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Maddie Case: English Detectives are back in the Algarve

Redwood's team arrival at Faro airport yesterday | photo Luís Costa/Cofina

by Marisa Rodrigues

Scotland Yard (SY) is expected today at the Judiciary Police headquarters in Faro for a meeting. On the table will be the next steps of the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, steps which have not yet been authorized.

The English police requested seven people to be questioned, three of which had already been questioned in July, and that searches are done to the suspects' homes. These requests were made in the last letter rogatory - the fifth one - received in August by the Public Ministry and are awaiting the green light.

The process remains at the court in Portimão but is now in the hands of the prosecutor Inês Sequeira who left Silves to replace her colleague Magalhães e Menezes, who was transferred to the Labour court.

A change which results from the reorganization of the judicial chart and was seized by SY to exert pressure on the magistrate. According to the British media, the detectives gave accolades to the prosecutor, whom they call “high-flying investigator” who is “utterly determined” to “shake up” the process. News that surfaced just a few days before the English detectives returned to Faro.

At the meeting in Coimbra, scheduled for tomorrow, the detectives should receive the report of the analysis of the material found during the searches and excavations in the terrains of Praia da Luz, in June. Part of the vestiges had been sent to the INML [Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal] and others to the Forensic Science Laboratory of the PJ.

Scotland Yard's investigation, which has cost over EUR nine million, has ​​constituted four arguidos [formal suspects]. The searches and excavations in Praia da Luz, last June, that promised to unravel the case, did not produce any meaningful results.

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, 14 Oct. 2014

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  1. From MSN:

    Forensic scientists to join British police in McCann investigation

    A team of British forensic analysts are expected to join DCI Andy Redwood and his team of detectives in Portugal this week in a renewed bid to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    Portuguese police sources told the Guardian that the scientists have asked to revisit some of the evidence retrieved from the holiday apartment from which the British toddler went missing on 3 May 2007. The forensic evidence gathered at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance has been stored at the National Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences in Coimbra in central Portugal.

    Detectives and forensic technicians from the Metropolitan police are scheduled to visit the laboratory tomorrow.

    Detectives led by Redwood will meet with their Polícia Judiciária counterparts in Faro today to discuss the request.

    Police said they had not yet received any official orders from the public prosecutor’s office and that the next phase of the investigation was unlikely to commence for at least a fortnight.

    A source close to the case told the Guardian that the request appeared “to focus primarily on the further questioning of some of the suspects brought in by Faro police in the summer”.

    In July, Portuguese police quizzed four Portuguese nationals who were declared arguidos, or formal suspects. They also spoke to 11 witnesses.

    The questioning of these suspects followed the end of major ground-level searches in Praia da Luz in early June, when Scotland Yard detectives scoured a large patch of scrubland.

    The force described the operation as the largest overseas deployment ever undertaken by British police, and said it was the “first phase of this investigation” into Madeleine’s disappearance.

    Although the searches turned up no fresh evidence, the Met said detectives had gained an “essential understanding of the activity for which people have used this piece of land” and alluded to “substantial work which is yet to be done in the coming months”.

  2. UK Media

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  3. Express online - Madeleine McCann detectives return to Portugal to re-question suspects http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/522577/Maddie-Madeleine-McCann-Cops-Search-Back-Portugal

  4. Cor Blimey , Them lot back again to look like laughing stocks of the world ? . Is the Good Mr Redwood and his merry band of men spend the hard working British Taxpayers money correctly this time? For example by handing over the mccanns and the Tapas 7 to the Portuguese Police so the Answer the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago ? This case will never be a white wash as the people round the world who read these blogs seek Justice for the death of the child , Mr Amaral has his assets on hold because of the two "responsible" Parents , who were so "responsible" , they left under 4 year old children to fend for themselves while they went out drinking with their pals . Its time the mccanns had their assets frozen too so when Mr Amaral wins his case which is based on Police evidence he can claim damages from this deceptive duo . What is good for the goose is good for the gander isn't that common sense ? So Mr Redwood this time are you going to take the parents and the tapas 7 to Portugal with you ? That's what would be interesting .

  5. We hope that Ines Sequeira will seek the truth not like others in charge who are afraid to speak the truth. We are thinking the three suspects had nothing to do with Madeleine or the two other little ones. Why the British police think they were after Madeleine, they are on Mccanns side. They never have found the truth. Most people believe the truth is that she died in the flat, the dogs always have speak the truth and Mr Smith also. We believe the whole nine were somehow involved. Portugal had so much evidence that she died. There were so many lie stories from them. What a waste of £10 million.

  6. When will this SY/MET-police circus end. The PGR, with no interference from the so called detectives from SY, has to open and conduct this Crime Case in a proper way, which means, that everything has to start where it all ended in 2008 when the McCanns were still arguidos. I've just watched Richard Hall's video. Just excellent! Checked many facts by reading the PJ-files. Mentioning the Window/Scenario I can only add, that Kate at least on two occasions has said, that she looked behind her and saw that the sliding door was closed. (Oprah Winfey show & Irish RTE Late Late Show May 13 2011) She believed then that the wind, which made the door slam shut, must have come from the open window in the children's room. A draught, like that mentioned by her, is normally caused by the wind coming in through one open dorr/window exiting through another. Considering the rather light wind, as desribed in the video, it makes the door-slam-shut scenario seem very unlikely to have occurred. I'm convinced that this case can be solved by digging and digging, analysing and reanalysing over and over again all the facts related to the PJ-files and everything that Kate and Gerry have said touring around the World promoting their abduction hypothesis.

  7. probably 3 men.
    Don't tell me they are the Pope, Obama and Cameron.


    IMO this was bad timing because no one knows for sure when the McCanns versus Amaral opera will resume!.

    Meanwhile, I suspect links will be established between the collected rubbish samples and the framed Portuguese suspects. Former links to the McCanns, sniffs and snuffs and body fluids will be ignored, indeed "repressed" (as in Freud).

    So, while everybody was busy paying attention to Scotland Yard's field work, another reputation management specialist team was busy collecting DNA samples of the framed suspects for a later match.

    The hilarious thing is that they left it for the Portuguese labs to handle, making the all phantasia look that much verosimile.

    Please note this is a conspiracy theory and as such will not affect the on-going forensics (cough) but please remember ... the British can be very cunning.

    Consider their WW2 "Operation Mincemeat" for example...



    "Ewan Montagu spent months fleshing out the fake officer

    Montagu and his team fired off a telegram to Churchill: "Mincemeat (imagine the Portuguese PJ) swallowed rod, line and sinker."

    And so in early July, the Allies attacked Sicily. The island fell with but a fraction of the casualties and ship losses Britain had feared.

    "Mussolini was soon toppled from power," says Macintyre. "

    Forced to confront this Allied invasion from the south, Hitler called off a huge offensive against the Soviets.

    The Germans were now on the back foot. The Red Army did not stop until it reached Berlin."

    The tide of the war turned - thanks, in part, to the body of a tramp set adrift in the Atlantic."


  10. #5 "We hope that Ines Sequeira will seek the truth not like others in charge who are afraid to speak the truth."

    I would hope so to but - chances are she was put there for a reason.

    The other, Magalhaes Menezes, will be forever associated with a dispatch that does not do justice to the McCanns "official version" of events, now subscribed by the British PM and no doubt the subservient local "Steps-Rabbit" government.

    Ines Pedrosa new archiving dispatch to follow - very much dictated by Scotland Yard's forensic stunts in PdL - will be much more favourable to the fabulous McCanns. Just wait and see.

    This is reputation management at its global best. Burson-Marsteller gets the credits and Clarence Mitchell £1 million bonus at the end of the year. Suck that!

    For all we know the joint operation may find the culprits. Whether these will be the real culprits or just a couple of framed drop-outs, it will not matter in terms of global media sales and the McCanns redemption.

    The "new developments" will no doubt help sink Amaral - the McCanns' nemesis and the real target of Operation Mincemeat - sorry I meant "Operation Grange".

    :o It is conspiracy theory all right!

    Sue Sky

  11. @10 A Inês Pedrosa é uma escritora. A Inês Sequeira é a procuradora...

  12. Whatever the Met are doing forensically MUST be done in conjunction with Portuguese police, and Portuguese forensic scientists too. Divide any samples in two and have an independent service check on any supposed findings! :-) Seven years have gone past. That doesn't make a reconsideration impossible at all. But there is limited trust because of earlier political shenanigans on both sides. We do not want what in the UK would be called a 'Barry George outcome' (ref to what happened in the very unsatisfactory Jill Dando murder case)

    What puzzles me is that from day one of their reinvestigation SY/The Met will have had full access to Holmes II and Anacapa, computer assistance programmes which point out serious inconsistencies in evidence people give, and in timelines and all, and tell you where to look. They must know that a lot of those changeable accounts are rubbish and that must surely puzzle them too. Why would that be? They seem, to a curious, but carefully observant and reasonably well-informed onlooker, to have merely been beating about the periphery of the case, and not reviewing the statements of all those close in, who were there on the night Madeleine disappeared. Of course, they have no duty to inform the likes of me. They may well have been working away very thoroughly, but in secret. However, limiting themselves to the abduction hypothesis is just that... limiting, and likely to get them no-where. This would never happen in a cold case review in the UK - ALL possibilities would be reconsidered.

    DCI Redwood is soon to retire and the person who takes over will doubtless shut the case down if no solid court-worthy evidence is found. For a while I wanted no more taxpayers money to be wasted. Now I feel so much has been spent they had better darn well finish the job. 'Abduction' as a theory has been tested to destruction... with the possible exceptance of alien abduction by a space ship landing near to PDL! How about revisiting all the other, currently more likely possibilities. After all this ridiculous faffing about, how about going for a true result?

    DCI Redwood could go down in history as the man who, in conjunction with Helen Monteiro's PJ team solved the case, and found out what happened to Madeleine. How about he goes and has a quiet word with Amaral, who got such a long way with this case before he was taken off it... You never know... two genuinely concerned, serious-minded experienced ex and almost ex policemen together might just get somewhere... or maybe I'm clutching at straws. I haven't quite given up in disgust... yet. Lets hope any 'new evidence' is genuine!

  13. operation mincermeat may have been sucessful then but that was before there was the internet

  14. # Joana at 11

    :e Quis dizer a Inês Sequeira! Puxa! Sempre que toco no "cullen skink" é isto. Deve de ser dos pesticidas que usam aqui na Escócia. Afectam-me a memoria !

    O problema aqui em Glasgow é encontrar "caldo verde" ou boa sardinha. "Sardine munchers" nao teem trocadilhos de memoria devido ao Omega Speedmaster... :o


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