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Quotes of the Day

Photo by Ranvir Singh

Gerry McCann admits Child alert app 'may have found Maddy' - Express, Nov. 3 2014
Gerry McCann says 'every parent has lost their child, even if it is momentarily' - Telegraph, Nov. 3 2014

Missing People - Good Morning Britain ITV Promo with McCann - made private one day after being published on youtube, saved for reference.


  1. Dogs might be helpfull.
    It is proven dogs can find people (or remains.)
    They are used when an earthquake or a tornado etc happened.
    But also to find drugs or explosive material.
    Even disabled people do trust the dogs to help them.
    Investigate or send money to train dogs.
    It will help so many people..

  2. dear Gerry and kate not every parent goes out night after night and leaves three small children alone only people to blame for maddie are yourselfs such selfish parents think world ows them for being stupid am sick every time I see them

  3. Has the world media totally lost all common sense and honesty ? Would any person with half an ounce of brain even dream of putting this despicable duo on the "news" for "missing" people adverts? , Or appeals for witness ? They are a pair of LIARS FOR GODS SAKE come on Portugal get a European Arrest Warrant and CHARGE them for neglect ! Can the silly Andy who is thick as two planks stop disgracing their already disgraced name and hand these people over ? Is Neglect , Deception and Fraud not enough to charge these two NEGLECTFUL PARENTS ?, why are these clowns even entertained on the news any more ? Or with Christmas coming and the Pink Ponce needs his wages the idiots of the world who are foolish enough to donate to their "fund" might do so ? Would anyone with any sense "appoint" these two to look after a donkey on a field ? Its time these two and ALL those that helped them escape Justice , be taken to a court in Portugal and CHARGED

  4. I feel so sorry for these people who are in line for questioning by SY , they must be in deep distress How awful for them . May God be with them .

  5. "HIRE A NANNY OR USE THE LOCAL BABYSITTING FACILITIES! DON'T LEAVE TODDLERS ALONE" - that would have been the quote of the day!

    At least one of their friends (the alleged paedophile who enjoyed bathing boo-boos) used a baby-monitor so they could keep an eye on their own offspring. So, this is nothing new!

    You don't see the well-connected celebrity couple promoting the idea tha it ALL happened because they left their children alone! Do you?

    If you are planning a booze out or "jazzing" with like-minded friends, hire a babysitter to look after your toddlers.

    Don't leave them alone at the mercy of circumstances!

    Sue Brunt



  6. The McCann couple should have been charged years ago even now 7 years later they look as guilty as the first day they stood in front of the cameras. What they need is a 'lie detector app' it would put an end to their continual story telling. They take the world for fools.

  7. Anon 6
    You don't need a lie detector app. They give it away in every sentence...

    Liars tend to refer to themselves less in a story that isn't true, and sometimes use hypothetical situations or mention others more than usual.
    They often use negative terms, because they are subconsciously feeling guilty.
    Untrue stories tend to be overly-simplified because humans find it hard to construct and keep track of complex lies.
    While their story may be simple, liars tend to use longer, convoluted sentences, adding in irrelevant but factual-sounding details in a bid to make a story sound more convincing.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2821767/The-language-LYING-Expert-reveals-tiny-clues-way-people-talk-reveal-withholding-truth.html#ixzz3IHjMBMUs
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