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Maddie case: English police to meet with Portuguese forensic experts

Redwood's team arrival at PJ headquarters in Faro yesterday | photo Luís Forra/Lusa

by Marisa Rodrigues

Scotland Yard (SY) wants to know whether the samples collected in the apartment from where Madeleine McCann disappeared seven years ago may be subject to further forensic tests. This is one of the questions the English detectives will ask to the forensic experts in a meeting, today, at the Portuguese National Institute of Forensic Medicine (INML) in Coimbra.

In the meeting, scheduled for 10am, the English police will also receive the results of the analyses done ​​by INML to the material [see] that was found during the searches and excavations in the terrains of Praia da Luz, last June. Like JN reported at the time, part of the material was sent to the INML and another part to the Forensic Science Laboratory of the Judiciary Police (PJ). The meeting in Coimbra will also be attended by the coordinator of the South Directorship of the PJ, Luís Mota Carmo besides the English detectives and the technicians of the Forensic Sciences institute.

Luís Mota Carmo received yesterday in Faro Andy Redwood's team for another routine meeting to assess Scotland yard's investigation progress, that was started in 2011, four years after the child's disappearance. In the meeting it was also addressed the next steps the English detectives intend to take, which are still awaiting for the Public Ministry's green light.

JN was able to establish the Judiciary Police has not yet received from the Public Ministry the fifth letter rogatory, in which Scotland Yard requests for at least seven people considered of interest to the investigation to be questioned, including some of the four arguidos [formal suspects], and that searches are done to the suspects' homes.

in Jornal de Notícias, 15 Oct. 2014, paper edition

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Broadcast by TVI, 14 Oct. 2014 (sound volume is extremely low)

Marisa Rodrigues - Without speaking to the journalists, with a rushed pace for a meeting at the Judiciary Police, it's the return of the Scotland Yard to Faro for another assessment of the British investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. An analysis of what was done and the planning of the next steps that were requested in the fifth letter rogatory which is currently being evaluated by the Public Ministry.

The English police wishes to summon to the PJ headquarters some of the arguidos that were questioned in July. In total there are seven persons considered of interest that are now in the police's crosshairs. In the letter rogatory searches to the houses owned by the suspects are requested, which have not yet been authorized.

The process that changed hands due to the reorganization of the judicial chart will remain at the court of Portimão and was recently attributed to a prosecutor that has never been involved with this case.

At the PJ's South Directorship the meeting lasted less than two hours. In a ruse to escape the journalists waiting outside, the English entourage was the last to leave the PJ headquarters, following the exits of the Judiciary Police coordinators of Faro and Portimão.

From here, the English detectives will travel to Coimbra, where they are going to have a meeting at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine to get the results of the analyses to the vestiges [material] collected in the terrains of Praia da Luz during the searches and excavation that took place in June.

They also want to know if the samples in the apartment from where Madeleine disappeared in 2007, can be subjected to other types of forensic examination.

Broadcast by SIC, 14 Oct. 2014

Conceição Ribeiro - It was a reduced entourage sent by Scotland Yard to Portugal this time. Andy Redwood and two colleagues returned to Faro at a time when, due to the new judicial chart, the Madeleine McCann process was given to a new prosecutor.

(reporter at location) - Mr Redwood, what do you expect from the new prosecutor?

Andy Redwood - Sorry, I've got no comments to make this morning, sorry.

Without speaking to the journalists, the English inspectors went on to another meeting with the Judiciary Police. On the table, the results of the samples collected in Praia da Luz at the start of the Summer season, following the excavations in two terrains.

Another one of the issues Scotland Yard wishes to see clarified has to do with some cell phone owners, whom, for various reasons are at the British authorities' crosshairs. Left out of the meeting were the matters concerned with the planning of the future investigative steps, at a time when there isn't yet any reply given to the fifth letter rogatory, which contains new requests to the Portuguese authorities.

Before they return to London, the Metropolitan Police team will travel to Coimbra. A meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday with the National Institute of Forensic Medicine. The English inspectors want to know, from an expert point of view, if the progress of the last seven years justifies carrying out new tests to the old samples.

The eventual cross-checking of DNA profiles collected during the last investigative steps taken in Portugal may also be discussed. It should be recalled that last July, three men were constituted as arguidos at the request of the English authorities and almost a dozen witnesses were questioned.

According to the British media, the investigation to the Maddie case will cost to London, until the end of the year, more than 12 million euros [10 million pounds +/-].


  1. Being as these SY cops appear to have already ruled out the McCanns and their pals from the start of their 'investigation' with no explanation for doing so whatsoever, despite the work of the UK blood and cadaver dogs in the McCanns' holiday apartment and hire car, and their indications of death, hopefully the Portuguese will keep hold of whatever forensic samples they have, and only hand them over to an 'independent' body for any further analysis.

  2. Non stop UK media spin:

    10 Oct. New Madeleine McCann prosecutor has vowed to solve case - bringing fresh hope to her parents http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/new-madeleine-mccann-prosecutor-vowed-4417866

    12 Oct. Hunt for missing Madeleine McCann: Cost of British police search tops £10million http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/hunt-missing-madeleine-mccann-cost-4428360

    14 Oct. Madeleine McCann detectives back in Portugal after appointment of new prosecutor http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/madeleine-mccann-detectives-back-portugal-4433234

    14 Oct. Convicted paedophile believed to have been in Portugal at the time of Madeleine McCann's disappearance arrested in Malta http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/convicted-paedophile-believed-been-portugal-4436989

    14 Oct. Madeleine McCann: Mystery DNA tested to locate her kidnapper

    ***** space for more*****

  3. It is very funny how all these stories in the British press always pop up to coincide with the Scotland Yard's guys traveling to Portugal. How subtle!


    I suspect all this is being done in tandem with David Cameron/Passos Coelho good offices.

    What worries me most - quite aside from seeing my country licking foreigner boots, is the hypothesis that this is all an exercise in reputation management - to frame a few poor, uneducated, defenceless Portuguese, as the authors of a crime they did not commit. Ask the dogs!

    Imagine if the Brits have contaminated the "samples" they found with the DNA of those they are planning to frame? :o Biutiful!

    The Portuguese forensic experts cannot help but to tell it as it is. They have no way of telling if the samples have been pre-contaminated for the purpose.

    Now the clowns want to know if anything else can be done with the samples collected from apartment 5A. I ask myself: why?

    Let us hope the Portuguese are not gullible to the point of allowing the British near those samples! (if any still exist that is... perhaps the Brits want to make sure there will be no contradictory evidence)

    I suspect the Portuguese may already be working under the British and for the British. It is business as usual.

    Likewise, I do not have much faith in the verdict of judge Melo e Castro. Chances are she is another plant.

    Conspiracy theory? Well, I hope so. Let us wait and see. Events will speak for themselves.

    Sue Sky

  5. :o My 3 year old says Redwood looks a "caga-tacos". I have no idea where she picked it up!

  6. The official english view upon the Maddie case becomes clearly personified in Jim Gambl's attitude towards those who he labels trolls. On Panorama Australia May 17th 2012 this former Head of Child Exploitation and Online Protection Service reveals that he has become a friend of the McCanns. It is in the light of the loyalty towards them one must try to understand what he really means. He means that one should not just follow one lead in an investigation, because it might mislead an investigation. Referring to the McCann's case and Gonzalo Amaral's book he he says that, "he (GA) "perpetrates" his own view. A more appropriate word would be "purport", because I do not really believe that he at that time completely denied anybody the right to have an opinion. This may just have been a freudian slip. Anyway his choice of words, reveals that his loyalty towards the McCann is more important than that towards the cause/justice. Further on,talking about what kind of people there could possibly be, capable of snatching a small child, he first mentions someone who have lost a child, gone mad. And because of that may steal/snatch/kinapp (or whatever words he used) in order substitute the lost child. I believe he used the expression "meet an emotinal need" . He also mentioned single phaedofiles or people trafficking children as possible perpetrators. What I find strange is that he mentions weird and crazy parent having lost his/her child as potential criminals. In my opinion and from my swedish perspective this is bizarre or absurd. Would that category of grieving parent(s) be wise to investigate. Is this what Kate McCann thought would be the most natural thing to say or believe, when she the day after the disappearance of Madeleine told this social worker "a couple have taken her" This would be the last thing I could possibly think of in a similar situation.

  7. #4 You may be right Sue Sky

    "The Met Police officers plan to discuss new ways of analysing evidence held on file for the past seven years at a forensic science HQ in Coimbra north of Lisbon.

    They are expected to focus on DNA found in Madeleine’s bedroom that does not belong to any of her family or workers at the Ocean Club holiday resort where she was staying who were tested at the time.

    They hope modern-day technology could help them match the samples, described as “vague”, with DNA taken from three new suspects who were questioned in July.


    Sue Brunt


    "Mr Redwood declined to comment before being driven away from Faro police station in the back seat of a BMW hire car."

    BMW is the make of Amaral's car the McCanns impounded, is it not? It is probably a message to Amaral.

    The British love subliminal messages!

    Remember recently how Jeremy Clarkson's "Top Gear" team were expulsed from Argentina for a similar gambit?


  9. We heard that in Britain all the newspapers being written about Madeleine. We believe that tight lipped police chief has find a man who they blame for attacking little girls so they thought he must have Madeleine. They always come with a new story to try and close the case. The British police never say the dogs made a good job, the blood on the floor and Mr Smith it just show they on Mccanns side. Portugal had so many evidences, don't listen to any other police. . The crime against Madeleine happened in Portugal and they should deal with the case. Do the British police believe she died in the flat but they are not allowed to say.

  10. #8 That cannot be the subliminal for the car the McCanns' "stole" from Amaral was not a BMW but a Jaguar. Sorry! Good try thought.

    What this might mean is: B(ring) M(ore) W(ine) = BMW

    The funny thing about subliminals is that they are often synchronicities set by The Collective Unconscious or The Holy Spirit - if you prefer - the over-riding Intelligence overseeing Life in general and Human Life in particular...

    Where was I? Oh! Yes!

    So what their choice is telling us is, that although their ostensive purpose to visit the Algarve is to investigate things further - as it were - i.e. interrogate a few patsies about the "samples" they collected (and subsequently contaminated for the purpose) and carry on with the McCanns' reputation management for the world to see (and hopefully believe)...

    ... Ironically what this synchonicity tells us is that in reality what they went there for was to enjoy themselves (as symbolized by Wine - the "W" in the BMW.)

    The B and the M stand for "Bring More"!

    Possibly an unspoken request by their colleagues in London who have grown fond of Portuguese wines from that region. They are difficult to resist!

    I mean finding a few bottles of red like "Marquês dos Vales Grace Touriga Nacional 2009" or even better the "Marquês dos Vales Selecta 2010' would be roughly equivalent (in terms of the Eureka factor) of finding Madeleine living in a grange with their kidnappers !!!...

    For those of you who do not believe in synchronicies and the hidden works of the Collective Unconscious, I can only suggest they try the "I Ching".

    Hey! You need to focus for it to work. In any case the I Ching will react to what is in your Unconscious.

    In fact I just tried it as a test.
    Question: What the heck are SY up to?"
    It gave me hexagrams 21 and 22:

    21 changing to 22

    21. Bite and Crack

    Line 3:

    Biting preserved meat,
    encountering decay.
    Slightly inadequate,
    without fault.

    Being confronted with the consequences of neglect. There is no blame to this.

    Line 4:

    Biting dried meat with bone,
    getting a metal arrow.
    Beneficial is laborious persistence.
    Good fortune.

    Encountering something of value. One needs to work diligently on getting it. That will pay off, though. Things go well.

    Hexagram is changing to:
    22. Beautifying

    Progressing little.
    It is beneficial to have a goal to move to.

    Making something beautiful. This makes for only little actual progress, as it isn't about what actually matters. It is a good idea to have a goal for this. " (quote/unquote)

    Wanna try it yourself?



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