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Mysterious death of woman who 'attacked' the McCanns online

Brenda Leyland known on twitter as sweepyface

Maddie Case: English woman was found dead in a hotel room
British Media Regulator has received 34 complaints over Sky News report

by Marisa Rodrigues

The English authorities have not yet been able to explain the death of a woman accused of “attacking” Kate and Gerry, Madeleine McCann's parents, on the social media. Brenda Leyland, 63 years old, was found dead in a hotel room, two days after her identity was exposed in a Sky News report.

Brenda's name, according to that English TV channel, was reportedly included in a list given to the Metropolitan Police along with dozens of persons who have made comments considered excessive against Kate and Gerry. This is a 80-page dossier containing comments from Twitter, Facebook and online forums against the couple, some of which death threats.

Brenda was just another of the couple's critics. She has allegedly written that the child's parents should suffer “for the rest of their miserable lives”, and that Kate and Gerry “should burn in hell” and live “in total misery”.

A Sky News report crew decided to doorstep Brenda at her house in Leicester, where the McCanns live. With the camera always on and without protecting the woman's face the reporter asked her why she wrote those messages on Twitter, to which she replied “I’m entitled to do that”. Then the reporter informed her the police was investigating her activities. The woman did not show concern.

The report was broadcast on Thursday and the media harassment that ensued has allegedly forced her to leave her home. On Saturday night, the police were called to a hotel in Leicester and Brenda was found dead in one of the rooms. At that time, the local police said the death was not being treated as suspicious. But the causes are not yet known.

Criticism about the outing

Sky News and the reporter have been severely criticized by the British public opinion. Ofcom, the body that regulates the activity of the Media in the United Kingdom, received 34 complaints about the report and is considering whether to open an investigation against its authors.

in Jornal de notícias, paper edition, October 7 2014

English return next week

Scotland Yard (SY) is expected in Faro next week for a meeting at the Judiciary Police Directorship of Faro. The meeting between the leaders of the two police forces will be used to work out the details of the next steps in the Algarve, within the scope of the English investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine.

The team led by Andy Redwood wants to question “seven persons of interest”, including the three men that had previously testified.

JN knows that there is still no date set for the completion of these steps which appear in the fifth letter rogatory sent by the British authorities in August and received by the Public Ministry after the searches in Praia da Luz failed to produce any results.

SY's “Operation Grange”, started in 2011 - four years after the disappearance of Madeleine - and has already cost over nine million euros.

in Jornal de notícias, paper edition, October 7 2014

Petition - David Cameron: Launch a public inquiry into trial by television. Reference must be made to Brenda Leyland, denied legal representation by SKY News, threatened with jail. And now dead.
Facebook group - Brenda Leyland (Full open public enquiry)
Report to Ofcom the Sky News biased, intimidatory report
Report to IPSO the newspapers which have stolen Brenda Leyland's dignity of her name by calling her a 'twitter troll' without evidence, even after her death

Pro McCann stalkers knew sweepyface's name as early as February 2014
Kate and Gerry McCann have contacted the police after being subjected to threats from vile Twitter and Facebook trolls (before September 9?)
One of the authors of the dossier, a pro McCann stalker 'jayelles1' was in close contact with Jim Gamble
Michael Wright, married to Kate McCann's cousin, testifies in Lisbon court he monitors the internet
The authors of Sky News #SnitchDossier unrepentant of their role in Brenda Leyland's death
Pro McCann stalkers gives a detailed account on how to stalk and trace Mrs Leyland
Gerry McCann Says Make Example Of Web Trolls
Leicestershire Police statement

Snitch Dossier authors and other pro McCann stalkers sites - selection
(some need to be viewed with goggle cache, they closed the sites after Mrs Leyland's death)
mccannhateexposed.pbworks.com (wiki targeting/exposing people)
mccannhateexposed.pbworks.com/w/page/77403491/SweepyFace (sweepyface entry)


'Evil' Trolls In Hate Campaign Against McCanns, Sky News, broadcast Oct. 2 2014 - every 20/30 minutes 24/7

McCann internet 'troll-hunting' site deleted after death, Channel 4, broadcast Oct. 6 2014


  1. What the fuck are these people? Look at them across the entire UK media, scurrying like vermin. Survival of the fittest. As Blacksmith has very recently said (and it is very good btw): "only some lives matter."

    And then those who say nothing at all - all of those free speech, HR lawyers/advocates who paw over the minutiae of UK freedoms and culture - where is their outrage? Busy with other things, looking the other way.

    The filth at The Guardian/BBC wheel out their pseudo analyses of "what it is to be a troll", oh, the "mindset" of "these people"; backslapping faux academics taking their pound of flesh. And the rest. Inverted commas notice from the BBC ("troll"), they extend the abuse without having the courage to either question it or take responsibility for it.

    And now they scratch their way back to a mutual defence: "there was nothing wrong with Brunt's actions"..."public interest"..."internet concerns". These preening bastards are the worst, the very worst.

    They are the slick fascist corollary of the most disgusting abuse sent Brenda Leyland's way. They regard her death, her killing, as nothing more than the acceptable "collateral damage" of what they pass off as journalism.

    And now Redwood returns? What the fuck is he going to prove himself to be?

    (excuse the language)


    1. and we know who truly judy is. pro mcann who spouts the vilest abuse. seem if youre pro mcann you are allowed to. poor brenda

  2. Just how many more lives are going to be destroyed in the bad wake of the McCanns.

    This is a shocker, and as for Brunt, what exactly did he say to the lady 'off the record' that had her resorting to leaving her home and the subsequent action that was taken. He disgusts me in that he has not even the guts or seen fit to issue an apology, and it should be a public one at that. Anything for the ratings eh Brunt?

    Then when it comes down to the truth (which never seems to matter in this case anyway), the lady was no troll, just somebody who disliked the McCanns and was well within her rights to say so. No threats to them at all, so not breaking the law, and Brunt and his pals should not have been around at the lady's doorstep with the intimidation and threats of police prosecution.

    Even more information also coming out now that Brenda was threatened on line with serious harm from pro McCann posters, including death threats. So are LP or SY going to be investigating that? It is not worth holding ones breath, as it would appear that only the McCanns are worthy of that avenue of investigation so far as this case is concerned.

    RIP Brenda, and much sympathy and condolences to her family and friends.

  3. I was one of those who complained to Ofcom, the UK regulator of media fairness and legality. The Guardian Newspaper said this morning that people who had complained so far numbered 60. It published a very grim looking picture of her, as did many newspapers, but of course she was a pretty normal looking person in the video clip, and they significantly misquoted her, and referred to her as a McCann 'hater'. That is the way of hostile reports! She appeared to be far too sensible and clever a person to be any such thing, but she certainly was an unbeliever in the McCann's official story. It was appalling! Martin Brunt doorstepped her waving a bunch of papers saying a dossier had been sent to the police by Mccann supporters and thatshe had 'attacked' the McCanns on Twitter. The police would be getting in touch with her. It was not clear whether she ever had contacted the Maccanns directly, it seemed not, and she had certainly never threatened them, which of course would rightly be illegal.

    Before this, on Sky's Sunrise programme, a big feature was made of so-called McCann 'trolls'. Trolls to me are people who join forums and so on for the pleasure of setting posters against each other, and disrupting threads, but in this new meaning it is used for people who disagree, and are prepared to say so online. Trolls is the new word for 'haters': an equally dumb and silly word for those who express disbelief at the progress of the current case, the currently presented account of how Madeleine was 'abducted',or do not think the McCanns are telling the whole truth. A better word would be skeptics or dissenters. This woman (Brenda Leyland) more recently has been said to have committed 'internet abuse', as patently she had not in any way really attacked or threatened the McCanns. In English abuse can mean either 'misuse of' some facility, or using 'rude words'. She certainly didn't do the former, and, sorry folks, in non-totalitarian states you are even allowed to do the latter. Not that we were given any evidence that she had even done that! Anyway, it is the job of the police to deal with threats to a person not some team of Sky bullies!

    When doorstepped by the crime correspondent of Sky, Martin Brunt, Ms Leyland said to camera: 'I am allowed to express my point of view'. She seemed most polite, even though shocked. She lived alone and was got at by having a camera thrust in her face and being told that the police would be contacting her. She said she believed she had broken no law, and even invited Brunt inside the house, where he said that she told him she 'had questions for the McCanns'. So do hundreds of thousands of people, and they are allowed to be expressed online!

    I read on another website that some of her tweets were far more poltical, and unconnected with the McCanns. Whether that is relevant or not I do not know. I'm not a member of Twitter or Facebook and have not read anything she wrote, but this action by the TV team was way out of line. The nasty vigilante action by Sky News and its crime correspondent led to targetting of her by her local newspaper: The 'Leicester Mercury'. Horrific! It must have been terrifying, and quite enough to cause her to flee to a hotel room and committ suicide... If that is how it happened.

  4. A full public enquiry should be opened for the death of this woman , RIP Brenda Leyland , as for the reporter he is not above the law , he should be charged for the death of this woman . Its about time this calls for a public outcry and the mccans are made to testify on live TV as to why they refused to answer the 48 questions put to them by the Portuguese Police 7 years ago and the disappearance of the blue hold all , why they kept changing their stories when questioned by the Police ? As for Redwood? Is he really for real? He needs to be in front of the select committee to answer why he claims the mccanns have nothing to worry about and is going round chasing rainbows on the cost of the British Tax Payer in this difficult economic climate where they are food banks in this country ! Start with the parents Mr Redwood that's common sense , get the parents taken to Portugal and the Portuguese Police to question them in your presence on live TV , a lady is dead and the truth about the mccanns needs to come out for the death of this woman . As for the press they need to be charged together with the mccanns "mouthpiece" as he has helped these two avoid justice with his blatant lies . Not many read the newspapers these days its full of lies anyway .

  5. sweepyface last cached tweets http://greptweet.com/u/sweepyface/sweepyface.txt

  6. We are not trolls to question disappearance of Madeleine McCann http://youtu.be/RNJ7aDmcuG4 Sonia Poulton

  7. Read as well

    We are in the Secret Madeleine McCann Troll Dossier http://patbrownprofiling.blogspot.pt/2014/10/we-are-in-secret-madeleine-mccann-troll.html

    A Life Lost http://l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun.com/A_Life_Lost.html

    Madeleine McCann An Appeal For Justice http://onlyinamericablogging.blogspot.com/2014/10/madeleine-mccann-appeal-for-justice.html

    Rip Brenda Leyland (Sweepyface) http://cristobell.blogspot.pt/2014/10/rip-brenda-leyland-sweepyface.html

  8. Seems Gerry and Kate complained to the police way before the dossier was sent/exposed in the media. So they had seen the dossier, and tweets, unlike what was divulged. If this article is correct, obviously. http://www.closeronline.co.uk/2014/10/madeleine-mccann-kate-and-gerry-mccann-call-police-after-being-attacked-by-twitter-trolls#.VDQfUlc7CAP

  9. Thanks for the translation Joana.

    Paul wrote:

    The filth at The Guardian/BBC wheel out their pseudo analyses of "what it is to be a troll", oh, the "mindset" of "these people"; backslapping faux academics taking their pound of flesh. And the rest. Inverted commas notice from the BBC ("troll"), they extend the abuse without having the courage to either question it or take responsibility for it.

    Ha ha loved it. You're a man after my own heart. I tend to think that team Mccann and their paid shills are never as bad as the misinformed public and the misinformed liberal journalists, who pontificate on events with a total ignorance of what actually goes on.
    The Guardian and BBC make me crawl as well. Apparently these people think we're harmless conspiracy theorists. Sad yes, lonely yes, but, we're not evil and deserve to have our views, even if we're mad.

    Patronising twats.

  10. Brenda Leyland's son is also being abused by UK media - Ipso this ‪#‎McCann‬ http://mirr.im/1s5kczi

  11. martin brunt should be sacked he hounded that poor woman but of couse what the mc cans want the get mr Cameron its about time he listened to the public think on its us that vote for you sky news v quiet about lady death were not so quiet before mcs have all the say we have to stand up for what is right

  12. Has one of the groups saved the 'watchingthetrolls.blogspot'? we all know why that was taken down after poor Brenda's suicide.

  13. Brenda Leyland: Did the press act responsibly when reporting the abuse directed at Kate and Gerry McCann?

    Questions have been raised about how the press reported the story of Brenda Leyland's abuse of Kate and Gerry McCann

    The death of ‘Twitter troll’ Brenda Leyland has sparked a heated debate on a number of social media platforms about how the press should act.

    Reporter Peter Warzynski speaks to Dr Paul Reilly, a lecturer in Media and Communication at the University of Leicester, about the role of journalists and responsible reporting.

    PW: This is a contentious issue, but should there be a line drawn? Was Sky (Martin Brunt) wrong to approach Mrs Leyland and confront her about the tweets?

    PR: “Clearly we await further details from the police on the exact circumstances surrounding the death of Brenda Leyland.

    “However, it would appear that her outing as a ‘Twitter troll’ might have played a role in this tragic incident.

    “Mrs Leyland seems to have had no idea that she was the subject of a police investigation and appeared to be visibly shocked at this, so Sky News may face some form of enquiry into the conduct of the journalist who approached her.

    “Questions may be raised about whether the reporter should have ‘doorstepped’ someone who the police had not yet spoken to in relation to an alleged criminal offence.

    “This potential for ‘trial by media’ would appear contrary to the ‘presumption of innocence’ for potential suspects in such cases.”

    PW: Could things have been done differently and more importantly, do you think this will change the way reporters approach similar situations in the future?

    PR: “I think the news media will be more circumspect in their reporting of similar situations in the future.

    “I imagine that most journalists will choose to focus their attention upon those facing criminal prosecution in the courts rather than ‘doorstepping’ those who have yet to speak to the police.

    “However, the 'trial by media' of public figures, such as politicians and celebrities, is unlikely to disappear in the immediate future. “Such coverage is often market-driven, as rival media organisations compete for ratings and audience share.”

    PW: How do you see the media’s role in all of this?

    PR: “Clearly the ‘trolling’ of celebrities and public figures is always likely to generate some form of public interest.

    “Therefore, it may be unrealistic to expect the news media to refrain from covering such stories.

    “However, the manner in which they challenge those suspected of ‘trolling’ and other social media offences must surely be re-examined in light of this incident.

    “The news media must be mindful of how the ‘naming and shaming’ of individuals might not only impede police investigations into such offences, but also might lead to tragic events, such as those that appear to have led to Brenda Leyland’s death.”


  14. Just reading one of your tweets Joanna about people allowing themselves to give ammunition in the way they are tweeting replies. Do remember folks that one of the tactics was to push people into saying things. Don't get pushed into responding in a manner that can be deemed as threatening, harassment or anything else. Far better to stick to asking questions and making polite replies.

  15. I have to blame the mccanns for starting this. Jerry seems to think he can wield such power that he can stop people passing comment on him and his wife. His ridiculous notion will now come back and smack him in the face as a result of the unforeseen consequences of his action. I can totally empathise with Brenda leyland, she like the rest of us appears to have become incensed by the injustice of this case and the deeply troubling way that the british establishment try to manipulate the public -bbc MSM Westminster police MI5/6. She actually seemed like a nice lady, I only wish one of us could have been there to defend her from sky news, and taken it as an opportunity to ask pertinent questions about the mccann case, then beyond a doubt they wouldn't have aired it. I think it is important that anyone commenting on this case is not abusive and reveals their identity, it is the most fundamental right to be able to air your opinion and ask questions and firmly resist anyone who tries to deny you of that right. Is the uk just as oppressive as countries like Russia but are just more sophisticated on how they gag their citizens? By the way my name is doug Stewart and I live in the north east of England, feel free to come to my door, because I have a lot more questions for you than you have for me.

  16. Would we be here today discussing this tragic incident if (god rest her soul) Brenda had said: Oh, hi Martin, have you read the Gaspar statments in the P.J. files? Would this piece of pathetic so called investigative journalism ever seen the light of day?
    No need for a postcard, just the stamp is big enough for the answer.
    And while I'm here, I really need to get this off my chest, if Dr Amaral was such a bad cop, why do the McCann,s and their supporters wish to silence him?

  17. http://greptweet.com/u/trulyjudy73/#sweepyface

    Searched for: sweepyface

    @BroGeorgeMadman @WAWinter1 Because Brenda is very obviously @sweepyface. Tom. #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 21:18:14 +0000 2014
    @WAWinter1 Oops, forget that @Sweepyface Brenda has closed her fb account this very evening...lol! Too late, we have her measure. #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 21:17:22 +0000 2014
    @WAWinter1 @sweepyface she has abandoned it but enough on there for proof #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 19:06:50 +0000 2014
    @sweepyface you do state on linkedin Ayrshire now in Leicestershire...well well! #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 19:03:19 +0000 2014
    @sweepyface it's on your facebook lovie #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 19:02:38 +0000 2014
    @sweepyface what lies! lol #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 18:59:58 +0000 2014
    @sweepyface you live in Leicester oh crazy bastardess! #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 18:54:01 +0000 2014
    @sweepyface do you know him personally oh high & mighty clerk? #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 18:52:18 +0000 2014
    @sweepyface he has himself to blame but you lady? Shame on you! #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 18:51:50 +0000 2014
    @sweepyface @AdirenM @SafariSara @ModNrodder no yours Sweepy! Peterborough City is it? Hmm! #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 18:46:36 +0000 2014
    @alfibab3 @WAWinter1 @sweepyface It is her Jasmine so look at other tweets. #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 17:39:18 +0000 2014
    @WAWinter1 @alfibab3 @sweepyface rough looking isn't she? #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 17:38:43 +0000 2014
    @WAWinter1 @alfibab3 @sweepyface yes that Brenda is sweepyface & lives too close to the #McCann s for my comfort tbh. #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 17:38:22 +0000 2014
    @WAWinter1 @alfibab3 @sweepyface here she is on some fb page:https://www.facebook.com/andrew.g.doe/posts/10153328825475510 #McCann. Take a look at the boxer! ‐Sat Mar 15 17:35:58 +0000 2014
    @WAWinter1 @alfibab3 @sweepyface ugh! She is one ugly Mama #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 17:29:59 +0000 2014
    @WAWinter1 @alfibab3 @sweepyface <<< you are right. I see her fb page! Same boxer dog & she's more of a dog herself! #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 17:24:23 +0000 2014
    @alfibab3 @WAWinter1 @sweepyface the name rings a bell with me but for why I just am trying hard to recall #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 17:19:36 +0000 2014
    @B_balou @sweepyface @AdirenM @D1LLIGAF oh yes, I am so sorry...who's a window cleaner's wife? #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 17:05:38 +0000 2014
    @sweepyface Are you alright in your bonce Sweepy? I have never used AB Mash nor would I ever. Sad life stalking the wrong person #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 17:01:56 +0000 2014
    @sweepyface not impossible at all. If you are post grads you are thick as bricks #McCann ‐Sat Mar 15 16:56:30 +0000 2014

  18. As anyone noticed that this case hits out at everyone and everything except the criminals.

    A group of NHS doctors go on "holiday" ....all of them leave their children alone in the apartment whilst they go for drinks and their meals with each other - none of them used the baby sitting service provided.
    It results we are told in a child vanishing.....who to this day we are told was abducted by loads of different people ....who could all be the same person.

    Look its all lies .....total BS ........nothing more.........the story they are telling the world is a complete fabrication.
    the Government and police in the UK along with the media are involved in the fabrication.

    IT is all LIES......the problem is they control the country and all its institutions - at least the WORLD can see what corrupt criminals we have in the UK in positions of power.

    They are not reflective of the people of the UK ....they do nothing to care for them - I just hope that all you fellow people around the world realise that...... we are not what our government represents......there is NO democracy in the UK ...only illusion.

    The vast majority of people in England are good, decent people like that Poor Lady.

    But rather than go after the real Criminals - they are going to call everyone mental for fighting for TRUTH and JUSTICE for a child.

    That's the type of Criminals running the show in the media.

    The case is lies, cover up and then hunt for a Patsy to blame.

    The joe public of the UK are governed by such forces and people.....it is totally true - the LUNATICS have taken over.

    no surrender - change is needed .....NOW

    Mojo / Kyle

  19. Thomas,

    Yes, it's the "sad loon" line that is ultimately the most brutal; comprehensively dismissive.

    And think back to the Twitterjoke trial. Where have all those "concerned" people gone? Stephen Fry? Ssssshhhh.

    There are people who spend hours on end trawling through the internet for god knows what - latest iphones, sleb selfies youtube "funnies"...etc. Brenda Leyland devoted her online life to trying to seek justice for a little girl who was so obivously wronged (and continues to be so). I wish more people had Brenda's "problems"!

    Even the issue of anonymity is a false one: "if you can't take, don't dish it out." Bullshit. Brenda entered into this fray, like thousands of others, with absolutely no line of defence other than the recorded facts of an investigation. Weigh this against the power of the McCanns, Sky, the Met.

    The use pseudonyms and anonymity has an illustrious written and visual history. Historically, only totalitarian states have regarded it as a threat. And in my opinion, we should guard it closely.

    Nobody in authority was going to help Brenda. We're told that Operation Grange has 40 officers and that they received this dossier of "threats" almost a month earlier. IT HAD BEEN READ. What the hell else was this 40 strong team going to do?

    An immediate refutation of the claims with which Brunt assaulted this poor lady might have made all the difference.

    The Met must have one of the largest PR/Media budgets of any western police force. At the very least you'd have to say that they are looking fucking incompetent. Again.

    Grabbing a line from Harold Pinter (addressed to Blair of all people!!):

    "Blood is dirty. It dirties your shirt and tie when you're making a sincere speech on television."

    Paul (Again!)

  20. if it were not for the mccanns in the first place Brenda Leyland would still be here.
    as for the the vile trolls that support the mccanns they should be investigates and that includes jim gamble. I hope martin brunt is very pleased with what he did to Brenda,

    did it make you feel a big man martin
    .lets keep a light burning bright Brenda(R I P) she deserves it

  21. Quote: "It is a criminal act and she needs to pay the price" unquote. Well well, the McCann couple have left three children all alone, closed in one hotel room, in the middle of the night, in a strange country. This is a crime that even themselves have confessed. So who committed a crime here and why have they not been prosecuted? up to now?

  22. If this case had been investigated in the normal way nobody would need to be on Forums discussing it, because we'd have,hopefully, truthful answers to the many questions that need answering by the McCann's!! This hasn't happened, and until it does people will carry-on trying to find out the truth no matter how long it takes, considering a large amount of taxpayers money has been wasted chasing so many unbelievable stories so far.RIP Brenda.


    Placing the BBC and The Guardian in the same league amounts to a poorly differentiated and distorted perception of parochial British media.

    To my knowledge, The Guardian is the only newspaper that has quoted SKY's reporting guidelines - obviously implying that what Martin Brunt did was out of order - going beyond might expose them to the wrath of Carter-Ruck - the McCanns' caviar lawyers.

    By quoting SKY's guidelines, The Guardian has indirectly alerted the family of Brenda Leyland that they have sound grounds to prosecute Martin Brunt - who has long been perceived as a spokesperson for the McCanns (possibly via The Chipping Norton Set and/or Burson-Marsteller but i digress).

    Anyway, what the Guardian quoted (from SKY Guidelines) is:

    “Any grounds for an investigation that involves significant intrusion into any individual’s privacy must be very strong.

    Before we start out we must be certain that any such intrusion is outweighed by the seriousness of the story and the amount of public good that will be delivered by its publication and/or broadcast.”

    The detailed guidelines also say: “People who are the subject of reports should not be treated unfairly. Where wrongdoing is alleged, they should be offered an opportunity to respond.

    “Where there may be doubt or uncertainty over a legal issue – in the first instance check with the Head of Home News or Head of International News, as appropriate.

    Remember: if in doubt, do not proceed, broadcast or publish. Always refer upwards.”



    Obviously the grounds for exposing Brenda Leyland were not strong enough given the somewhat suspect status of the McCanns - I am referring here to the prosecutors archiving dispatch before the case was reopened due to sustained political pressure and reputation management imperatives endorsed by the British PM.

    Of course Kate and Gerry McCann themselves use plenty of foul language when referring to others - namely to members of the Portuguese PJ.

    For example: in her reputation management best-seller Kate has called Ricardo Paiva (a PJ inspector) a "fucking tosser". Hundreds of thousands of people read it, yet no one reported it to the police, which is thought-provoking.

    May be the police can be insulted because they are the police and are not allowed to complain to themselves???

    Let me try:


    :o Sorry! I have to run for cover now......


  24. Inquest into the death of Brenda Leyland to open today

  25. Brenda Leyland - @sweepyface - was not a troll and didn't deserve to die

  26. An inquest at Leicester Coroner's Court was told a post-mortem examination conducted yesterday had failed to establish the cause of Brenda Leyland's death.


  27. Good afternoon.

    As we all may have noted, any criticism of the McCanns is now attributed to 'conspiracy theorists' in the UK broadsheets. Ironic then that the post-mortem has revealed another unexplained event in the McCann affair.

    Just before this happened I wrote a simple paragraph to an editor of the Guardian suggesting that after their exposure of the mighty NSA if they wanted a second Pulitizer Prize, they should do a full investigation into the inconsistencies of the McCanns and their friends, as well as the involvement of institutions and Government in the whole matter. As yet I have had no reply. Although some might consider the methods she employed desperate, Brenda Leyland had the courage to try and provide the balance to the case that the British Press refuse—or are too scared to do. My sympathy goes to her family.

  28. perhaps the leicester coroner has to wait for approval for a verdict from the maccanns

  29. if you were to google...independent and search grace dent.. you would see the biased article she was allowed to write on this affair.For instance... the two doctors had been dining within meters of their sleeping children...Fortunately this and other exaggerations have been spotted in one or two of the comments that have been allowed and in gereral 2 out of every three are against maccanns ...what has happened

  30. Police await postmortem tests after death of alleged McCann troll

    Inquest at Leicester crown court told postmortem examination failed to establish cause of Brenda Leyland’s death

    Police are awaiting the result of postmortem tests carried out on the body of a woman who was accused of directing online abuse at Madeleine McCann’s parents.

    An inquest at Leicester coroner’s court was told a postmortem examination conducted on Tuesday had failed to establish the cause of Brenda Leyland’s death.

    The body of Leyland, 63, was discovered in a Leicester hotel room last Saturday, two days after she featured in a Sky News report exposing the internet “trolling” of Kate and Gerry McCann.

    Opening the inquest, the Leicester coroner Catherine Mason was told there was no evidence of foul play or third-party involvement in the death.

    Police Sgt Kevin Taylor told the coroner he was informed that Leyland was dead after being sent to the Marriott Hotel in Enderby.

    The officer said: “At the scene I was joined by another officer and a county ambulance first responder unit.

    “I was then informed by the paramedic and the other officer that there was a deceased female within the room.”

    Taylor added that officers were awaiting the results of additional postmortem tests and were still undertaking inquiries into the death.

    Adjourning the inquest until 18 December, Mason said: “It’s quite clear from the evidence before me that I am not in a position to conclude [the inquest] today.

    “The cause of death is still not known and police inquiries are rightly ongoing.

    “Therefore, with the sergeant still tasked to complete the police inquiries and the pathologist still to provide a cause of death, I am adjourning the inquest.”

    Leyland, from Burton Overy, Leicestershire, allegedly posted thousands of messages on Twitter attacking the McCanns, whose daughter Madeleine disappeared in Portugal in 2007.

    Officers from Leicestershire police, who are not treating the death as suspicious, were alerted to the discovery of Leyland’s body at 1.42pm on Saturday.


  31. for those not in england the interpretation of the word troll is.... anyone whose ideas are more accurate but a lot different from mine

  32. spot on Paul. It's better to be obsessed about something that matters as opposed to selfies and celebs and computer games. And where ARE Stephen Fry and company?

    Mind you Sugar's said something potent. Working class, no nonsense man, maybe that's why.

  33. What a weasel that charlaton Brunt has revealed himself to be. What weasels the british press/ politicians/ liberal media luvvies.

    Imagine the reaction if, say, a Portuguese journalist, armed with facts from the police files, had 'doorstepped' McCann with a few pertinent questions.

    I'd say every thick-headed Little Englander the length and breadth of Blighty would be, as ever, quick to anger-up their foul-mouthed diatribes, choking on their crates of Stella and plastic tubs of chicken madras at the bare-faced audacity of uncouth Johnny Foreigner. Alas the silence at this time is deafening.

    God bless and RIP, Brenda Leyland

    Bob the bluebird

  34. Eddie Nestor talks to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe about the dossier of alleged online abuse about the family of Madeleine McCann, reportedly (by Martin Brunt of Sky News) submitted by a "group of concerned, but anonymous web users".Hogan-Howe states the file was handed in by the "family" of Madeleine McCann. http://youtu.be/y6c1aRUUPgE

  35. Remember that good doctors can make any death look like natural causes, and such make it very difficult to beyond reasonable doubt determine the exact cause of death.
    In my mind there is no doubt that Brenda was murdered.

  36. Why the family of Brenda don't get a Coroner from outside England ? I really don't trust the British police anymore.
    The family have the right to appoint different opinion.

    RIP Brenda you did not deserve this.

  37. Brenda Leyland likely died from drug overdose/Sky News chiefs now face a police probe over the apparent suicide via @JerryLawton #Mccann http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/404047/McCann-Twitter-troll-Brenda-Leyland-died-drug-overdose

  38. When Gerry McCann calls for people to be made an example of, I tend to think, hold a minute, don't parents who abandon three young children, all under four years of age and to fend for themselves, need to be made an example of too. How many seconds does it take for a toddler to choke up food and drink? Do these arrogant people really regard us all as stupid?

  39. Joana @ comment #36,

    Sir BH-H has a major slip of tongue here! MURDER ! Investigating the MURDER !

    ..."But in terms of that file, what happened if you recall was that the family handed to our team that are investigating the, or reviewing the murder of...of sorry, reviewing the missing girl. errr the McCann daughter. The file was handed to that team and we were liasing with Leicestershire police which is where the McCann family live"...


  40. We feel sorry for Mrs Leyland, she is not the only one who has died in the McCann story. Mrs Leyland must have left her home and went to the hotel because the newspapers, Mccanns and police were after her. She was very upset that they all after her. This all started with the Madeleine story. Why Mccanns reported people when they come with the true story. The police should say it is your own fault you left three children alone every night. In another country they would not stand for it. Portugal had enough evidence of Madeleine and most people believe she died in the flat. The dogs have speak the truth. Australia.

  41. A police probe, eh?

    Hang on, I thought to myself, what does 'anonymous' mean in this context? Does it mean that the 'concerned' web users wish to remain anonymous or that the police haven't the foggiest who handed in the dossier?

    I'm no plod, but I'd imagine it'd be helpful for any police 'probe' into web abuse to check the computers of the 'concerned' complainants - you know - just to help verify that their 'concern' is not part of a wider agenda - or that they're not antagonistic 'trolls' themselves.

    Maybe this sad, sad episode has given plod an opportunity and legitimate reason to check the web-use of a few 'concerned' upstanding types including 'the family of Madeleine McCann'. Never know what they might find.

  42. Brunt should have doorstepped the McCanns and done his job properly. He needed to represent a 3yr old girl neglected in life not harass a person who merely questioned the role of those who statistically are most likely behind the sudden disappearance. Eddie and Keela smelt death not abduction.

  43. Good evening.
    A little cited fact is that Sky News reported the Sunday after the disappearance that allegedly two QCs were flying to Faro that morning and their clients were the McCanns. This information had been removed by 11 ish from the bulletins. Surely no parent would have had the presence of mind to contact lawyers in the UK on the day after their daughter's disappearance (by this I mean the Friday, the only working day before the weekend and giving due notice to find flights). I am sure that at that stage any innocent parent would consider finding their daughter the priority and legal advice irrelevant...?

  44. #29 "I wrote a simple paragraph to an editor of the Guardian suggesting that after their exposure of the mighty NSA if they wanted a second Pulitizer Prize, they should do a full investigation into the inconsistencies of the McCanns and their friends, as well as the involvement of institutions and Government in the whole matter"

    By editor, did you mean Alan Rusbridger?

    My perception is, ANY newspaper and media outlet - indeed anyone with position (and money!) particularly in Portugal and the UK - who dares to voice a word against the McCanns "official version" of events, without solid hard data risks to be carter-rucked and/or duarted !

    Oh! And by hard-data we mean high resolution CCTV images preferably in 3D and surround sound (...) any assertion short of a 100% match is likely to face prosecution by Carter-Ruck, Isabel Duarte, Rogério Alves and/or any other top lawyer on the McCanns' payroll anywhere on the planet.

    Which is another reason the McCanns don't seem to settle for peanuts. They always seem to go for where the big money is.

    For instance, many people have written about the case, but the McCanns went for the best-selling author (Amaral) because that is where the money was (or so they thought).

    Of course, also because Amaral was the co-ordinator of the investigation and therefore their nemesis. The McCanns' believed (or wanted judges to believe) Amaral was responsible for the tsunami of criticism against them - which of course is not true.

    The PJ files and citizen journalists, commentators and "trolls" seeking justice for Madeleine get credit for that.

    If we exclude Eddie and Keela (the forensic dogs) no one else on Earth knows more about this case than Gonçalo Amaral - I mean, the real case not the fantasy being staged by Scotland Yard ... yet consider what happened to him by publishing his expert views on what may have happen to Madeleine (...)

    True, the Guardian could have done a bit more than they have done so far but... why risk the wrath of Carter-Ruck when they can sell just as well, by following Clarence Mitchell/Burson-Marsteller/David Cameron guidelines and playing it safe ?

    :p It's a mondo cane !


    # Joana at 38

    Now the Telegraph is saying "Post mortem fails to identify ... cause of death".

    This is what I immediately thought!

    The British pro-McCann media immediately wanted us all to think she committed suicide out of "shame for what she had done".

    Shame? When she knew there were millions of people world-wide sharing the same views? They must have been joking!

    Martin Brunt irresponsible witchhunt on behalf of Burson-Marsteller (my assumption) stressed her so much that she died of heart failure - it can happen.

    This is in the sense good news for it opens the door to prosecution of SKY/Martin Brunt by her family.

    The way I see it this was a case of cold, premeditated "psychological murder" by Martin Brunt/SKY. Sorry! I have to tell it as I see it!


  46. These are words from Pat Brown the criminal profiler. I bet they dont doorstep her.
    ...Let's look at the supposed facts: if the DNA from Madeleine in the hire car exists, the McCanns are guilty as hell...
    This is not harassing someone by pointing out a fact. Children in schools get taught how people manipulate by studying persuasive language in primary schools. Any normal citizen would be concerned when a 3yr old vanishes and the mother refuses to answer police questions to aid the investigation. SY need to arrest the parents and their friends on that holiday. Their is no national interest being protected only the interest of these people. As stated before the dogs smelt death not abduction. It is common sense

  47. well said @39 perhaps while he was at it asked the pair of liars why they were desperately cleaning the flat and put cuddle cat in the washing machine ? Its about time people demanded answers as to the strange behaviour of these two , maybe good old dci redwood would like to explain ?

  48. Ive wasted yet another week of my life watching these events unfold, watching the UK media and police respond as if this is some sort of elaborate sick joke.

    Ive simply had enough now. Ive done the usual stuff, expressed my anger on twitter, emailed operation grange, press regulators, newspaper editors, a letters going to the coroner later today. I know with 100% certainty that its a complete waste of bandwidth, time and energy, but I'll do it anyway in the hope that when the truth finally does emerge, these bastards simply cannot hide behind the defence that noone told them or made them aware.

    For over 7 years Ive stood by and Ive watched this charade. Ive always taken the position that the McCann's have a right to defend their position and reputations by any legal means necessary, lawyers, press manipulation, PR. I really dont like it, I find it distasteful and I think it stinks in the context of a missing child case, BUT they do have the right to act in that way, and I equally have the right to express my opinion or use similar tactics if I so wish.

    The use of public money, to fund these PR stunts is of course morally repugnant, but the terms and conditions under which people donated allow them to (mis)use funds in that way.

    I think most of us who've followed and commented on the case have been subjected to abuse, bullying, and far worse. I think many of us suspect that the intimidation is supported by the wider McCann family. It is my opinion that a great deal of this abuse is possibly even funded by them.

    The events of last week have changed my position quite drastically. The gloves are off now, and Im prepared to fight dirty, I'll keep it legal, just barely legal, and if they want a fight, I'll give them an experience they'll truly live to regret.. The McCann's PR and legal teams have revealed their hands, and I for one am not impressed. Without exception, theyve proven themselves to be unprofessional, unorganised, overpaid, and more importantly they have a total lack of belief in their clients constantly evolving narative. The next person to get any of these clowns into a courtroom is going to crucify them, thats if GA & Co dont do it first.

    So, if anyone has any sensible suggestions as to how we put a stop to this madness once and for all, then I'd love to hear them, because Im not prepared to stand by any longer and watch any more innocent victims getting hurt in an attempt to sell newspapers or whitewash the death of an innocent child.

  49. the hare at 47....i think that your wishes will be granted when the funeral of mrs leyland takes place ... that is if the authorities dont find excuses to delay it and get the body creamated before she beomes a martyr with a large funeral attendence of placard carrying protesters demanding the truth.

  50. I share the feeling of hopelessness with many a commentators on this Blogg. Anyone who takes some interest in the real case (the portuguese investigation) may now realise that both Gerry and Kate McCann already from the first day methodically and very successfully have displaced themselves from the place, time, and circumstances of the crime. They have now managed to transform a crime case concerning the disappearance of an innocent Child into libel cases and various plaints of defamation in which THEY are victims, not their missing daughter. They cannot possibly take this case further away from what it was all about before it was shelved, that is about them and their doings and whereabouts on May 3 2007. The whole cricus is now only about them being offended and bullied by non-believers. But by keeping on challenging the official version of an abduction, one will inevitably bring them back to the Place of the crime both in a literal and in a metaphorical sense. Commenting on Brenda Leyland's way of expressing her opinion anonymously, some representative (I assume it was Clarence Mitchell again) quoted Kate saying "It is a criminal act and she needs to pay a price" This comment clearly shows that this couple lacks self-knowledge, empathy an normal judgement. How many innocent people have directly or indirectly been accused by the McCanns of being involved in the abduction of Maddeleine. They have all paid a much to high price, being completely innocent. As far as I understand Brenda never threatened the McCanns. All so called suspects have answered all the question they have been asked, unlike Kate. Brenda Leyland never got the chance to answer all the question she presumably would have been asked by team McCann and the famous Leicstershire Police authoroties, had she not died (taken her Life). The McCann spokesman also refers to Brenda's "Sweetyface Twitter account" as a crimiunal act. May I therefore remind him and others about the McCann's treatment of their own Children on that tragic night 7 years ago. Looking up the first pages in the PJ police files and carefully trying to understand how they watched on their Children I can only conclude, that they left their three small children in an unlocked apartment, out of sight, in a country (strange to them) with the INTENTION OF LEAVING THEM THERE AT LEAST ONE HOUR AND A HALF, just making two listening-checks. Kate hade not the intention to really check whether Madeleine physically was OK in her bed. The PJ-files show this. The alleged abduction was what shortened the time for their Children being alone This has not been really emphasized. God knows how Kate or any other had made the next one at 22.30 HRS and so and so on. Gerry McCann on one occasion claimed that this was "child care within the boundaries of normal parental Child care" I don't remember exactly the phrasing. I would like Clarence Mitchell or why not the Prime Minister himself to make an official announcement about how British Child Care is supposed to be with reference to real facts from the day of Maddeleine's disappearance. What I mean by this is that it is important to learn about facts in this case dated back in 2007 in order to really understand what happened.. Maybe I am now commiting a crime by referring to the PJ files. When will David Cameron declare the files being criminal dossiers? When will all textmessages, e.mail, that document the criticism of the McCanns be officially banned by the British Government. TRUTH WILL COME OUT SOONER OR LATER, I AM CONVINCED.

  51. New Madeleine #McCann prosecutor has vowed to solve the case http://mirr.im/1xzFUMw

  52. FGS leave the funeral alone for the family.
    Anything else would be gross.

  53. sweepyface to kiki_barnes aka PortugalBound http://greptweet.com/u/sweepyface/#kiki_barnes kiki_barnes aka PortugalBound to sweepyface http://greptweet.com/u/kiki_barnes/#sweepyface

  54. Blair is a Mason, Brown is a Mason, Cameron is a Mason, Murdoch is a Mason, many top police, especially in the Met, are Masons, the same with the judiciary. Sounds like most of the UK 'Establishment' are Masons. The top people involved in the UK paedophile crimes, including celebrities and politicians, were protected by those in Government who told the police to let them alone, and were also Masons, according to one of the guys doing the paedophile ring investigation. Surely one of the basic questions that needs to be asked and answered, given that the McCanns have had such 'special' and favoured treatment compared to the others who have lost loved ones is, DOES GERRY MCCANN ALSO HAPPEN TO BE A MASON? If so, then the public should be made aware of this, because that alone needs an investigation. Or, are we to believe that it is all a 'coincidence' that McCann just happens to also be a Mason, and how many of the public would actually see it that way? How can we even trust the UK Establishments so called 'investigations' when, in the case of the paedophile scandal they are investigating their pals in Govenment?

    The truth is that for many it is now impossible to trust them given the shocking information that keeps coming out from those brave enough to step forward and spill the beans, despite being warned to keep silent.

    Brenda is also a victim of the attempt to silence anyone who dares question anything to do with this case, and where it is obvious there is something very amiss when SY say they are 'investigating' the Madeleine case, and spending millions doing so, yet completely disregard the work of the UK blood and cadaver dogs who indicated very clearly there had been a death in the apartment, and that the McCanns' hire car was also suspect as the cadaver dog very clearly indicated. So how can the McCanns therefore be dismissed from the start of the so called SY 'investigation' as having no involvement whatsoever in the disappearance of Madeleine? When will the people in the know, who have followed this case, get to ask these questions publically of Redwood? Or will he, like Brunt, simply vanish off the radar offering no explanation or excuse for their actions, because there certainly needs to be questions asked and answered?

    RIP Brenda, a completely innocent woman, who was doing no wrong before being confronted with accusations by Brunt on her doorstep, but was merely exercising her right to 'freedom of speech', and saying what so many also think and say about the McCanns, those parents who should answer the unanswered questions so many want answers to, including those 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer regarding the vanishing of her daughter. So what is her problem why she can't do that and help the investigation, and even restart it in Portugal? All this swept under the carpet, and it is an outright disgrace that has been allowed to happen, and now Brenda who was also wanting to discover the truth for Madeleine is no more. Just what did Brunt say to her 'off the record'?

    Shame on you Brunt in particular, no apologies yet, and by the way, what did happen to that large blue bag of Gerry's that vanished when Madeleine did, and you went on so about in your documentary? Has that also been swept under the carpet so far as you are concerned, and there it can stay?

    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party makes more sense than any of this, and will all the Masons involved in this case please step forward, and will it be only then we will start making some sense of it all?

  55. Okay so it's perfectly acceptable for the McCanns to print that they want someone to live in fear or that someone is a f**cking tosser but nobody else is allowed to state that they don't beleive their story! After 7 years, no proof whatsoever to justify their story but hey thats okay, just keep throwing money at it all and you must not voice your concern?! What a farce! And where is Gerry McCann and his Hacked Off buddies to condemn the actions of the media towards Brenda?! Oh no, only if it's directed at him and his wife? I hope Brendas family turn the tables and sue all involved with this. I feel utterly sick and disgusted at the double standards. The british press and SY are a laughing stock all over the world. Millions of pounds and all they have managed to do is publicly humiliate an ordinary lady and contribute to her death! Well done....not.

  56. I read somewhere that the new prosecutor in charge of the Madeleine case (Ana Sequeira) is described by a close source as "one of the sharpest and most ambitious prosecutors in Portugal"!
    Those words "MOST ambitious" ring alarm bells in my head...in Portugal, Public prosecutors, politics, potiticians, high profile cases, hidden agendas, usually concoct a quite unsavory broth...

  57. If we think we are frustrated by what we are seeing with Redwood and his obvious intent to look away from the dogs, who worked the case and clearly indicated a death in the apartment, and questions that should be answered by the McCanns, and we see them already being cleared of any involvement by Redwood who states this openly, then think of those who went repeatedly to the police reporting on the sexual abuse of such figures as Jimmy Savile and MP Cyril Smith, but got no help, since the police had been told to turn a blind eye, and not prosecute these monsters.

    The intervention in criminal cases by the UK political elite is simply unbelievable, that they can even cover up for paedophile criminal pals of theirs, and so far we are still waiting for those behind this to be named, and surely it should be an imprisonable office, or do they seriously think they are above the law, and can tell the police that certain favoured others are also. Who cannot be outraged by this, just as many who have been following the missing Madeleine case are frustrated and outraged by what we are seeing our millions in the McCann case being spent on.

    By the time this 'investigation' is finished there will need to be an investigation into the so called SY 'investigation' because non of it is making any sense whilst those UK blood and cadaver dogs have been airbrushed out of the scene by Redwood in favour of him chasing gypsies, tramps, and thieves, and psychic dreams.


    "Adjourning the inquest until 18 December, Mason said: “It’s quite clear from the evidence before me that I am not in a position to conclude [the inquest] today."

    Decisão estratégica. Adiar. Imaginem se ela foi assassinada! Nossa! Que repercussões! O Burson & Martelo e os Consultores do Elevador (Lift) ver-se-iam a brocha!

    Ate la, com um bocado de sorte, pode ser ate que a Yard consiga associar algum do lixo que encontraram com os tais suspeitos portugas.

    O problema será obter a confissão dos cujo ditos mas tudo pode ser pré-fabricado - como se viu no jornalismo do Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto comissionado pelos Meccanos.

    Faz tudo parte do plano ("conspiracy" em linguagem caviar) para impressionar (ou não) a juíza Mel e Castro.

    Sera que a ilustre senhora se ira impressionar com o mis-en-scene e dar razão aos pobres e dedicados pais cujo único pecadilho foi terem abandonado os seus rebentos a sorte?

    Talvez! As mulheres (sobretudo entre elas) sempre tiveram compaixão de sobra! O problema vão ser os juízes do Tribunal da Apelação - os homens sempre pecaram pela falta da mesma......

    Enfim, de qualquer forma e sempre melhor adiar e aguardar pelo momento estratégico! Perguntem ao Clarenço Mitoshell

  59. Death mystery of Nelson man after Maddie hunt This Is Lancashire

    RIDDLE: Colin Sahlke sold up in 2007 to help in the search for missing toddler Madeleine McCann.
    By Jon Livesey
    11:07am Thursday 7th October 2010

    A FORMER soldier who left Pendle to search for missing toddler Madeleine McCann died in mysterious circumstances after returning home to Nelson, an inquest heard.

    Ex-paratrooper Colin Sahlke sold all his possessions around May 2007 to raise £5,000 to fund a trip to Praia de Luz with pal Steve Taylor, so they could join the hunt for the missing youngster.

    The pair, who united while working at a shower factory in Nelson, met Madeleine's father Gerry before they searched the coast and waste ground around the resort for clues.

    But Burnley Coroner's Court was told that by the time Mr Sahlke returned to East Lancashire, he was drinking heavily and lived latterly in a flat in Carr Road.

    His body was found by his landlord on April 19 after he got no response at his front door, the inquest heard.

    Dr Zuhir Twage, a consultant pathologist, conducted post-mortem tests on the 48-year-old, which showed he had a blood alcohol level equivalent to having drunk 12 cans of beer.

    But Dr Twage also found a significant amount of morphine in his system and said that this, combined with the effects of the alcohol, had caused the death.

    Former partner Christina Ellis, who had ended their relationship shortly before Mr Sahlke's death, said that while the deceased had a recognised drink problem, he never smoked or took illegal drugs.

    The inquest heard that Mr Sahlke was on a number of prescription medications, including the painkiller Tramadol, but nothing which contained morphine.

    Recording an open verdict, East Lancashire coroner Richard Taylor said there was no evidence as to how Mr Sahlke had come to take morphine, but he could not ignore the medical finding.

    "We will never have that explanation that we would want," added Mr Taylor.

    Before he set out for Praia de Luz, Mr Sahlke told how he still felt the loss of his 18-year-old daughter Debbie, who had died in a car crash six years earlier.

    He had two other daughters.http://www.mccannfiles.com/id340.html

  60. We heard the story about Mrs Leyland, they have not found how she died, but we think someone followed her and whoever it was may have something to do with her because she went to the hotel to have a rest and they was follow her all the time. That poor lady we feel sorry for her. It is Mccanns fault they always reported people when they speak the truth, they get away with it. Germany.

  61. Agree with @54, please be careful and thoughtful when making comments regarding Brenda's death. Also when making comments accusing people, without evidence to do so.

    @59 Isn't the prosecutor's name Inês Sequeira not Ana Sequeira. Regardless, the mirror article is half spin, half bs.

  62. Someone is leaking to the Mirror and Mail and it isn't the PJ nor the new prosecutor http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2789022/new-female-lead-prosecutor-appointed-portuguese-officials-madeleine-mccann-investigation-determined-solve-case-seven-years-child-vanished.html

  63. In My Opinion:
    If you read the PJ files, every other opinion is a waste of opinions.
    Maybe we'll never know who is/was responsible for the dissapearance of the little girl.
    We can only continue to try to withstand the unbelievable.


  64. 18:26 11.10.2014
    Processo do desaparecimento de Maddie muda de procurador

    Sete anos depois, o processo do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann mudou de procurador. Com o novo mapa judiciário, Magalhães e Menezes transitou para o tribunal do Trabalho de Portimão e foi substituído pela colega Inês Sequeira, que estava no Ministério Público de Silves.

    A nova procuradora, em funções desde o início de setembro, terá de dar resposta à quinta carta rogatória enviada pelas autoridades britânicas a solicitar diligências no âmbito do caso Maddie.

    Mesmo sem resposta à carta, os inspetores da Scotland Yard são aguardados em Faro, na próxima semana.


    O encontro que servirá, no essencial, para fazer um ponto de situação com a judiciária, acontece três meses depois de três homens, a pedido do Reino Unido, terem sido constituídos arguidos e várias pessoas inquiridas como testemunhas.

  65. Just some insignificant info. I've just seen while "reviewing the PJ-files. Interstimg stuff indeed will be found by anyone who checks all the witness statements of those who were at the right place May 3/4 2007 Yvonne Warren Martin, a social worker on vacation, goes to Luz and talks to Kate. At least twice Kate says to her, that a couple" has taken Maddie. Why she believed that is not discussed, since she is told by (probaly David Payne) that the McCanns does not want her help. More interesting is however that she intuitively associated David Payne with someone she has met in working Life, who might have something with Child abuse/Phaedofilia to do, either as witness, suspects, or as collegue. This is mostly interesting as this interview dates 12/6-2007, thus rather early in the investigation. In case she then did not know anything about the Gaspar witness statement, also indicating something about Payne's strange behaviour, her statement could be very interesting. I have just started to go through the files hoping to find as much as I can

  66. Corporatism in motion, failing to address all parties responsibilities » Brenda ­Leyland driven to suicide http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/169572/Mccann-troll-Brenda-Leyland-driven-to-suicide-after-twitter-death-threats ‪#‎McCann‬

  67. A bit off the subject, but while we have the time, can anyone with either Photoshop experience or current experience of four-year olds look at the last two photos of Maddie? (She was nearly four, after all.)
    The tennis-court photo shows an almost barrel-chested sturdy girl clutching tennis balls.
    The 'Last Photo' shows a much slighter-chested child, more infant-like, and I am convinced it is actually the body of Amelee with Maddie's face superimposed.
    As we look at her photo, there is a strange blue-toned shadow on the left-hand side ( which is her own right-hand side.)
    Judging by all the other shadows on Gerry's and Sean's skin, they are all warm shadows. This discrepancy has disturbed me for years!


    "Was Brenda Leyland Murdered Because Of What She Had Just Found Out ?"


    I do not know what to make of this thread in Jill Havern's forum. I am more inclined to stand by my comment here in favour of death by "psychological murder" executed by Martin Brunt on the payroll of Murdoch's SKY.

    By "psychological murder" I mean ... you can make life so stressful to an over-sixties person by exposing them to such high levels of stress that their heart fails!

    By "high levels of stress" I mean Martin Brunt actual interpellation of his victim as she was arriving back home thus IDENTIFYING her home to thousands of pro-McCann latent psychopaths. Surely, this must have induced great levels of stress in the poor lady. Imagine...

    This was an irresponsible, I would say criminal, move by SKY - particularly since we all know (from the PJ Files) that the McCanns' may not be as innocent as they claim to be in their "official version" of events.

    :e Official version of events my arse!
    :o who the hacker has just swore?

    We also know how SKY and Martin Brunt stand in terms of the so-called "reputation management" of the McCanns!

    An intelligent person like Brenda should have immediately contacted a lawyer and sue SKY/Martin Brunt for the media stunt! Perhaps she did or planned to do but... at any rate... it must have been quite a shock for the poor lady's heart.

    OK, maybe she took a tranquilizer or a sleeping pill to help her cope. This will show in her system AND of course...

    The British Police (read: Operation Grange associates) will now say her death was caused by an "overdose" - not by SKY/Martin Brunt's hounding or by the McCanns demanding someone to be " made an example". No Sir! Madam!

    An overdose it was - but of STRESS (but don't tell your mamma!)

    I can only hope Brenda's family will prosecute SKY and Martin Brunt for what was really a kind of "psychological murder" .OK, so it was not murder even if the intent was to cause distress.

    The term "murder" does not apply if you sound 1000 decibel horn behind a 63-year old and they drop dead as a result. This would be called an "accident" - in spite of the intention.

    Same applies if you scare the wits out of someone. Again, it is an accident and Clarence Mitchell will tell you, in unison with The Queen, that "honi soit qui mal y pense".

    By the way... the negligent parents were reported to have called for some troll (meaning: a critic of their "official version of events") to be made an example of.

    :e Official version of events my arse!
    :o Oh! Not you again!

    So, in this sense the McCanns' are also morally accountable for Brenda Leyland's death. Are they not?

    Imagine if someone confronted Martin Brunt about his reputation management on behalf of the McCanns right outside his house!!!

    Or indeed someone was waiting outside the McCanns' very rich mansion in Rothley with the banner "Negligent Parents Repent!!!". Mamma mia! Dial 999!

    How would Martin feel about the prospect of being stoned by demented trolls?
    How would the fabulous McCanns' feel if all the dogs in Rothley came to pee at their mansion's gate?

    Perhaps someone will think of entrapping the veteran journo in the same manner. NOT that I am suggesting or condoning doing such - far from it! I am thinking more in terms of the Law of Karma...

    Sue Sky

  69. This case of the mysterious death of Brenda Leyland reminds me very much of the case of that nurse that committed suicide after she was approached by Australian hoaxers pretending to be the Queen. Remember? She too apparently was driven to “suicide” by being publicly exposed and by the media pressure. Only in that case the Australian journalists were reprimanded and issued a public apology.

  70. This video shows how brave a person can be to stand up for her/his rightful beliefs for eveyone in entitled to theirs:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNJ7aDmcuG4

  71. #71 Exactly! That is known in common parlance as "psychological murder or manslaughter" - not to be confused with mainstream "death by murder or manslaughter" - which about the only kind dealt with by Western Law.

    It is possible to kill someone without actually committing murder. The nurse and the troll are good examples. another good example would be if someone let their children alone with the door open hoping someone would take away any surplus children.

    No allegations made. It is not what you were thinking or what I was thinking for that matter!

  72. anon @54 i cant see the point of your post...its like saying lets discuss the nineteen forties but dont mention the war

  73. #74 Dr David Kelly comes to mind too. Didn't he also commit "suicide" after all that public pressure put on him? A new word has sprung up in people's vocabulary in recent years and it's the word to be "suicided". I don't know if this word even exists in the English dictionary, but it expresses very well this kind of situation.


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