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Operation Grange - Counting the cost

Ben Thompson © 2014

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann has without doubt touched the hearts and minds of two nations. Never before has there been a case that has been so prominent in the public arena as this one, but without sounding heartless why has this case been given such prominence over others, and at what cost to the two countries involved?

On 30th August 2014 Mrs S Rhosier made a freedom of information request to the Home Office in London. The content of this letter requested details of the cost of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and also raised some valid points as to why the vast amount of money allocated to this case hadn't been evenly distributed to other cases. The example Mrs Rhosier gave was of teenager Mary Bastholm who disappeared in 1968. Mary was just 15 years old when she vanished, and although her body has never been found it is the belief of the police that she was abducted and murdered at the hands of notorious serial killer Fred West. This is the letter Mrs Rhosier sent:

Dear Home Office,

In 2011, your office authorised the Metropolitan Police to review the Madeleine McCann disappearance, and daily in the news we see updates of the searches carried out in Portugal, where UK police have no jurisdiction. The current cost of this has been reported in the media as exceeding £20m. Please confirm the actual costs thus far, including any costs that reimburse the Portuguese police for use of their manpower, resources and search equipment such as GPR, helicopters etc., and the ongoing costs of travel and overtime paid to UK investigating officers delegated to Operation Grange.

In 2011 new information came to light regarding the disappearance of Mary Bastholm in Gloucester; information which linked her disappearance to the activities of Fred West, and a request was made to carry out a small investigation using ground penetrating radar and side scanning sonar in a particular location where West was known to have worked. This new information caused great perturbation to the son of the person who owned the location at the time and the person reporting the new information was warned off.

Gloucester police did not take this seriously and when a complaint was made to the then Chief Constable Tony Melville, he refused to pursue the matter on the grounds of cost and incorrect information. A key corroborating document was destroyed by Gloucester Police and they refused to release photographic evidence of it from their files under a FOI request.

The information still remains valid and therefore I request to know what distinction you instruct the police to make when asked to investigate older cases and why there was no funding made available to carry out this search by Gloucester Police when the case of Fred West is far more notorious than that of Madeleine McCann. People in Gloucester still remember Mary Bastholm and until the new information is acted upon, there is a clear bias in the police handling of this matter.


Please indicate why funds are allocated to look for Madeleine McCann and not allocated to find the remains of Mary Bastholm under the as yet ignored new evidence, and why the evidence was deemed 'not in the public interest' when Fred West made such a disturbing impact on the close-knit Gloucester community.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs S Rhosier

I have to agree with Mrs Rhosier, cases of missing children are a highly sensitive area, but surely there should be some level of equal attention and funds available to each individual case based upon it's merits. The following was the reply dated 22nd September 2014:

Freedom of Information request reference: 32767

Dear Mrs Rhosier,

Thank you for your e-mail of 30 August concerning decisions to approve historic UK police investigations and authorise funding. Your request has been handled as a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

You asked for the following information:

1. The actual costs thus far [of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann], including any costs that reimburse the Portuguese police for use of their manpower, resources and search equipment such as GPR, helicopters etc., and the ongoing costs of travel and overtime paid to UK investigating officers delegated to Operation Grange.

2. What distinction you [the Home Office] instruct the police to make when asked to investigate older cases and why there was no funding made available to carry out this search [for Mary Bastholm] by Gloucester Police when the case of Fred West is far more notorious than that of Madeline (sic) McCann.

3. Why funds are allocated to look for Madeleine McCann and not allocated to find the remains of Mary Bastholm under the as yet ignored new evidence, and why the evidence was deemed 'not in the public interest'.

Below are our responses.

1. The Home Office paid Leicestershire Constabulary a special grant payment of £525K in 2007/2008 and £221K in 2009/2010 for their work in liaising with the Portuguese police and co-ordinating UK policing involvement in this case. The Metropolitan Police received a special grant payment of £1.9m in 2011/2012, £2.8m in 2012/2013, and £2.6m in 2013/2014.

We have not yet received the costs for 2014/2015 but we expect them to be broadly in line with the costs of previous years.

The Home Office is provided with a breakdown of the costs by the Metropolitan Police and this has been set out in the attached Annex (FoI response Rhosier – McCann breakdown expenditure). We do not hold details on the costs of individual resources or specific search equipment.

The Home Office will continue to work closely with the Metropolitan Police to review and control the costs appropriately and to ensure that the investigation has the resources it requires to undertake its work effectively.

2. The Home Office does not instruct forces on whether to investigate crimes or not; the circumstances of each missing persons case will vary and it is for individual forces to make an operational assessment on how they pursue it. The decision for the police not to act was made solely by Gloucestershire Constabulary. Any questions you may have on the case of Mary Bastholm should therefore be addressed to the force itself. The Government takes very seriously all cases of missing children. Although most of these cases may not be in the public eye, unresolved missing children cases are never closed and they remain the responsibility of individual police forces until the child is found.

3. The Government believes it is right that it does all it can to support the search for Madeleine McCann. That is why the Home Secretary asked the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service to undertake a review of the case in May 2011. The Commissioner considered the request and on balance took the operational decision to bring its particular expertise to the case.

Special Grant funding may be available to police forces to help meet costs where necessary additional expenditure incurred would place unreasonable strain on the force budget and potentially negatively impact on their capacity to deliver normal policing. Once a claim for a Special Grant has been received, it is considered by officials and then referred to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary for their views, in particular as to whether the operational response is appropriate and proportionate. As is the case in all such instances, regular review and close scrutiny of the on-going and forecast costs is undertaken to ensure expenditure from this budget is appropriate.

The Home Office therefore agreed to fund this work from a central Special Grant budget, subject to the Home Office and the MPS reviewing together the value and cost of the work at each stage. [...]

The following chart shows the breakdown of expenditure, totalling £7,332,389:

These figures don't include the estimated 4 million Euro spent by Britain's Portuguese counterparts, so the total expenditure we're looking at is more likely to be in the region of £11.5 million (est). Spread out over 7 years that's an average spend of £1.64 million per annum.

It could be argued that no price can be put on the life of a child, but if we are looking at other cases that haven't received anywhere near this sort of money, can we really agree that the amount spent above is anywhere near a level playing field for all missing children?

Let's not forget that the McCanns are directors of a limited company that is currently spending the grand sum of zero pounds on the search for their missing daughter, yet the McCanns spend money silencing those who question their version.

Going back to Mrs Rhosier's claim that a request was made to the Chief Constable of Gloucester Police, Tony Melville, to perform a simple investigation using ground penetrating radar, to try and find the remains of a 15 year old little girl who deserves as much as anyone else to be laid to rest properly, and for her family to have closure. How does this differ from the fruitless, and vastly expensive trip to Praia da Luz earlier this year?

Yet again we find ourselves in a situation whereby it's one rule for the McCanns, and another for the rest of the country.

For months now we have been promised breakthroughs in this case, and as things stand it would appear that a massive amount of money has been spent, yet we're still no closer to an end result.

The money being spent is paid by the taxpayer, isn't it high time that as that taxpayer we as a nation had the right to fair, and sensible spending, as well as be able to see signs of a thorough and just investigation, which surely involves looking at all the evidence, not just the areas that don't involve the McCanns.

Either do it right, or not at all.

FOI request: Decisions to approve historic UK police investigations and authorise funding
FoI response Rhosier – McCann breakdown expenditure - PDF
FoI response 32767 - PDF
Fred West wikipedia
Police rule out new dig to find missing Mary Bastholm
McCanns limited company aka Madeleine's Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited - McCann files


  1. To set up an independent public enquiry into the conduct of the various investigations into the reported disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    Responsible department: Home Office

    Despite seven years of investigation, Madeleine’s disappearance remains a mystery. There are numerous concerns about the conduct of Leicestershire Police, Scotland Yard & government officials who became involved in the case. There are also major concerns about the investigation by Madeleine's Fund, a private company regulated by the Department of Business. The combined efforts of these organisations have yielded no answers about what really happened to her, nor who was responsible for her disappearance, nor where she might be.

    The Leicestershire Police and Scotland Yard investigations have cost around £10 million so far. Madeleine’s Fund also spent millions of pounds on private detectives, mostly coming from the generous British public. The Portuguese Police and police forces around the world have also spent millions on various investigations and following up claimed 'sightings' of Madeleine. We need an independent public enquiry with the power to summon relevant witnesses.


  2. Millions spent and no results a disgrace

  3. Thanks for this - Ben T and Joana.

    ...probably old knowledge, but this link provides some useful reference for UK Police actions in Europe (and CPS serving as conduits for ILORs):


    In the FOI request detailed on the 'asaucesaid' blog it appears that the status given to SY actions is still being referred to as a "review" (first reference), later changed to "investigative review" (second) - but never a straightforward "investigation". Reviews ('investigative' or otherwise), are not mentioned in the college of policing instructions.

    The stated objective of "building up a productive working relationship with the Portuguese" also goes without mention. The procedural requirements are clearly stated, and the responsible authorities are named. I guess "the Portuguese" can just be lumped together as a single intransigent entity!

    Still, it required stating, that the "clear priority is to find out what happened to Madeleine."

  4. I bet the Home Office wouldn't be so co-operative in replying to a query as to why the 'investigation' ignores all the evidence

  5. They should have answered the questions, done the reconstruction and helped the PJ investigation in 2007/8. Yet they allowed the case to be archived in Portugal for several years, and they never requested or forced its reopening nor the reconstruction. Instead since the start they used the media and spin doctors to denigrate the investigators and hired numerous private detectives during the PJ investigation, which is illegal, to pervert the course of justice. If Redwood is willing to carry on with this charade without looking at the inconsistencies of the Tapas group statements and lies said throughout the years, forensic findings and cadaver dogs, then the McCanns should pay for that ridiculous sham, not us. And what about all the other missing children, real missing children that were never neglected by the parents? They don't matter?

  6. A complete waste of time and tax payers money to try and fool the masses into thinking that Madeline is still " Out there waiting to be found ." And it's not working !

  7. Madeleine's body was placed inside a coffin in the church and cremated.

  8. The manner in which this review / investigation has been conducted strongly indicates that its objective is not to find out what happened to Madeleine, so I doubt that some 30 odd officers, as has been reported, would have been assigned full time to non investigative endeavour. Therefore I find these expenditure figures to be exaggerated. Yes, it's true that we saw many officers smiling for the cameras by the side of the road when they were purportedly digging for artifacts related to the case, but I'm certain that many of these officers were as surprised to be working on the Madeleine case and digging in Portugal as many in the public were to see them.

  9. Free holidays all expenses paid for the English Policemen.
    Why is someone not man enough to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth

  10. The type of culprit (s) involved in this heinous crime would not leave a body "out there" for any Tom, Dick or dog to find. That doesn't fit with the psyche of the kind of humans that disappear and hide children.

    No, the evidence is most likely to be in the last place anyone would expect to find it.

    Occam's razor is a brilliant tool and all, but it only works if it's known for sure where the last shave took place, otherwise the world is on a never ending roller coaster ride of shadow chasing.

    Leicester's finest, who had boots on the ground from the early days took nearly three months to summon the dogs and then they hit. Of course. Kate still had her monochrome pants and other paraphernalia though which signalled death in 5A that week. Does anyone remember where the PJ wanted to go before this happened?

    Queniborough, Rothley, the ditched car....as is normal for any police inquiry regarding a missing person, especially a child .

    Doctors, hair with not quite enough root material, evidence of frozen matter in the car, training hospitals/universities and pathology labs, what are they like? Apart from that the script was, well rubbish really, as was evidenced by the constant use of the aforementioned word.


    Filmed on location, a media circus, using colours that echo the Portuguese flag and a neat little nod to the Irish, even someone gave JM a matching green table valance for her stall. Senhor Amaral was not wrong though, not wrong at all, when he said that he felt like he was chasing a ghost.

    For anyone like me that has little understanding of demographics, colours and/or building a profile, there's a teacher on the net who can explain things a little better.. his name is Clarence Mitchell, Mitch 1 in a million theworld, it's all there in the soon to be an historical document :The Coventry tapes.

    I'm not sure if this is true or not, but future projections for Madame Tussauds claim that shares will skyrocket , trailer loads of pink wax are said to have been stockpiled in eager anticipation of this earth shattering unveiling and unstoppable event.

    Let's wait and see, as there are a lot of people involved in this, according to Sue Healy, who showed no signs of deception when she said that. Not a sliver of a scintilla!

    And then we have the famous last words of the bullies and perpetrators of the crime of the century and a nigh on decade long consummate justice holocaust: "well they're not going to jail us all" .


    Justice is in the hands of the people folks, not the criminals.

  11. Exclusive: Unnamed English idiot tells laughable tale on Spanish ExPat rag to keep the farce going http://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2014/10/01/exclusive-ex-soldier-claims-he-saw-madeleine-mccann-by-a-nerja-swimming-pool/ #‎McCann‬ @mitch_1uk

  12. Madeleine McCann’s parents targeted by internet trolls

    Fiona Hamilton
    Published at 12:01AM, October 2 2014

    Police have launched an investigation into a catalogue of online threats and abuse targeting the family of missing Madeleine McCann.

    Scotland Yard has been handed a dossier of more than 80 pages of Tweets, Facebook posts and messages on online forums aimed at her parents Kate and Gerry McCann.

    Internet “trolls”, usually hiding behind anonymous social media accounts, have posted the messages since 2007 when Madeleine, then aged three, disappeared from their holiday resort in Praia de Luz, Portugal.

    Sky News reported that the abuse included suggestions that the McCanns be tortured and killed, reports of recent sightings of the couple and calls for them to “burn in hell”.

    Some messages are even directed at Madeleine’s younger siblings, twins Sean and Amelie, now aged nine.

    A group, who wish to remain anonymous, put the dossier together and are now calling on police to take action against the trolls.

    One campaigner, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Sky News: “We’re very worried that it’s only going to take somebody to act out of some of these discussions, some of the threats that have been made, and we couldn’t live with ourselves if that happened and we had done nothing.

    “We know that this is still continuing, that it’s escalating at an alarming rate, and becoming bolder and a lot of what they’re posting is becoming much more sinister.

    “We would like to see police taking action because of the sheer orchestration that’s involved and the fact there are so many.”

    The Met has been consulting the Crime Prosecution Service about the material.



  13. Share
    Sky's Martin Brunt speaks to one of the women accused of targeting the family of missing girl Madeleine McCann on social media. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/video/sky-news-speaks-mccann-39-234003214.html

    Investigation into McCann internet trolls launched by police - Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/madeleinemccann/11134162/Investigation-into-McCann-internet-trolls-launched-by-police.html

    Police probe trolls sending hate messages to Kate and Gerry McCann -Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2777145/Police-probe-trolls-sending-hate-messages-McCanns-Detectives-investigate-given-dossier-catalogues-remarks-including-death-threats.html

    McCanns Targeted By 'Venomous' Internet Trolls - Sky News http://news.sky.com/story/1345871/mccanns-targeted-by-venomous-internet-trolls

    McCann net trolls face quiz on abuse - The Sun http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/5962867/Madeleine-McCann-internet-trolls-face-police-quiz-on-abuse.html

  14. well here we are at last.......What an establishment cover up ..cor blimey they are really hiding something huge aint they ?

    A fantastic well researched truthful documentary recently released by Richard D Hall ..." Buried by mainstream media" : the true story of Madeleine McCann.

    It clearly catalogues illegal activities been carried out in respect to the AlphaIG amongst many other deceptions in this corrupt case, YES LAW BREAKING......BUT... wait for it the UK MET police are not interested in any of that, I wonder are they on the same side as the criminals lol - they would rather go after people seeking to expose truth it seems.. than true criminals lmao - and the media send out big bad Martin Brunt, I think that's how you spell It.

    Run to the Hills - Run for your lives lol

    Keep seeking to expose the truth - don't be scared by the threats - Power does change hands and history has them ALL logged in their complicity of the cover up of a innocent child named Madeleine Beth McCann.

    no fear.


  15. Power to the People , its time the ones responsible for the disappearance of this child are made to answer why they refused to answer questions put to them 7 years ago . While they are at it , can they "charge" the dogs for telling lies??????? Its time the decent people of the world demanded answers from the "responsible" parents , the very "responsible" parents who left under 4 year old children on their own while they mingled with their friends . A decent Police officer from Portugal , Dr Amaral is being penalised for this . Was the "fund" not started to find the child? Or was it created to sue people who challenged this case?

  16. Now, the McCann's are even suing Sunday Times for an article in which the paper claims that they have witheld important evidence. In this case the e-fits of the Smith's sighting. It is true that they have sent them to portuguese authorities as well as to the British but obviously kept a copy by themselves. For more than 7 years this couple have known about the witness statements of this Irish couple but in their own investigation or search for Madeleine they have completely ignored this sighting as being a possible abductor. How come the McCann's all this time have been convinced that the alleged abduction must have been taken place around 21.15 as the so called Tanner sighting suggested and not about 21.45-55 HRS, which the Smith's sighting indicates. What is it that these people know about what was going on in apartment 5A shortly before 22.00 HRS, that we and the original police investigators do not know. The Smith's sighting cannot be disputated and it came into the investigation very early but has for some reason been ignored by the McCanns ever since it became obvious that the individual seen by Jane Tanner could not possibly be the same as the man seen by the Smiths. SY now also affirms in terms of "relevation" that this a man of greatest interest, but he has in fact been known by everybody who follow this case for years. So how come the McCanns have not been interested in tracking him down. Would he/she whose child have been abducted try to distract attention away from the only credible sigthing of a possible abductor, just because he happens to bear resemblances to him/herself. If this is the explanation to the McCann's behaviour in this respect, then the nicest thing one could say about them is, that they have never really been particularly interested in finding their daughter. Yes they have certainly sent the e-fit to the PJ well aware of that nothing was going to be done about it, since the case was archived or shelved. Once opened on their own terms, they would have the power to manipulate those trying to solve the case. This is what is happening right now. When the e-fits now appear there is no reference to the Smith's family. They have no intention of improving this e-fit by adding the man's body and a small child to it and publish it in all British newspaper as they did against the advice of the portuguese investigators with the so called "eggman". I believe this could be crucial facts iif a real opening of the shelved case from 2008 would come about.

  17. Articles on Old News re/the McCanns' grievances in the Guardian, Telegraph, Mirror .... is the verdict in the court case due????

  18. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/terrorism-in-the-uk/11129474/Extremists-to-have-Facebook-and-Twitter-vetted-by-anti-terror-police.html once again the mccann case helps the Gov ,bring in repressive laws against free speech this time,next micro chipping etc

  19. Lots of people are voicing their anger in the UK about the double standards being applied by the UK police forces.
    For recently the UK police issued a European arrest warrant against parents who removed their child from a hospital to seek for better treatment, the parents were arrested in Spain placed in prison etc and had to prove themselves innocent of intent to harm their child.
    But for some reason the McCann's who by their own admission left their THREE CHILDREN alone and unprotected, resulting in one of the children going missing who could possibly be dead.
    They steadfastly blame all, excepting themselves and sue every one has the temerity to challenge their conduct.
    But for some reason the McCann's are not investigated in any way for negligence. Something is not right about all of that both in Portugal and in the UK.

    Letter from Iberia


    Joana, the above concerns ONLY Operation Coop! :o Sorry! meant Operation Grange!!

    What about "Operation Facebook" now in the hands of Scotland Yard - whom we are told were recently handed-in a "dossier" by a team of "McCann sympathizers" ? Could it all have been arranged by Burson-Marsteller E-fluentials/Crowdverb departments via Clarence Micthell/David Cameron, say?

    No figures so far ?

    I wonder if Gonçalo Amaral sympathizers could do the same by targeting some of the dumb and illiterate pro-McCanns' fans - and the McCanns themselves if at all possible!

    Kate McCann immortal phrase "fucking tosser" (quote) comes to mind... even assuming the woman was not referring to GA but to one of his ex-colleagues, her vernacular may sound disrespectful and offensive to the ears of individuals who do not share the same plebeian background of her and her husband.

    Incidentally... do you think Scotland Yard has powers to arrest Portuguese citizens in Portuguese territory on the account of their on-line opinions? Well, since they seem to have the power to monkey the PJ in Portuguese territory I fear anything is possible - strange world we live in! Beam me up!

    Anyway... I better say something nice about the lovely couple just in case ... erm... I sincerely hope these dotting parents will find their daughter alive and well. Et amen!

    As Rita Lee used to sing: ""O mundo é dos que sonham e... likewise ...toda a lenda e pura verdade!". Não deu para por isto em "linguagem caviar". Estou cansado!







  21. In Portugal, sources close to the case said this week that detectives from Scotland Yard should arrive in Portugal in the coming week or so for another routine meeting with their Portuguese counterparts in Faro.
    This meeting will then be followed by further inquiries in Portugal after a request was sent to Portugal at the end of August for further questioning of suspects in the Algarve.
    It is understood the officers have been granted permission to interview up to seven key suspects identified earlier this year – three of whom are expected to be questioned for a second time.
    This is the fifth such letter to be received by Portuguese authorities since last October.
    Last month, British detectives admitted upon their return to the UK that “no evidence relating to Madeleine McCann had been identified.”
    Sources close to the case had earlier told The Portugal News: “Unfortunately we are nowhere nearer to solving the case than we were seven years ago” even though it appears the investigation is far from over. http://www.theportugalnews.com/news/kate-and-gerry-mccann-receive-death-threats/32898

  22. I wonder whether Mrs Rhosier would be considered to be a troll by Sky 'News', or in particular, Martin Brunt? For me, that will be well worth asking on the next #askbrunt fiasco; if he has the gumption or sheer audacity to have another one, that is.

    I really do believe that it's also within the power of the UK public to force a legal reconstrunction, of all T9 members, as to not do so really amounts to perverting the course of justice, as they are material witnesses in an ongoing criminal investigation.

    The Met are duty bound to follow what is an extremely robust criminal principle of UK law, especially when, as discussed above, they are spending millions in doing so.

    We need to appreciate our full powers, and come together to force action over such issues.

  23. Joana @22 "In Portugal, sources close to the case said this week that detectives from Scotland Yard should arrive in Portugal in the coming week or so for another routine meeting with their Portuguese counterparts in Faro."

    In terms of the on-going reputation management campaign it makes perfect sense!

    Perhaps they are hoping the McCanns' vs. Amaral case will restart about the time they will hit the stage for another live show... if not... they will come back another time. They will stage it for as long as it is needed and the "operation" goes on.

    They have "carte blanche" to spend besides the weather in Algarve is always a much better option than cold, grey, crime ridden London...

    Anyway, the idea may be to try and influence judge Melo e Castro along the lines: "Look judge! We the prestigious Scotland Yard are only now investigating this case! How could that Portuguese idiot "Gonkalo" have written what he did if he did not investigate???".

    Some cynics have gone as far as to suggest Scotland Yard is now under the instructions of Clarence Mitchell - Conservative candidate and Head of Burson-Marsteller - global reputation managers par excellence but of course I make no allegations.

    The following is for sure:

    (1) Clarence Mitchell is the McCanns' reputation manager.
    (2) Clarence Mitchell is the Director of Burson-Marsteller - a global, reputation management outfit.
    (3) Clarence Mitchell is now a Conservative candidate in the next UKGB General elections.
    (4) The actual British PM, David Cameron, is Clarence Mitchell mentor.
    (5) David Cameron ordered Scotland Yard to review the case as if to pretend the Portuguese investigation (and conclusions) counted for nothing.

    Incidentally, the new, on-going "Operation Facebook" on behalf of the McCanns' was announced by SKY, owned by Rupert Murdoch...

    Think "The Chipping Norton Set"!


    :h Disclaimer:

    No allegations made. This is a comment under the article 37 of the Portuguese Republic Constitution.

    :k You Brits MUST know the McCanns' are innocent of any wrong doing even if you do not believe in it. So shut up and keep swimming! Silence contains all sounds.

    Et amen

  24. the FB page of the woman Sweepyface was very little on it compared to her number of tweets.it looks IMO like a page set up to at a future date back up a "legend"of a person being real.google crisis actors.why is Sweepy face tweets allowed but worse tweets have the names[only twitter not real]black out due to legal reasons?

  25. What devastating news - I hope Sky / Martin Brunt and the news papers/media outlets who have exposed this lovely lady are feeling utter shame with their actions.

    I sense more covering up ahead - its a total disgrace.

    My condolences to the family.




    It seems (sheer coincidence) quite a number of people associated with Madeleine McCann's case have since died.

    Some "trolls" have gone as far as to refer to the obituary list so far as the "McCanns' Curse".

    By "trolls", they mean "anonymous commentators" - anonymous, because freedom of opinion is somewhat a mute point when it comes to the very rich and/or well-connected and to avoid the wrath of Carter-Ruck - boutique lawyers to the very rich...

    Rest in Peace Brenda Leyland!

    Your voice, silenced by Martin Brunt on Rupert Murdoch's (*) payroll will continue to be heard and shared by millions of "trolls" world-wide who would like to see justice made for Madeleine and all children left alone in the dark of the night.

    I am referring above to the witness statement of Pamela Fenn in the PJ Files - Processo IX, pages 2412 to 2414- Date: 2007/08/20- Time: 15H30

    May the Truth prevail in the end!

    (*) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chipping_Norton_set

  27. Whjat are the chances of crowdfunding a QC to act either against skymadeupnewsandfilth, Martin Brunt or Gerry and Cilla, themselves, in the matter of the hounding to death of this poor woman, or worse?

  28. Sources close to this, sources close to that. We don't know what is true and what is not.


    Katie Hopkins ✔ @KTHopkins

    How many more must die before the McCann's accept their negligence is at the heart of all their grief? Enough already. 9:16 AM - 6 Oct 2014

    Believe it - and get over yourself. Plenty think it. Imagine if I left my children alone and went out. Forgiveness? 9:35 AM - 6 Oct 201

    I really do not give one little jot what you think. I don't give offence. You choose to take it. Make better choices. 9:37 AM - 6 Oct 2014

    Katie writes for the "Sun" which comes as an added surprise! Rupert Murdoch & Cia. are not going to like her honesty that is for sure... but... that is Katie! A force of Nature!

    Full kudos for her courage to speak out for the dead victims and millions world-wide, repressed by "political correctness" and all kinds of expensive legal straight jackets money can buy...

    :o Carter-Ruck will find this one difficult to handle...

    :o Burson-Marsteller now might order the Yard to call off "Operation Twitter"...

  30. Katie Hopkins ✔ @KTHopkins

    The Peaches Effect.

    Someone from a council estate makes a mistake - vilified. White, middle class makes mistake - only sympathy on offer. 9:44 AM - 6 Oct 2014




  32. Last week the father of Madeleine McCann called for an example to be made of 'vile' internet trolls who upset him and his family.
    It would appear that again he got his way by terminally damaging another human being.
    But I expect that he and his oh so innocent wife are disappointed that by the lady taking her own life they will not be able to sue her.


    The British mainstream media are already at it - e.g. for instance by suggesting people who might be contemplating suicide contact The Samaritans help line...thus leading gullible readers to assume Mrs. Leyland committed suicide out of shame for what she wrote in Twitter but...

    ... the way I see it, what she is quoted to have twitted is not as libellous as for example: "fucking tosser" - the expression Kate McCann used, publicly, to refer to a Portuguese investigator who by duty had to present her with those questions she refused to answer

    I can see at least two other possibilities besides the mainstream media ready-made assumption the lady committed suicide to avoid being "carter-rucked". Here they are:

    (1) Feeling hounded by Murdoch's media (which as we all know are pro-McCann AND pro-establishment) she became too stressed up and had a heart attack as a result - quite possible at her age... indeed anyone not fit enough to run away from a poisonous snake or a rabid dog!

    (2) She was murdered - far fetching as this may seem. The question to ask here is: why would the British police hide the fact? Well, ask yourself that question. I cannot answer that all I can say is that they have in the past done so and might be doing so as we write.

    (3) She was a victim of "remote-influencing". Remote influencing may also account for other deaths of people related to the Madeleine McCann case but of course this is pure speculation.

    We are just exchanging opinions, not judging two negligent parents with a lot of money to sue here, there and everywhere and friends in very high places to support their official (but unproven) version of events...

    PS Does anyone have a list of people directly or indirectly connected with the Madeleine McCann case who has since passed? That would be interesting to have and see what the Mathematics of Probability have to say...



  34. Unhappy with any of the Madeleine McCann coverage on SKYNews or other media today? Complain via this link: https://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/tell-us/specific-programme-epg

    Put in your name and address here:


    Then type out your complaint, which should focus on issues of

    * fairness

    * balance or


    Don't leave it to others.

    Do it yourself.

    It doesn't take long

    (copied and pasted from Jill Havern Forum)

  35. For those concerned about being tracked and exposed by The Mob check and study the link below:


    The other link given above by Nostradamus is also instructive:


    :d Be on the safe side! Avoid being carter-rucked! As for the use of colloquialisms if Kate McCann can refer to Portuguese investigators as "fucking tossers" there is no reason why you should avoid pejoratives when referring to her - except there is no need to lower yourself to her level. Think about it.


  36. Chris Green - Independent
    Villagers are struggling to come to terms with Brenda Leyland’s death, reports in Burton Overy

    i (from The Independent)
    7 Oct 2014

    The Leicestershire village of Burton Overy, with its rows of horse chestnut trees, thatched houses and picture-postcard church, is not used to scandal or tragedy. But over the past few days, the internet has brought both.

    It is here, behind the flower- decked windows of her small cottage, that 63-year- old Brenda Leyland is alleged to have used her Twitter account to direct a stream of online abuse – more than 4,000 tweets in 12 months – at the family of Madeleine McCann, the toddler who in 2007 was snatched from her parents’ holiday apartment in Portugal.

    What lay behind Ms Leyland’s anger at Kate and Gerry McCann, a couple she had never met, may never be known. On Saturday she was found dead in the room of a Leicester hotel, two days after being unmasked by Sky News as one of a number of Twitter users reported to police for posting abusive messages about the toddler’s family.

    Police said yesterday they would be examining “the circumstances surrounding and prior to” Ms Leyland’s death, which is not being treated as suspicious.

    A Facebook campaign is already under way demanding Sky News sack its crime correspondent, Martin Brunt, who first confronted Ms Leyland about her alleged online activities last Thursday.

    Most residents of the village, which is home to only a few hundred people, were reluctant to speak about the affair yesterday.

    “We’re having great difficulty coming to terms with what happened,” explained one.

    “It seems like it’s become a tragedy for both sides – first for the McCann family, now for her family,” said another.

    Alex Rankine, a 21-year- old student who has lived in Burton Overy with his parents for the past two years, said it was “a strong community” and that residents had been “pretty shocked” by the events of the past few days.

    He also questioned why Sky News had chosen to unmask Ms Leyland when others had been accused of the same crime.

    “It seems to me that Sky have seen that she lives in this picturesque village and thought it would make a good story, because there’s a contrast there. If it wasn’t such a middle- class area, I don’t feel like they would’ve confronted someone on their doorstep,” he said. “It put her in a bad situation. Obviously you can’t condone what she did, but I can see how she would’ve felt she’d been backed into a corner. I think it’s pretty irresponsible really. ”

    Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson, a writer who has lived opposite Ms Leyland for the past 11 years, said she spoke to her occasionally in the pub and that she came across as an “educated” woman.

    “One likes to think that people who are perhaps less educated indulge in such pastimes, so I was shocked, because it’s not nice to think of anyone you know doing such things,” she said.

    But she added that Sky News had acted “prematurely” by approaching Ms Leyland, leading to her being “judged” and “aggressive hounded” by the press.

    “Although it’s right that people who behave irresponsibly should be called to account, there are ways we have in a civilised society of doing that. It’s a modern version of stoning.”

    One man, who has lived in Burton Overy for 30 years but declined to be named, said he did not blame Sky News for confronting Ms Leyland.

    “I don’t see that there’s anything wrong in challenging somebody. Trolling is a disgraceful thing to do, whoever does it – it’s just a shock that it’s somebody from a place like this, such a quiet, nice place to live,” he said.

    Sky News said in a statement: “We were saddened to hear of the death of Brenda Leyland. It would be inappropriate to speculate or comment further at this time.”

  37. Sky News and Martin Brunt are responsible for her death....full stop.


    1. Who put the dossier together and handed it in - if other people are mentioned in it regardless of any action taken or not.... they have the right to know who has passed their posts on - its all covered in Data protection law.

    2. Did the British police supply details of any kind to Martin runt.......(I) such as the dossier (ii) address of where she lived etc

    3. How did Martin brunt know the address.

    why did he stalk her and follow her around prior to attacking the 63y/o Woman.....he most certainly was not following correct protocols....How would he feel if that was his Wife or Mother.

    Listen people this is co-ordinated in my opinion between the Mccanns, SKY, British Police and Government.

    In my opinion the Mccanns want us all shut up.
    So true to form the UK officialdom are doing as requested, he was asking on radio for people to be arrested (Gerry McCann).....and what Gerry McCann wants Gerry McCann gets.

    If "they" can't get you with the LAW - they will bend and break it.

    That is what has been done with the attacking of this lovely, sensitive Lady for no legal or valid reason whatsoever....she was NOT a troll.

    She was a Beautiful, loving Mother to a family.

    It is NOT a crime to be concerned for a child that has not received Justice.... but instead used as a pawn in political cover up.

    THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS - don't forget that simple truth in all this furore.

    It gnaws at them that the people who are against their lies and cover up are from all walks of life and status....and will not pipe down regardless of the media stooges all been bought out to blame everyone accept the true CRIMINALS.

    She was a very clever lady and knew they are lying - they are - they all are - and the UK government and police.....Fact.

    For all those half wits out there - We are fighting to expose the cover up of a death of a 3 y/o child named Madeleine Beth McCann, you can keep trying to avoid the truth of this case but you will not succeed ! .... in fact to the contrary you are leaving a trail of your corruption along with who you are. Tic Toc

    They will All regret what they are doing - the power will change hands and everything they are doing IS logged and time stamped in History. Tic Toc

    Raise your heads - those who have sided with the truth - your day of justice will come and the tables will be turned in the future.
    I promise you all.

    The UK establishment and its institutions are lying because they are involved in the crime.

    F**king TO**ERS....... to coin a phrase from Kate McCann.


  38. if there is a large funeral turnout of those who feel some sympathy for ms.leyland how will those who have managed to cover for the mc.canns for all these years manage that...truth will out...we shall see

  39. “We were saddened to hear of the death of Brenda Leyland. It would be inappropriate to speculate or comment further at this time.” Murdoch SKY now says...

    Of course "front-stage" you are "saddened" but "back-stage" probably saying: "Mission accomplished!".

    The ends justify the means - Burson-Marstellers' director is probably thinking.

    The problem is the "Martyr Effect"... Martin Brunt must be already feeling the boomerang :p


    “Any grounds for an investigation that involves significant intrusion into any individual’s privacy must be very strong.

    Before we start out we must be certain that any such intrusion is outweighed by the seriousness of the story and the amount of public good that will be delivered by its publication and/or broadcast.”

    The detailed guidelines also say: “People who are the subject of reports should not be treated unfairly. Where wrongdoing is alleged, they should be offered an opportunity to respond.

    “Where there may be doubt or uncertainty over a legal issue – in the first instance check with the Head of Home News or Head of International News, as appropriate.

    Remember: if in doubt, do not proceed, broadcast or publish. Always refer upwards.”


  41. Thanks Joana for letting us comment on yr blogg anonymously. Especially now that people who question the McCann's innocense are being persecuted by the British Society as a whole. When I learned about Martin Brunt doings and Brenda Leyland's death I told myself."This is it" She may of course have been rude in her criticism and her death may not have anything to do with her being targed by Sky News. But when decent people, who just want to find out the truth by asking very simple questions with reference to the McCann case, are officially being called "trolls", it is a clear sign of a society beginning to fall apart in a social and cultural sense. I must admit, that I have, from a Swedish perspective, been a great fan of the British culture, sense of humour, common sense etc etc, ever since I was a teenager in the sixties. There are, as far as I see now, two ways of responding to what is happening in the Maddie case. Either let oneself be silenced or go straight against public opinion in Britain using one's freedom of expression and speech, which fortunately is shared by most people in the democratic countries. Unfortunately not in Britain any longer. I have, however, chosen the latter alternative. So I am now preparing a long list of questions, which have not been answered by the McCanns in the Portuguese investigation and others not yet asked. There wiill be a list of thousand at least. I shall not turn to the McCanns or their spokesman. Long time ago Clarence Mitchell promised to give us "wholly innocent explanations to everything the Portuguese Police have found or may find". They have in fact found a lot. Even SY have found that "Tannerman" has nothing to do with the alleged abuduction, but no further questions about this to the McCanns are asked. And I have not heard Mr Mitchell explaining to us why the McCanns have been so convinced that this "Eggman" must be the abductor. One does not hear so much from him nowadays and when he appearss on stage he says nothing about what he promised us long time ago. So there are but two men who ought to know more than Mitchell and all of us about the case. They are not to be found in the Portuguese police-files and this is why it has taken me a while to track them down. None of them has ever been mentioned among the McCann's Tapas 7 friends, but I have successfully identified both of them. One is named David Cameron. He lives now at 10 Downing Street, I believe. I am not quite sure where this other influential guy lives, but his name is Gordon Brown. He is said to have occupied the same apartment as Cameron a few years ago. In case they should not be interested in answering, there is always a good chance to publicly ask all questions directly to the Noble Citizens of the United Kingdom at Hyde Park Corner, who seem to know more than most people abroad following the Maddie Case. May the very symbol of Freedom of Speech in London Wake them up!!!

  42. This was never going to cost a couple of £million, on top of what the LP had been awarded originally from central government, so one could suppose the LP original costs were around £2m and still adding + the £10million the MET have now spent to the end of the current accounting period, spring 2015. Then the consideration of the running costs in Portugal.

    And exactly WHERE IS THIS CASE going? What is new, that wasn't known from the closing of the Portuguese investigation, which also was subject to a REVIEW when Dr Amaral stepped down.

    The only thing discovered, if we can call it that is the morphing of Tannerman into crechedad, despite Mrs Tanner stating in her Roggie interview that it couldn't have been a father with child, wrong time, wrong direction. But let's go with the flow if that is what the MET have discovered and once and for all, put the Tannerman sighting & it's graphics in the closed, done and dusted folder. And accept there were two men carrying a female child about four years old, shoeless & wearing pyjamas!!

    Just a pity that THOSE requested to return to Portugal and do the reconstruction \ re-enactment of that night, which is part of usual Portuguese practice, i.e. WITHOUT STAND INS, Tannerman would have been excluded long ago.

  43. Madeleine McCann review: When will it end? http://thesteepletimes.com/editorial/when-will-end/

  44. Too busy with Madeleine McCann to help you! http://mirr.im/1shuwUY

  45. Second FOI on this matter, published Nov 28 2014, the information was released on 7 October 2014 as per https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/funding-of-investigations-into-the-disappearance-of-madeleine-mccann

    FOI release
    Home Office funding towards the investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from 2011 to 2014

    FOI release 33146

    The Home Office has provided The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) £1.9m in 2011/12, £2.8m in 2012/13 and £2.6m in 2013/14.

    We expect the costs for 2014/15 to be broadly in line with previous years. The Home Office have paid £639k so far in 2014/15 towards the costs of this investigation.

    The costs of the operation are regularly reviewed to ensure they are proportionate.

  46. I have finally finished reading through the Portuguese files on the McCann case - pretty damning that is for sure. So much money spent not only from funding from the Home Office but also from the general public and still sadly no progress as far as finding that poor child. I know what I think but it would be inappropriate for me to say what that is, but for all the money that has been spent, for all the evidence in the Portuguese files, for the silencing of anyone that speaks out implicating the McCanns as being involved (and there have been many) two in particular who's lives are now ruined, the death of Brenda Leyland (which is also very sad) and still no further forward in finding out what happened on that fateful night to that poor little girl. Surely to stop all this controversy the only thing now is for the McCanns and the rest of the Tapas crowd to take a lie detector test and then decide whether to continue with a campaign that is eating away at tax payers money.This is verging on being ridiculous, the vast majority of this country have lost interest in this case and that is very sad, justice for that little girl should be a priority and to stop complaints against misuse of funds and the length of this campaign, a court order for a lie detector test should be put in place and then we will know one way or another. Personally, no amount of funding for this campaign should ever have been required, do not leave your children unattended in a foreign country, it really is that simple.


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