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Maddie Case: English detectives search suspect's DNA

Photo of the 5 English forensic experts on their way to INML's meeting by Ricardo Almeida/Cofina

Investigation of the British authorities intends to re-analyse the samples that were collected in the apartment from where Maddie disappeared in 2007

by Cátia Vicente and João Mira Godinho

The English police want to do further tests to the material that was collected in 2007 in the apartment from where Madeleine McCann disappeared in May of that year.

Scotland Yard is searching for the DNA of someone that might have been in the apartment and that may be linked to the suspects identified in the investigation of the British authorities.

Three English detectives and a technician of a British forensics company conveyed that intention to those in charge of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine (INML), with whom they gathered yesterday [15th] morning in Coimbra.

After the meeting, Francisco Brízida Martins, the president of INML, confirmed that the British police had shown willingness to do "further analyses" and that they wanted to learn about the "procedures used" in "the genetics and biological tests", in order to understand how the samples collected [in 2007] were analysed.

Scotland Yard believes that the technological developments of the past seven years may now allow the discovery of the DNA of a possible suspect. However, the CM knows that, upon reviewing the history of the analyses performed during the PJ investigation, the British were unable to say which additional tests they intended to perform.

Nonetheless, Brízida Martins admitted that the current technological progress allows to extract more information and said that the INML is "available for new tests", but for that to happen it must be "ordered by the judicial authorities". In order for the samples to be re-analysed, the English detectives must write a new letter rogatory. The repetition of the analysis to the material can then be performed in Portugal or in England.

English expert
The meeting was attended by an expert in analyses from a British forensics company. In England this type of tests are carried out by privates.

Judiciary Police
At the meeting were also Judiciary Police inspectors and technicians of the Forensic Science Laboratory of the PJ.

Return to England
Three English detectives, lead by Andy Redwood, should return to England today.

Paedophile linked to the case was extradited

An Englishman, who would have been, at the time of Maddie's disappearance in the Algarve [see next post for refutal] was extradited from Malta - where he was living - to England, for suspicions of being involved in a paedophile ring and for the abuse of two minors, young girls, in Brighton, UK, according to what was divulged by the UK newspapers yesterday.

Roderick MacDonald, 76 year old, had been detained by the PJ of Olhão [South Portugal] in 2010, at the behest of the Australian authorities for the abuse of two other children, also girls, in Australia and in New Zealand.

Since suspicions were raised regarding the possibility that he would have been in the Algarve when Madeleine disappeared in 2007, the man was linked to the case, however, the national authorities stated that there are no suspicions of crimes committed by the man while he stayed in Portugal.

Presence of a 6th person in the apartment

Scotland Yard believes they may find the DNA of a sixth person in the Ocean Club apartment in Praia da Luz, Lagos, where Maddie was staying with her parents and twin siblings. She disappeared from the apartment on May 3 2007 - nine days before her 4th birthday. At the time the Forensic police examined the apartment and collected hairs and biological vestiges, which were then examined by the INML. The results did not indicate anything suspicious. The English believe that the technological progress might reveal the presence of an abductor.

in Correio da Manhã, 16 Oct. 2014, paper edition, pag. 16 [online short version here]


Broadcast by CMTV, 16 Oct. 2014

CMTV News anchor - Madeleine McCann [case] DNA samples, that were collected in 2007, are going to be re-analysed. The request was made by the Scotland Yard detectives that are in Portugal investigating the case.

Cátia Vicente [voice over] - Most of the biological vestiges collected in May 2007 are in this building and may now be retested yet again at the request of Scotland Yard. In a meeting that lasted about three hours the English police wanted to know the methods of the Forensics Institute when they performed the analyses of the samples.

Francisco Brízida Martins [INML director] - The English police authorities understood they should receive an explanation about the methods used by the Institute at the time when the analyses were done, at an early stage of the process, those were genetic and biological tests, extensive analyses, in fact, this process that came to the Institute was the most tested to the day.

Cátia Vicente - The technology progress in the last seven years may bring new answers. In order for the samples to be re-tested the English detectives will have to send a new letter rogatory requesting the analyses.

Francisco Brízida Martins [INML director] - The Institute is naturally available to perform other tests, observing that, everything must be ordered and decided by the judicial authorities, that is, within the scope of the inquest that is ongoing in Portugal, thus by the Public Ministry and eventually within the framework of judicial cooperation if requested by the English authorities.

Cátia Vicente - The re-analyses of the samples might be done in Portugal or in England. The technique and the methods will be the same as the ones used in 2007, however the technological progress currently allows to extract and obtain more information.

Francisco Brízida Martins [INML director] - The procedure will be the same, the result, however, can achieve - we're talking about markers, for example - today we can go beyond and achieve better results. That is the result that eventually can be found, we can go further today than we were able a few years ago.

Cátia Vicente - The coordinator of the English investigation, Andy Redwood, refused to make any comments about the meeting, where experts from the Forensic Science Laboratory of the PJ and inspectors from the Judiciary Police of Faro were also present.


  1. It seems Pat Brown isn´t the only one in the USA to question the McCann´s point of view.


  2. When are the Portuguese going to release that 'stand alone evidence' they have, and have mentioned having. That would maybe wipe the smirk off certain faces.

  3. You´re welcome. Thank you.

  4. I think that the intention is to exclude a stranger in the apartment.
    The SY wants to prove that there was no abduction.

  5. all the Mcs need to do to regain peoples faith in their innocence is return to Portugal and answer what questions is necessary, take part with the other cronies in a reconstruction and what ever else it takes including lie detector tests. After all they are supposed to be innocent then why cant they prove it.. Hiding away in Rothley counting all the money youve made does nothing for your image K & G


    Please sign the petition on the British Prime Minister's website calling for a full public enquiry into the conduct of the official and private investigations into the reported disappearance of Madeleine McCann:


    By 9.00, Friday 16th October: 1,061 have now signed, making it 212th on the list of the most popular petitions on the PM's website --- 10,000 signatures will force the Home Secretary to make a statement ...

  7. Can anyone help me out here? Anyone else remember from very early days?

    I distinctly remember from years ago, from the first Portuguese investigation, the following being said about flat 5a

    - that there was no sign of a break in
    - that the flat was extremely clean
    - that lots of friends and helpers had unfortunately been into it after Madeleine had disappeared
    - that there was some 'strange' DNA 'in a place where it should not have been'

    Hardly anything more was ever said about the last point, and people speculated whether this DNA was in the form of saliva, or blood, or something more sinister. Also, it was never said exactly where it was found.

    Could this be what is proposed to be re-investigated by SY and PJ together, or at least in agreement?

  8. :h I wonder if Nigel - of McCannFiles fame - has been carter-rucked or gagged by the British Police as part of the on-going reputation management of VIP accidentals.

    Nigel has not posted a word since early August.
    Strange ...

  9. @13 No, he wasn't gagged. He's taken a break.

  10. Trolls face longer jail terms for spreading misery
    Tony Grew Updated: 2 hours ago

    Comment (0)

    Kate McCann (Adrian Sherratt) Kate McCann handed police a dossier of abusive posts (Adrian Sherratt)

    THEY are the modern scourge: cowards who use the anonymity of the internet to viciously abuse people by issuing threats to rape, mutilate or murder.

    Chris Grayling, the justice secretary, better known for his tough stance on the European convention on human rights, has turned his fire on so-called trolls, people who use social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to harass and intimidate victims.

    “People are being abused online in the most crude and degrading fashion,” Grayling said last night.

    “We must send out a clear message: if you troll, you risk being behind bars for two years.”

    Many of the victims of these trolls are women, among them the Labour MP Stella Creasy, the TV presenter Judy Finnigan and her daughter Chloe Madeley, and Kate McCann, the mother of missing Madeleine.

    Last month McCann and her husband Gerry handed police an 80-page dossier containing hundreds of tweets, Facebook messages and posts from online forums abusing them and accusing them of being involved in the disappearance of their daughter. Some of the messages were directed at their other children, nine-year-old twins.

    In September, a man who sent a string of abusive messages to Creasy was jailed.

    She said: “We need to send a clear message that it isn’t for anyone to put up with being harassed via any medium — this is an old crime taking a new form online.”

    The Communications Act 2003 bans online messages that threaten violence or cause stress or alarm to their targets. But the harshest sentence that magistrates can impose is six months in prison.

    The government is to introduce amendments to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, which will be debated in the House of Lords this week, to allow a maximum penalty on conviction of two years in prison.

    The period in which prosecutions can be brought against people for using the internet, social media or mobile phones to send menacing messages will be increased from six months to three years.

    “The sending of abusive messages or material online can cause absolute misery for victims and we need to make sure that people who commit these awful crimes are properly punished,” Grayling said.

    Creasy said that police had to ensure that victims were given proper support when they came forward. “Otherwise longer sentences will be little comfort to those still too often being told that because they are being harassed online it’s not serious,” she said.

  11. I see another comment stating that Scotland Yard is out to prove that there was no abduction. Even if they corroborate the findings of the Portuguese police that there is no evidence of anyone entering the apartment and taking the child, that is not proof that there was no abduction. How do you prove that there was no abduction then? You prove that the parents were the ones that removed their deceased child from the apartment. And how do you do that? Would finding the child's body prove it? Only if the body was found with some item that could have only been placed there by the parents. I doubt that the body exists anymore, so the only other alternative that I can think of is to prove that the child's cadaver was transported in the parent's vehicle. Which is what some have speculated that Scotland Yard is trying to do.

    Do the Portuguese hand over forensic samples to the English as they did in the past, even though the original investigators doubted the veracity of the reported findings of the FSS? Can they now trust the English? Can we trust the Portuguese? Didn't Mr. Amaral say that his colleagues who had worked with him on the case were being persecuted by other members of the PJ? Is there any proof whatsoever that the Portuguese are doing anything other than assisting the English in their endeavours?

    The actions of Scotland Yard are not those of a police force that is conducting a proper investigation. A police force that is conducting a proper investigation does not announce publicly what they are going to do next. Is it a coincidence that every time there has been a delay in the trial a week or so before it resumes we have Scotland Yard in the media saying what they have done and what they are going to do next to find that elusive abductor? And for those people who don't believe that creche dad exists, count me in, what purpose does it serve to invent a character that doesn't exist, who can't testify in court? Is that the behaviour of a police force that intends to prosecute a case, wouldn't this fictional person destroy their credibility? The defense would have a field day, they would argue how can we trust any evidence the police has presented when they invented this so called creche dad.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again Scotland Yard is making it difficult for this case to ever be prosecuted. The final nail in the coffin would be for them to declare that they found the DNA of some convicted paedophile, preferably deceased, in the apartment. That's what is at risk in handing over forensic samples to these people; there is also the risk of evidence being destroyed.

  12. It is one thing in life to attempt to cover up, deceive, throw out misinformation, change stories in order to protect oneself but when a 3 yr old vanishes and highly trained police dogs smell death then not one ounce of empathy should be initially shown. This sinister story reached new depths when a sovereign country then amazingly seemingly allowed another country's police force to dictate events. Portugal and its legal authorities should be able to state clearly now that no one but themselves will handle any evidence or papers relating to this case. Apllications for Britsh police to visit should be politely declined. The parents should be arrested for questioning the next time they land on Portugese soil and the friends of them should be extradited.

  13. Many thanks for the news and translation.

    I wonder what the 4 experts who did not attend the meeting were doing in Coimbra - hopefully something to justify the expense.


    "I would lie in bed, hating the person who had done this to us; the person who had taken away our little girl and terrified her; the person who had caused these additional problems for me and the man I loved. I hated him. I wanted to kill him. I wanted to inflict the maximum pain possible on him for heaping all this misery on my family.

    I remember feeling such disdain for Ricardo at this point. What was he doing? I thought. Just following orders? Under my breath, I found myself whispering, ‘Fucking tosser, fucking tosser.’ This quiet chant somehow kept me strong, kept me in control. This man did not deserve my respect. ‘Fucking tosser . . .’

    Not sure how I feel about seeing Mr Amaral – for the first time ever, I hasten to add! I know I’m not scared but that man has caused us so much upset and anger because of how he has treated my beautiful Madeleine and the search to find her. He deserves to be miserable and feel fear.

    "I had lots of hope that there would be progress in Murat's situation. I'm sure that he is involved and I feel like killing him, but I can't". Nine days later, Madeleine's mother receives a message from a woman that tells her that Murat tried to photograph the granddaughter of a friend, also three years old and blond, and Kate sends "the whole" information to the PJ. "I'm certain that he is guilty and I just want to scream",
    she writes on the 27th of July."

    Source: http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t10522-two-year-sentences-for-trolls

  15. I was reading the transcripts of the libel trial (ahttp://mccannvamarallibeltrial.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2013-10-05T07:36:00-07:00&max-results=7&start=7&by-date=false) and I came across with something very strange not so say absolutely ridiculous- Michael Wright a witness pro McCann had to have a paper to remember him the feelings the McCann couple experienced after Gonçalo Amaral´s book was released.

    "ID - When they learnt about it, how did they react? Was it sadness or pain? Were they socially and professionally affected?

    (GA's lawyer, SO, interrupts asking the Judge to ask the witness what is the paper he is reading)

    MW says that they are notes about feelings, etc. to remember.

    The Judge asks what is actually in the notes.
    MW repeats that it is to help him remember feelings and special contacts.

    (SO dictates the court clerk a request for a copy of the paper listing feelings is joined to the process for appreciation by the court.
    GP's lawyer completes quoting the Law that insist on the importance of testimonies being spontaneous.
    ID protests arguing the witness has the right to have notes with dates and facts. She asks that only the Court checks the paper.
    The Judge concludes saying the witness himself says the notes concern feelings and contacts with the McCanns, which might cast doubt upon spontaneity, moreover because the witness is part of the McCann family. She concludes it's important to clarify totally what these notes are in the interest of the witness' credibility.
    The Judge asks the court clerk to make photocopies (note: it's an A4 page, with parts underlined in green)."

    How come a close friend of the McCann couple doesn´t remember the feelings they´ve experienced and has to have a reminder? It´s all so strange!

  16. Another inconsistency: Angus McBride, another witness pro McCann, says during the libel trial (http://mccannvamarallibeltrial.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2013-09-23T01:05:00-07:00&max-results=7&start=14&by-date=false) that he didn´t read other books appart from Gonçalo Amaral´s one but states that this is the only one "that makes these allegations." If he didn´t read the other books (10 to be precise, excluding Kate McCann´s one and Looking for Maddie) how come he is so certain that the others don´t state the same arguments?

  17. I am sorry, but the more I read the arguments of the libel trial (http://mccannvamarallibeltrial.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2013-09-23T01:05:00-07:00&max-results=7&start=14&by-date=false) the more I get astounished. David Trickey, the psychologist pro McCann is highly concerned about the consequences of Gonçalo Amaral´s book over the twins, Sean and Amelie. But what about GA´s daughters? Don´t yhey have the same rights of being protected and not seeing their father being totally harrased, publically humiliated and having his all career destroyed?

  18. We read in the Express that Portugal has three women who will solve the case of Madeleine, will it be the old story of three suspects or will they come up with the truth. It is time Portugal do something about it now, these lie stories come on all the time from the British, they always find something that is not true. Portugal must know that they will find Mccanns innocent. The whole world believe that Portugal should have finished with the British police and brought this case to an end Most believe that Mr Amaral, the dogs and Mr Smith speaks the truth and that poor girl died in the flat.

  19. #22/23/24 " I was reading the transcripts of the libel trial "

    Thanks for these! I had missed or forgotten these bytes.

    The mind boggles does it not?

    It will boggle even more if/when we learn the judge's sentence is pro-McCann. Nothing in this case surprises me any more.

    The next you will hear is from the Pope to let us know the McCanns' have been short-listed to receive the "honorary badge of sainthood of the Order of Christ". Thank Clarence Mitchell for the good offices...

    One award is already with them - "The Public's Nobel Prize for Remote Child Minding with Dare Consequences".

  20. #24 "But what about GA´s daughters?"

    The McCanns probably think because they are Portuguese, they don't count.
    Typically "nouveau riche", prejudiced mentality.

    :d Please pass me the spittoon...

  21. Other inconsistencies about the testemonies regarding the libel against Gonçalo Amaral´s book:


    Emma Loach´s testimony:

    MC – Are the McCanns ashamed of what is said in the book?
    EL answers yes.

    MC – Why?
    EL says the public believes they had covered up and then asked for money to search for Madeleine.

    MC – The fact they are innocent didn't suppress this feeling?
    EL says the fact they are innocent necessitates they must find Madeleine. They were more ashamed to be arguidos than because of what the book says

    But Alan Pike testifies:

    GP - asks if the constitution of the arguido status created a secondary trauma.
    AP says the McCanns were confused about not having been made arguidos sooner, because it was quite normal in an investigation for people close to the victim to be investigated first. He says they expected it.

    If they expected it why then feel so ashamed?

    On the other side regarding Kate McCann feeling depressed she testifies:


    Judge - Were you diagnosed with a clinical depression?
    Kate Healy (McCann) No. Depression is an over-diagnosed, over used term to diagnose those who feel a bit down, clinically I wasn't depressed.

    But Emma Loach testifies:


    ID – How do you know that millions of people watched it?
    EL knows that two million watched it in the UK, but doesn't know how many outside of the UK. She says before the book and the documentary, Kate and Gerald lived calmly, many people in the world were ready to help them, they were strong and stoic, they didn't allow themselves anxiety because they had to find Madeleine. Then the book was published and they fell into despair because the people whose help they needed thought Madeleine was dead. It became very difficult to be strong enough to go on looking for Madeleine.

    SO – Did you refer to the book hampering the search for their daughter?
    EL says yes, sometimes. She witnessed Kate incapable of doing anything. She knows the files extremely well; she studied them after they were specially translated for them.

    How did they live so calmly when their child was missing? And if Kate was feeling so despaired "incapable of doing anything" she was depressed. And who wouln´t be if his/her child went missing? They can´t prove that was because of the releasing of the book.

  22. In 2011 the Yard said that they wanted to prove something that they believed that happened.


    Scotland Yard's announcement may have been simply to counteract any adverse Mcimage effects of Mrs. Leyland's "death by Internet" may have caused.

    Conspiracy theorists (I know a few) believe the announcement, as usual, was instigated by the You Know Who Reputation Management department.

    Remember when it all started?

    The Sun/Rebekha Brooks hooks David Cameron and Scotland Yard to the McCanns' multi-million bandwagon possibly via Charlie Brooks - David Cameron's old chum from Eton - but I make no allegations.

    Anyway... we are used to it by now. Only the blind and/or ethnically prejudiced fail to see.

    Sue Brunt



    "The irony is that we now know the government does more hacking than the press," said Hopcraft.

    "Murdoch is obviously too powerful," said Wardell. "Blair cosied up to him, Brown cosied up to him: they're all at it. If Murdoch ends up taking the rap for some of this, I'll be very happy." :o


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