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McCanns' complaint in the final allegations

McCanns give a press conference at Palácio de Lisboa in June

by Óscar Queirós

With the final allegations taking place today, at Palácio da Justiça, in Lisbon, it's coming to an end the process of the alleged complaint for defamation made by the McCanns, Maddie's parents, against Gonçalo Amaral, in which the McCann couple asks for a millionaire compensation from the former PJ coordinator.

This process was born with the publication of the book “Maddie, a Verdade da Mentira” [Maddie, the Truth of the Lie], written by Gonçalo Amaral , considered by the English couple as defamatory and an “affront”. As to the former PJ coordinator what is in question is “his right to freedom of expression and of opinion”, and he remains confident “in the Portuguese justice”.

In a statement to JN on the trial that has lasted five years, the former PJ coordinator considers that the couple's goal, apart from an eventual monetary compensation, is to “convert the trial in an exoneration of their own responsibilities in the disappearance of their daughter”. And he justifies his opinion stating that “throughout these last five years they have attempted to convey the idea that this trial is about their innocence, when legally that is not what is at stake” since what is being argued at the trial is the “lawfulness or unlawfulness of the book I wrote and, and if so, whether it is possible to establish a causality link between the book and the possible damages they allege to have suffered”.

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, December 10, 2014


  1. I really hope mr amaral wins this ,,

  2. Good luck Sir Amaral I hope you win this case then sue these two who have made your life hell for taking the time and energy to look for their daughter something these two have not done.

  3. Good Luck Mr Amaral we in the UK hope you win this trial , The pair of NEGLECTFUL parents should be charged and held in custody in Portugal and the truth will prevail , Its time these two answered questions instead of swanning round the world with their begging bowl for money to feed their hideous lifestyle and silence the people who challenge them .


    " The former PJ coordinator considers that the couple's goal, apart from an eventual monetary compensation is:

    ... to “convert the trial in an exoneration of their own responsibilities in the disappearance of their daughter”...

    ... And he justifies his opinion stating that “throughout these last five years they have attempted to convey the idea that this trial is about their innocence"...

    Obviously, "Big Rock" Amaral is aware of the McCanns'/Burson-Marsteller/Clarence Mitchell/UK Con Party connection and their meticulously planned legal/media stunts...

    :d No one could have failed to notice the perfect timings - only T. apparently ...

  5. Britain wishes you all the very best, Dr Amaral. We are heartily sick of this horrible pair and all their celebrity hangers-on.

  6. Trial update: "Same judge" "Ended. Jan 21st for reading of proven facts. Not verdict yet. Will update later" http://www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/AnneGuedes.htm#13 #mccann

  7. Yes, good luck Mr Amaral. I hope your suffering will soon be over and you get compensated for the misery this pair have caused you, and your family, over the years.

  8. If an ordinary working class couple from the UK had left their very young kids to fend for themselves whilst they were down the pub having a beer or two, they would undoubtedly & correctly have been prosecuted had their neglect come to light.

    The McCanns should have been treated in exactly the same way.

  9. I Pray that justice will be served for MR G. AMARAL... He has suffered so much all through no fault of his own.. He wrote a book and looking at his words set down in this book ,were non other than the findings by the Port. Police at the time of the supposed abduction ,, Nothing in his writings were anything other than the truth and what was set down by the conclusion of his team members / Port. Police,, nothing was the sole finding of his alone.. We need to look at some facts on this case,,, whey did the parents not go searching for their daughter, why is this is true ,(1),did they clean the apartment from top to bottom,,(2) why did G.M. have to travel back to the U.K. for some thing with their daughters D.N.A. when there was plenty of stuff in the apartment with it on. (3) Why are they so hell bent on suing MR.G.AMARAL ,, under the pretense of his book more or less not helping with finding their daughter, when they themselves did very little to help find her. (4 ) The parents vowed to stay where they were at until their daughter was safely returned to them.. Please God take care of this man ,G.A. and let him find peace.

  10. GOOD LUCK to Snr. AMARAL. We ARE ALL with you

  11. It is UNBELIEVEABLE what this couple have put you through just for speaking the TRUTH.
    The British public are ALL with you Dr.Amaral.

  12. Anonymous 15.56,and that is the crux of this debacle,because it suits their "story",they have "admitted",that they did leave their 3 babies,unattended ,for unforgiveable amounts of time,and still no-one within any child care authority has openly, dared to,challenged them ,or their friends .Why is that,who holds the answer to that should hold their heads in shame.Hopefully ,the Judge has seen through their dramatics and lies,and gives Goncalo Amaral ,his life back,he certainly has been to hell and back,for far too long.Good Luck !!!

  13. @ 13:22

    I entirely agree! This trial is but one component of the McCanns's ongoing campaign to market a WYSIWYG image of themselves.

    (1) First they tried to implicate Robert Murat as "the bundle man".

    (2) Then they tried to discredit Gonçalo Amaral - via the good offices of wanna be "gentlemen" like Marinho "Photoshop" Pinto and his nerd nephew Aragão Correia.

    (3) Once Gonçalo Amaral, and then Ricardo Paiva were kind of "discredited" the Portuguese PJ, as a whole, became their target.

    (4) Through the good offices of the Murdochs, the Brooks, the Freuds - all well acquainted with Clarence Mitchell, the actual British Con PM not to mention other individuals associated with The Chipping Norton Set, they eventually managed to bring Scotland Yard into the case to review, to "mark" the Portuguese investigation as utterly incompetent - well, at least that is the subliminal..............................................

    Qll that mis-en-scene, that blockbuster apparatus, was to show the world what the stupid Portuguese police should have done!

    (5) Gonçalo Amaral - the man who dared to expose the McCanns - is a real sense the "biutiful" couple proverbial nemesis.

    If they can destroy, completely destroy Amaral, then they would have succeeded. They would have won. Canonization by the Pope would probably be next in their agenda ...........................

    (6) If they fail in Portugal (and then fail again in Strasbourg) all the ink, the broadcasts, the lawyers, the spokespersons, the PR agencies fees - all the millions spent would have been in vain. They are stuck with the truth of the lie.

    I have no idea of what comes next but if the McCanns' have been allowed to get away this far unexposed then, anything is possible.

    It's a "mondo cano" out there!


  14. Good Luck Mr Goncalo Amaral the British Public are all behind you.

  15. Good luck G.A. Even though ive never met you, these 2 liars and decievers have dragged your name through the mud, got you the sack, with a little help shall we say! But Gerry and Kate McCann are all about money! Their lives are spent counting money, that's greed and 1 day, it will be beyond the protection they have from the BRITISH GOVERNMENT! I hope this judge is a strong person, and the full truth comes out, so they lose everything, all that money and both serve 20 years.. These child abusers and their friends have changed there stories time and time again, but the problem there is when people lie, they have to remember those lies, and thats very difficult.. What does it say to the world when these two evil dwellers and their tapas friends havent even been severley questioned.. Its high time, this went to a supreme court, where they wont be able to get away with the story books they've rambled out from their lips...Just be patient my friend, we all are right behind you, and if there is another injustice, then the people will shout!! And insist on the real truth coming out, starting with lie detectors on them both of them.. Very good luck.

  16. Hello Joana,
    I haven't posted for ages but I am still here, watching the circus and hoping that one day we will know how Madeleine came to disappear off the face of the earth.
    The past five years have given me an insight into how reporting news can be so one-sided and how that reporting can cause so much damage to those directly involved and also to others who through no fault of their own happen to be caught up in the madness. It scares me to think that this applies to all news and not only to this case.
    Getting back to this case, a little gem the Bristish papers caught my eye:
    "Fatima de Oliveira Esteves, representing publisher Guerra e Paz, admitted that Mr Amaral 'appeared to have invented' much of the book.
    But she added: 'The fact is those children were left alone and because of that fact one of them disappeared."

    Could anyone who was in court tell us what she actually said, because no sane person would believe she said that first bit?

    Best wishes to all those who seek the truth/have been hurt by this saga

  17. The McCanns have never wanted to give the impression the libel the trial is about their innocence. Sorry, but that's ridiculous. They would never allege that for fear they might lose. Think about it.


    "God Bless, Gonçalo Amaral; may he survive the nightmare whether he wins or loses the civil case, and continue to hold his head high as he deserves to be respected as one who never backed down or sold out.

    I can't say the same for Scotland Yard."


  19. Let there be and end to this; I do not believe that anyone will ever be brought to book for Madeleine's death; neither do I believe that she will be found alive. I do not know whether the McCanns are innocent or guilty. However, enough misery has been caused because of the McCanns leaving their children alone that night. Any dozy, crack head burglar knows to try doors and windows to see if one is not locked. However, enough of donors' and taxpayers' money has been spent. If they get the damages from Sr Amaral, that must finance any further search, legal action or anything else that the McCanns undertake.

  20. Like someone said to me on another forum, It doesn't matter how much we discuss this case on various forums "It's NOT us that decides the outcome!!! It's those that are protecting the perpetrators of this crime. (governments etc) I'll be very surprised if Madeleine gets justice after all this time, if they haven't got enough evidence now I don't think they ever will!!! R.I.P little angel, one day those that have harmed you will have to answer to god...they certainly won't be accepted in heaven that's for sure.


    11/12/2014, 16:07
    Anonymous said... The McCanns have never wanted to give the impression the libel the trial is about their innocence."

    It is more about their image you might say - which when you think of it, comes down to the same thing.

    So far, anyone with money and/or position who has suggested they might be guilty has been "carter-rucked."

    Amaral has been their main target ever since "the curious incident of the dog in the night time" and if the McCanns' loose, as indeed they should, the show will go on to the European Court.

    The problem is, the European Court is even less likely to be sympathetic to the McCanns' crocodile tears - even with the "prestigious" Scotland Yard "opinion".

    All their money, PR machine (Burson-Marsteller), employees and friends in high places (Mitchell and Cameron, respectively) their expensive devil's advocates will have counted for nothing.

    It's all about EGO and PREJUDICE.

  22. Wishing all the best to Goncalo Amaral, with respect for his integrity. Thanks, Joana, for keeping us updated.


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