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Spin and Manipulation - Round Up the Usual Suspects

Roderick Macdonald leaving court, 18th Oct. 2014 | Photo: Matthew Xuereb

By Isabel Oliveira and Joana Morais

During the last couple of weeks, coinciding with yet another Scotland Yard’s visit to Portugal, the press blitzed its readers with the breaking News that Roderick Robinson (also known as Roderick McDonald) had been arrested in Malta in connection to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

These were some of the headlines for October 2014:

1 –Times of Malta, Update 2, 14th October 2014 – “76-year-old Briton to be extradited - possibly linked to McCann case”

2– Daily Mail, 14th October 2014 – “REVEALED: Paedophile arrested over Madeleine McCann's disappearance molested two Australian girls before fleeing to Thailand

3 – Daily Mirror, 14th October 2014 - “Convicted paedophile believed to have been in Portugal at the time of Madeleine McCann's disappearance arrested in Malta

4– Irish Mirror, 15th October 2014 - “Madeleine McCann paedophile suspect jet-setted around globe after giving police slip two years ago

5 –Irish Independent, 15t October 2014 - “British paedophile arrested in connection with Madeleine McCann disappearance”

In summary, the media stated that Roderick Robinson was arrested in connection to the Madeleine McCann case, some media placing him in Portugal in 2007 at the time of disappearance, some media describing him as being on the run for a varied amount of years, some reported him as being the possible suspect in the alleged break ins in the Algarve from 2004 to 2010, some mentioning he sailed in a private yacht around the Mediterranean stopping in Praia da Luz.

In all articles, the media stresses the connection between Roderick Robinson and Madeleine McCann disappearance and states or insinuates that Mr Robinson was living in the Algarve at the time of events.

Let’s take a closer look:

The Times of Malta writes: “The Mirror reported that Mr Macdonald was in Algarve when the three-year-old vanished in 2007.Scotland Yard detectives chasing new leads in Praia da Luz where Madeleine went missing wanted to quiz him about paedophile rings in the area in 2007. Police were investigating 18 possible linked break-ins at Algarve villas by a lone intruder from 2004 to 2010. The attacks stopped in 2010, at around the time Robinson was deported from Portugal to Australia for raping an eight-year-old girl there, the Mirror reported in May.”

The Daily Mail Writes: “Robinson aka McDonald has been on the run for 25 years for molesting girls under the age of 10 years” “Roderick William Robinson, 76, was extradited from Portugal in 2010 to face the Sydney child molestation charges, just three years after Madeleine, aged three, was abducted from Portugal's Algarve region. Robinson, also known as Roderick McDonald, is being held in Malta pending extradition to the UK on sex offences.”

The Daily Mirror Writes: “The Sunday Mirror revealed earlier this year how police were trying to find McDonald after it was claimed he was living on the Algarve back in 2007. He also raped a girl, eight, in Australia. A source said: “He is a notorious and dangerous sex offender. He’s shown a pattern of disturbing behaviour wherever he has travelled.” The British girls’ mum said it was “unbelievable” police had missed the chance to quiz the ex-oil rig worker over Madeleine. She said: “The police knew he was in Portugal around the time she vanished, but let him slip through their fingers.”

The Irish Mirror Writes:Today shocked friends in Sannat revealed MacDonald would often boast to them how he would sail a private yacht around the Mediterranean, often stopping in resorts like Praia da Luz in Portugal.” “Retired policeman John Buttigieg, 55, who knew MacDonald during his time in Malta, said people could not believe they had such a dangerous predator in their midst.

The Irish Independent Writes: “He is also to be questioned about his connections to a paedophile ring linked to the abduction of the toddler in the Praia da Luz, Portugal in 2007 as he was reportedly living in the country at the time of her disappearance.”

Does this sound familiar to you? Yes it does, and this is why:

On the 17th May 2014 the Daily Mirror writes that “A paedophile hunted in the Madeleine McCann case has “slipped through the fingers” of British police, the mum of two of his victims claimed tonight. Roderick Robinson, 77, was in the Algarve when the three-year-old vanished in 2007. He was given a suspended prison sentence in 2012 for abusing five- and seven-year-old girls in Brighton who bore a resemblance to Madeleine.”

On the 4th May 2014, the Daily Mail writes, “British police are hunting for an 'on-the-run' paedophile who was in Portugal at the same time as series of sex attacks which have been linked to disappearance of Madeleine McCann”

On the 16th February 2011, the Daily Mail writes that “Robinson fled to Australia in 1988 while awaiting trial for repeatedly abusing an under-aged girl. In Australia he was arrested by police for sexually abusing another under-aged girl the following year. However he was once again released on bail and fled to New Zealand, where said Police Colonel Shusak Phanatamphorn, he was also accused of abusing young girls. He escaped to Portugal but Interpol police caught up with him there in April 2010, while he was reportedly living on a campsite in the Algarve.”

Several questions come to mind, the most obvious being, was Roderick Robinson in the Algarve in May 2007 after being on the run for a decade or more, depending on the publication?

The surprising answer is a clear “NO” and it can be substantiated by a credible and official source, the 2009-2010 Annual Review of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) or in a press release by the same Entity published on the 8th June 2010.

The transcription below (page 29) is quite clear in establishing that Mr Roderick Robinson was NOT in the Algarve in 2007:

“A 72 year-old British man, Roderick Robinson, arrived in Australia on Sunday 6 June 2010 following his extradition from Portugal. He had been on the run since 2001 for alleged sexual offences against a child in Australia. He was tracked down and arrested in Portugal as a direct result of the activities of CEOP’s Overseas Tracker Team.

Robinson was first arrested in 2001 in Australia for the alleged assault of a young girl and was bailed pending court hearings. He failed to appear to answer the charges in 2001.

Fleeing Australia, he entered New Zealand where he was arrested for child sexual offences allegedly committed there. He was granted bail with the requirement he surrender his passport.

In November 2009 using a stolen passport, Robinson left New Zealand bound for the UK. Piecing together intelligence on his transient movements in the UK, CEOP investigators worked with local police and the UK Borders Agency and located him in Portugal.

The Overseas Tracker Team disseminated intelligence on Robinson to Portugal, via INTERPOL, to advise them of the threat he posed to children in their country.

In response to Australia’s request for Robinson’s urgent provisional arrest, Portuguese police arrested Robinson in March 2010 and he was extradited to New South Wales, Australia to face justice.”

In summary we can state with certainty:

1 –Roderick Robinson was not in the Algarve in 2007.

He was in New Zealand from 2001 where he was arrested for new child offences and granted bail surrendering his passport. He escaped New Zealand in November 2009 using a stolen passport.

2 – Roderick Robinson was NOT on the run for 1 or more decades. In fact he was:

Arrested in Australia in 2001
Arrested in New Zealand
Arrested in Portugal in March 2010 and extradited to Australia
Arrested in Australia again in 2010
Arrested in Thailand in 2011 and extradited to the UK
Arrested in the UK, where in 2012 he received a suspended sentence after abusing two girls, aged seven and five in Shoreham, West Sussex...
Escaped the UK, “Sussex Police said following his conviction he changed his surname to MacDonald and left the UK, breaching the terms of a court order.”

British Police had numerous opportunities to question Mr Robinson regarding the Madeleine McCann disappearance.

They had the opportunity to do so in 2010, when he was arrested in Portugal and deported to Australia and, more importantly, they had the opportunity to do so in 2012 when Mr Robinson was arrested and faced trial in the UK.


The other very pertinent question in this case, is this media incompetence, a lack of accuracy because it sells papers or something else?

It took us only a few hours of internet search to find the relevant CEOP document proving that Roderick Robinson was not in the Algarve. We are only amateurs with limited time to dedicate to this matter; we are not professional journalists with access to police sources. A journalist, any journalist, would have access to this same information in a matter of hours and would fact check it. So we are ruling incompetence out.

Selling papers? Because sadly this is a subject that sells papers? We are prepared to rule that out as well. It sells papers, yes, but the fact that this article is recycled and published recurrently makes us look in another direction. The truth is these type of articles were published in May 2014 to coincide with Operation Grange new suspects (the forever changing suspect that assaulted young girls in Portugal, or the suspect(s) alleged to have broken into houses) that the media insinuated could be Roderick Robinson.

The truth is that these articles came out and were pushed into the public on two occasions:

Before Scotland Yard working visit to Portugal in June 2014 for the “digs” and questioning of 3 arguidos and several potential witnesses.

In October 2014, just before the current Scotland Yard Visit to Portugal to meet with the Faro PJ team and the laboratory in Portugal where some samples of hairs and other materials from the night of May 3rd are kept and were subjected to forensic tests in 2007. (*1)

The only conclusion we can draw is that these articles are always within the context of a Scotland Yard visits to Portugal. They are media spin and manipulation of readers to validate Operation Grange and its only remit. That Madeleine McCann was abducted in PDL in May 2007, while her parents had dinner in a nearby restaurant.

These articles and their timing are not a random media initiative. These are part of a very efficient and well developed marketing campaign with the co-operation of the media (even Portuguese journalists and ExclusivePix photojournalists). Who places it, we can guess and so can you. We will name no names.

We finalise with the most important. That these articles in October 2014 were only a small part of a far more sinister and well planned crisis management marketing campaign.

We will develop that matter on a later date but, for today, we would stress that it is our belief that the Gamble Report commissioned in 2009 by the then Home Office secretary Alan Johnson to Mr Jim Gamble, was shared with Sky News and with two relatively unknown authors, Summers & Swan and cited in their book, as we can see bellow.

The Portuguese police, Gamble remembered reporting, had appeared ‘incompetent, haphazard’ at the very start, during what police call ‘the golden hours’, the minutes and hours immediately after it was realised that Madeleine was missing. ‘The golden hours aren’t called that for nothing,’ Gamble said in 2014. ‘You can’t go back and recover them. They hadn’t secured the scene right away – there were people coming and going. There was contamination of the scene. They didn’t have structured house-to-house or apartment-to-apartment searches.

‘They told British officers that everyone in the resort’s apartments had been interviewed. But it became apparent that wasn’t so. Holidaymakers who had been at the Club got in touch with British police and said they hadn’t been interviewed. Not all the staff at the resort had been fully eliminated from the investigation, either.

‘Statistics tell us that there is often parental or family involvement. The Portuguese hadn’t begun with the parents as suspects. They hadn’t cleared the ground in front of them. Then they went down the [Robert] Murat route, were totally focused in that direction, and when that hit a dead end they went off in another direction. Later, when the dogs went in, they seemed to think they had the silver bullet. But the forensics tell you that they had not.

‘I remember in the interviews [with British officers who had been involved], that nobody could talk coherently about the forensics because it had become such a bugger’s muddle. People were afraid to talk about it in case they would be misquoted … There was at first a beauty contest among the British agencies about who could or would help and how. That created a bunfight. There was an unhealthy competitive element at the beginning along the lines of “Me, me, me, we’ll help.”

‘From the Prime Minister of the day [initially Tony Blair, then Gordon Brown], to all the ministers, to senior police officers, they were well intentioned. But I believe they congested the environment, confused others about priorities and agendas … CEOP was no different. We all rushed to the door. Leicestershire, who had the lead, understandably became extremely territorial, would say, “You must come through us.” They were a small force focused on local policing, not necessarily with the capacity to upscale.’

Gamble recommended that there should be renewed and stronger engagement between British and Portuguese law enforcement, an exchange of all information on the case – and action to pursue all outstanding leads, including those developed by the McCanns’ private investigators.

‘When you looked at the volume of information passed by the UK to the Portuguese in 2007,’ Gamble said, ‘only ten per cent had been actioned.’ High on the review’s priority list for renewed effort was: further work on analysing phone calls on the night Madeleine vanished, a reassessment of the forensic investigation – and other crimes committed in the Algarve in the relevant period – and information on known sexual offenders.

The one UK force with the capacity to handle the fresh work, Gamble thought, was the Metropolitan Police, and Portuguese cooperation would be essential. In contacts with the Met, senior officers indicated willingness to come in ‘if there was a likelihood of it being successful, of bringing someone to justice and if funding requirements could be met’.

The CEOP review landed on Home Secretary Johnson’s desk in early May 2010, just days before the Labour government was thrown out in the general election. Abruptly, it ceased to matter whether Alan Johnson supported a review of the Madeleine McCann case or not.

The McCanns, however, had hedged their bets by meeting with Conservative Party leader David Cameron well ahead of the election. This had perhaps not been difficult to arrange, for their spokesman Clarence Mitchell – a future Conservative candidate – worked for the Conservative election campaign. Cameron, who had himself tragically lost his eldest child to illness the previous year, might be expected to sympathise.

With the new Conservative–Liberal Democrat coalition now in power and Cameron installed in Downing Street, the McCanns kept up the pressure and met with the new Home Secretary, Theresa May. CEOP’s Gamble met with her, too, but differed with her about his agency’s future independence – he was to resign by the autumn. She ‘hemmed and hawed’ on the matter of the Madeleine case, according to Gamble.

in Looking For Madeleine - Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan's book, published in the UK by Headline Publishing Group in 2014

The “Snitch Dossier” compiled by “concerned members of the public” and the Sky exclusive report of this dossier are not isolated events. They are part of yet another marketing and manipulation of public opinion campaign designed to fulfil/push forward several personal and political agendas, all this leading to Brenda Leyland's tragic death.

These four consequential events have two common denominators. The Gamble Report and Sky News.

Was this report confidential?

Did Mr Jim Gamble write this report as the Head of CEOP or outsourced already under his new company INEQE?

Why and is it legal that parts of the report were shared with the book authors and Sky News?

Was the “troll gate” Dossier given to Sky News and then to the Police? Or was the dossier provided to the police first, on September 9, as stated in this article, and then because the assessment was taking too long or didn't meet the expected impact it was given to Sky News?

Why is Mr Gamble interviewed by Sky News both on the occasion of the report and on the occasion of the “dossier”, in this last case standing with the logo of his private company “INEQE” quite visible behind him?

Who gave the dossier to the police? The “concerned citizens” that gave it to the media, Sky News, the McCanns? For two weeks the McCanns and their spokespersons (the plural is deliberate) denied any involvement in the “Dossier”.

If Gerry McCann had the Dossier, why did he say on BBC Radio 4's Today programme that he had not read Sweepyface's tweets?

The Sunday Times (18th October) states that the McCanns delivered the Dossier to the police.

The Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe affirmed on a recent BBC London 94.9 radio interview the McCanns handed the Dossier to the police.

What is the truth?

There is currently a FOI regarding the Gamble report and we will soon, hopefully, have some more answers.

Ofcom is supposedly investigating Sky News following complaints over their report accusing Brenda Leyland of 'trolling' the parents of Madeleine McCann.

The CPS must also be investigating not only those who were behind the dossier but all parties, including the media, that played a role in Brenda's outing and subsequent death.

“I don't really want to talk about trolls, we're here very much to talk about child rescue.”, Gerry McCann on Brenda Leyland, Mondrian London hotel, Oct. 9 2014 

This incredibly well orchestrated integrated marketing campaign sadly resulted in human tragedy with the loss of a life. Hounded by the media and public opinion that labelled her as a “troll”, when she was clearly not, a human being was pushed to despair and Brenda Leyland is believed to have taken her own life in a hotel room in Leicester.

It is essential that the truth regarding the report, the book, the Sky exclusive on the report, the “Dossier” and the Sky exclusive report on the dossier is told and we trust the competent authorities to do so and to do it urgently.

These are not just mere coincidental isolated actions, these were planned and integrated, part of a whole disastrous PR and marketing campaign.

As the target audience we were and are, as tax payers and law abiding citizens it is our right and our moral duty to research and question what we read and watch and, above all, demand the truth surrounding these events.

Note: (*1) On a small off topic note, those heartened by this SY request should realise that SY wants to test hairs in the apartment collected on the night of the 3rdMay. In other words, they want to take the samples to the UK to analyse them in order to establish there was hair from a stranger in the apartment. The fact is that a hair proves nothing; they come into houses brought by hoover brushes, mops, laundry, in someone’s feet or clothes or simply brought in by the wind. We fail to see the point. But we do note that SY wants these hairs to be tested in the UK. We reserve opinion on this matter until, and if, it happens. We hope Portuguese authorities will not allow it considering there is an open investigation, independent from SY in Portugal, running at the moment and those samples are an integrant part of it.


  1. Superb Post! Bravo! We the truth seekers will NEVER be silenced or mislead!

  2. @1. Totally agree.

    It seems obvious to me that there was to be a serious attack on McCann 'trolls', ie. anyone who disagrees with their abduction story.

    Poor Brenda Leyland's death put an abrupt stop to that particular tactic.The worms have crawled back beneath their grubby stones for the time being.

    Interesingly we have the ridiculously labelled 'Chloe's Law' trotted out as a lame substitute. Alas, spotlight-loving 'model' Chloe is already last week's fish and chip paper.

    What the anti-lnternet-forum types wanted was a headline-grabbing name to further their censorship agenda: Madeleine McCann. And of course Mr and Mrs together with Clarence would be only too happy to provide the backdrop anecdotes of fear and despair.

    All my opinion, but it's easy to see how so many useful idiots with narrow, particularised agendas have attached themselves to this couple.


    Well, I suppose it will be much easier for Scotland Yard's reputation management team to cross-contaminate the forensic rubbish they collected in PdL with the DNA of someone in their hands. Obviously.

    Of course, it would have been much better if the culprits were brute, uncivilized, illiterate, sardine munchers but, since the Portuguese authorities do not seem that keen to play the idiots, I suppose Scotland Yard may have to settle for a British suspect - much easier and of course much more credible!

    No other country on the planet matches Britain in terms of the sheer numbers of paedophiles! They are found everywhere from groups holidaying in PdL to others in very high places (government).

    Also, we must bear in mind that Scotland Yard has been ordered by their Con PM to "clear the McCanns' of any wrong doing - cost what may!" Conspiracy theorists have argued and I am inclined to agree.

    Also, bear in mind Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' reputation manager, is a member of the Con Party and a Con candidate in the next UKGB General Elections. For all we know he is the one who is calling the shots. He certainly directs Burson-Marsteller - a global reputation management outfit.

    The masses will buy anything publicists tell them particularly if it becomes a Logo. The modern equivalent of a Totem.

    For example - people all over he world are still visiting the fake address in Baker Street of a fake detective (Sherlock Holmes) who never existed except in the imagination of his creator - Arthur Conan Doyle.

    Likewise Scotland Yard's fame is nothing but a by-product of fiction.

    People do not realize Scotland Yard is, at the core, a very corrupt police force.

    Sue Brunt





  4. ‘No caso Maddie o instituto inglês levou um ano a fazer os estudos de genética e nós dois meses’ http://www.sol.pt/noticia/117220 *to translate tomorrow*

  5. Also http://youtu.be/GUQvPqG6hpY Conspiracy? 3rd video by @2and2TV https://twitter.com/2and2TV

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  7. CATS reference number
    19309 - A Foi Saga https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/crime_reference_info?nocache=incoming-575832#incoming-575832

  8. «Mr Pattinson

    All CATS logs are updated regularly as they are a record of an investigation. If this is what you refer to as altered then yes, as the investigation progresses information is added.

    If you mean was it altered with a view of intentionally removing data pertinent to the investigation then the answer is no.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind Regards

    Steven Morris» https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/crime_reference_info?nocache=incoming-575832#incoming-575832

  9. Excellent post. Who can we believe now in Britain? I now refuse to watch Sky, don't believe any of the mainstream uk papers, don't trust any of the politicians, and dismayed at the apathetic, self-interested,chauvinistic, 'sheep-like' british public who
    will believe any old crap that is fed to them from the sordid british establishment.
    If it wasn't for the fact that Madeleine like any other individual deserves to truth to
    be heard, I would ask McCanns and their army of arse-coverers to just get lost, stop
    wasting our time and money, we don't want to hear any more of your stupid lies.
    Thankyou portugal for giving us a lesson in truth, morals and honesty, can I come and live there?

  10. Wow - a top class piece of investigative reporting. No point reading the paper press any more - all the best journos are now bloggers.

  11. Isabel, Joana,

    A superb post.

    "We are only amateurs..."

    Only in the sense of not being paid; in every other respect this is precisely what professional journalism should aspire to.

  12. Isabel and Joana, you did a brilliant job. As the court day nears (McCann vs GA), spin, innuendo and manipulation intensify furiously. Thanks for keeping the eye on the ball for us. You are incredible in your pursue and efforts to unmask the charade and characters behind Madeleine's disappearance. For all your work we are all in debt to you.

  13. Couldn't agree more with #12. Where else could we look for such professional well researched information other than to blogs like this one which operate with the kind of integrity which is nowhere to be seen in the British media. Madeleine deserves no less, and nor do any of the rest of us.

  14. Brilliant analysis. The repeated leaks that coincide with Operation Grange's visits to Portugal is not accidental, as you say. However, they are unlikely to come from a single mouth or even a single source.

    You have to ask what the spin actually achieves. It obviously supports the abduction narrative, favoured by Mr and Mrs McCann, and makes their prosecution more difficult – mainly from a public relations point of view. But spin is not evidence and courts are not persuaded by it.

    The leaks also help the British and Portuguese investigators who may be playing “a long game” to disguise the focus of their enquiries. They have powerful evidence which has been meticulously entered into the HOLMES – major incident - system. It maintains an incontrovertible audit trail that would be nearly impossible to suppress without the collusion of many officers in both teams. All it would need is for one officer (or ex-officer who does not endorse the conclusions: and there are some who do not believe an abduction took place) to blow the whistle and all hell would break loose. Suppression and manipulation of evidence in this case are risks too big to take.

    Those of us (who are not “McCann haters” or “trolls”) who simply want to see the truth emerge should remain patient. As they say: “It’s not over ‘till the fat lady sings” but this may not be until after the May 2015 Election.

  15. Would be really great if someone who had info on Mcs passport in 2007, could find out if they had indeed visited S Africa before the Portuguese holiday in 2007, the S Africa visit was suggested in a post by lionrampant2711 in the Gaurdian and very quickly whooshed!

  16. Does anyone really care anymore?

  17. It is essential that the truth regarding the report, the book, the Sky exclusive on the report, the “Dossier” and the Sky exclusive report on the dossier is told and we trust the competent authorities to do so and to do it urgently.

    Essential to whom? The coroner has interest in the particular circumstances of Brenda's death but no other authorities or media have; they couldn't care less if we were all rounded up and never heard from again.

    We (and this means all of us, including people who have left comments above) by our own behaviour have created this momentum. There were warnings, which were ignored.

    There is obviously an alliance between media people and other interest groups and no doubt at all now about their intention and determination.

    The only thing that could thwart them is very much in our hands: our behavioir.

  18. BRILLIANT,Joana,lucky for me I never read newspapers or watch sky,if I want news I go on the internet, because I have a mind of my own and do not need papers and sky to tell me what to think

  19. Good articles also by Natasha Donn

    Madeleine: British media publicises new book as “revelation” - http://portugalresident.com/madeleine-british-media-publicises-new-book-as-%E2%80%9Crevelation%E2%80%9D

    Madeleine: “stranger” DNA evidence to be retested - http://portugalresident.com/madeleine-%E2%80%9Cstranger%E2%80%9D-dna-evidence-to-be-retested

  20. Madeleine nonsense

    Dear Editor,

    I cannot be in a minority when I say that I have had enough of the endless churning in all newspapers (both here and abroad), of spurious “Madeleine stories” which have so transparently been ‘planted’ by people with an axe to grind.
    Now, I have no intention of trying to work out who exactly is strategically planting these stories in the media, nor as to the reasons why they are doing so - but what annoys me most is the fact that they invariably have almost zero basis in ‘truth’.

    Take the story that seems to have been repeated ad infinitum last week about the OAP paedophile ‘believed to have been in the Algarve at the time Madeleine went missing’ and ‘on the run’ from the authorities (on a well-oiled Zimmer-frame, one presumes) ever since.

    Any journalist worth his or her salt could have easily discovered that the man was nowhere NEAR the Algarve in 2007.

    In fact, the very tabloid that last week proclaimed that he was, wrote in 2011 that he had been hiding out in New Zealand until 2009!

    I think what I am trying to say is that newspapers would do well to question the stories that wing their way on the infernal net… and then perhaps they could go back to doing their jobs properly.

    Yours, without prejudice,
    Harold Finch
    By email


  21. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, who is under investigation for his role in covering up the Hillsborough disaster, was being candid when he let slip that it was the family that gave the dossier to the team that is investigating the disappearance of their daughter. Mr. Hogan-Howe probably wasn’t aware of this latest team McCann side project and therefore didn’t realize that team McCann didn’t wish that this information be made public.

    It is evident, that the major initiatives of Operation Grange were planned to coincide with the damages trial, so I tend to believe that the instructions that SY was given were more specific than just investigate the abduction of Madeleine McCann. I sometimes wonder if Mr. Amaral had failed in overturning the injunction that was imposed on him if there would be an Operation Grange.

    I think the Portuguese were asked to help, i.e. they were asked to come up with possible candidates for an abductor. They obliged and started the Porto review, which if you remember was a surprise to some of the officials in the PJ. I remember seeing Mrs Helena Monteiro, I’m not sure if it was on RTP international or SIC, being asked why they were investigating Mr. Euclides Monteiro she replied that they were fulfilling SY’s request to tie up loose ends. Mr. Euclides Monteiro was used as a pretext to re-open the case, there was never any solid evidence that links him to the disappearance of the child. I’m of the opinion that in order for SY to be on Portuguese soil purportedly conducting its investigation, the case had to be re-opened even though the Portuguese had no intention of doing anything other than assist the English. It was a legality they had to overcome in order to help their old allies.

    If someone or some organization was conducting a proper investigation, then the only way I could see charges being brought against the McCanns is if a hair belonging to Madeleine which could be proved to have been shed after death was found in the McCanns vehicle or apartment. If found in the vehicle the chances of the McCanns being acquitted would be next to nil. Do you remember that SY requested to search the premises of 3 Portuguese nationals which they declared suspects, but were denied? Imagine this scenario: SY is able to get a hold of material that provides a DNA profile of one or all these individuals. Then they are granted their request to take to England forensic samples taken from the apartment which are currently in the possession of the Portuguese. Use your imagination, what happens next?

  22. thank you joana for all your hard work in keep this case in the public am british but am ashamed of my country at this time this case is the biggest whitewash I have ever seen I don't watch sky news anymore nor do my family or friends or buy british papers if I want truth I go in to your site thanks again

  23. Please would concerned readers consider signing the petition on the PM's website, calling for a full and public inquiry into the conduct of the official and private investigations into the reported disappearance of MM. The petition is growing and currently stands at 1,233 signatories. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/69944.

    10,000 signatories will force a response from the home office.

    There is also a tweetathon on the Jill Havern website where concerned members agree to tweet the petition details at 9.00 pm on Thursdays.

    Thank you!

  24. Just a couple of questions that the Portuguese and British taxpayers have a right to know:

    1) Who made the decision to dish out the CEOP quango that commenced operations on the 24 April 2006?

    2) What bright spark decided to hire Clarence Mitchell as the director of the MMU on the 26 April 2006?

    3) Why did Kate Healy's name become McCann on the 28 April 2006 upon application of planning permission to extend the Rothley garage? (Her official passport is in the name Healy).

    As an aside, they secured the home loan with a Northern Rock mortgage, on one wage according to the former HS Jacqui Smith, (Miss Healy was on maternity leave) and we were told they were broke, so why spend many thousands on lengthening one's garage and then parking your cars up front.... butted up against the two front doors?

    We may be green, but we are not cabbage looking!!

  25. @26 well done its time the British tax payer questioned Camerons Government about this . The very fact of SY getting involved in crimes committed abroad , when the GUILTY parties who NEGLECTED their under 4 year old children are living the life of riley on the cost the "fraud" fund is beyond reality . As for Mitchel , one day he will face the courts for telling lies , the clown insists these two are "responsible" parents ? Do they think the people of the world who read these blogs are brain dead and have no common sense ? In days gone by he would be sent on transportation , this case shows how corrupt this world we are living in has become .

  26. Madeleine McCann-linked paedophile fled 'on my passport' - 26/10/2014 http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/10663829/Madeleine-McCann-linked-paedophile-fled-on-my-passport

    « The Madeleine McCann kidnap ring suspect fled from New Zealand to Portugal - on a passport he stole from a close Kiwi friend.

    In an exclusive interview yesterday, New Zealand man Rex Smith said he once trusted Roderick Robinson, till police turned up on his Auckland doorstep and told him Robinson had used his passport to flee to Portugal. »

    «It is not known whether Robinson was in Portugal at the time of Madeleine's abduction, but he returned there in 2009, before being deported to Australia the following year to face charges of raping an 8-year-old girl. »

  27. Word is getting out


    UPDATE : Rejoice left-wingers! Clarence Mitchell is a Tory… this probably isn’t another instance of New Labour-types using 20 lies when 1 would do..! Along with Clarence – there’s a Northern Irish ex-cop with a private company called Jim Gamble who seems to be driving the persecution of TROLLS ie. anyone that points out the publicity is weird… the timeline is weird… the sightings are weird… etc. etc. etc. Here’s an interesting blog that charts the institutionalized oddity :


  28. «Last week Francisco Brizida, president of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, where the DNA library is held, said: “Technology now allows us to go further than years ago.”

    But he said: “I wouldn’t like to be that ambitious and say the secret to unlocking the Madeleine McCann case lies in our lab.”

    A Portuguese police source said: “The best hope is to pass the sample to British officers.” »

    SY spin applying pressure, damn Mirror hacks http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/madeleine-mccann-new-dna-hope-4508372

  29. I have stated before that I petsonally knew a SY fraud team member who told me the boss got warned/lent on over the Blair cash for honours scandal. Thus, the political will is very important. Unfortunately, both Tory and Labour have been in power and involved in the story. Therefore, a change of power in UK will do nothing. What is required is a change of political will in Portgual.

    Portugal needs to be independent in action and go ahead with a prosecution. This requires political will. If it comes then all will be revealed and the story will unfold. Eddie and Keela will most likely be proven correct. I firmly believe that common sense will prevail and Portugal will stand as an independent legal entity and put the parents on trial.

  30. The Express have a new daft story that the man who took Madeleine may have touched the curtains as he climbed through the window with Madeleine. Why didn't he use the door which we were told was unlocked. Portugal shouldn't listen to the stupid story from the British police. Most people in the world believe that she died in the flat.The lady in the flat above said she cried for one hour, did they give her something to keep her quiet and when they came back it was too late.and they said they have taken her., the next day they sorted out what they must do. That poor girl she must have suffered.

  31. The McCann's are untouchable, and they know it!! Their sly, smug faces say it all. They'll never be made to answer the questions so many of us want answered, and I doubt very much if they'll see the inside of a court. If there was enough evidence they were involved in Madeleine's disappearance they'd have been locked up by now. It breaks my heart to know after-all these years this little girl still hasn't got the justice she deserves R.I.P Madeleine McCann.

  32. I see that the movie has begun - a new series has been released - time to shape the minds and souls using more propaganda.

    its too late.....a better title ....."we know what you did 7 summers ago"

    Personally I feel Rab C Nesbitt would have been a better choice for lead role ...that's my opinion and its dangerous to have opinions.... where I live in the UK you can get 2 years for them lmao lol.

    yes... Rab C Nesbitt.... in character would have been perfect for this latest indirect manipulation.

    I would like to do a tv series - with a character like Rab c going to sports school and becoming a doctor in a fast track fashion - It would have some twist and turns along the way - a real thriller - masonic connections, corruption ....ties to corrupt government officials - it would be controversial and a huge block buster.......lots of cast would be needed......
    we could gather some cast easily, may have to pay for them, money makes these people drool, but they will do anything for it - I don't know change a few names ..like most actors do ......Sadie c Nesbitt, could be his wife and Dave c Nesbitt his brother for example ..... I already have names for characters and a plot that has been inspired by a on-going recent worldwide watched corrupt case ----" lets get moving "...come on get them phones ringing....the futures red with lilitu.

    cameras rolling ....action......take that.

    All I require is a sponsor - and power does change hands - just like times change.
    what goes around comes around.


  33. The british/portuguese hunt for a sexmonster becomes more and more absurd. Even if this Roderick Macdonald had been in Luz the night Madeleine disappeared, I really doubt that he had had the physical capacity to crawl into or out of small window. Nor does he have a cat-like physionomy making it possible to jump over the cots of the McCann's twins and become invisible when leaving the apartment through the patio-door or the main entrance. He may have been a little more slender back in 2007, but I doubt he has ever been the type who snatches small children by jumping through small windows and hiding in non-existing spots behind doors, that are "a little more opened" than Gerry/Matthew/Kate had expected. The search for an abductor has now turned into an entertaining comedy. This is far more amusing than the british Monte Python-show ever was.

  34. Its patsy time, you know GM will never back down, watch him carving his way through obstacles,a man of greed for power. As I have said before He was on the sidelines to eventually enter politics as as minister for health,or whatever the position is called.His buddy the PM amongst others hadpromised him,but of course whilst the Maddie case is open, he can hardly start his move into higher up politics, hes just waiting for the WW to complete. He already had his foot in the door in parliament.watch and wait the day will come for the jackel. Opinión only

  35. Has anyone passed a file to the pólice on the pro Mc T----s, who have insulted and threatened many, or is it only one sided. I dont agree with insults and threats but I do believe in freedom of speech and everyones right to voice an opinión. Or is the UK now becoming a dictatorship, that only permitted voices can offer opinions

  36. NB - Re 35 -GM is a Labour Party supporter! Yes it would suit him well to be in parliament. However, the current UK Prime Minister, David Cameron is a Tory: a Conservative. He holds no brief for Team McCann at all (despite Clarence Mitchell's trying to get elected in Brighton as a Tory. Mitchell was a Labour Party Media Monitoring buff with a previous Labour PM.) My politics are not Cameron's, but he would NOT deliberately promote the man, or defend him, or cover up whatever happened to his daughter. I know Cameron face to face and I am sure he would be honourable over the death, and death it almost certainly is, of a young child. I guess if Cameron could be in office when the case was genuinely cleared up it would suit him just fine.

  37. @37 is this a "spin" for the next vote ? What is beyond reality , and would even surprise and shock anyone reading these blogs is the fact that the Parents and the Tapas 7 are not made to answer the questions they refused to answer 7 years ago , the fact they kept changing their stories to the Portuguese Police , the DOGS EVIDENCE ,etc . So far this case has cost the British Tax Payer 10 million pounds when it could have been solved years ago had old "Pinky" not been busy spinning tales to fool the people , had it not been for the hard work of decent people like Joana , Dr Amaral and the others who fought hard to establish the truth , this case would have been a gross miscarriage of Justice . The deck of cards is starting to collapse and sooner or later the truth will prevail .

  38. Rubbish re 'spin' from me 38. I agree with everything else you say, but I would not dream of contributing to 'spin' - not sure on whose behalf you mean either. We must speak as we find! I have followed this case from day one and I believed it was 'fishy' very early on. I have read, I guess, everything worthwhile about it available online, some of it more than once, and I find this blog one of the very best of the lot. I vary between 'whitewash' and 'hope' and try to hang on to the latter.

  39. Off topic.
    Again.. only the British..
    Not one Dutch French German Spanish or Portugese got sick?
    In the Netherlands a British tourist died on drugs.
    Such things never happens in the UK.
    The British tourist are just not safe when they leave the UK?
    Or only hit the news when it happens outside the UK.
    Off course.

  40. no.37I do not think I made it clear, I know GM is labour, all his friends etc, what I didnt make clear that when I came across this Gordon Brown was the PM, sorry error of mine, but it doesnt change whatI said. I dont know about the current PM I dont live in uk, but GM has managed to manipulate him very well. != millions of pounds is a lot to spend on one case and in 3 years and all that money what exactly have SY turned up, nothing. They are boxing blind to find a solution but if they take the blindfold off and become the supreme forcé they once were then this case would be solved with a few demands for certain people to return to Portugal, a reconstruction etc etc. Sometimes we have to look a Little closer to home.
    An opinión only.

  41. Fair enough, 41. I wouldn't trust Gordon Brown one iota: he is said to have thrown his Nokia phone at secretaries. Even less did I trust his slippery predecessor 'Miranda' Blair. Blair was said to get down on his knees to enlist the deity's support every five minutes. Gross. Gross. The case began under Blair's watch and then continued under Brown's. Mitchell was the Labour PM's one man Media Monitoring Unit before he was passed on to the McCanns to become their one man Media Manipulation Unit... I wonder why...

  42. @41 ........ I wouldn't trust the lot of them , they all lie , think if we are reading these blogs , do you not think our politicians are not doing the same ?, or have they left it to the pink ponce to spin away a web of deceit in hope of fooling the Public ? .
    People stopped buying papers and more and more are turning to reading blogs on the internet , does this not say something ? Its time truth and common sense prevailed and people responsible for neglect in the case of the dead child FACE JUSTICE .


    Launch a public inquiry into trial by television.

    Reference must be made to Brenda Leyland, denied legal representation by SKY News, threatened with jail. And now dead.


    (Copied and pasted from Jill Havern's Forum)

    Sue Sky

  44. It appears the JH forum is now blocked by google.

  45. @43/44.
    In Europe they copy a lot news from the U.K
    So it was big news al over Europe in the beginning.
    I never understood why it was so big..
    I dont understand why 'our missing locals' ( or crime) never get so much attention.

    It is JUST a little girl reported missing, and still is.
    No harm proven,( like Gerry said)
    It is not about safety, or protection.
    Politics and media made a soap from this.
    It is a big shame, anyway.
    How do they hope anyone come forward?
    No rewards demanded then.
    Savile or Rotherham, nobody could or would speak or care
    So thats why.. it could go on for many years, many victems.
    It is like the U.K turns a blind eye for crimes on their own soil/home.
    Or speak after many years.. ( the assult on only British girls in Portugal, is a good mediaspin)
    But for me it is like the parenting standards in the UK is bad, when they spin it.
    Doors open for rapers , while they sleep next door.
    Well..dream on.. to let him walk away.. or not reporting it to the police, hotel, travelagency,investigation.
    I can understand those girls are easy targets to strike in their own home..
    The abductions Mccann use (Elizabeth smart, Natasja Kampbush) those girls were taken from the streets,

    Bad medicals (t9) with bad memory, bad investigation (S.Y or the scum the Mccann hire)
    Bad politician,
    bad dogs ( really? even cant trust dogs?)
    This Mccann story dont give me high hope for the people or children in the UK..
    Is a bad P.R for the U.K to continue to keep the story alive with such crap.
    BUT.. dont kill the story..
    It sells so well...
    And there is a 'need' to keep on with this monsterstory.
    I dont know why..
    There are victems and winners.
    I think the Mccann cant lose..


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