiance and censorship there reminds me of Portugal before April 1974.

    So my dear, you go on with your brilliant analytical games and I stick to my counter-reputation management strategies - if you don't mind.

    No animosity implied.


  79. TYPO

    Where it reads: the "Sticking Pipes" (Mau-Canos in Portuguese) should read "Stinking Pipes". They sell stickers as well I think, but that is another issue.

  80. @19/07/2014 10:20
    Anonymous said... 67

    There is only one thing wrong with your post is the word "investigate" in the last line.

    They are not investigating.


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