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DNA clears crucial suspect in the Maddie Case

Illustration by Ben Thompson

Euclides already deceased motivated the reopening of the Maddie case process.

By Marisa Rodrigues

It has [finally] collapsed the investigation line that had Euclides Monteiro as a suspect, which also led to the reopening of the “Madeleine McCann process”. The Judiciary police (PJ) bet everything in the abduction of child at the hands of a sexual predator that allegedly attacked British children in the Algarve. However, DNA tests ruled out from the investigation the already deceased man.

At the site of one of the alleged sex abuses a sample of semen was collected, which the PJ already know that it does not belong to the former Ocean Club resort worker. Euclides' DNA was not found, in any case, at the Praia da Luz apartment from where the child disappeared seven years ago.

The thesis of the sexual predator began to be 'drawn' when the PJ inspectors grouped five cases of alleged sex abuse involving British children on holiday in the Algarve between 2004 and 2006, a year before the disappearance. Euclides matched the description made by some of the victims and had already served time for theft using the same method of intrusion into houses - without forced entry. Additionally, he worked at the Ocean Club, and also, in the same day of the disappearance he used his mobile phone in that area. He was the man that fitted the profile of the suspect.

Positive that the correspondence of the cases with an identical “modus operandi allowed for the admission of the possibility that the crimes had been committed by the same author and that this one could be related with Madeleine's disappearance, the PJ asked, in 2013, for the Public Ministry of Portimão to reopen the case.

The detectives knew that in one of the alleged sex abuse cases, there was a semen sample. They compared it with a biological vestige that had been collected previously from Euclides, which was in the possession of the Portuguese National Institute of Forensic Medicine. The man, it should be recalled, died in a tractor accident, in 2009, and was subject to an autopsy as the law dictates. The tests, however, ruled him out from the sex abuse and from the Ocean Club apartment.

The investigations remains open, at the hands of the Porto PJ, no further developments are known.

Arguidos among the 10 to be questioned

The Judiciary Police are going to question about ten people, all at the request of the Scotland Yard, within the scope of the English investigation. In the list, are Ocean Club former employees. All of them are going to be called for the first time. Some as witnesses and other as arguidos [formal suspects], who will join the already four other suspects that were questioned back in July. The questionings should be concluded before the end of the current month.

picture insert

Paula, Euclides' sister, has always claimed her brother's innocence

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, Nov. 6 2014

PJ investigates the past of a suspect who died four years ago
PJ about to discard English Police strongest lead
RTP exclusive interview of Euclides Monteiro's widow by Sandra Felgueiras
“Senhora Arquibadora” - Conversas Imaginárias aos Sábados (PT only)


  1. As I understand it, Monteiro's suspected involvement, and now this clearance are entirely part of the PJ's initiative(?)

    A prelude to re-archival? If so, what timing!

  2. Posting this here again for ref:
    Madeleine McCann: Scotland Yard cuts number of detectives working on the case

    Nov 05, 2014 22:29
    By Tom Pettifor, Gerard Couzins

    The force has withdrawn six officers from the Algarve, suggesting that British police have begun scaling back the search after spending £7.3million

    more at link http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/madeleine-mccann-scotland-yard-cuts-4576868

    1. When the McCanns have so many MILLIONS in their Fund, and it was their negligence which lead to her disappearance - why are the British Taxpayers footing the bill? What the .... is the Fund for?

      English Praia da Luz resident

    2. When there is so MUCH in the McCann Fund donated by mislead wellwishers (I was one) why are the British Taxpayers footing the bill?
      What the f..k** is the Fund for - to extend the McCanns lavish lifestyle?
      ** Kate's favourite word apparently - apologies.

  3. @1 nothing in this case is innocent or purely coincidental.

  4. get back to that church..you will find answers here

  5. Why has this taken so long? Will the various burglars, gypsies, swarthy lurkers etc be exonerated one by one until only a couple of British holidaymakers are left?

  6. It is a cruel game to play with the reputation of a dead man and the feelings of his family (and their reputation as well), but it confirms my hope that there is a strategy to systematically explore and then dismiss all explanations that have been floated to distract from the real culprits (and you can guess whom I mean).
    I am almost willing to bet that the new 'suspects' will all be dangled before the public's eyes and then cleared of any involvement (unless they are those who helped a certain couple of parents to conceal their involvement they played in the death and disappearance (in that order!) of their daughter).


    "In the list, are Ocean Club former employees"

    Good to hear but is Scotland Yard checking on these workers statements?
    :p of course not!

    That could implicate the McCanns and that is not the objective of Operation Grange reputation management exercise - seemingly.

    Here are some pertinent quotes from the PJ Files:

    "STARIKOVA VITORINO (Russian citizen, with the telephone No "96635 ####) - kitchen assistant:

    - Said that, yesterday, one individual, purportedly the father of the missing, left the dinner table where a group of friends (in number 8 or 9), for about 30 minutes. After having returned, a woman whom she believed to be his wife, also left the table,"

    NB Mrs. Fenn the upstairs neighbour only hears Kate's hysterics around 10:30 PM...

    JOAQUIM JOSE MOREIRA BATISTA (residing at Rua xxxxxx, no. 15, Lagos, Telephone No 91 277 ####) - table employee [waiter].

    - Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at the restaurant last night, as usual, of which the parents of missing were part (he didn't know them) he noticed that two individuals left the table, of the male gender.

    (*) The second to leave (about 40/45 years of age, having the physical characteristics of the first, but having less bulky hair) did so for about 30 minutes, and that shortly after he returned, all left the table, except for an elderly person, who told him that a child had disappeared, the daughter of a member of the group, due to which he thought that the second person to leave could have been the father of the child" (quote/unquote)

    NB for a while it seemed SY was on the right track about the Smiths' Sighting but either they were told to do a U-turn or were simply trying to discredit the sighting from the start, as part of their reputation management operation on behalf of the lovely couple.

    Just an hunch. No allegations made.

    Sue Sky

  8. I was not at Praia de Luz that night and I do not know what happened to Madeleine McCann. However, I do think that there are many things that the McCanns should be called upon to explain.

    The McCanns are intelligent people; indeed, Gerry is a consultant cardiologist. The could have afforded a babysitter but did not choose to do this. A key is a very small thing, smaller than a mobile phone and it would have been easy to secure all the doors and take the key with them.

    Kate McCann spoke of an intruder in the apartment the night before. This being so, why were the children once again left alone and in an unsecured apartment? Kate also spoke of an "organised paedophile ring". I cannot believe that anyone organised would enter through an unlocked door and leave through a window whilst encumbered by a child. This would draw attention. Surely an accomplished abductor would have wrapped Madeleine in the blanket from her bed and left via the patio door; anyone seeing him (or her) would probably have assumed that the child had been left with a friend and was being collected.

    Tannerman: we are now given to believe that this man has been "traced and cleared". I can understand why he would not want to be named (who would want to get involved in the McCann affair) but, bearing in mind the immense cost of the investigation to the British and Portuguese taxpayer, might one not be told just how he was traced?

    There were nine people at the Tapas restaurant; four men and five women. Surely the logical thing to do would be for the women to return to their children and Dianne Webster to sit with Kate while the four men went off in each direction to search.

    I note that nothing seems to have been made of the latest alleged sighting of Madeleine in Spain. It's rather absurd for the person who claims to have seen her said that the adults with her were acting suspiciously by blocking his view so that he could not photograph her. In the current climate of fear and anxiety over child abduction and molestation (to which the McCanns have contributed in no small measure) even school photographers have to obtain parental consent before they can take the traditional pictures. Did this person not think of the distress he might have caused these people and the children with them?

    I think it is time to spare a thought for the people of Praia de Luz. All of this publicity has, it is said, had an adverse effect on the tourist trade. The mainstream press have painted the Algarve as a paedophile's paradise; does no-one read about Rotherham and Greater Manchester, or the Jimmy Savile scandal?

    What news of the Goncalo Amaral libel verdict? I know nothing of Portuguese legal procedures but remember reading that the verdict would be delivered by the end of the year.

    I am very glad that the enquiry is being scaled down. The British police are overstretched and underfunded as it is. The McCanns have never conceded that they should accept responsibility for leaving their children alone. It is reported that very little money from the fund has been spent on searching for Madeleine. If the libel action is successful and the McCanns get more damages, is it not only fair that this money should now be used to search for the child and the police enquiry finally wound up until new evidence comes along?

  9. Do you buy this ****? It just irritates me how gullible some people can be. Here is the evidence that the Portuguese police supposedly felt warranted the reopening of the case:

    Mr. Euclides Monteiro had a criminal record. (no assault on children)
    He was an ex Ocean club employee who was fired a year before the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
    He lived in the region and he made a phone call on that fateful night.

    Wasn't it reported that the protagonist of these mysterious sexual abuse cases was a tanned individual? The article states that the case remains open and is being overseen by the Porto PJ, what happened to the Algarve contingent? Weren't they suppose to have taken over the case, with Mrs. Helena Monteiro taking on a lesser role?

    It is so bloody obvious that Mr. Eucledes Monteiro was used as a pretext to reopen the case so that SY could take their public relations campaign on behalf of the McCanns to Portugal. SY will soon present their final narrative, the Portuguese have done their part and of course Mr. Euclides Monteiro, who is conveniently deceased, is no longer needed.

    It is shameful that there are so many people in Portugal who don't give a rat's ass about their country.

  10. It maybe an Idea for Mr Eucledes to sue SY for false accusation and defamation they may learn not to try and frame people in the future and the whole lot of them should be sacked for lack of common sense . Why is SY wasting the Portuguese Police time when the main culprits are in the UK is beyond reality .

  11. Tannerman/crèche man either exists or SY are not being transparent if he didn't - in UK this is perverting course of justice
    If he exists then he should be named as a witness like everyone else who was around the OC at that time
    He should also have made a statement to be added to the police files

    SY have also made a huge blunder in their review - the starting point has to be last credible independant sighting of Maddie and not the Payne sighting

    They also need to re examine all phone records prior to 3 May of all tapas group plus Murat who was in England til 4 days prior

    The crèche records need checking as allegations of false entries abound

    A review should be thorough and not taken from a convenient point that back fits initial statements

  12. @ 9 But surely any "SY narrative", in order to be final, wouldneed a scapegoat! So why let go of such a convenient one? If there was a cover-up of such magnitude, involving the policeforces of two countries, surely they would have found a way to make the DNA match, wouldn't they? After all they actually HAD Mr. Monteiro's DNA, and plenty of it if it was obtained during an autopsy. So what would have been easier than contaminating the samples taken from the alleged assault site or even the famous curtains in the children's bedroom (always assuming that SY and PJ are collaborating on the 'final narrative')? It would have been so much more convincing, even to the not-so-gullible.

  13. Dear Portugal we hear again that Mccanns again have been on television. Don't you think you ought to finish with the British police. Mr Cameron andMitchell they working together, it looks like the whole British government is involved in Madeleine, they have nothing to do with Madeleine its just that they want to clear the case and prove that Madeleine was kidnapped and forget all the other evidence. Mitchell has good lie story and Cameron likes it. The people have to be careful what they do. Lots of people know who is guilty, he is trying very hard to win the case. Most believe that she died in the flat and they don't speak the truth. We hope Ukip wins the election he is a true person.

  14. @11 Mr. Monteiro can't sue anyone, he'd dead. His widow can't sue the PJ - this is not a SY suspect but a PJ one apparently - the PJ are investigating a crime, it's their remit. I agree with everything else you said.

  15. None other than Dr Amaral has insisted the group and parents return to Portugal to reconstruct the night and answer questions, why not. SY should have requested this as they turned down Dr Amarals request, yet They slip in and out of Portugal when they smell money. 10 more people to interview,so ridiculous unless they suspect they assisted the suspects.SY are going nowhere with this case, may as well pull them all of the case. The Mcs are pulling the strings all the way, there are obvious things that stand out that need further investigation. Come on PJ pull your socks up, before you get slated by the uk again. Worst thing that ever happened in the investigation was to let Dr Amaral go.


    "It is shameful that there are so many people in Portugal who don't give a rat's ass about their country."

    Guerra I was in Lisbon this Summer and I can assure you, people there - anyone you ask, almost - believe the parents did it. I don't, of course!

    I suppose the Portuguese nowadays feel colonized, impotent and disfranchised. We are no longer in the mid seventies, you know... they have become virtual beings without "cojones" under the supervision of Angela Merdel.

    The Portuguese are, as you know, a self-effacing, generous lot. They are not the hooligan, belligerent type capable to vomit all around the Palace of Justice when the McCanns' are around. They are Southerners. They are a people with a Heart.

    Mind you! Over here in the UKGB you don't see the Brits boycotting the McCanns' either - except at one time Tony Bennett but, he has since been crucified by Carter-Ruck - the devil's advocates.

    I am planning to go to Portugal with a group of friends and a big sound system and have the sounds of Eddie and Keela barking played loud as the McCanns' enter/exit the Palace of Justice...

    :d Operation "Barking for Madeleine"

  17. Is this me or is this report mashing up various stories?

    In the children's room in 5A there was a stain that tested positive on 4 May 2007, on-site, for semen. The sample went in a bag for testing at INML and as yet I haven't looked up the outcome.

    How many semen stains do we have in this case?

    Euclides, according to the report, committed crimes of theft without using forced entry to houses. What crimes? I thought he had been fired from the OC for allegedly stealing €5 from tips and had a record for petty drug use.

    Then suddenly he becomes a sexual predator, without his DNA being linked to the predation?

    I am rating this CM report as being Daily Mirror standard.

    Thanks to Joana for the update.

  18. These gaffes are really something:

    One smirks the other laughs...What´s funny about a missing child?



  19. off topic....well not really.

    this is worth watching - 12 minutes 45 seconds in gets interesting.


    Tell me .....who are the conspiracy crackpots again ?


  20. @ 9 But surely any "SY narrative", in order to be final, wouldneed a scapegoat! So why let go of such a convenient one? "

    Dear @13 I am not @9 but could not help but read both of your comments.

    I must admit you (13) make a very good point! Suggesting perhaps SY and the PJ are not engaged in cooperation in terms of a whitewash as some of us have been inclined to believe. In retrospect this makes perfect sense.

    The PJ have always been seen reluctant (delaying) to play this farce with SY. I suspect they are well aware of SY's intentions. They are playing along to the extent that European law demands but that is that.

    However, if the Portuguese allow SY to handle any of the samples they hold in storage, then we will know that either they are too naive or are, at last, cooperating in the whitewash or the reputation management of the McCanns.

    Let us sit back, smile and wait for what happens next............

  21. Concerns about the Metropolitan Police

    Why exactly did the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, buckle to pressure from Rebekah Brooks, Chief Executive Officer of Rupert Murdoch’s News International empire, to set up Operation Grange?

    Why was the man put in charge of the operation, Detective Superintendent Hamish Campbell, a man with the appalling track record of having pursued the wrong man (Barry Bulsara) for the murder of Jill Dando?

    Why did the official remit for the investigation exclude the possible role of the McCanns in Madeleine’s disappearance – by insisting that the Met Police could only investigate an abduction

    Who actually decided the remit? - and why won’t the Met Police answer Freedom of Information Act questions about this?

    Why have there been numerous leaks about unlikely suspect abductors?

    Is Operation Grange anywhere nearer solving this crime after having spent £10 million over 3½ years?

    Were the much-filmed helicopter search and the two weeks of digging on a parch of wasts ground in Praia da Luz genuine attempts to uncover relevant evidence? - or just a giant publicity stunt?

    George Dunham

    On 29 September 2014, a new petition on the Prime Minister’s website was launched. It called for:

    “An independent public enquiry into the conduct of the various investigations into the reported disappearance of Madeleine McCann”.

    I’m inviting all of you who read this article to sign this petition straightaway (if you’ve not already done so). It’s easy to do, just click on this link:


    The Prime Minister’s website team will ask you to confirm your e-mail address before your signature is added to the list. Your name will not appear on the PM’s website.

    More details here:


  22. I believe that certain paid people on the internet who are trying to steer the story are letting out what is happening.
    My thoughts are that initially these trolls were to be used to help coax fellow bloggers opinions - act like they were trying to work out what happened from the files together ? with the real aim of getting them onside and steering them to a false conclusion....but making them feel as though they had cracked the case - the media have tried to do the same - bring the public along with the charade - solve the case has a nation and spin it into the launch of various charities, ngo's - you get the idea with the public all bubbling with delight and digging deep into their empty pockets.

    That's what poor sections of society do - give their last penny with good heart - as for these people involved in this case - they take it... to add to the pile they have - and laugh at them.

    My belief is that the whole crime was been staged to lay the blame on somebody else (with a past conviction) for the demise of Madeleine.
    It is my belief that the apartment was deep cleaned and something was planted for the PJ to find ...which would have made the case look open and shut.

    Lets say for example traces of semen had been planted there - that would be regarded as truly damning evidence...if no reason to be ....much more conclusive than say a blood sample.

    Something major went wrong with the plan as alluded to in my earlier posts....Its a Disaster ..there's been a Disaster ....which threw the plan into chaos and the PJ were hot on the trail of those events.

    It has taken until now to get back on track for the family and much political wrangling - I Think they are going to match a planted sample that is held in portugal to an offender with known history.
    I believe that they had set up this sample originally in the apartment for the PJ to find ..events however took a turn for the worse and they had to move her themselves....and thus bringing the focus back to themselves when reported.

    They had many people there who were helping to co-ordinate the planned story and when it was thrown into chaos on the night of execution - they were all ready with their statements to fit the aborted plan.

    That is why no one can make head nor tail of the witness statements and why they don't fit together - any reconstitution of events would clearly show many are telling lies.

    It is my confident belief that the UK authorities were out helping before the 3rd and yes were helping with the patsy.

    The sample will be the clincher to closing the case - 7years on - get ready folks its the final countdown.


  23. @13 Speaking for myself, I think it is wrong to suggest that framing Mr Monteiro in such a way would be easy. The very idea of it's being easy shows, to some extent, how successful a narrative has already been. Mr Monteiro was not a 2D tabloid villain. He was a real person struggling to make a living, with a family and with friends. We've already seen that his family were willing to engage with the media to try and redress the balance. The more precisely a person is 'fingered', then the more precise can be the rebuttals and pitfalls facing the police (not to mention criminal liability).

    The narrative, as I see it, has been played out for months now (broad brush for a media/public who don't do consistent and don't do detail)

    It is the story of a holiday resort populated by all sorts of vaguely sketched "criminal types" that play gratuitously into the hands of a baying media. The story of a PJ that has failed to share information, failed to exhaust leads and of a judicial process that has been intransigent and obstructive. It is the failure of "The Portuguese" to face up to their own initial shortcomings and their "problem resorts".

    Beautiful Luz, it would appear, was crawling with suspects that escaped the PJ radar. What chance would these trusting middle class English people have? All of those innocent fathers ferrying their pyjama clad daughters to and from the creche, the beach or wherever else on that chilly night?

    And then the story of Grange itself, replete with publicity photos and media telegraphed events such as the forensic experts marching into Faro. This has been an exhaustive, multimillion pound investigation, that must, surely, have addressed every dark alley.

    Dogs? Well, they were returned to Luz. What more could be done?

    Searches? Yes, that too.

    Reconstruction? Yes.

    Smith sightings? Yes. And thanks to Crimewatch there are now new names associated with those efits, fleshing out that 40% uncertainty.

    Tannerman? Check ;-)

    And so it goes on.

    And we are the "nerds", as Blacksmith blanched to say! More likely we are the conspiracy nuts. We are the few bogged down in detail, who continue to point to the files, continue to try and raise objections: continue, more than ever, to get no reply.

    Because everything has been done, looked at and REDONE. And closed. (Hogan Howe apologises to "Kate and Gerry"..."sometimes we just can't get answers.")

    Sorry to be so negative. But that is how I see it. I only hope that somewhere along the line "we" can discover an opportunity to change this.

    Not that he is perfect (of course) but I think that Dr Amaral remains the best hope. Hence the position in which he and his investigation are being placed.


    Still on the subject of the late Mr. Monteiro as a scapegoat.

    I don't think he was picked to serve as a scapegoat! He is part of the mis-en-scene.

    Ostensibly however, he was picked by the PJ because he used his mobile in the vicinity of PdL the night the crime or the accident took place. The PJ used the very same approach SY was using at the time (...)

    It seems that when the British decided to implement a "review" of the case, the Portuguese, who are not stupid, decided to open a parallel investigation in order to be in the position to oversee the so-called British "review".

    A review they anticipated as an attempt to denigrate the Portuguese investigation in general and Gonçalo Amaral in particular - a hot pin in the McCanns' arses! :o

    Meanwhile, Scotland Yard's intentions are eventually exposed by the timing of their their press leaks, their pathetic re-interpretations of events, blockbuster-style appearances in Portugal,and so on.

    There are many tell-tale signs which independent and professional analysts could not help but notice. Here is the opinion of one such expert:


    Surely the Portuguese must have known - after all that went on during the REAL investigation... the evasions... the forensic U-turns...mishaps...delays and so on... what the British were up to. It's a no brainer!

    Furthermore, when you are dealing with relatively intelligent individuals with millions to spare with lawyers and reputation managers, with connections in high places, only bona fide 3-D IMAX footage of the accident (or the crime) could incriminate them - if at all!

    Have no illusions! Operation Grange is about saving the McCanns' arses.

    Mr. Monteiro appearance on the stage was merely (co)incidental. A smoke screen like many others before and others to come.



    Here is another hypothesis Scotland Yard will NOT investigate:


  25. I believe the Portuguese police were never going to turn down a request to help their old friends and therefore had no other choice than to reopen the case, to my understanding it is a legal requirement. However, even if the Portuguese weren't legally obligated would it make sense allowing a foreign policy force to come to your country and allocating resources to help them purportedly investigate a case which according to your country is archived? They had to reopen the case and they had to have a reason to do so; Mr. Monteiro was the best they could come up with.

    Why not use Mr. Monteiro as the bad guy in the final narrative? He does have an alibi, according to his widow his personal computer indicates that he was at home on May 3, 2007 at 9 P:M writing a poem, but that hurdle can be overcome. The Portuguese were supposedly the ones that came up with Mr. Monteiro, could that be the reason SY rejected him? I'm of the opinion that the real reason SY doesn't want Mr. Monteiro as the protagonist in their story is that he has the wrong skin colour.

    You see, what SY has been doing is trying to explain away any evidence which points to the McCanns. What SY is attacking is what is found in Mr. Amaral's book, they are not concerned about the details found in the case files. In his book Mr. Amaral questions the honesty of Jane Tanner with regards to her claim that she saw a man carrying a child. Mr. Redwood addressed this issue by publicly declaring that a man came forward with his belief that he and his daughter were the ones that Jane Tanner saw that night. In doing so, Mr. Redwood restored Jane Tanner's credibility and allayed suspicions of collusion between her and the McCanns. Mr. Redwood also said that he was investigating the Smith sighting, Mr. Monteiro doesn't fit the bill. He has no resemblance whatsoever to Mr. McCann.

    It surprises me that those who claim that the McCanns are just an ordinary couple, i.e. no connections to politicians or the British hierarchy, are the same people that regard SY's unorthodox approach to their investigation, to say the least, as normal, as if SY was trying to bust a major drug ring and the McCanns were the kingpins.

  26. Talking about the importance of investigating parents, when their child has been victim of a crime, Jim Gamble (former Head of Child Exploitation and Online Protection Service) says, that if he had been in charge of the investigation he would have focused much more on Gerry and Kate McCann. He means that the PJ failed in this respect and that was a of course a huge mistake, he believes. Then he goes on and says that he is quite convinced that none of the McCanns has anything with the disappearance of Madeleine to do. He needed just to talk to them for a few minutes to come to that conclusion. Very illogical reasoning indeed, is it not? Why would the PJ bother at all to investigate Kate and Gerryl when they simply could have turned to Jim Gamble or to another professional of his kind, who in just a few seconds would have ruled them out as suspects!

    Just a comment regarding the mysterious "Tannerman", who after seven years decided to contact the SY. He really fullfilled Jane Tanner's dream, who in her rogatory interview really wished that some innocent man would come forward saying he was just carrying his own child that time and exactly in the spot where she had seen him. I do not really know why Jane hoped for that, but dreams do come true. Is that not wonderful?

  27. FAO: Andy Redwood at Scotland Yard.
    APPROVED BY: Peter MacLeod, BSc, LLB, MA
    Retired Police Superintendent
    Nottinghamshire 1972 - 2000
    Please download report in .pdf format here:

    Thank you very much for your good offices Ms. Morais

  28. Kate had a sensation that something was going to happen on that holiday, Gerry stated he was there to have fun. These two speak for themselves,it was as if it was known in advance. The company for donations was set up quickly, atouch of forward planning no doubt. Why did SY not take the dogs into the apartment to see their react, they were a different set of dogs,they cant all bark up the wrong tree. What makes these parents so special??what is it they know that has the authorities jumping around
    like cats on a hot tin roof


    ‘Establishment child abuse’ dossier has vanished, official review concludes" (Evening Standard 7 November 2104)

    Here are some snippets...

    "Missing files including the dossier handed to the Home Office by former Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens. The documents are believed to contain the names of MPs and police officers who were suspected of being child abusers."
    :e Oh! la-la!

    " It emerged that the Home Office had “lost or destroyed” 114 files and could find no evidence of the information compiled by Mr Dickens." :e Oh! la-la!

    " At least seven prominent people” were facing police investigations into child abuse." :e Oh! la-la!

    "Mrs May apologised in the Commons last week in the wake of the resignation of the second chairwoman appointed to lead a wider inquiry into historic child sex abuse..."
    :e Oh! la-la!

    I have posed myself the following questions but am at a loss for answers. I am a sardine muncher, you see. My IQ is low. Very very low. Any help welcome!

    (1) Are we to assume from these shenanigans that child sexual abuse is somewhat ripe in the UK? At governmental level and the police, as stated? Among doctors as well? Of course not!

    (2) Could the Gaspars' intuition about Dr. David Payne be dead on target? He did enjoy bathing small children, didn't he? What else did he enjoy doing with them? Has anyone clarified that? Why not? Too rude, too far fetching?

    (3) Could governmental support for the McCanns' be, somehow in someway, related to the proverbial skeleton in the closet?"

    Just asking....................................................

  30. Mr. Guerra said: "Mr. Redwood also said that he was investigating the Smith sighting, Mr. Monteiro doesn't fit the bill. He has no resemblance whatsoever to Mr. McCann."

    Excellent comment, as usual Mr.Guerra! That said you may be seeing some intellectual attributes where there are none - referring here to Scotland Yard's "Little Red Ridding" Wood :d

    Sue Sky

  31. I believe we are at the end of this saga.
    But about December 20th the judicial holidays will start. We will have to wait till January.

  32. Q 25/Guerra
    I do not think the "wrong" skin colour or an alibi that essentially relies on a computer entry - which can easily be explained away - would be an obstacle in the use of Mr Monteiro as a scapegoat, if we accept there is a need for one (I think there is to wind The Search down and allow the McCanns to go on with their lives.I do not believe the alleged whitewash can be meant to allow them to continue making money from the search for a child everybody involved knows is dead).
    The contradiction between (fabricated) DNA evidence and a weak alibi (not wrong, simply open to attack) would weigh in favour of the former with the general public ("scientific", "material proof", "overlooked by incompetent Portuguese investigators" and so forth). And who would have an interest in challenging such evidence? Not the McCanns - they would be out of the loop - not SY - who in this scenario fabricated the evidence- not British politicians - who would be glad to be rid of the tiresome affair- no court in either country - because the alleged perpetrator is dead. And, sadly, I do not believe the Monteiro family - who are the only ones who have a personal interest in clearing Mr Monteiro's name- would be able to muster the support and the money to challenge such an outcome and demand a new criminal investigation.

    And if I remember correctly, the reopening of the Portuguese investigation (which in your scenario was necessary to allow SY to come to Portugal) came shortly AFTER the SY mission was announced and confirmed. I remember there was consternation in the UK about the alleged waste of time and energy involved in two parallel investigations with two different sets of suspects; UK officials pleaded for a combined effort by SY and the PJ (headed by SY, of course) So why should the PJ collude with SY in sacrificing Mr Monteiro, knowing all along he was innocent, only to clear him after a few weeks, when he would have made the ideal scapegoat? If I understand you correctly you assume that the PJ is taking part in a whitewash against their will, and are corrupt enough to sacrifice an innocent man in a situation where they had nothing to win, indeed a reputation to lose, so why have scruples in the end and clear his name? It simply does not make sense to me.

  33. I really do hope the PJ police and justice department reach the right conclusion in the disappearance of Madeline McCann,as has been stated previously,the PJ authorities should be aware of SY investigation on this matter, why haven't SY offered to investigate the statements from the Tapas7/9 and CM being present with this group in a hotel during the investigation June/July 2007 by the PJ who had not been alerted by the UK Police,Leicester of this potential meeting of the last remaining person's to have seen the missing girl, Madeline ?!
    I would also like to note that just recently, Mr Murdoch's MSM (fake Shiekh) had tried to fabricate evidence to try to convict a recent X factor panalist(Tulisa) on the dealing/handling of class A drugs!? Didn't this same organisation hack into Mr. Palvas facebook account and tried to black mail him, whilst he was still in the employment of the PJ liason authorities?
    The deceased MP Geofrey Dickens, handed a dossier of alleged pedophile activities nearly thirty four years ago into "child abuse", low and behold guess what, the UK Parliament cannot find the 114 files connecting the original dossier!!?
    I find quite disgusting that the MSM (SKY) were deliberately pernicious to have confronted Mrs Brenda Leyland about the alleged abuse that Mrs Leyland had directed to Kate and Gerry McCann on her twitter account, in not believing their statements and their group of friends,paid associates to manipulate one side of the actual events that took place on the 3 May 2007.
    CM is now trying to become a conservative M.P, you have to question the present UK Governments elected Prime Minister, that his last Media Mogul is on a present enforced detainment at Her Majesty's pleasure and his close proximity with a former editor of two of Murdoch's printing papers(rags) only apparently escaped incarceration with her one time criminal Boss, Andy Coulson , due to her appearing in front of an elected committee of MP's, Pre Leveson enquirey and we all know what that farce came to, absolutely Nothing!?
    I can only hope that Mr Goncalo Amaral and his family remain resolute in their "fight for the truth" and not the fabrication of misrepresentation of events that could have happened by the spin meisters,CM Carter Ruck, Queens Counsel, former Prime Ministers, Home Secretarty's anyone!?

  34. @33 I can't answer for the questions you address to Guerra, but when you say:

    "I do not believe the Monteiro family - who are the only ones who have a personal interest in clearing Mr Monteiro's name- would be able to muster the support and the money to challenge such an outcome and demand a new criminal investigation."

    That appears to be addressed to a point I made earlier (@24)

    The cases of Barry George and Stefan Kiszko (just 2 off the top of my head) would indicate otherwise. These were both very high profile cases. Neither George nor Kiszko were characters likely to excite much public interest, and yet their friends/families (with hardly any resources) were able to clear their names.
    Furthermore, the thresholds of evidence that might (speculatively) have been deployed against Mr Monteiro would be considerably more open to scrutiny.

    Personally, I don't foresee a 'patsy' being singled out in such a way. I certainly don't foresee one being brought to court because in that instance a defence would still have the right to expect that the T9 account precisely for their own movements. ie. To establish time/point of entry etc.

    I don't think this will ever reach a court. Sadly.

    But just to emphasise: I appreciate that others think differently, and I hope they are right.

  35. Anonymous 08/11/2014 11:28

    Isn't that what I said, that the computer entry is a "hurdle that can be overcome"? Sure they can use Mr. Monteiro as a scapegoat but I believe they want someone who matches the description of the man that Mr. Smith claims to have seen. And that man is not black. Is Mr. Redwood actually going conduct another Crimewatch episode and claim that the smith sighting was just another father carrying his child home?

    Mr. Redwood is not conducting an investigation, it's a PR campaign which was planned to coincide with the damages trial against Mr. Amaral. This idea that some people have that SY set out to prove that there was no abduction by eliminating every possible suspect other than the McCanns is ridiculous. The only way that you can definitely say that there was no abduction is to prove that the parents disposed of their child's body. That's it.

    You're confusing a review with an investigation. No one knows which review started first, the English or the Portuguese. It's one thing to allow access to the files, but it's quite another allocating manpower to conduct interviews on behalf of a foreign police force or supervising a filming of a dig by the side of the road. If I'm not mistaken Theresa May sent an official request to Portugal in July of 2013 seeking permission for SY to begin a new investigation in Portugal; the damages trial started in September of 2013 and the Portuguese reopened the case in October of that same year. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    The Portuguese had to reopen the case they couldn't be seen allocating resources wasting money on a case which was archived. They needed a reason and Mr. Monteiro served that purpose. I don't understand why you use the term "sacrificed", the man is deceased. Yes it distressed his family, but now he has been cleared of crimes that to my knowledge are not documented in any police files. I believe the person to first refer to such crimes was Mrs. McCann in her book, which I never read.

    According to Pat Brown police forces sometimes get together to put a case to bed. They usually lay the blame for the failure of the investigation on the original investigators. I don't know if the Portuguese are actively or passively involved in a whitewash, but I do know they are involved. No one is going to be prosecuted you can be sure of that. Scotland Yard will offer up a very convincing story for public consumption and the world will move on.

  36. @ 30 1 100 % agree with you . as we all know this case stinks of a big cover up but why would the govt want to protect a couple of low ranking docs?? they wouldn't but suppose those docs were part of a ring a ring that contained diplomats or even people of higher standing ? i am certain it isnt the mcs that are being protected but people that are a lot higher than a couple of low ranking docs .2 things i also find very strange is the total silence from the rest of the group and gerrys failure to sue the gaspers for there statement or taking action against the numerous sites that contain reference to his alleged missing CATS number

  37. :a Just to say I very much enjoyed reading the thought-provoking arguments offered by:

    08/11/2014 00:29; 08/11/2014 15:28 and Guerra:08/11/2014 17:58 - to quote but three. A fourth, entitled: "A Hot Pin in the McCanns' Arses" also makes some pertinent points, I think.

    Your intelligent comments beautifully wrapped up (for me) the subject of Mr. Monteiro and the tacit co-operation (if any) between SY and the PJ. Thank you!

    That said, I am inclined to believe SY "Operation Grange" is, ultimately, whatever the variants of the outcome, an exercise in reputation management.

    Not quite clear what is driving the soap, besides the McCanns' reputation manager Clarence Mitchell and his Con mentor David Cameron (...)

    I suspect the overall "inner dynamics" may turn out to be those of Ideology and Hegemony - as these always linger in the M-Field* like an episteme (...)

    "In any given culture and at any given moment, there is always only one episteme that defines the conditions of possibility of all knowledge, whether expressed in a theory or silently invested in a practice." (Michel Foucault, 168)

    * M for Mind.

    Sue Sky

  38. The "machine" moves on - the world gets dragged along with its agenda.

    Thats the truth - and always will be ...as long as we the people allow it......is anything worth fighting for ? should we roll over to deceit involving death of children ? is nothing sacred or worth defending.

    If that was one of my family....I would never give up until my last breath.

    This case will be revisited and one day in the near future the truth will prevail - it will not if people give up.

    only one solution - revolution.

    or i guess people can shut up and accept .....depends what you believe is worth fighting for.
    I think innocent children been abused /hurt and gross criminal activity by governments is worth fighting and not moving on from

    I am only interested in the truth and I am not going anywhere.....there all a bunch of Liars.


  39. Just a comment to what anonymous speculated about 07/11/2014 about possible child abuse regarding Dr Payne's behaviour based on the Gaspar statement. I am inclined to believe there is. In her book Kate writes about how loveley Maddeleine looks in her new dress/clothes/top or whatever. She then adds something like this. I now fear, maybe, some other may have watched her and looked at her in the same way as I did. What a strange thing to say. Why did she not want other people to look at Maddie the way she did. If she really loved her as a parent, why would she not let other people feel the same as she did. This is actually very strange and indicates that she may have an "unusual" relation to Madeleine, as well as Gerry and Dave Payne may have had.

  40. Mojo, If it's true, which my intuition tells me it is, that there is an elite group of paedophiles in Britain consisting of prominent public figures, politicians and police, then the only way I can see the Madeleine case being solved is for these people to be first brought to justice. My gut feeling tells me that people are being blackmailed. You may call me a nutter if you wish but this is the only explanation I can come up with to explain the behaviour of Britons in positions of authority with regard to this case, because I just can't bring myself to believe that they can be that ignorant.

  41. Guerra.

    You are no nutter, you are always on the money and have seen events before they have unfolded, predicting them accurately. What you write resonates with people.

    What i feel you maybe naive to,... is the global connections - If you think Britain is only involved in such a cabal you are wrong - its not about a nation - Its about individuals who control those nations and those individuals are not all Britons.

    At some point the people will need to come together and rise - I was hoping this case maybe the catalyst.


  42. Reported in todays Daily Mail a woman in Britain has been arrested for leaving a six year old child alone for 45 mins. What is the law in Portugal for leaving children alone?

  43. @ 42 Guerra, again I beg to differ. I do not dispute that there might be highranking pedophiles and blackmail going on in political circles, but they would be extremely stupid to get so tangled up in such a high profile case for so long. They would tend to hush things up or stifle dangerous rumours with ruthless means, a contract killer, if needs be - there is criminal energy enough among such people . Far too dangerous to put yourself into the hands of dozens of co-conspirators.
    What I think got politicians involved is their need to score points with the electorate. The McCann story seemed to be a perfect public relations vehicle to come across as a caring and hands-on politician (whether this role was played with cynicism or because they were genuinely touched by the story, like so many of us, and simply wanted to help is irrelevant). Once they had committed themselves to supporting the McCanns, it was too late to jump off the wagon without losing face.
    There are countless examples of politicians in all countries who persevere with a decision they know is stupid, rash, costly, wrong .... rather than admitting they had made a mistake.
    I do not believe that if the whole thing is about child abuse by highranking politicians/police they would not resort too more drastic means instead of this elaborate rigmarole relying on the cooperation of so many people.

  44. I've heard that explanation before that politicians behaved the way they did to please the electorate, I don't buy it. It seemed to me that the British government was responding to a national emergency in May of 2007. The manner in which they came to the aid of the McCanns caused Mr. Amaral to wonder: "Who are these people?". We all know Mr. Brown didn't achieve electoral success, so what has motivated Mr. Cameron to saddle the London police with a case that will not result in anyone being prosecuted ? Were the couple still the darlings of Britain in 2011 that he just couldn't refuse Mrs. McCann's request or did he simply succumb to Ms Brooks persuasive charm? Does he believe that the child was abducted or does that even matter?

    It's difficult to determine what is going on behind closed doors but out in the open people who are in positions of authority are behaving rather strangely. And what comes to mind when people behave this way is blackmail. I don't know who is blackmailing whom? And I don't for one moment believe that a single couple could muster so much support by themselves. We don't know who is pulling the strings.

  45. Madeleine: DNA finally clears dead suspect

    The theory that Madeleine McCann was abducted by a local man, now dead, has finally collapsed.

    Mainstream media began buzzing about “junkie and ex-jailbird Euclides Monteiro” over a year ago - with British journalists flying over to the Algarve to stake out the little village of Portelas, near Lagos, where the former Ocean Club employee was understood to have lived.

    As Monteiro was revealed to have died in a tractor accident in 2009, it was “open season” with various newspapers describing him as a key suspect, a petty thief with heroin habit, a man you “could not trust”.

    Now, after all the innuendo, Jornal de Notícias has carried a report saying that DNA evidence has ruled Euclides out.

    PJ police still working on the theory that Madeleine was abducted by a sexual predator have found no evidence to link her disappearance with the dead man.

    “The name Euclides Monteiro did not fall from the sky and was convenient because he was deceased”, an officer told the Guardian earlier this year.

    According to JN, it was the PJ’s suspicions of Monteiro that lead them to reopen the Portuguese investigation into the toddler’s disappearance.

    His mobile phone was logged as being active in the area on the night that Madeleine disappeared, he was a former employee at the Ocean Club - apparently sacked for petty thieving - and his description matched that of a suspect sought for alleged sex attacks on British children in the Algarve between 2004-2006.

    A semem sample recovered from one of the attacks was tested against Euclides own DNA, but, as JN revealed last week, it has been found to be different. As there was also no DNA evidence linking Euclides with the McCann’s Ocean Club apartment, the dead man’s family’s claim that he was being used as a scapegoat would appear to hold some weight.

    JN reports that “no further developments” of the PJ’s investigation are known.

    Meantime, British police conducting a parallel investigation are due back in the Algarve to interview new ‘suspects’ within the next couple of weeks.


  46. Recent news on MSM that SY investigating alleged child "abuse/Homicides" Elm Guest House,Richmond, London, stretching back nearly forty four years but of course they had no knowledge or were aware of these acts that may have happened?
    One begins to wonder of a certain Belgian person who was supposed to have "Acted alone" when he was finally charged with depraved acts of Murder,Rapes of young children, the "powerful friends" tried supress / close down official investigations into the abuses that he had carried out!


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