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Quote of the Day

Cell phone photo of road sign taken by a Praia da Luz resident

Second photo being used as profile avatar in protest

Two more #StopMcCannCircus photos from two other Luz residents fed up with Met Police show off

Another #StopMcCannCircus sign photo from an angry Luz resident

As pessoas na Praia da Luz dizem: #SomosTodosPedintes Pedimos Paz!

People in Praia da Luz say: #WeAreAllBeggars 
We ask for Peace!


  1. Well done citizens of Portugal! Keep the pressure on the criminal Mccanns and let the world know. Stop these fraudsters. they can't get away with this.much longer.

  2. The person who did that has sent a clear message to the British establishment - There are too many people who are not fooled by your circus. You behave like clowns, and we know that underneath the painted-on smiles there is something sinister.

    This blog, other blogs, comments, Portuguese newspapers and those who are taking their own direct action amount to a force that is too large to try to fool the people. Yes, many people in Britain are fooled by the charade, but if justice is perverted to the extent of pinning the blame on an innocent person, collectively we will not let you get away with it.

  3. They will never get away with it as Cameron just appeared on live television , claiming" no one is above the law" I wonder if he will practice what he preaches and haul in the head of SY in front of the select committee to answer why is redwood and his merry men are desperately looking for "suspects" in Portugal , when the real culprits are in the UK . If the "suspects " can answer 200 plus questions so can the gruesome twosome . Get them to answer the 48 questions they refused to answer 7 years ago . Then again look at it this was tapas 7 , 7 years since the girl vanished , the 7 th of the 7th month maybe when the mccans go to Portugal with their suitcase to fill the money they hope to get from DR Amaral they find themselves facing the long arm of the law?

  4. Dear Portugal we hear the story that the police find a well will they find Maddie in the tennis bag from Mr McCann, the only man who done it, he must know the men who own that land and be friendly with them, we are surprised they helped him. Mr Smith family saw him carrying Maddie and spoke to him, he turned his head and went of with her. The British police mention that man who is dead because he cant answer himself. They just make an excuse again. That mans wife said he would not do something like that, it is not her husband we believe that, don't listen to the British police, they have no evidence it is him.

  5. «Dozens of road signs have been defaced since Scotland Yard detectives who have been scouring Praia da Luz for clues returned home on Friday.

    Stop signals have had the words “McCann Circus” stencilled on them as locals vent their fury at the searches being conducted just as the busy, ­lucrative holiday season began.

    And residents are angry that four men from the area were last week quizzed by the British officers.

    The graffiti appeared as Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry prepared to fly to Portugal for the next stage of their libel case against disgraced police chief Goncalo Amaral.

    One local said of the suspects ­questioned by Scotland Yard: “We know these people, they are innocent.

    “It is crazy. When will it end? We want to be left alone.”»


  6. Well..
    Docters should be people we can trust, to save our health.
    Not neglecting, accurate.
    On the you tube you can see, they dont seem to take care a lot about children and safety.
    Or their friends.
    It seems on every night they went out therewas an adult or child sick ill vomitting.
    Still no reason to change their wining and dining.
    Madeleine was very tired, could not walk home, and very pale too.
    Jane Tanner her child did vommit..
    So even with sick and ill children they went wining and dining..
    Like eating in Your backyard?

    I always think it was wierd to say it.
    Why not It was like eating in 'OUR backyard'?
    Or 'A' little girl.is still missing. Well It is their girl.
    So 'OUR' little girl is still missing, is more personal to.
    'As a parent' well.. they should be more protected.
    But by exposing their twin too..
    They also could be 'abducted' by this so called Abducter..

    They seems to make it not their own responsebility.

    Gerry says: "If we could turn back the clock we would. Of course we wouldn't do something like leave the twins alone like that now."

  7. Dear Portugal, the Mccanns always say they are very upset and blame Mr Amaral, bit they are upset because it was their own fault for leaving the children alone every night while they enjoyed themselves. Now they have a other story the children in the school, now they make a story about the children, they didn't know Madeleine and they blame Mr Amarals book which they would not have read or understood. He may have upset Mccanns but he speak the truth. Why they are worried so much because the truth may come out. Portugal you got enough evidence that they were involved that why they have been upset. Mr Smiths daughter identified the trousers worn by Mr Maccann when they said they saw him carrying a child towards the beach, they should ask what happened to Madeleine. Do listen to the person who speaks the truth and not to those evil people.

  8. Isn't it about time the McCann's fund was closed down? there is no proof Madeleine is alive!!! so why aren't the Police freezing THEIR (the McCann's) assets just like Dr Amarals, who in my opinion doesn't deserve to be living in poverty just because he wrote a book about the case.... which up to now what he says hasn't been disproved!!!! How many more years is this FIGHTING FUND going to be allowed to rumble on? and they say crime doesn't pay....It certainly does in this case.

    Poor Dr Amaral, will this Mans suffering ever end?


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