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"The Maddie case reveals a good deal of subservience, much to the detriment of our penal sovereignty"

Still on the Maddie Case

David Cameron ordered the ongoing English Police review turned into an investigation 
following alleged pressures  from News International

The [Maddie] case reveals a good deal of subservience, much to the detriment of our penal sovereignty

by [Former Minister of Internal Affairs] Rui Pereira

The Portuguese authorities - and, in particular, the Judiciary Police - have been used and “abused”, in the context of international judicial cooperation, to carry out investigations ordered by their British counterparts. From chartered flights using Air Force helicopters (to uncover, from above, holes opened seven years ago) to the return of the famous sniffer dogs, to the questioning of “arguidos and witnesses”, everything has been done to meet the demands of our oldest allies. But is this deference warranted?

The first question that springs to mind is a simple one: would the British police do the same in similar circumstances, working at “full speed” on the say so of the Portuguese authorities, to fulfill the reciprocity principle enshrined in Article 4º of the Law 144/99? Of course not! It is necessary to note that under the applicable Portuguese law (the crime was committed in national territory) there is an ongoing process in Portugal which has the very same purpose - which, incidentally, was reopened under Article 279º of the Code of Criminal Procedure, since “new elements of evidence” became available.

Herein lies, then, the nonsense of the situation in all its splendour: in Portugal a criminal investigation is taking place for the same purpose, however our authorities work, under an “outsourcing” regime and in exclusivity for the “concurrent” investigation of another country. So, in order to prevent paradoxes of this nature, the Article 18º of the Law 144/99 authorizes the refusal to cooperate with another investigation when the fact that motivates it, is already the subject of a pending process in Portugal. Moreover, if the process[investigation] had not been reopened in our country, the cooperation would be impossible, under the Article 8º of that same law.

This legal impossibility leads us to a truly inconvenient final question: since the international judicial cooperation is impossible when there has been a court acquittal or when a process is archived, is it possible that the reopening of the process had only the (deviant) purpose to enable the cooperation and place the police Portuguese "“at the service” of the British authorities? If so, then there was “manipulation” of the process. Nevertheless, without making conjectures, we can safely conclude that this case reveals a good deal of subservience, much to the detriment of our penal sovereignty.

in Correio da Manhã, July 3, 2014


  1. NO evidence of a break in/abduction. Plenty of evidence of a body and dna. My question is this, is there one police person left in the UK who will put principle, morals and the reason he/she joined the force first. There is so many unanswered questions, so many statements from the tapas 7 that do not make sense. there are so many things that plain old common sense wont allow a mind to settle on, instead, if you read all the files and watch all the interviewst alarm bells start ringing and red flags pop up everywhere. That poor poor girl, Maddie, needs to be set free so she can rest in peace.
    Somebody, please do the right thing.

  2. My comment on Pat Brown's post today:

    "How amazing Pat is forecasting the SY actions! Congrats. And it is really overwhelming the way Portugal government is dealing with this new situation. I'm first generation from portuguese myself and I feel kinda outraged with all of that. If Pat is right, Scotland Yard is about to address the world that portuguese police is unable to do their job on their own soil. Only the British police could provide that, even telling nonsenses. Portuguese people of good faith should speak up loudly against that!

    Maybe this is exactly the reason why SY goes to Portugal. To let the world know that UK still prevails over small european countries after all."

    Os Portugueses temos que nos levantar contra esta situação vexatória. A Scotland Yard está refazendo o processo como se Portugal, e a sua polícia, não existissem. Acordai homens que dormis!!

  3. It was always a mystery to me why the Portuguese review was started and why the case was reopened, thanks to Mr. Pereira now I understand. There is no Portuguese investigation, starting a review and subsequently reopening the case was just an artifice to overcome a legal technicality in order to facilitate this farce that we are now witnessing. The Portuguese authorities sold out their own. It's sad.

  4. One might understand, if the inquiry was multi stranded, as in normal. Where all people involved on the day were investigated and all theories were on the table. That is not the case here. Cameron tried to influence the Nigella Lawson jury, he influenced the Coulson jury. He was in it up to the neck with news international. So he is not one that appears to observe the rule of law or propriety. It's bad enough to be the sub servants of NSY but then to go along and set up your own citizens is beyond criminal or reason.

  5. Portugal Take control and do not let the british bully you any longer.We all support you, be strong.Fight back and let the truth be known...God Bless you all....

  6. Cameron you are damaging your party big time with all the corrupts people around you, maybe your too inexperienced to see it. Your actions and support towards the McCanns is favouritism and stinks of corruption and blackmail. Why is the british taxpayer paying for this when the McCanns have milked millions from the public to search for Madeleine, this money should go towards SY costs. Any police investigation starts with the people close to the scene of crime at the time, this hasn't happened SY has not asked the Tapas or McCanns to come in for questioning, why...because they cant because they have been instructed to cover up all information leading to the parents. Maybe this is a mason brotherhood thing, but sell your soul to the devil and he will come back for more. Are you not aware of what the McCanns are doing the the ex inspector they had thrown off the case..if you aren't and I don't believe it for a moment, why is this allowed to continue, Parent sof missing children are too grief stricken to put begging bowls in bars a couple of days later. Then open a Ltd company of which they control expenditure...Fraud is the only word I can find to describe it. Why are the dogs more important now even though they have discovered nothing than the dogs that marked cadaver in the apartment and car 7 years ago.
    Tell the public Mr PM what has the Mcs got that has the government and police and MI5 running round in circles. YOUR PUBLIC ARE NOT STUPID,and you may as well say goodbye to your political career. Rid UK of its corruption, expose those in high places for whatey are as you would expose the ordinary people that that created conspiracy and corruption. A young childis at stake here, she deserves the best but so do all chdrehat become victims of crime. Theock ticking

  7. @1 The majority of them lack principles , morals , or reason these days , they are just as "trusting" as a nest of vipers , the only genuine Policeman from Portugal , Dr Amaral was removed from the case when he was getting close to charging the mccans by British establishment interference , the same establishment that vomits the "rule of law" to other countries .

  8. Mirror copying the story yet made several mistakes, it's called "jornalismo de encher chouriços".

    Madeleine McCann UK cops slammed by Portuguese politician for ''using and abusing'' his officers

    Jul 03, 2014 21:24
    By Paul Byrne

    Former Portuguese Home Secretary Riu Pereira claimed Portuguese authorities have been ‘subservient’ to the UK

    A former Portuguese Home Secretary has launched an astonishing attack on the UK police hunt for Madeleine McCann.

    He claimed Portuguese police had been “used and abused” and ordered to work for the British.

    His incredible outburst came as Scotland Yard detectives wound up the latest phase of their £5million probe into the little girl’s disappearance.

    Four suspects and 11 witnesses have been quizzed this week by Portuguese police in Faro, watched over by the Met team from Operation Grange.

    Specialist sniffer dogs from south Wales have also searched cars linked to the investigation.

    Sources on the Algarve say the four-day operation has failed to produce new leads.

    And now former government minister Riu Pereira has blasted the operation, calling it ‘absurd’ and claiming Portuguese authorities have been ‘subservient’ to the UK.

    He said his country’s police officers had been used as “outsource workers”.
    In a newspaper column on Thursday he wrote: “The Portuguese authorities, especially the Policia Judiciaria, have been used and abused in the ambit of international judicial cooperation, to carry out work ordered by their British counterparts.”

    He added: “From chartered Air Force helicopter flights, to search from above for holes opened seven years ago, to the return of the famous sniffer dogs, as well as quizzes of ‘suspects and witnesses’, everything has been done to satisfy the aims of our oldest allies. Is such deference justified?”

    He asked: “The first question that occurs to me is simple. Would the British police do the same in identical circumstances?”

    Before adding: “Of course not.”

    He said Portuguese police were capable of conducting their own inquiry.

    “This, therefore, is the the absurdity of the situation in all its splendour. In Portugal there’s a criminal investigation with the same objective, but our authorities are working, as exclusive outsource workers, for another country’s ongoing investigation.”

    And he added: “Could it be that the reopening of the case in Portugal was simply designed to facilitate the cooperation of Portuguese police at the service of British police.

    “If that is true, then there was ‘manipulation’ of the case. We can conclude, without making conjectures, that it reveals a good helping of subservience which prejudices our national sovereignty as a penal state.”

    The article in Portuguese daily newspaper Correio da Manha by the former minister, who is now a university lecturer, followed claims by a source close to the investigation that this week’s four day operation in Faro had failed to produce a new lead.

    He said: “We’re back where we were seven years ago.”

    All four men who were interviewed this week are being treated as “persons of special interest” or arguidos.

    They were invited to be interviewed but there have been no arrests.

    more at http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/madeleine-mccann-uk-cops-slammed-3806229

    1. Hi Joana, I am one of the GROUP who is campaigning to seek justice for little Maddie. An innocent chilld who has disappeared from the face of the earth without trace.

      I sympathise and empathise with the honourable Dr Gonzalo Amaral and the people in Portugal especially the people who live and work close to Praia Da Luz.their lives have been torn apart AGAIN BY THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT, SCOTLAND YARD, THE BRITISH POLICE and THE BRITISH MEDIA. It is a well known fact and it has been proven the the majority of the above mentioned are CORRUPT TO THE CORE.

      Just who does SCOTLAND YARD really think they are?
      Do they think they have a higher standard of education than the Portugese Police?
      They are under the impression the UK LAW prevails over other European Countries!!

      I suggest Joana that the Portugese people STICK TOGETHER, STAND UP FOR THEIR COUNTRY and STAND BY THE HONOURABLE DR GONZALO AMARAL because this man IS TELLING THE TRUTH and I am standing beside him every step of the way until JUSTICE IS DONE FOR AN INNOCENT LITTLE MADDIE.

      Do NOT be intimidated and I reiterate
      be intimidated by the BRITISH POLICE. 5million pounds has been spent TAX PAYERS money including mine on another FRUITLESS INVESTIGATION while so many families and children in the UK are living on the breadline. This is an appauling waste of money.

    2. Thank you. I have tried so many times to no avail. I am a genuine person who seeks Justice for little Madeleine McCann


    Rui Pereira is absolutely right. This is a good example of international rules and regulations being used by a dubious triad (Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell<>David "Camarão" Cameron<>Scotland Yard) for the purpose of reputation management of two neglecting parents - if we forget for a moment the possible presence of at least one paedophile in their group of friends which for all we know could have been into "swinging sixties" - if you know what I mean (...)







  10. This is what happens Mr Redwood when you reject the obvious in pursuit of the ridiculous, having police running round in circles, and hoping they are stupid enough to obey without question, which they are not. The original investigation is the one with the leads and answers, so wake up now and at least let it seem as though you are working with some sort of logic, (instead of this looking like a PR exercise to aid the McCanns), because that logic of discovering what happened to Madeleine has not been apparent so far.

  11. shame on Scotland yard spending money on fine hotels and no dought big meals when children in England going to bed hungry because parents can not afford to feed them mr Cameron you are just awful and shouls be ashamed of yourself

  12. You Portuguese people naturally feel inferior when confronted with a superior race and a superior nations.

  13. Comment @14 allowed to show the daily abuse and harassment I get from xenophobic McCann couple supporters.


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