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Madeleine's disappearance process is attributed to a new prosecutor

Seven years later, the process of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann changed prosecutor's hands. With the new judicial chart, Magalhães e Menezes was transferred to the Labour Court of Portimão and was replaced by Mrs Inês Sequeira, who worked at the Public Ministry of Silves.

The new prosecutor, in office since early September, will have to address the fifth letter rogatory sent by the British authorities requesting further steps to be taken within the scope of the [English] investigation to the Maddie case.

Even without having received a reply to the letter rogatory, the Scotland Yard [sic, Metropolitan Police] inspectors are expected in Faro next week.

The meeting will serve, in essence, to assess the current status of the investigation with the Judiciary Police, and takes place three months after three men, at the request of the UK, were constituted as arguidos [formal suspects] and several people were interviewed as witnesses.

in Sic Notícias, October 11, 2014 18:26 GMT

Regarding the behaviour of the UK media related to this news

. In Portugal the Oporto PJ coordinated by Monteiro is just conducting a review of the process, so a new prosecutor means nothing, unless the PJ is able to conduct an investigation without hindrance and/or further external pressures.

. This is an attempt to pressure the new Prosecutor a few days before Redwood's team returns to Portugal, ie, now that the prosecutor's name is in under the spotlight she "has to approve" all steps requested by the English rogatory letter, no matter how risible or unevidenced they may be.

. The prosecutor would never talk to/with the press without PGR/Public Ministry consent.

. Someone's leaking to Mirror, where else would they have found Inês Sequeira's name?

. Spin was added to the articles, citing the prosecutor. If the allegations are true then something must be done about it (breach of secrecy of justice).

. When will the PGR (AGO) Dr. Joana Marques Vidal put an end to the ignominious British pressure and numerous interferences?

New Madeleine McCann prosecutor has vowed to solve the case Oct. 10, 2014 22:30 GMT
New Portuguese prosecutor in Madeleine McCann investigation 'determined' to solve case as Scotland Yard prepares to return to holiday resort to 're-interview three men' Oct. 11, 2014, 08:20 GMT

"The Maddie case reveals a good deal of subservience, much to the detriment of our penal sovereignty"



    Suponho que como Magalhães e Menezes não vai voltar atrás com aquilo que disse sobre os Maucanos, terá sido necessário facilitar as coisas as celebridades com vista ao gerenciamento de reputações em curso. O próximo arquivamento do processo será diferente. Deixará os Maucanos sem qualquer culpa no cartório.

    Ver para crer! Aguardemos....

  2. So much arrogance and prepotency in the british press. Seven years of writing bullshit about this case. I do not comprehend at all. What kind of hold has this McCann couple got on the media and politicians is a mystery! Anyone with a clue?

  3. The new prosecuter should start by asking the mccanns as to why they refused to answer the 48 questions put to them 7 years ago , and start by charging the pair of them for neglect , as for their "friends" , they should be charged for aiding and abetting , hopefully the truth will come out one day when Justice prevails .

  4. Yes ..simples.

    They are part of the New World Order cell.
    These peoples exist across europe and are the "on the ground shakers / shifters".

    There is an agenda for europe - this is what allows for the connects we have seen and it links in to many many countries..

    We are all been hurded like cattle - and to achieve such an agenda requires foot soldiers among us......hence the support and backing ...and knowing things !
    I believe the holiday was a den of them from the UK.

    Thats my opinion and its a solid one.


  5. Mojo Agreed, and our Western leaders are even coming out now and mentioning the 'New World Order', and of course nobody even asking them what exactly they mean by that term. That is how dumbed down many in the media are nowadays, or are they afraid to admit they have no idea what they are talking about, and can't even be bothered to find out, because it is hard to believe anyone besides a total control freak taking power themselves would want to go along with all that.


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