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English want to question the first ever Arguido (suspect) of the Maddie Case

· Robert Murat on the fifth letter rogatory list with seven people Scotland Yard wishes to see questioned

Robert Murat to be investigated again in Madeleine McCann's disappearance. This time he is one of the seven people Scotland Yard requested to be questioned because they are deemed “of special interest”.

Robert Murat was the first suspect
to be constituted as arguido by the Judiciary Police

by Marisa Rodrigues

Robert Murat's wife, Michaela Walczuch, and her former husband, Luís António, are also on the list of people identified to appear for questioning within the scope of the fifth letter rogatory of the process that is being investigated in the United Kingdom. A list that has already received authorization from the Public Ministry (MP) and was sent to the Judiciary Police (PJ) headquarters in the South to be implemented.

These three people know Sergey Malinka, a Russian citizen constituted as arguido in July, in a request of the British authorities that was included in a previous letter rogatory.

Robert was the first to be constituted as arguido [formal suspect] in the Portuguese process, a few days after the disappearance of the English girl, in 2007. Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, were the next to be constituted as arguidos. Murat was cleared of all suspicions.

The Luso-German* woman and her former companion were witnesses in the Portuguese process. The others on the list of the seven considered of interest are: A Portuguese man that used to work at the Ocean Club, a man with similarities to one of the e-fits and a British couple. Besides the questionings of the arguidos, the prosecutor from the Public Ministry of Portimão, Inês Sequeira, has also authorized the questioning of witnesses.

The seven [arguidos] interrogatories and the four [witnesses] examinations were scheduled to take place next week, at the PJ headquarters in Faro, with set dates and times. However, in the meantime, a request for an amendment of the fifth letter rogatory arrived at the PJ, precisely at a time when the letter was about to be carried out, which has led to the postponement of everything.

The legal statute, within the procedural framework, of each one of the persons included in the list might also change. The alteration to the letter rogatory will have to be re-analysed by the prosecutor of Portimão, who is not working, due to being ill, therefore it is not yet certain when the new scheduling will be known.

Robert Murat, British, whose educational background happened in Portugal, masters both languages, serving as an interpreter in several investigations done by the GNR, and later, by the PJ. He even postponed his own flight to England, at the PJ request, so he could remain at their service.

A constant presence that a journalist found suspicious [Lori Campbell - see Robert Murat was accused by 2 British "journalists"], comparing Robert to a suspect [Ian Huntley, The Soham Murderers] that was always at the crime scene and around the police.

Later on the group of friends with which the McCann couple were spending their holidays pointed accusing fingers at Robert, identifying him as the man some of them said they saw carrying a child on the night of 3 of May 2007.

The British man ended up being constituted as arguido 11 days after the disappearance. The house where he lived with his mother, a few metres away from the Ocean Club, was the target of [intense] searches, holes were opened on the property using sophisticated technological equipment to search for traces of the child; cars and computers were carefully examined, no evidence was ever found.

The absence of indicia about what happened to Madeleine led to the archival in 2008. At the PJ request, the process was reopened last year, in October.

in Jornal de Notícias, Nov. 19 2014, paper edition

Note* Luso - A prefix meaning Portuguese (after the Roman province of Lusitania, roughly corresponding to modern Portugal); A person of Portuguese heritage, origin, or ethnicity.

In Spanish at Mercedes' blog: Caso Madeleine McCann: Ingleses vuelven a investigar al primer arguido del caso Maddie


  1. De nada Mercedes :) quando tiveres a tua pronta eu ponho link aqui, besos carinõ

  2. Madeleine McCann investigation: Robert Murat 'to be questioned again'

    by Emma Murphy

    Robert Murat is expected to be questioned again in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, ITV News understands.

    Speaking to ITV News this morning, Mr Murat confirmed that he had only learned of the news through Portuguese media reports.

    Portuguese newspapers today published claims that Murat will be spoken to in the coming weeks.

    This has also been confirmed to ITV News sources.

    Murat won substantial libel damages from a number of media outlets after he was named as an arguido or suspect in the case in 2007.

    He has always denied any involvement.

    Murat is said to be one of seven people to be spoken to as a "person of interest".

    His wife, Michaela Walczuck, and her former husband, Luis Antonio, are also understood to be on a list of people identified to give statements to the inquiry run by British police.

    The people of interest and four witnesses were expected to be questioned in Faro next week.

    However, due to legal difficulties those interviews have now been postponed.


    1. They need to question Maddies parents. and all who are covering for them.

  3. Brendan de Beer and Josh Halliday

    «Speaking to the Guardian from his home in Portugal on Tuesday, Murat said neither he nor his lawyer had been contacted by the police but he would cooperate. “My conscience is clear and I have no problem speaking to police again,” he said.

    Asked whether he was concerned about facing yet another interrogation, he replied: “I have more important things to worry about, like running my business, paying my taxes and I also need to paint my house.”»

    «A source close to the investigation told the Guardian on Wednesday that Murat had been listed as one of four witnesses by the Metropolitan police.» - he was listed as arguido, not as witness. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/nov/19/madeleine-mccann-police-robert-murat

    Couzens «Speaking earlier this year as British police dug up waste land around Praia da Luz in a grim search for Madeleine’s body, Mr Murat said: “Unfortunately I’ll always be linked to it.

    “It’s always going to have an effect on me because peoples’ opinions of what happened are so varied.

    “I was cleared of everything right back in 2008 but the fact is that in some peoples’ mind there’s still going to be a link.

    “So finding out the truth of what happened will conclusively take me out of that.

    “It’s really important that something does happen and they do find out what happened.”»


    BBC. unnamed reporter and odd reporting
    «British police are due to travel to Portugal to sit in on the questioning of eleven people of interest.

    A source close to the case has told the BBC that two of the eleven are Mr Murat and his wife.

    Mr Murat was named as an arguido, or, suspect, in the case in 2007 but was later cleared by Portuguese police. » http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-30115913

  4. Unnamed, unsigned

    Robert Murat rejects claims he will be questioned again over disappearance of Madeleine McCann

    He told 5 News the reports are ‘just fantasy-land’.

    Robert Murat has rejected claims that he is to be interviewed by police again in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    He told 5 News: “At the moment the situation is I haven't been informed about anything. I really can't say anything about it.

    “All I know is I haven't had anything official......no comment. It's all just fantasy-land.”

    More to follow…


  5. @Julian5News · 30m 30 minutes ago

    Breaking: Robert Murat tells me he hasn't been told whether police will re-interview him. Reports are 'just fantasy-land' he says

  6. Mr Murat doesn't sound too concerned about being interviewed again does he? If he was cleared back in 2008 I can't see why they would want to question him again, unless they suspect he knows who was involved and are trying to wear him down so he spills the beans, who knows?


    Oddly enough these news seem to coincide with yesterday's mockumentary: "Madeleine: A Global Obsession".

    Anything that helps to create in the public a positive front-stage image of the McCanns - as opposed to a back stage image of parents, possibly swingers - who left their children alone in the night at the mercy of circumstances, makes for excellent PR.

    This program was conceived by Martin Frizell - an associate with GolinHarris - a PR agency very much like the one Clarence Mitchell runs.

    Oh by the way... Martin Frizell, like Gerry McCann, was born in Glasgow. Small world, you might say.

    "Martin Frizell is the Executive Director of Media at GolinHarris PR in London. He started in local newspapers in his home city of Glasgow and has recently learnt to make spicy onions unique to curry houses in Scotland."


    "He was instrumental in persuading former prime minister Tony Blair to regularly appear on the GMTV."


    The other thing is Fiona Phillips, Martin Frizell's wife, was once offered a ministerial job by Gordon Brown. The very same Gordon Brown who sent Martin's colleague Clarence Mitchell to Portugal to be the McCanns' spokesperson - a job which he then appropriated to further his PR career but this is besides (...)


    :h Small world indeed...

  8. Police to question a former suspect over Madeleine McCann disappearance - small phone chat with Murat from Channel 5 news http://youtu.be/MBN9eijZZrE

  9. This man needs to be left alone, look at what trying to help got him. I am speechless.

  10. Absolutely Amaya, I'd say all of Redwood's 4 arguidos plus the new seven scapegoats and the dead patsy of the PJ should be left alone.

    Enough with this attempt of pinning the blame on innocent people.

    It's outrageous that more than 10 million pounds are being spent looking at unevidenced leads provided by the McCanns rent-a-cops and PI's, and that no one in the two countries is looking at the facts and at whom the evidence that exists points to: the Tapas 9.

    Start with a real police reconstruction in situ, in Luz with the last 9 people to see Maddie alive, not with a dramatization with porno actors in a secluded village in Spain for the media.

    ¡Basta Ya!

  11. Yes its time the tapas 7 and the deceptive duo who kept changing their stories and collecting money for their "fund" were questioned instead, on a different note , a couple in London was fined for selling wrist bands for "charity" which happened to be for themselves ! Its time the Pink Ponce and brown accompanied this lot to Portugal to answer questions too !

  12. Whatever people might perceive as a 'play' against the couple looks wasted to me. "Are they being lulled into false security?"..."Is the tension now applied?"..."Is the media machine being nuanced.....silenced?" (Don't make me laugh). It's all great speculation, I'm sure. But utterly redundant.

    The handful of people at the heart of this are not in a position to make a run for it, and they are not in the process of commissioning a repeat offence. Spinning a media line isn't unlawful.

    It doesn't matter in the least what the couple are 'feeling' at this precise moment. All that matters is what they might say, UNDER CAUTION, given the evidence collated around the disappearance. No amount of "John le Carre" speculation will ever change that fundamental necessity, and they are not going to be fooled either way. If Joe Bloggs of web forum xxxxxx believes he can read the Met's 'poker face', then it's fair to suggest that the couple's lawyers might have noticed the same! And in any case, I think the advice would always remain: unless you are under caution then it is business as usual.

    You're exactly right Joana - until there is a reconstruction...or until they are cautioned to account for their movements, then all else is bullshit. It has been that way from the moment Op Grange was instituted (complete with remit).

    And it isn't even a question of elimination, just the basic, polite premise: can we clarify the movements of the entire group? (consistently accounted for and evidenced where possible). Too much to ask?

    1. Excellent comment! Exactly what I have in my head, but can't put into words.

  13. As I see it, this is another slap in the face of the Portuguese police. With this new interrogation, they mean to say that the original investigation on Murat done by the PJ, was worthless. But, in the absence of any other suspects (I mean our suspects, the Tapas group), these ones will do! Poor old Scotland Yard, what is happening to you?

  14. Madeleine Mccann: A Global Obsession http://youtu.be/eBWq0fdEkKg but do read this first https://www.facebook.com/keith.dutton.73/posts/945629012131805 https://www.facebook.com/groups/659616667493295/

  15. We heard about Mr Cameron how much he is trying to help the people with everything. Before the vote on Ukip he did not do what he promised the people. He gave Mccanns money to help poor Madeleine. How many times he did it and there has been no result. That's why he has Mitchell on his side to help him bring a good lie story, such as Mr Murat, how can people trust them. Portugal should ask Mccanns what happened to Madeleine and where she was put. We in Germany feel very sorry for poor little Madeleine. Portugal haven't you got enough lie stories.

  16. I think Murat is a strong suspect. I'm not saying he is definitely guilty but there are definite questions to be answered about his movements that day and evening .

  17. Re THE LAST PHOTOGRAPH. I think that the purchase and wearing of the Sunglasses and the inclusion of Maddie in this picture are contrived. To prove that Maddie was alive and well after the time and date of the purchase (see shop receipt) So perhaps it is the sunglasses that were added.....not the presence of Maddie.

  18. In regard to Mr.Robert Murat,it can be verified when he arrived in Portugal 1 May 2007, Madeline is supposed to be alive and well at this time date, we are led to believe?
    Mrs Fenns statement, has the 2 May 2007 as the night the child was crying out for 75 minutes,during the night time.
    MSM Sky-Lori Campbell finger Mr.Murat, as a suspect early on at the scene of the apartment! Mr Murat, taken in as a witness, then as a suspect.
    Martin Blunt, has phone contact with Mr Murat, who is now witness/ suspect, why doe's Martin Blunt have his phone no; MSM,phone hacking?
    Portugese/Spanish PJ arrange ID Parade for witnness to ID suspect from a van parked on the Road where she had seen "creche Dad"seen carrying child 21.15 3 May 2007?
    ID witness see's the "alleged suspect("Twice") within a five minute period of the official ID parade) first sighting before official ID and " she only recognise's the person on the second sighting? note, not the First one in broad day light. the alleged suspect being led from his abode by police PJ.
    The witness and suspect we believe / informed do not know one another in this process at this time?
    Mr Murat receives defamation payout from UK MSM (express) Tapas 7 also received a large sum from press article, Tapas 7's donated to "Madeline Fund"
    Leicester Police Force ,Re- interview the witness who stated to the PJ Authorities seeing Creche Dad and identfying Robert Murat as to have been that person seen carrying a child from the area close to 5 A Ocean Club 3 May 2007. But she did not see his Face(Mr.Murat. wears spectacles)
    The witness "now retracts her identifying Mr. Robert Murat at the scene of the abduction 3 May 2007" to Leicester police Force, (Okay that's fine!?) no mention of wasting Police time of at least two Police Forces?
    The PJ authorities have DNA Allegedly found in apartments close to the Ocean Club from a man and a woman (witness and Suspect?) who are supposed to not Know one another in an abduction / missing person case. Where the witness has now stated to the Leicester Police the person she had formerly identified in PJ file (Robert Murat) is not that person crech Dad? They don't know each other but there is DNA from these two People?
    DCI Redwood has supposedly eliminated creche Dad from the investigation,unnamed? Mr. Redwood is now proceeding to interview Mr. Robert Murat alongside PJ Police force, when he is supposed to have eliminated creche dad and Mr Robert Murat was in his Mother's abode at a time of the abduction.
    I think it would be time for Robert Murat to alert the British Consulate to receive the same level of legal representation as Team McCann managed to assemble as part of their defence team, will this happen to the same degree, me thinks not? cynical you bet!
    It is now seven years since the disappearance of Madeline, the fund was set up very quickly for a "missing person", the person named in the ward of the court can be declared deceased after seven years, would this mean the cessation of payments to the "find Madeline Fund"?
    Why isn't DCI Redwood not re-interviewing the Tapas 7/9 because it is not in his remit as been quoted by various Police representatives,BHH?

  19. Perhaps they want to ask him if he knew GM before ? GM refused to answer - if we remember correctly. Or perhaps they want to ask him what Kennedy's lawyer Smethurst talked to him about at Salslito, whilst he was still an arguido . . .

  20. It is clear that to me that Robert Murat was been set up as the patsy.

    I believe that the initial aborted plan - Its a Disaster - there's been a disaster was in place to lead the PJ to Robert Murat.

    I have given the reasons i believe for the initial plan resulting in chaos - ( the child was not collected - and they had to move Madeleine themselves throwing the whole plan into chaos and ultimately bringing the focus back to themselves.

    More problems ensued when the PJ used Robert Murat for translations - people that were lined up to make false statements to deflect the attention away from the Mccanns and point it towards Robert Murat never expected Robert Murat to be the Translator - o dear.

    I also believe that Murat is well connected also with influential friends, who ralled to his corner rightly so ..................... it becomes a huge mess.

    The people who were going to give false statements are legal people amongst other in the uk.

    They all need to be weeded out and face what they have done - scum - disgusting scum.

    I believe Robert Murat is a good man and was been set up - cigarette butts seems to get mentioned alot - we all know that Robert Murat smokes and we all know that dna can be extracted from cigarette butt ends and are used frequently in crimes committed as evidence linking people to the scene.

    I believe they were setting him up - I believe that the property needs excavating.


  21. there is a lot of lookalikes in this case...we have many people pointing out the close resemblance to others present in the case. Robert Murat has been likened to a few people.

    so while we talk about lookalikes .....Sisters Jayne Jensen and Annie Wiltshire......doesn't one of these look like a double for Kirsty Young of crime watch.

    just saying


  22. The worst that can be said of Robert Murat is that he was a well-meaning busybody. I suppose the pot has to be kept boiling.

  23. My belief is: I don't believe any of them, and apart from the 100% reliable dogs, the trompe l'oeil imagery, no DNA and a shifty piece of paper indicating proof of birth, there is no evidence "that person" (Gerald's words) was there at all.

    Here's where I would start:

    1) Whoever the suspect(s) may be, any old properties he/she they have lived in should be searched with quality dogs, just like Eddie and Keela, starting with the rafters in the attic then working down to the bathroom and proceeding on to the top and bottom of the stairs and followed on with every square inch of the property.

    2) Any cars which disappeared or were dispensed with in and around Abduction time, and noting any new cars appearing around the exact same time should be investigated.

    3) A thorough check of anywhere building work has been carried out regardless of the perceived time frame, such as somewhere where plans have been drawn and concrete poured, and with special consideration for the age and positioning of any enveloping trees, such as covering up the bottom part of either side of the building.

    This is my opinion, and these are the places I would be looking.

    Everything else IMO is an en masse scally driven attempt to sell the deal of a lifetime to the unsuspecting public, and reminiscent of Commedia dell' arte with extra zeros (people).

    Not bad for a bunch of amateurs, and thinking back to the immortal words of big bro John he also said: "they've already grieved", you don't say Johnny m'laddo, you don't

    There's just waaaay too much talk about gardens in this whole darned narrative for my liking, they're all brilliant at leaking though I must say. A Madeleine sized hole Gerald, we haven't told them where she is Philomena? A neighbour can still here him playing in the garden Susan?

    Blah blah blah, and on and on it goes, and yet after all these years still no one can explain how "a little girl" arrived in Glasgow during the Christmas period of 2005 and how she got back, because she didn't spend much time with the twins, according to a twitchy Kate, now why would that be PACT PEOPLE?

    I mean seriously, how rough do they want the inevitable bumpy ride to be?

    The whole operation was staged IMO and the evidence had already been dealt with, but after all the layers of codswallop and mountains of propaganda who would ever believe it?

    No wonder Gerald smirks like a naughty schoolboy, and with all those anatomically absurd photos and more sets of teeth than you can shake a stick at, Gerald's mother said of course Gerry's the father, she's got my nose.

    My caveat emptor radar says no, not buying it, the official story is far too silly, ridiculous and scripted, where is the child, who's got that concrete piece of information and where is the missing key?

    Just a rhetorical question, that's all.

  24. I beelieve that Murat has no idea at all about what happened that night. He is totally innocent.
    I also believe that Tapas 7 will tell the truth to the Public Prosecuter because they must be fed up of this saga.
    I am worried about the siblings. I hope the Yard will protect them before the bomb explodes.
    We don't know what the parents could do to them.

  25. Forget Murat, whose place and garden were searched up and down, as was his relative's, and nothing found. It is about time the cops looked at who the UK 'never been wrong' blood and cadaver doggies were indicating should be looked at, and that is much closer to home than Murat.

  26. Off topic has anyone been on JUST FIVE HOURS IN MAY really interesting stuff


    Oh-la-la! Nicola Wall will, from now on, be "doing the talking" as Little Riding Redwood leaves "Operation Grange" for good (or for worst) ...

    No doubt another great strategic move from Burson-Marsteller/UK Cons - to have a woman dealing with The Women in Portugal.

    Should we expect, as some cynics are saying, loads of emotional intelligence, forgiveness, tacit understandings and off the record concessions? And, who knows, a marketing "solution" just before Christmas?

    And will the "solution" be enough to convince Lady Melo e Castro - the jury?

    We shall see..................


    "A diminutive peroxide blonde, with fine cheekbones and a faint Derbyshire accent, Nicola Wall cuts an unusual figure. "I'm a bit different," she admits. "The jury nearly fell over last time I was in the box!"

    She's glad that the current crop of TV detectives are not "as mumsy" as their forebears and has a small fondness for Saga Noren "because she's quite feminine, very glamorous, very pretty and very capable, too."

    (NB: Saga is a character in "The Bridge" TV series - a detective with the Malmö Police, a hardcore investigator who is socially challenged...)

    As plain-clothes officers, the detectives are united in their determination to look good. Wall especially enjoys playing with her femininity, if only to shake up the stuffier factions of the Met that still exist.

    "I usually wear a heel, and I always paint my nails," she says with a toss of her well-groomed head. "They usually brighten a day."





  28. Just read on MSN report from Telegraph that D C I Redwood is to step down & DCI Nicola Wall will be taking over she is from Homicide& Major Crime Command.

  29. English journalists try to look upon Anonymous commentators in the Maddie case as if they were criminals. Please remember that one young woman, who was an employee att the Mark Warner's resort, anonymously confirmed that the McCanns did not search at all for Madeleine that diasterous night, when she went missing. Not knowing who she was they were unable to contact her in order to make her reconsider what she said. So when Jane Hill in a BBC program about a year later asked Kate why she as a mother did not physically search for Madeleine she neither denied that she did not serach nor was she able to give any credible explanation as to why she or Gerry did not join the other at the resort in their devoted search. And Gerry had nothing to add. Thanks to one anonymous voice we know that they DID NOT SEARCH FOR THEIR DAIGHTER THAT NIGHT; EVEN IF SHE COULD BE JUST MINUTES AWAY FROM THEIR APARTMENT: WHY? Reading the PJ-files we learn that the Paynes prepared a bed for them when they that night had to leave their apartment. Dave or Fiona or both of them said. (I have not the files in front of me) "not that they used the bed so much that night, when we woke up they were already gone" And Kate in her book many years later states that they were out in the dark before 6 a.m.Why on Earth did not Kate say that they searched that night perhaps betrween 02.00-06.00 or that they started when the other in the search party had gone home. Kate said to Jane Hill that they were non-functioning and referred to what Gerry said namely, that the first 48 hours are always very critical in terms of doing something rational. My question is very simple. Did the McCanns do nothing as Kate confirmed in her talk with Jane Hill on BBC or did they in fact do a lot as Dave and Fiona Payne's rogatory interviews and Kate's book indicates? Will the McCanns sue people for asking questions anonymously!!!

  30. Dear Portugal the whole world is fed up, you not come forward and speak the truth about Madeleine. Mr Smith when he saw on television Mr McCann getting off the plane, shouted, that is the man we saw. His daughter said he wears the same trousers we saw on Mr McCann. why is Mr Smith not being questioned by the Police? The police and the British government have given Portugal a bad name.

  31. WHY WHY WHY are the McCanns not being RE INTERVIEWED ??? THEY were the LAST PEOPLE TO see Madeleine ALIVE !!!!ALL of the tapas group should be re interviewed I CLIQ I HAVE JOHN MCCANN who ALSO visited the couple from his home on Malta during tthis so called "holiday".....WHY are they WASTING TIME interviewing Mr. Hall and his wife (the holiday centre manager) .....or do they THINK that he has resorted to MURDERING his customers ????


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