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Quote of the Day

'The parents killed Maddie, English police are stupid'


“As I drove down the hill to Luz this morning the anti Met graffiti had been whitewashed away (see before and after pics)

Says it all really, doesn't it?”

(Many thanks to C. for photos)


  1. This is what most British and Portugese people think and believe. SY are controlled and told what to do. I taught a child whose father was in the fraud team at SY that investigated Blair. The Chief was warned off. In other words at senior levels they have pressure exerted on them as do the politicians who try to step in. Therefore, Amaral's only chance is to represent himself and memtion things openly in court as his previous lawyer messed up getting him on the stand. Amaral has made a stand so he might as well go all the way and explain what he knows about the friends of the couple and also keep repeating to Portugese journalists what the sniffer dogs came up with. As mentioned he also needs the funds of a rich Portugese person who can fund leaflets being handed out with his points on. I do not understand why the people in the town are not outside court telling theMcCann's to start being open and asking them in frint of the cameras why they changed their stories and so on. Why is there no Portugese citizen telling them straight. They must have lost the resort millions of Euros. One day this couple will be exposed. By the way as doctors they would know that if a paedo did take their dead she would at the age of three die from such an act so the fact they keep up the stiry is seriously flawed in itself. She would be dead if a peado took her. But the sniffer dog did not smell a paedo abduction it smelt the death of a child in and outside of the apartment and in the boot of a car owned by the fridge buying couple!

  2. Totally agree with@1 if the British Establishment is so corrupt as to "guide" the senior officers of SY to order the investigation team to turn a blind eye , WHICH THEY ARE , on the obvious then the whole force is not fit for purpose . As for redwood ? Has the man no common sense at all to even suggest " the parents are not responsible " ? This man needs the sack and charged for perverting the course of justice . Even the locals are annoyed with the British Police they are calling them "stupid" The head of SY should be sacked as he should realise the world can see on the internet what people think of the British Police , The once good name this force had is gone down the pan . This will not be another "Hillsborough" disaster BHH , your time in the dock will come soon , there is too much corruption in the UK , "files go missing" is this what happens in a western world today? A world that preaches " the rule of law" to third world countries ? Or is it a new age "word" to Justify going to war ?

  3. We should have ordinary decent people working in Westminster and they should be on a basic salary with no extras. All the money and power corrupts them. There are a few good MPs but they are a minority now.

  4. Don't be too upset about this type of whitewash. Maybe it was done for the love of orthography! And as for the evasions, innuendos and outright lies of the McCanns - they cannot be glossed over with a lick of paint. They have now been recorded in court! And I am CONFIDENT that the judge in the libel case won't be fooled by the McCanns, nor by their reputation management efforts. She appears to me to be thoroughly professional and completely unimpressed by the McCanns' display of spite and fake emotions. You will see, justice will prevail - at least as far as Mr. Amaral is concerned.

  5. The parents are and will always be responsible at least of having let their 3 kids alone

  6. I have to agree the UK Police look stupid....

  7. Pasting a comment, slightly redacted from an anonymous @ 18:32 pm - «Have you seen the picture of the vile pair leaving court? Gerry looks "smug" clutching his b******* while Kate looks like she is desperately trying to get out of the car in a hurry . Could it be Gerry let one out ? These two are GUILTY OF NEGLECT so use common sense and apply the law redwood even if you are told otherwise. Its far better to stay in the rank of constable and be honest and do the job you swore on oath to do, then to rise in rank and be corrupt and a laughing stock of society.»

  8. Joana, tu por favor poderia explicar a razão pela qual o Dr. Amaral despediu o advogado anterior?
    Aquele texto é inglês é muito difícil para mim. Obrigadinha.

  9. Complaining about lack of support after Amaral's book: aren't the Met police supporting the McCanns and doing everything to find Madeleine? Aren't Cameron and Theresa May doing the same?
    Aren't the British people paying millions for the Yard's investigation?
    Carter Ruck working for them free of charge?
    Isn't Crimewatch appealing to the public to identify the Smith's man and didn't it get 1000s of replies, from the population?
    Everything after Amaral's book was published?

    1. Exactly!
      I think maybe they mean support in the form of public sympathy donations......i can't think of anything else.

  10. My father RIP was high up in Thames Valley , he was asked to join the Masons, after giving it thought he refused, he was also invited to transfer to the met, but refused because of the corruption, and this was some years ago.

  11. @10 I'm sorry for your loss.

    @8 Sim claro, assim que seja possível.

  12. That graffiti will reappear at some stage, in another place ,at another time when SY come to search the store. I hope they find the fridge. I was quite disappointed that the press didn't pay much attention to Dr Amaral, I hope he gets invited onto more chat shows, he comes across as being a quiet sentive person, he must be to do what he doing for Maddie. I am also disappointed at the lack of supporters oside to support him, I wish I was closer to Portugal I would be there. Come on people of Luz, he is one of yothat has been treated badly and forced to reire, he would dthe same for you if it had been one your children. Dr Amaral needs support now from us all.
    off track, apparent ly GM had a girlfriend in 2011 I read today, how true it is I cant say.
    Maybe when KM couldn't have relations with him. Yes she was so upset that she could talk ab her private life and her daughters genitals. If it was my daughter to state a thing like that would have broken my heart, let alone publish it. I wonder if the judge has read her book.

  13. I am @9 and I tell the rest.
    The McCanns may not forget that the Portuguese police are also searching for Madeleine and working together with the Met police.
    It is what they insisted on, isn't it? After Amaral's book.

  14. Breaking news , BHH just "apologised" on UK TV for the shooting that sparked the riots in Brixton , I wonder if the man will have to "apologise" very soon when the vile pair and their friends are in court facing charges of child neglect , accidental murser , and deception !

  15. I am poster 12, sorry for the errors I think my keyboard has Mc overload
    The mccanns got all this support after the book and they never even bothered to ask the pj to reopen the case...why because they did not want it opened, in uk they only wanted a transparent review only, now they have a possible murder enquiry.

  16. If Gerry had (has) a girl friend, it certainly was caused by the tension in their lives. The death of a child can destroy any family.
    Accusing each other, feeling guilty, missing the child and hiding a crime, it is hell.
    Besides the twins could be already doubting about the parents version of the case.
    Too many people around telling them that their sister died that night, possibly letting them watch the cadaver dog's video, letting them watch Amaral's documentary...

  17. :o OMO lava mais branco!

    Example: Gerald McCann - I want to speak about the sniffer dogs. They never alerted to any blood in the car and they never alerted to cadaver odour..."

    :c Take that!

  18. @16, I am @13 and I was being ironical, speaking about both police searching for Madeleine, after the parents insisted on it.
    The Mcanns never meant to get a review, let alone an investigation.
    They were only making noise around the case. They knew that the PJ were not prepared at all to help and they knew that the UK government did not want to get involved in a crime that had occured abroad.
    "A shot in the foot" said Amaral and it was.
    The Yard is so far that they are already searching for a corpse, that they know that Maddie died in the apartment,. that the Tannerman does not exist, etc.
    They are now using Sean as excuse.

  19. Interesting that none of the other authors of similar theories as Amaral's, as based on the official PJ evidence files, as available on-line, have been challenged and Gerry admitted to the Judge that he hadn't even read the other numerous books on the case..

    Also, one needs to factor in the mother's motives for writing her book.

  20. Dr Amarals book has done nothing to this pair as they have no shame whatsoever , they don't mind telling blatant lies to make wrong to right . What is the media supporting child neglecters for ? At the end of the day fact is the pair are child neglecters they left under 4 year old children on their own . As for the libel case , the only real person suffering is Dr Amaral , I hope and pray the Judge rules in favour of Dr Amaral and as the pair come out from court and give their sob stories of woe to the press , they get arrested and charged for neglect , now that the world would call Justice .

  21. my god kate mc cann face outside the court it was such a put on sadness there were no faces like that when maddie went missing its money money the want the never even looked for her themselves god bless mr amaral

  22. Their hate is towards GM, hope The judge notices that.

  23. I hope that the now erased graffiti will pop up again and again and again, not just on that wall but all over Luz, all over the Algarve and all over Portugal! Come on folks, grab a paint brush and a bucket of paint!

    To #10,
    God bless your father's soul, he must indeed have been a man of extraordinary integrity and righteousness. I just hope he didn't pay the price for refusing to "join the party"...

  24. On Gerry's words to the court, mentione in comment #18:

    ...Oh dear me, Gerry...all that fund money wasted on translating the files...and it seems you never bothered to read them! Oh, but it was not money out of your pocket, was it? Silly me, that's alright then!

  25. Polícia inglesa esconde provas no caso Maddie
    16-06-2014 07:34
    Por Magali Pinto - Correio da Manhã

    Poucos dias depois de Madeleine McCann ter desaparecido do aldeamento turístico Ocean Club, na Praia da Luz, Algarve, a 3 de maio de 2007 (há sete anos), surgiu uma testemunha: uma turista britânica que disse ter visto o pai da menina a andar na praia à noite. A revelação foi feita pelo ex-coordenador da PJ Gonçalo Amaral, que acrescenta que os dados dessa testemunha desapareceram. "Tentámos recuperar esse testemunho e os documentos que se encontravam na esfera britânica e simplesmente desapareceram. Ainda hoje não sabemos quem é essa pessoa e onde está", disse Gonçalo Amaral. Hoje, o ex-coordenador da PJ de Portimão vai encontrar-se novamente com Gerry e Kate no Palácio da Justiça, em Lisboa, uma vez que vai continuar o julgamento em que o casal britânico pede 1,2 milhões de euros de indemnização pela publicação do livro 'Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira', da autoria de Gonçalo Amaral, em que defende a tese de que os pais são os responsáveis pelo desaparecimento da menina e pela ocultação do cadáver (ver caixa). Gonçalo Amaral não tem dúvidas de que a Maddie está morta. "Os pais da menina tinham a chave da igreja e nessa mesma igreja foi realizado um velório um mês depois do desaparecimento. Segundo algumas informações, a criança bem podia ir nos pés dessa mulher que ia ser cremada", explicou ainda Gonçalo Amaral.

    What do you think about this?

  26. for reference of anonymous comment @26 that article was already translated here 'Hidden Evidence' http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2014/06/hidden-evidence.html

  27. I would like to repeat a point which shows that their central premise is not credible. They state that their daughter was taken by a paedophile but as doctors they would certainly know that a child of her age would not live through such a horrendous experience. Another thing Amaral should do given he cant speak is to send the judge a picture of GM laughing and rubbing his hands gleefully at the pile of money in front of him when he didnt realise a long lens was looking at him. That says it all.

  28. Another candidate for the quote of the day OUGHT to be Gerry's try to the Portuguese judge that went (as reported by you):

    "I want to speak about the sniffer dogs. They never alerted to any blood in the car and they never alerted to cadaver odour..."

    :o These two really think the Portuguese are stupid, don't they?

  29. The noose is tightening with Gerry asking the Judge in the defamation case to question the sniffer dogs evidence once more regarding the hire car.

    I don't think his lawyers will have appreciated that unnecessary inappropriate out-burst.

    Come forth ye Brethren for the sake of the child.

  30. @28 if you are talking about this photo where Gerry is sitting next to Kate counting a pile of money, that is a photoshopped image, not real. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_p305OiLZRCU/SlBjmB9BsoI/AAAAAAAAFiA/ZHgp28Ritk8/s400/mccann%27s_and_their_money.jpg

  31. It's amazing how it's all gone quiet again, now that the libel trial is over for the moment. Deadwood is back in his dog box until the faithful hound is needed again,lol. Pathetic. Not a bother on the Macs the other day.... He knows that they are untouchable. That's what gives them, especially mr smug, that air of arrogance. Most people would keep their heads down for fear of reproach or antagonism. He thrives on it. When one sees the likes of Blair on the TV, being asked for an opinion about the Israeli / Palestinian crisis, I want to be sick. The appointment of a Justice Butler Scloss to head up an inquiry go abuse in the past by establishment figures, and she the sister of one. Rotten and rotten. It makes a mockery if what decent people strive for in this life

  32. I've been one of the ' fridge' supporters from the start! The owner of the house they were moved to after the disappearance of Madeleine said he was surprised that Gerry replaced the fridge. he did not think there was anything wrong with it.
    We never found out where the new fridge came from - it had to be chosen, bought, paid for, delivered. or did Gerry do all that without using a credit card, and collect a fridge (!) himself from a shop? There can't be too many such shops nearby- easy to check.

  33. @24
    Yes he was and I remember many that trained and worked with him who were also honest and upright officers of the law who kept their commitment they made when joining. Just before he retired after 30years he was on a team that investigated other areas police forces in respect of corruption claims, in those days, there was corruption but not like now.Thankyou for your comment.

  34. The silence coming from both police is eloquent. What is happening right now?
    Preparation of the questions that they will ask the next arguidos and who will they be?
    I have the strong feeling that we know who they are and they, themselves, know it too.
    No surprises, I guess.
    The questions have to be extremely bright but a police know how to make them.
    They are used to it, years of experience.
    By the way, where is the lawyer Rogerio Alves?

  35. I understand that we all got to have consideration with Sean and I remember Kate's reaction when they heard that they would be made arguidos: "what will my parents say?".
    And now we will have: what will Sean say?
    The world exists to serve Kate. She uses everybody in order to protect her.
    I think she was spoiled by her parents and Gerry has to deal with that.
    "I want somebody here now", in the middle of the night.

  36. The British media are taking the profit of Amaral's hearing and publishing over and over again that he asserts that Maddie died in the apartment and that the parents hid her body, faking the abduction.

    It is the way they found of telling the truth without being sued.

    By now, the NSY accepts that she died that night, not muh of a chance for the McCanns.

  37. Could it be that the drunk lying in the road and rescued by the McCanns,( if we can believe it) could be the beggar invited for questioning a couple of weeks ago?

  38. Potential key witness #McCann case http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/488487/EXCLUSIVE-Potential-key-witness-McCann-case … Hearsay witness rather not an exclusive was posted in Correio da Manhã on July 2


  39. Five-year delay for McCanns

    Daily Star Weekend
    13 Jul 2014

    BATTLE: Gerry and Kate

    KATE and Gerry McCann’s battle to sue a disgraced expolice chief for £1million in libel damages could drag on for another five years, a pal revealed yesterday.

    News of the setback came after the parents of missing Madeleine gave evidence against Goncalo Amaral in a Lisbon court.

    Kate told the trial how smears by their tormentor left her family “devastated, fearful and desperate”.

    But Mr Amaral, who led the bungled hunt for Maddie, now claims he is broke.

    A judge is set to call him back to court in September to order him and the publishers of his 2008 book The Truth Of The Lie to reveal how much was made from the best-seller and a 2009 TV documentary.

    A source close to Kate and Gerry said: “They are exasperated by this. Civil proceedings against Mr Amaral have already been going on for five years and at this rate are likely to go on for another five years.

    “He is pleading poverty and there will be further hearings held for him to disclose his bank statements.”

    Even if Kate, 46, and Gerry, 45, of Rothley, Leics, win the case, they will probably not see any money until 2018 or 2019.

    Their lawyer Isabel Duarte said: “It has been proved in the civil file that Mr Amaral earned around 380,000 euros in one year from the book.”

  40. I can only speak for myself of course, but I'd never heard of Amaral when I first thought something was not quite right about this pair. So why did I not believe their story?

    Because I saw for myself on TV several family members reiterate the Mc story of smashed shutters or broken shutters or jemmied shutters. I heard the tale of a locked apartment. I heard about the dubious 'checking' system of the Tapas mob. In short I saw live TV footage of parents of a missing toddler lying - lies that have never been questioned or explained. Yet lies they remain. Undeniable and proven lies.

    I've never read Truth Of The Lie. I've simply watched and read lie after lie from this pair. Nothing to do with Amaral at all.

  41. Their lawyer Isabel Duarte said: “It has been proved in the civil file that Mr Amaral earned around 380,000 euros in one year from the book.”
    So less than a £1, 2million they want from him.

  42. If you haven't realized it by now, this is not a libel trial. From the court transcripts it is obvious to me and I'm sure to others that the judge is more concerned about determining what negative impact if any the book had on the McCann's lives than trying to determine if the book is libelous. This does not bode well for Mr. Amaral. It seems that the judge is going to rule against freedom of expression, against Mr. Amaral making public his rational analysis of the facts.

    Although it's not a libel trial, when the McCanns win, which I'm predicting, the worldwide media will declare the facts mentioned in the book to be lies. Mr. Amaral will win on appeal again in Portugal, however the McCanns will drag Mr. Amaral to the European courts armed with a case built for them by Scotland Yard. I dearly hope I'm wrong, but this is how I see it.

  43. It's all about taking Dr. Amaral's money ( nothing whatsoever to do with Madeleine or the twins .) as much as these pair of greedy scroungers can grab , who is protecting them?, Only the Queen is exempt from prosecution . Imo .Looks very much like Dr. Amaral is up against the whole of the British establishment . Justice is slow but eventually it will come !

  44. im so sick of the mcs English papers full of poor kate this and poor kate that what about maddie its her that suffered because of the awful parents she had god love her at least she has mr amaral behind her the whole thing geared up to clear the mcs may god forgive them and may mr amaral win

  45. It would have been far easier and less expensive if the Macs had asked Mr. Amaral for royalties from the sales of the book. After all they are the stars in it. Instead they want it all, especially as they are not happy with the ending, lol

  46. Sounds like this case is about money its not about Justice for the dead girl , Dr Amaral done nothing wrong , the irresponsible parents have a love and greed for easy money its about time they are asked why they neglected their children and refused to answer the 48 questions put to them 7 years ago . Is there any common sense left in todays society ? Can SY not see what the mccanns really are? A bloody pair of child neglecters , that's fact . As for the tar newspaper? Who buys it anyway its not a paper I would read anyway .

  47. This case is about delaying everything as much as possible.

    When the PJ make them arguidos, we will see the same trouble. Sightings here, sightings there, obstructions, interruptions
    The police got to be very well prepared in order to avoid the same that happened in 2007.
    They will..

  48. Every year in May, there is always a new appeal.
    Like a mantra.
    New headlines, new story.
    No harm proven, still out there..
    Come forward.
    About making arrests,close to finding her.
    But nothing really comes out.

    In Europe they copy the UK version in the papers.
    Abduction slowly is changing in Missing,* just a word* but still they show efits.
    And Redwood himself is saying the parents are no persons of interest.

    The Mccanns are not honest, they cant stick up to one version.
    The Tapasgroup, most of them doctors dont seem to take care of their own sick vommiting and really tired children..at such young age..
    This case is raising questions about the UK standards&skills.
    It is about high respected doctors who dont take their responsebility.
    Or dont care about the safetyissues.
    Not even had in the care of their own children.

    This libeltrail never had to come to trail.
    The Mccann still have money, they still have their search and still not in jail.
    They act like famous stars really.
    Amaral lost his job,(and money) his reputation was reported to be bad by the Mccann.
    He did not harm the girl, did not meet her, did not abduct her.
    OR.. neglect her in the first place..
    Or stop looking for what could have happen.
    It should be the other way around..
    This case is bad for justice, bad for the UK.
    Do I have to believe it is a habbit to leave young children alone in the UK?
    Clarence said UK parents do have different parenting standards.
    Kate said she had a lot of letters from parents who do the same all the time.
    Redwood said UK girls are getting raped and the parents let the raper walk away.
    UK parents dont lock the doors?
    They dont go after the persons who harm their child let him walk away?
    Don t report it?
    So..Official statements about parenting from the UK in this case is only very poorly.
    That is what they do tell.
    I feel sorry for the children in the UK.
    Only dead children seems to get attention.
    Savile .. was a name not known outside the UK.
    But after his dead.. well..the tragedy started known.
    A well kept very dirty secret (waited) to come out after he died.
    Savile felt safe...
    No justice served there.
    The UK should stop the Mccann.
    This is harming the UK parentingprotectionstandards.
    Statements like this about UK parenting is very very bad.
    But it is the UK own version in this case..
    This case do not good about UK parenting..

  49. Do we have to wait till September because the forense holidays?

  50. @50 Judicial holidays, and partially yes.

  51. I believe GA will win this one. If The mcs ignored all The other bocks, it os clear mcs intentions

  52. It is now said that at that time, the UK Government included many paedophiles, and this spot was a popular 'holiday' area for them. One such had an appointment with Madeleine, and something went seriously wrong. He was obliged to leave the area immediately, and steps had to be taken to make it appear that she was still alive when he left. Who was this person? This is why so many notable people (Masons?) were eager to assist!


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