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Judiciary Police questions eleven witnesses in the Maddie Case

New elements of the British Police team that will be in the Algarve from today | Photo © EPA/Luís Forra

New questionings start today at the Judiciary Police (PJ), in Faro, on Scotland Yard’s request

By Marisa Rodrigues

Among the eleven witnesses there is a man with a criminal record for sexual assault of a female British tourist in Praia da Luz in 1995. He is a Portuguese citizen and has a similar appearance to one of the e-fits, he even had journalists at his door in 2008 and he was photographed with a shotgun in his hands.

The PJ eliminated him from the investigations at the time but Scotland Yard considers him a suspect.  The detectives want the man to explain what he did on the 3rd of May 2007 ( the date in which 3 year old Madeleine McCann disappeared ), his phone calls and his bank statements for that day and what connections does he have with Sergey Malinka (one of the four men constituted as arguidos in July 2014.

Scotland Yard also wants to know if the [Portuguese] police already have his DNA and finger prints. The majority of the almost 130 questions is incriminatory. Despite this fact, he is called for questioning as a witness, as are the remaining ten persons.

Robert Murat to be questioned

One of the most awaited questionings is Robert Murat’s. He was the first arguido in the Portuguese investigation and he will be questioned tomorrow, as well as his wife Michaela Walczuch and her former husband, Luís António. Sílvia Baptista, in charge of the Ocean Club workers, the resort manager John Hill  and his wife are also on this list.

A meeting between the two police forces is scheduled for Friday to evaluate the steps requested by the British police to be carried out by the PJ. Andy Redwood will still participate in this meeting. He is expected to retire by the end of this month. The new Operation Grange chief coordinator, Nicola Wall, leads a team specialised in homicide and serious crime.

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, December 9, 2014


  1. BBC News has just said that of the 11, 2 witnesses will be asked "Did you kill Madeleine?"

    Apart from the fact that you don't have witnesses asked questions like "Did you kill Madeleine", you have to ask a couple of things about this.

    What evidence would they have in order to lead them to ask this question? And do they really believe a killer will choose this point to confess?

    Please help me out Joana. Does a witness have to supply a DNA sample if it is requested? Does an arguido have to provide a DNA sample if it is requested?

    The BBC named the Portuguese man. Unfortunately, I have already forgotten this, but no doubt it will re-surface very soon.

    I was looking forward to a further story that the Scotland Yard building had been sold off to an Arab investment group today for £370 million. I thought this would lead to conspiracy theories about Madeleine's investigators coming under the control of foreign landlords, but no, it seems SY is moving to another building.

    A small but not insignificant detail was that police officer levels are to be cut further. This may or may not be the reason for some officers being moved off Operation Grange, who knows. It must suggest that there is a significant budgetary squeeze on Operation Grange, so if Nicola Wall is to get a result, she is going to have to work more intelligently than Andy Redwood.

    A final note from the BBC news, not related to Madeleine. The demand for brick-layers (people who build houses made of bricks) is increasing in the UK. There is a shortage of brick-layers. The BBC says this shortage is being filled by Portuguese brick-layers. So, unemployment in Portugal will fall a bit as Portuguese brick-layers earn good wages in the UK.

  2. It is good that the police will ask "did you kill Madeleine?"to a witness. It allow them to ask the same to Tapas 9 because I think that all off the 9 will be treated as witnesses,

  3. @ 1 Nothing surprises me any more. I recall being asked in a questionnaire for "aliens" at Miami airport a few years ago: "Are you or have you ever been a terrorist?", or words to that effect. Fortunately I resisted an overwhelming temptation to reply "yes".
    Seriously though, we have to keep bearing in mind that such information as we are getting on this case is via our rubbish media, with scant evidence that it comes directly from the police. Notice how tight-lipped Redwood was in arriving for questioning yesterday

  4. @1 wrote: "So, unemployment in Portugal will fall a bit as Portuguese brick-layers earn good wages in the UK."

    The underlying fact my dear is that it seems there are not sufficient, quality bricklayers in Britain - besides that was the idea of having a EU in the first place - namely to boost economies and to end tribalism, but I digress ...

    That said, it seems the same shortage principle applies to the police, I think ...

    Scotland Yard has wasted so many years, so much public money, allegedly trying to solve this case, whereas the Portuguese had reached a conclusion within months of the crime being committed...

    Pity it was a politically incorrect conclusion (...)


    PS The Portuguese tax-payers are subsidizing this "investigation" as well and I don't think it is the Portuguese bricklayers money that is going to compensate for the expenditure.

  5. Why do you sign is anonymous when I sign in as Elça Craig from shininginluz.wordpress.com? You hide, and jibe. I do neither.

    Just so we are clear about this. I pay 100% of the taxes I should pay in Portugal. And I pay 100% of the taxes I should pay in the UK. I get double-taxed on this, whether you think this is important or not.

    Here is a small, unimportant story for you. It tells you nothing, or perhaps.

    Scotland Yard decides to probe one small hill near the centre of Luz. I think this is ridiculous. But it happens. I went down to look. What did I see?

    Dogs. Horses. Pickaxes. Uniforms. Guns. Ground-penetrating radar. Oh, and media.

    Not to mention the drone.

    Hopefully Nicola Wall will be a bit sharper than Andy Redwood.

  6. The questions they come up these days ? " Did you kill madeline " ? I wonder if the "witnesses" can ask SY , " Are you thick as shite" ? Sounds like SY are brain dead these days , even a third word Police officer of corporal rank has enough IQ to realise this case stinks to high heaven ,For any Police Officer who was given this case would READ THE PREVIOUS FILES and not listen to the PINK PONCES fairy stories in mainstream media The dogs smelt death , The parents and their friends changed their stories (in layman terms and using common sense , They bloody lied ! ) , The mother refused to answer 48 questions to the Portuguese Police , So considering its cost the British Tax payer 10 million pounds and 3 years to solve something that could take under a thousand pounds and a flight to Portugal by sending the parents and the Tapas 7 including brown and blair and the pink ponce . Now that would be a start , the next step would be to Charge the Parents for the fund they created Fraud and deception in the UK . The Portuguese Police Officer DR Amaral and Joana should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for exposing this scam the British Public fell for and the 10 million unnecessary money of the hard working British Tax Payer blown on holidays for the landscape gardeners of SY !


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