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Maddie case with more questionings and new Arguidos

Andy Redwood, posing for photo-shoot, Oct. 2013 | Photo Evening Standard

New Prosecutor in Portimão authorized the investigative steps requested by the English Police

by Rui Pando Gomes

Some of the people who are going to be questioned by the Judiciary Police (PJ) soon, at the request of the English police who are investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance, are going to be interrogated under an arguido [formal suspect] status. The new investigative steps were authorized by the new Prosecutor at the Public Ministry (MP) of Portimão, Inês Sequeira, and are set out in the fifth letter rogatory that was sent by the British authorities to Portugal.

In the interrogatories list, CM was able to establish, are about ten people, Portuguese and British. Most of them will be questioned as witnesses, but some will be constituted as arguidos before the questioning takes place. All of them are going to be heard formally for the first time after the MP Prosecutor gave the go ahead.

The questionings will be carried out by officers from the PJ of Faro, who are cooperating with the British authorities, and these should take place until the end of the current month. The English detectives are going to be able to suggest questions in advance, but they still have to ask for permission to be able to assist to the questionings.

Among the new Scotland Yard suspects, CM found out, are former Ocean Club workers, the resort from where the child disappeared in May 2007, and also residents of Praia da Luz, in Lagos. These are people the British detectives consider suspects of being involved in Maddie's disappearance, following the thesis that the child was abducted during a botched break-in.

These new suspects are only going to be constituted as arguidos in the inquest opened in the United Kingdom and will join the four other arguidos that were already questioned back in July, also within the scope of judicial cooperation. At the time, eleven witnesses were also questioned.

in Correio da Manhã. Nov. 5 2014


  1. :o My 4-year old daughter said the man needs more sleep!

  2. So ten million pounds and seven years isn't enough. When will this stop?

  3. "These should take place until the end of the current month". (quote)

    The timing says it all. I guess it is designed to coincide with the trial; to influence the judge.

    Scotland's Yard nut-cracker team has to keep trying. "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell in association with Con Cameron, told them so. The show must go on!

    Sue Sky

  4. I wonder how CM gets its info. Around ten people who have NOT been formally interviewed before, a mix of arguidos and witnesses, and a mix of Ocean Club workers and Luz residents.

    I wonder how many Ocean Club workers have not been formally interviewed so far?

    And the Luz residents. Did they come forward or were they tracked by other means? Must keep my ears open for any local gossip on this one.

  5. "The timings says it all , I guess it is designed to coincide with the trail , to influence the judge ,"

    My thoughts exactly Anon 2 .

  6. In another few years the twins will be more independent and will ask their parents for more information. On the other hand if this case was to end suddenly with a conviction the parents will not be implicated. The court case in Portugal is probably taking too long for their liking. The public in the UK seem very divided, probably less sympathetic towards the McCanns, especially as the money being paid out is by a Conservative government, who has failed to cut the price of energy, travel and has cut benefits of our own unemployed.

  7. I keep hearing this timing to coincide with the trial mantra - the thing is - if We can see what is going on, then shouldn't the Judge?

    As for influencing her - how about looking at it another way - such as giving her the passage to a decision... that fly's in the face of the previous evidences gathered by her own countries PJ.

    A judge can then say - after discussing with legal counsel had no alternative but to rule in favor of Guess?

    If legally it is "sound" that will ensure no claim of a Mistrial.......stitch up complete.

    It sends shivers down my bones, leaves me feeling like a strigoi observing the goings on in this case.


  8. None of us, none of us, not even the media, have a clue about what is going on behind the scenes. But we are clearly heading towards some sort of climax, whatever it is, so perhaps we should wait for that before weeping and wailing about "stitch-ups" and "cover-ups" for which, as yet, we have no hard evidence. Maybe it is all going to end in some sort of whitewash, but if that is all the powers-that -be have ever wanted then it could have been achieved years ago, quietly, efficiently, without all this expense, effort and hullabaloo. If this is going to be a whitewash it must be the noisiest, most attention-seeking whitewash that ever was.

  9. @6
    Problem for any cover-up is the Brits have to deal with Portugal where the incident occurred. There has already been a thorough investigation by the PJ with interviews etc. released publicly. There is also the evidence of the English sniffer dogs.Very awkward. I've no doubt that had this crime took place in Blighty it would have been swept and forgotten years ago. We are, after all, one of the world's supreme masters in the art of whitewash. Plod's track record on cover-ups is pretty impressive. Yet we continue to trust them. We have to I suppose.

  10. Madeleine McCann: Scotland Yard cuts number of detectives working on the case

    Nov 05, 2014 22:29
    By Tom Pettifor, Gerard Couzins [should be Couzens]

    The force has withdrawn six officers from the Algarve, suggesting that British police have begun scaling back the search after spending £7.3million

    more at http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/madeleine-mccann-scotland-yard-cuts-4576868

  11. Joana, perhaps they need less detectives and possibly they arrived somewhere.
    This is the most ridiculous investigation I have ever heard of.

  12. @6

    Its a cover up .....in fact its the ...... noisiest, most attention-seeking whitewash that ever was.


  13. "If we can see what is going on, then shouldn't the Judge?" (Mojo)

    :a Fair point. Indeed, for all we know the Judge might be well acquainted with Gonçalo Amaral expert views and by now probably well aware of Scotland Yard's "timings" and the British Media "false-alarms".

    The legal show must go on. At her level you cannot simply recycle a rogatory letter as TP - as I would, say.

    Also, given the world status of the "snake oil" vendors involved e.g. Con Cameron and his under-cover errand boy - "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell - she probably sees no alternative but to take into account such "prestigious" views (as it were) even assuming they are just a unilateral "official version" of events...

    Indeed, it might be clear to her that Little Riding Redwood's team is actively involved in an exercise of ideology and cultural hegemony - a whitewash to be precise - but that is besides.

    If my intuition is anything to go by (I once worked for Psychics On-call)the "subliminals" are working! She is probably thinking:

    "Uh! I better be careful here! If the "prestigious" Scotland Yard is not buying Gonçalo Amaral Occam's Razor theory (let aloneTextusa's far-out, stratospheric insights) AND is ignoring the barks, the contradictions, odd behaviours and so on, then if I let Amaral completely off the hook, what will the senior judges at the European Court of Human Rights think of me? Oh! My!"

    Which by the way, will be the McCanns' next stop - unless Amaral gets there first, but if he does, he will not have the Portuguese PM behind him (as the McCanns'' will) and he will not be able to afford the best lawyers money can buy (as the McCanns' can) and so (the stool) it will come to pass.

    As we have seen in the cases of Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto, his godchild Marcos Aragão Correia, Isabel Duarte, Rogério Alves and a couple of soap-box judges, Lady Melo e Castro might just as well decide to join the McCanns' bandwagon not because it smells nice (with all that cow dung, horse droppings and dog sh*t) but because it might take her where she wants to go in terms of her career...

    That said, she might turn out to be a Pure Soul, well aware that a toothless bulldog's ideology is attempting to denigrate her own via the very justice system within which she operates and... dish it out in style!

    Naturally, this is all small talk, speculation and "conspiracy theories" but let us not forget that "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell himself has come close to admit that he joined the McCanns' bandwagon for the very same reasons - he called it "the perfect storm".

    Mickey Mouse is now a Con candidate for Brighton and Hove - which I suppose is as good as it gets (for him).

    What next for the McCanns'? I hear you asking...
    Canonization by Pope Francis! Of course!

    Sue Sky

  14. I disagree with the sentiment that we have to trust our police forces, or any other Institute of State for that matter. This isn't to say that we are obliged to mistrust them; but that we must do all that we can to hold them to account (as best as we few can). That is our democratic responsibility. It is they, the police, who are the public servants.
    If people see nothing exceptional or worthy of scrutiny in the way that Operation Grange has conducted this affair then that is their right. I would fiercely contest the point. But the kind of rabid insistence that some have shown in their claims that the Met are moving inexorably towards a grand conclusion is (at the very least) strategically absurd. Given the current political climate, no one can afford the luxury of suspending doubt, and nobody should be asked to do so.

    Thanks for all your hard work Joana.


  15. Of course it's a cover-up/whitewash, why would the 'British Government' interfere in a crime that happened abroad without good reason!! Why do OUR Government take so much interest in one child's disappearance above all others? What right do they have to damage a countries 'Police Force' and protect the very people who can't give a true account of what happened during that holiday.

  16. The fact that Clarence Mitchell is a Conservative parluamentary candidate clearly shows he has the backing of Cameron. Or has Cameron on the run. Either way it shows Cameron won't be rocking the McCann boat.


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