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Seven more Portuguese and British Arguidos (suspects) in the Maddie case

Scapegoat by h.koppdelaney

by Marisa Rodrigues

They know Praia da Luz. They know each other. They made phone calls on the night of the disappearance. Some have a record for petty crimes. Others are former workers from the Ocean Club. Seven Portuguese and British nationals fit in this profile, and are now, for Scotland Yard (SY) the new suspects of Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

The group is going to be constituted as arguido [formal suspect] and interrogated by the Judiciary Police (PJ), who are also going to question four witnesses at the request of the British authorities. In the list of the eleven people there is at least one woman.

The proceedings are scheduled for the last week of November, at the PJ's South Directorate in Faro. They appear in the fifth rogatory letter and were authorized by the new prosecutor at the Public Ministry of Portimão, Inês Sequeira, to whom the process was assigned.

These new seven arguidos will join the other four men constituted as arguidos and questioned in July. The British investigation now has eleven suspects.

The Scotland Yard thesis remains unchanged. On May 3, 2007, there was a failed robbery at the apartment 5A where the McCanns left their three children alone to go to dinner. Madeleine, then aged three, woke up and was abducted so she wouldn't recognize and accuse the intruders - a crime that may have been committed by one of the arguidos or by several, in association. This was one of the theories followed by the PJ at the time [2007] and eventually dismissed due to the lack of evidence that a burglary had ever taken place at the apartment.

The new phase of the SY investigation comes at a time when the British press reported that Andy Redwood's team was scaled back and now has fewer people working on it.

The English detectives will have to request the permission of the National Directorate of the PJ to be able to follow the inquiries and interrogatories in Faro, as it happened in July.

in Jornal de Notícias, Nov. 10, 2014 (paper edition)


  1. Absolutely appalling . May God be with the new suspects .

  2. The burglary scenario is so far-fetched that nobody can really believe in it. All the forensic evidence as the result of the sniffer dogs Eddie and Keela would then have to be completely dismissed, if this is the lead that the S.Y decides to pursue. If Madeleine was killed by some intruders, she must have been kept by them at least for an hour before the body would start leaking bodyfluid. Where did they hide during that period of time ? When Gerry watched on his daugther five minutes or so past nine, was she then already dead. Couldn't Gerry decide whether his daughter was dead or alive at that moment ? And what about the car in which those dogs detected scent of human cadaver, did the burglars use the same car as the McCann's later rented. Yes it is really a complicated jiggsaw to put together. Will the S.Y succeed?

  3. "The proceedings are scheduled for the last week of November,"

    Obviously the nerds believe the trial will resume around that time. It is so stupid, so pathetic, it beggars belief!

    Does Clarence Mitchell really think the World is that gullible?

    How a did a once prestigious police force (in times gone by) allowed itself to be involved in this farce? The mind boggles.......................

    I suspect this prêt-à-porter scapegoats' review will backfire on Con Cameron - come the next general elections, that is ................

    Sue Brunt


    1. I'm afraid that the Yard has lost its independence with the CPS guiding the investigations.

  4. I wonder why this goes on; it seems there was a documentary about Police Under Pressure on the television last night. I did not see it, only read about it afterwards. The millions of pounds being spent on Operation Grange would be better spent elsewhere. It is seven and a half years now and I wonder what has been achieved; people have been ruled out, it seems, but are Scotland Yard or the PJ any nearer to finding out what really happened? Is there really any point in going over and over the same evidence? Is there any money left in the pot that was set up to find Madeleine? If so, cannot this be spent instead of public money? What catastrophe would it take to get the McCanns out of the news?

  5. This is irritating, isn't it?
    At least one woman. It could be more than one.
    I'm sure Kate and Fiona will be not one of them.

  6. In reply to 4, nothing will get this out of the news.

    Even if a body was found and the perpetrators were jailed, the news articles would continue. Conspiracy theories will rage for decades. Then there's more books, more documentaries and surely a film at some point.


    "Mother battles to remove police caution for leaving her son, then six, home alone for 45 minutes, eight years ago" (...)



    "The law doesn’t say an age when you can leave a child on their own, but it’s an offence to leave a child alone if it places them at risk.

    Use your judgement on how mature your child is before you decide to leave them alone.

    The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) says:

    "Children under 12 are rarely mature enough to be left alone for a long period of time.

    Children under 16 should not be left alone overnight.

    Babies, toddlers and very young children should NEVER be left alone.

    Parents can be prosecuted if they leave a child unsupervised ‘in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health."

    :h Oh! Really?

    Sue Sky

  8. But they haven't gone 'over and over the same evidence.' They haven't even considered the ONLY evidence in the case.

  9. Could the woman be Jane Tanner? It is what I hope.


  10. A British man and woman are among seven people to be questioned as suspects in the Madeleine McCann investigation.

    The seven will be spoken to by officers between November 24 and November 28 in Faro.

    Two women will be questioned - the British one and another of Eastern or Central European origin.

    Five men, two British and three Portuguese will also be asked for their whereabouts on the night Madeleine vanished. A further four people will be spoken to as witnesses.

    It’s thought three of those being questioned will be declared “arguidos” - or given formal suspect status under Portuguese law.

    Some of those being questioned have been spoken to by police before - none were known to the McCanns.

    It’s thought some amongst the group may have worked at the Ocean Club around the time the three year old disappeared.

    This is the latest stage of the British investigation into what may have happened and follows extensive reviews of mobile phone footage.


  11. We have been told a story in the British papers that they have arrested a woman who left a child alone for 45 minutes and Madeleine was left every evening to look after the twins and was heard crying one evening for over an hour. The lady in the flat above felt sorry for her and the police did nothing about it. There was enough evidence to make an arrest and not involve the British police. Its time that Portugal cleared this case up, the British government still trying to make them innocent, that is why Mccanns have Mitchell to help them. Most believe she died in the flat. The new witnesses have nothing to do with this case, that is just another lie story. Wake up Portugal.

  12. The solution to this crime case may be much easier than most people think. If the remains of Madeleine's body will be found and her little precious princess blanket is there as well, the case will be solved. If Madeleine is not cremated and I believe she is not, then a pink blanket will in fact be th(i) blanket. So why do I believe that the McCanns has not managed to cremate or get rid of her body? Simply because they have more or less tried to sabotage any attempt to search for Madeleine being dead. Had she been cremated they would, with tears in their eyes,have begged the whole Portuguese nation to help them to look for her body everywhere. This would have made them look really innocent, but unfortunately they could not and still cannot, not just because her dead body is somewhere, either in Murat's garden, in the churchyard in Prai da Luz, near the Spanish border, either in Portugal or in Spain, but because it is where this blanket is. Where'er they have hidden their daughter, her pink little blanket will always be there and that is their big mistake, I believe. How could they, be so stupid to do that, when Madeleine's little blanket can be seen so clearly on the snapshots by the Portuguese Police, taken the very same night when she went missing. The answer to that may be, that they did not notice or pay much attention that night to what was documented. They were very busy staging the abduction and the break-in-scenario at that time and two or thre weeks later they still had not time to consider what the Police did that evening/night. Certainly they soon realized their mistake. So therefore the most important for them all these years has in fact been; NEVER LET ANYONE LOOK FOR HER BODY. It becomes even more bizarre considering that they have believed for a long time that a peverted sex monster might be the pepetrator. Why would such a perverted individual keep Madeleine alive for years. It is more likely to believe that such a person would likely have raped, killed and then hidden the body. They never thought of that. Why? In the PJ-files both D.Webster and Fiona Payne says something about the Twins being carried in a blanket, not quite sure what blanket, but there is no question about it, Kate or Gerry took that blanket from Madeleine's bed that night!!!

  13. Oh good grief !! The E V I D E N C E only points in ONE direction so it's time SY stopped playing this ludicrous game of charades and investigated the E V I D E N C E just as Snr Goncalo Amaral did. "Hunt the patsy" is so 1960s.

    Chris Roberts

  14. How the hell would a 4 year old recognise intruders? What a joke,and also when the opportunity was there to take the two younger twins,then why leave them? This case is gonna last forever what a waste of money

  15. For reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arguido

  16. Well one thing is being made clear by SY and British Media there wasn't an abduction ! Madeleine died in the appartment . We've thought that for seven and a half years ! And yet the McCanns have firmy rejected it .

  17. Express, by David Pilditch and Gerard Couzens http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/533815/Madeleine-McCann-suspects-police-probe-exchanged-calls

    Daily Mail, by Gerard Couzens http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2828316/Madeleine-McCann-investigators-questioning-Britons-new-official-suspects-girl-s-disappearance-Portugal.html

    Mirror, by Gerard Couzens http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/madeleine-mccann-missing-brits-among-4603875 (with mistakes re E. Monteiro, who was cleared as explained here http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2014/11/dna-clears-crucial-suspect-in-maddie.html)

    ITV, by Emma Murphy http://www.itv.com/news/2014-11-10/two-brits-among-seven-new-suspects-in-madeleine-mccann-investigation/

    Telegraph, by Staff and agencies, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/madeleinemccann/11221999/Seven-Madeleine-McCann-suspects-to-be-quizzed.html (a copy paste from ITV's article)

  18. Madeleine McCann: Police will quiz British man and woman among new suspects

    Nov 10, 2014 22:41
    By David Collins, Russell Myers

    The pair, who live in Portugal, are among seven new suspects who Met police will order to provide a DNA sample. A source said Scotland Yard investigators believe they have “identified certain people who have vital information”

    Seven new suspects have been identified by Scotland Yard officers investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and will be ordered to provide a DNA sample.

    Detectives plan to quiz the five men and two women this month. Two of the suspects are British.

    The pair – a man and a woman – live on the Algarve in Portugal.

    It is believed that the expats may know each other but it has not been revealed if they are a couple.

    The DNA of the seven suspects will be matched against evidence taken from the apartment at the Ocean Club resort in the resort town of Praia da Luz where Madeleine was staying with her family when she vanished in 2007 aged three.

    A source said: “After reviewing thousands of pieces of evidence, Scotland Yard investigators believe they have identified certain people who have vital information.

    “It is likely the British suspects are already known to the investigation.”

    Insiders said the seven people will be classed as “persons of interest” – or “arguidos” under Portuguese law.

    Four of them are men from Portugal. The other is understood to be a woman of Central or Eastern European origin.

    Interviews will be carried out by ­Portuguese officers with Scotland Yard detectives present.

    It is understood some of the suspects know each other or worked together at the Ocean Club resort.

    At least two of them are believed to have criminal records and some made phone calls to each other on the night Madeleine disappeared.

    It is believed that the two British suspects were spoken to by Portuguese police after Madeleine vanished.


    front cover article at the Mirror https://twitter.com/xklamation/status/531944478140297216/photo/1

  19. I refer to what you wrote Joana, regarding those suspected people (a man and a woman) who are believed to be a pair (a couple) that are now going to be investigated by S.Y. I strongly believe that this has something to do with what Kate said to a woman (a social worker) in the morning after the night when Madeleine had gone missing, namely "A COUPLE HAS TAKEN HER, A COUPLE HAS TAKEN HER, which is documented in PJ files. It is quite obvious whose advice and hypothesis the S.Y are following. Why won't they consider ours. Mine for a change, which is; Dig for the remains of Madeleine and for her pink blanket. That would lead to something!

  20. Propaganda ! The British media at it again ! Hope the supects are soon cleared as we expect .

  21. Três britânicos suspeitos do desaparecimento de Maddie

    Entre os suspeitos está ainda uma outra mulher estrangeira e três portugueses.

    Dois homens e uma mulher britânicos integram a nova lista de suspeitos das autoridades inglesas, que investigam o desaparecimento de Madeleine, em 2007, no Algarve, e vão ser interrogados pela Polícia Judiciária de Faro.

    O CM sabe que entre os suspeitos está ainda uma outra mulher estrangeira e três portugueses. Serão ainda ouvidas mais quatro testemunhas, até ao final do mês.


    Three British nationals suspects of Maddie's disappearance

    Among the suspects there is still a foreign woman and three Portuguese men

    Two men and a woman, all British, are part of the new list of suspects of the English authorities, who are investigating Madeleine's disappearance, in 2007, in Algarve, and are now going to be interrogated by the Judiciary Police of Faro.

    CM knows that among the suspects there is still another foreign woman and three Portuguese man. Four more witnesses will also be questioned until the end of the current month.

  22. McCanns Pressure and Harass Ocean Club Employee http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2009/05/mccanns-pressure-and-harass-ocean-club.html

    The thesis being followed by Redwood is based on these PI's "work" http://www.mccannfiles.com/id362.html

  23. 10/11/2014 15:44

    "AnneGuedes said...
    I'm afraid that the Yard has lost its independence with the CPS guiding the investigations."

    For those who did not know what CPS stands for, here it is:

    "Championing justice and defending the rights of victims, fairly, firmly and effectively is at the heart of all we do."


    Sue Brunt


  24. It is really sad that Brenda Leyland was "scared" to death by a sociey, which does not give Madeleine a fair chance neither to be found nor to let the "WORLD" know what happened to her. It has to be explained and judged in court. It is really disgraceful. Brenda writes in one of her tweets "our memories are long" and I really agree. When this disgusting libel case in Lisbon finally will be taken to itsl end a real case has to be opened, which has to consider what was found in the investigation conducted by Gonzales Amaral and later Tavares Almeida. Will that happen after the S.Y has once again crossexamined a number of completely innocent Portuguese and British citizens, whereof some seem to have violated the law by being so imprudent to talk with one another on the phone the very same day that Madeleine went missing. Just imagine if they did so just to keep in touch, at the time when they were desperately running down to the beach in Praia da Luz, helping Kate and Gerry to find Madeleine that night. While Kate and Gerry, according to what they said on Portuguese TV abt. a year after the disappearnce of their daughter, did nothing, because they were disfunctioning at that time. Yet, busy deleting calls from their mobiles about that time. Expecting and asking for a fair investigation is not exactly the same thing as to referring to conspiracy theories. By the way, how many innocent people's lives and reputations have been destroyed and damaged up to this day?

  25. Dear Portugal we bring back the story of Mr Smith. When he watched tv at home he saw on the news Mr McCann carrying his daughter on his arm and he shouted that is the man I saw with Madeleine. His daughter said he was wearing the same trousers we seen before. So he give the message to Portugal but the British police must know what Mr Smith said, someone must have got Mr Smith to change his story. Mr Smith said I spoke to him but he did not answer but went slowly off to the seaside. The only one who knows the truth is Mr McCann. Don't listen any more to the British police, send them home and solve the case. Most people believe Maddie died in the flat. Leave that poor girl in peace.

  26. There's only two suspects that should be flown back to Portugal, plus their tapas mates!! they should be made to answer questions, never mind (no comment) why would someone trying to find out what had happened to their daughter, refuse to answer police questions? and make it as difficult, and confusing as possible, that it's almost unsolvable from the word go.

  27. Thanks Joana! Does Andy not see how ridiculous this is becoming? My God, a phonecall on the evening when half the Ocean Club is screaming in the street "Maddie" or something like that, make you suspect.
    Pity that all those phone calls of the Tapas 7 could not be analysed. There they will find the real arguidos.

  28. As stated and thought by many who have common sense the evidence is in the smell of death by Eddie and Keela together with the change of story and actions that followed that night. Some of us may well think that is beyond reasonable doubt.

    This appears to be yet another smokescreen.

  29. Mr Redwood's incursions into Portugal required two things:

    1. The nominal change from a 'review' to an 'investigation'.

    2. The invlovement of the CPS. Not because there was a case to assess against British nationals (residing in the UK), but because the CPS is required to handle rogatory requests between the two jurisdictions (on the basis of an SY ouline).


    The contrivance of carrying this case to "suspects" residing in Portugal is obvious and premeditated.

  30. Another mockumentary... In this insightful documentary, journalist Martin Frizell – who broke the story in the UK in 2007 – analyses the unprecedented campaign run by Madeleineʼs parents Kate and Gerry McCann to keep their daughter in the public eye. Frizell traces both the positive and negative reactions that this campaign evoked and hears from the father of one seven-year-old boy who went missing exactly four years before Madeleine disappeared but quickly disappeared from the national news.

    In May 2007, Frizell – then editor of GMTV, ITVʼs breakfast programme – took the unprecedented decision to put a call through to the studio from a family friend of the McCanns. A three-year-old
    British girl had gone missing in the sleepy Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz and the family was distraught. By that afternoon, it was the leading news story on a number of channels.

    The story quickly attracted intense global media interest, but within a matter of weeks that story changed dramatically as new angles dried up. Some journalists started to make up stories to keep interest alive and the McCanns even found them Madeleine McCann is the most famous missing person on earth, but why has the disappearance of this pretty little English girl gripped the world for so long selves vilified in some quarters.

    The programme uncovers why the press may have behaved in the way that they did, examines the legal fallout and delves into why this tragic story continues to make headline news seven years on. - Tue 19:00 18 Nov http://www.channel5.com/shows/madeleine-mccann-a-global-obsession

  31. I do not understand why people think this is all becoming ridiculous. It is only ridiculous if one thinks it is seriously being suggested that so many "suspects" could be involved in an abduction or a "burglary" gone wrong. To me it all makes perfect sense if one can accept that SY are in the process of rounding up a group of people involved in a conspiracy to fake an abduction, conceal a body, pervert the course of justice, or were simply witnesses to a crime.

    There is no point in believing a single word that comes from the press at present, though I did find this week's Daily Mirror's front page headline screaming "UK man and woman among new suspects" interesting to say the least.


    @ 12/11/2014 10:36 Joana Morais on Martin Frizell forthcoming mockumentary.

    Martin Frizell is/was/is a journalist with 20 years experience who was close to Tony Blair at the time of Madeleine's demise. :d

    Who else was close to Tony Blair - or Gordon Brown for that matter - at the time? Correcto mundo!

    For all we know, they know each other. Same trade. Same megalomaniacal ambitions.

    Now, between 2012 and 2014 Martin becomes the Executive Director of Media at Golin Harris (London) in charge of the "Connector Team". Sounds familiar?

    Bibi Hilton, MD said of him at the time:

    " Martin's mix of experience as a media strategist and national news editor makes him the perfect candidate to lead and develop our connector community. He knows instinctively what makes a media story and how to balance that against the client's objectives to achieve really strong results.' (yeah! yeah!)


    But 18 months later Martin returns to broadcast ostensibly as media as editor of ITV's 'Loose Women' show.


    Did that mean Martin left PR altogether?

    No Ma'am!

    Matt Neale, president, at Golin Harris), said of him at the time:

    "I’m very proud one of our people (Martin) has secured this important editorship and pleased that Martin has agreed to continue his relationship with us by offering media advice to clients."

    I guess your intuition is right!

    Chances are our Martin is a close friend of "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell who, for all we know, may have ordered the mockumentary via Burson-Marsteller.(OK - so Mickey only gave Martin a tip!).

    At any rate this must have been a deal ITV could not refuse.

    :o Uncle $crooge has a heck of lot of money, you know..................

  33. 12/11/2014 03:30

    "Anonymous said... 24
    Mr Redwood's incursions into Portugal required two things:"

    Thanks A.G. for clarifying the role of the CPS for me.

  34. This country never has been a honest government, that's what the British people used to say. Mr Cameron and Mitchell could have closed this case but they wanted to clear their friends Mccanns to make innocent. The people say it is time to change this government, we hope Ukip take over, he is a honest man.

  35. @29 says:

    "It is only ridiculous if one thinks it is seriously being suggested that so many "suspects" could be involved in an abduction or a "burglary" gone wrong

    So these aren't serious suggestions?

    Try telling that to the named suspects whose photos have circulated in the world's media. One, I believe, is undergoing treatment for cancer; another suffers from schizophrenia. Hey, just kidding guys! Happy Christmas!

    And should Redwood's magnificent ploy fail then these poor people will forever be the last named suspects in a child's disappearance. Put that down on a CV..."yeah, but it was never a serious suggestion."

    It staggers me how little thought some people are able to give to the plight of these "suspects". It's as though Brenda Leyland's death had never happened. For sure, some people really DO matter more than others.

    And what of the Algarve? Are we really meant to believe that the PT authorities are willing to see their premier tourist region used as Redwood's fantasy backdrop from which to conjure up this catalogue of ghoulish thieves, child molesters and incompetent cops? And again, all of this without any assurance of ever being able to clear the record?

    Imagine if this scenario were put to UK authorities - the South coast becomes a French/German/Portuguese cops' playground of fantasy child killers. Imagine the potential ramifications for REAL cases that might occur in that area, now muddied by the spectre of all of these "not to be taken seriously" villains. No chance.

    And then to the Old Bailey. The judge (and a DEFENCE) who decides "not to take seriously" the fact that an investigation has been conducted this way - that crechedad was somehow conjured from thin air. Perhaps the defence should call him as a potential witness to the night's events (I think the case collpases BTW).

    Is it a serious suggestion that all of this has been contrived in order to control the media agenda? In order to wrestle the impetus away from Team McCann? Tell that to a grieving family.

  36. Is this just spin what I've just read on the 'Jill Havern Forum'? It's now being said that Dr Amoral now thinks it was someone passing through Luz that abducted Madeleine? If this is correct what about the dogs findings in the apartment?

  37. Joanna, I apologize for a mistake I made in my last post which you haven't published yet! It was the PJ and NOT Dr Amoral that stated they thought it was someone passing through Luz that had abducted Madeleine.

  38. I have recently e-mailed operation Grange and Theresa May pointing out the obvious evidence as concicely as I can. I wonder whether it goes unread, straight to trash. On the other hand however, would those in charge of this investigation not be liable under the law for perverting the course of justice if it could be proved that they were deliberately ignoring the evidence right under their nose. If hundereds of e-mails were sent to them pointing out all of the inconsistencies, blood evidence, body fluid evidence, the theoreis of lead investigator Dr Amaral, cadaver dogs, then this would be strong evidence that would prove that justice was being deliberately undermined. Should all contributors to this website not turn their excellent observations to bothTheresa May and Operation Grange directly them. One person can be dismissed as a crank but not hundreds or thousands.

    Doug Stewart

  39. Lets hope one of these new suspects spills the beans on certain people,maybe one or two were asked to help. but im sure they are being given lists on what to say. I cant believe that SY have ignored all the discrepencies in this case and ask the Mcs to return to Portugal. If pólice can get hold of pones histories of these people then why not the mc and tapas phones. The only one interested in this was Dr Amaral, but he was refused permission. Those with a conscience come forward please to help Little Madeleine.

  40. On 12/11/2014 @15:42 Anonymous said... "To me it all makes perfect sense if one can accept that SY are in the process of rounding up a group of people involved in a conspiracy to fake an abduction."

    Without wishing to detract from your optimistic outlook I draw your attention to what professional analysts and commentators think of what Scotland Yard is really up to.

    Take the famous American criminal profiler Pat Brown, for example, writes:

    "A lot of really nice people desperately want to believe that DCI Andy Redwood and Scotland Yard are about to shock the world with a brilliant check and mate that is going to see Kate and Gerry McCann led off in handcuffs, arrested for the death and disappearance of their daughter Madeleine McCann."

    More here:


    More recently she has added the following thoughts:

    "First, we have the Scotland Yard approved crime reconstruction. The public got to see, in living color, what happened that night at the Tapas, at the McCann vacation flat, and on the streets of Praia da Luz.

    This scenario is not one made by an independent media outlet or by the McCanns or by some individual like Gonçalo Amaral or Pat Brown, but by Scotland Yard....

    Scotland Yard with its professional crime analysts and two years worth of researching all the facts of the case. This is a powerful piece of propaganda. It sets the stage for Scotland Yard's future theory.

    And then we have that illuminating moment!

    Andy Redwood has eliminated Tannerman! In one stroke, he has proven both Jane Tanner and the McCanns to be truth tellers, and this is very important, for the public must not think there was collusion on the part of the Tapas 9.

    Also, we can't have two choices of suspects with the abductor going two separate directions. We must have one to carry the scenario forward. So we must have Smithman and this is the crux of how Scotland Yard and Andy Redwood will twist public thinking.

    Clearly, the Smith sighting is hugely damaging to the McCanns which is why they did everything in their power to hide and downplay it."

    More here:


    :a That said you are free to think what you like. Consider yourself privileged for that! Some like Tony Bennett and Dr. Gonçalo Amaral cannot - the latter knowing more about the case than Scotland Yard will ever know.

    Others have had to pay the McCanns' exorbitant compensations because of that golden rule that says "everyone is innocent until proven guilty".

    Alas! The McCanns' cannot be proven guilty nor for that matter innocent.

    Like Gerry McCann said: "Find the body and prove we killed her!"

    The Chief Co-ordinator of the first and only true investigation of Madeleine's disappearance (Dr. Goncalo Amaral) has suggested the child's body may have been cremated along with that of an adult laying in the nearby Luz church. If you believe that.

    This is another of those hypotheses Scotland Yard will not probe into. That would be tantamount to suspect the McCanns' of foul play and that would not be authorized! Seemingly......

    And even if it was they cannot probe into ashes. All traces of DNA have been carbonized.

    :n "Find the body and prove we killed her!"

  41. The UK has just confirmed its acceptance of the European arrest warrant. Its time for Portugal to act, stand up and be counted and bring justice for a little girl who has been so let down by Portugal.

    Issue an European arrest warrant to have the McCann's returned to Portugal to face a trial for the abandoning of their children, or insist the UK police arrest them, for an act of cruelty to a child or young person’, under the Children Act 1993

    Or will Portugal remain weak and continue to dance to its UK Masters tune

    Letter from Iberia

  42. We hear from people that the British government are involved in child sex crimes. Is it possible there is some connection with the Madeleine case. Is this why they put Mitchell to sort it all out, are they in someway connected. Is that why Mr Cameron had Mr Mitchell and give the police money and tell them what to do. That's why the police go to Portugal to bring a new story. They know Maddie is dead but they not allowed to speak the truth. All the people they tried to blame that is a lie story. Portugal if you want the truth you must finish with the British. The Mccanns know something about it that's why they try to make them innocent you better ask them what happened they always say they don't believe the dogs evidence. There is so much evidence they had chance to charge them. They should put Mr Amaral back on the case and allow him to complete it and bring it to a close with the true story.

  43. 33 ... A brilliant piece. 34... I agree... been there, done that... many times with different points (not to Ms May though, just to OG) 35... Yes. On my bad-feeling days I agree. On better days I still have a scintilla of hope.

  44. Anonymous @ 33 Thank you for your very reasonable and polite reply to my posting which I knew would not be to to the liking of most people here.
    I can only repeat, neither you nor I have a clue as to what the police in either country are doing, or what games they are playing because our only source of information is a totally scurrilous and unreliable press. As you say, it is my privilege to be optimistic.
    As for the "professional analysts and commentators" you call upon to support your stance, as far as I know Dr. Amaral, for whom I have the greatest admiration, has been keeping a discreet silence over recent weeks, so who knows? Pat Brown may be famous, she may be American, she may claim to be a criminal profiler, but in fact she knows no more about what is truly going on behind the scenes than you or I, and she is speculating just as much we are. Personally I have more confidence in Blacksmith. Tony Bennett - I fear he has his own agenda. Are you aware of his views on the Smith sighting, forcibly and frequently expressed on the Jill Havers forum? Try telling him, as have many others, that the McCanns "did everything in their power to hide and downplay it" - I wish you luck!

  45. Anonymous 14/11/2014 08:14 Well said. I didn't realize the implications of Mr. Redwood's public disclosure of his "revelation moment" until I started to mull over commentary by those who blog about the case. One blogger described it as Scotland Yard having "compromised itself to a lie", another blogger described Mr. Redwood's disclosure as a "genius move" as having destroyed Mr. McCann's "alibi". Alibi? "Your honour even though the evidence is overwhelmingly against me, I couldn't have disposed of my child's body because Ms Tanner saw the abductor". Is that how it works? I thought to myself, is eliminating the Jane Tanner sighting really crucial to secure a conviction? And how can a person who doesn't exist destroy anyone's alibi? Then I started thinking what if this case proceeded to court and the defence wanted to interrogate "creche dad"? If creche dad can't be produced in court wouldn't the credibility of every piece of evidence presented by SY be brought into question? Wouldn't that be a disaster for the prosecution? Would a police force that is conducting a proper investigation with the intent of having the case prosecuted invent a character for convenience?

    I concluded that the belief that creche dad doesn't exist is incompatible with the belief that SY is conducting a proper investigation. In other words if you believe that SY is gathering evidence which will lead to a conviction then you must believe that creche dad exists.

  46. If the child's body had been placed in the coffin along with an adult, surely whoever screwed the lid on before cremation would have noticed and raised the alarm, I can't see them taking a risk like that, but that's just my opinion.

  47. I know it is not an admission of guilt, but when the father of a missing child states to the press,"where's the body!?" Do you not need to be at least a little bit weary of someone behaving in this manner,talking about their child in this manner with so much little emotion of what they could be interpreting?

  48. Redwood has given credence to Jane Tanner's 'Tannerman sighting' by stating that an innocent British tourist has come forward to confirm that the 'tannerman' was in fact the same British tourist carrying his pyjama wearing child. Who is this anonymous tourist? Do we have a name?

  49. @37 "If the child's body had been placed in the coffin along with an adult, surely whoever screwed the lid on before cremation would have noticed and raised the alarm"

    As a rule, coffins are never open before cremation. Not in my experience.

    Also bear in mind the McCanns' were friends with the resident priest. Anything could have been arranged - theoretically at least.

    You would put the head of the child in between the legs of the adult and the rest of the body upwards. It would all be nicely covered. Even if you opened the coffin you would not notice.

    The McCanns' would have taken time to do it properly. They had the key to the church. Pre-surgery is another possibility particularly assuming the body was refrigerated. Of course this is all speculation.

    You are making the same assumptions as SY namely that the Portuguese are stupid! Well the bad news is that they are smarter than you imagine.

    You cannot start to compare Dr. Gonçalo Amaral with an errand-boy moron like Redwood !

    The scenario is plausible! Me thinks but no allegations made!

  50. Maybe they found something on gerrys laptop what if forensic computer have found some little information that could bring down the government and all future goverments in Britain . Maybe if this was found in London on Gerrys LAPTOP

  51. Post 38...Absolutely agree, along with all the other dubious statements made to date!

    "Ask the dogs Sandra"
    " There's no evidence to implicate us in our daughters disappearance"
    "find the body" ...He's almost certain the body will never be found!

    It's about time they realized how they come across to normal thinking people, so cocky, and certain there's no evidence against them. Well I for one think there's plenty.
    People that are innocent don't go to the lengths they have gone to to get rid of the inspector that was in charge of the investigation, nor would they surround themselves with top notch lawyers and high ranking spin doctors, or set up a FIGHTING FUND so soon after their daughter disappeared. Talk about protecting yourself, I've never come across anything quite like this before, totally weird in my opinion.

  52. It's online now http://www.channel5.com/shows/madeleine-mccann-a-global-obsession/episodes/madelaine-mccann-a-global-obsession

    and : Detectives forced to delay interviews of new suspects http://mirr.im/1AdZTEK Another botched job Redwood, no idea what arguidos are? ‪#‎mccann‬

  53. 50,
    I'm not making assumptions about anyone so stop twisting my words!! What I said was I didn't think the McCann's would have taken the risk of putting Madeleine's body in someone else's coffin as she could have been discovered. Shall we start blaming the priest for giving the keys to the McCann's while we're at it? I would think at least their comings, and goings, could have been observed/monitored.

  54. #54 "I'm not making assumptions about anyone so stop twisting my words!! "

    :o Now you are in denial! Of course you were!

    Because the hypothesis that Madeleine's body (if any) may have been hidden in that coffin, comes from Dr. G. Amaral himself - the man who coordinated the one and only investigation into the child's disappearance.

    What Scotland Yard's errand boys are now doing on behalf of David Cameron/Clarence Mitchell is called reputation management, but that is besides.

    That said, I am prepared to believe you are smarter than Dr. G. Amaral ! Ooh reeeally?

    Now seriously, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Thanks God this is Joana Morais blog not a Carter-Ruck, Burson-Marsteller, Murdoch media or McDonalds's affiliate.

    O' Rilley

  55. 55,
    "May have been hidden in that coffin" is different from saying it definitely was, so I'm not in denial about anything, I'm entitled to my opinion that's what a forum is about!! Dr Amaral doesn't know for certain that's what happened it's all theory, unless you know different!!! I'll ignore that last statement which is ludicrous to say the least.

  56. :o Predictably enough Dr. Amaral has a theory with which Sherlock Holmes disagrees. "Ludicrous! Simply ludicrous!" - he says.

    May be it is! For all we know the child may have been disposed into a rubbish container in a large black bag - whole or in "surgical" parts.

    As long as no one saw anyone putting her there the McShow can go on! Indeed it must!


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