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PJ makes over 100 questions to three witnesses

Robert Murat, his wife Michaela Walczuch and Murat' lawyer, Francisco Pagarete (front seat) arriving at PJ headquarters in Faro today

“It's shameful. I'm repeating what I had already said to the Judiciary Police. I have nothing to hide. Mário Marreiros, witness.”

by Marisa Rodrigues

Three of the eleven people notified to provide statements were heard throughout the day, yesterday. Today, it will be Robert Murat's turn, who was an arguido [formal suspect] in the Portuguese investigation, to answer the questions prepared by the British police. Following the questionings was the demissionary coordinator, Andy Redwood, who is stepping down and retiring at the end of this year. He will be replaced by Nicola Wall, a chief inspector experienced in homicides and violent crimes.

One of the witnesses heard yesterday was Joaquim José Marques, identified in 2008 due to his resemblance with one of the e-fits. At the time he received the journalists with a shotgun in his hands. The man was confronted with 129 questions, the majority related to his past - he has a criminal record for the rape of a female British tourist, in Praia da Luz in 1995 - other questions were related to people referenced by the English detectives. The questioning started early in the morning and lasted several hours. At lunch break, Joaquim José, visibly annoyed, lashed out at two cameramen, causing damages in the equipment of one of them. When he returned to the PJ headquarters, he threw a water bottle at the journalists.

A former Ocean Club worker was equally questioned during the day. Mário Marreiros said that he was made a list of “hundreds” of questions, among which if he knew Madeleine and what had he done on the day 3 of May 2007, the day when Madeleine disappeared. The man showed signs of being worn-down because he kept answering the “exact same crap” for a second time. The man who didn't take a lawyer with him, is also a witness in the Portuguese process [Judiciary Police investigation] and had previously been questioned by the PJ.

Today, four more witnesses are expected at the PJ headquarters in Faro, among them Robert Murat and his wife, Michaela Walczuch. Tomorrow, three witnesses are going to be questioned, and another one at a later time in England.

A meeting is scheduled for Friday, between the two police forces [Met and PJ] to review and make an assessment of the investigative steps requested by the British authorities, carried out by the PJ, as they were ordered by the Public Ministry.

in Jornal de Notícias, paper edition, December 10, 2014

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    Why would any police force wish to go over the procedures archived by another police force, except on the grounds of ethnical prejudice and reputation management of a couple of their citizens ?

    Burson-Marsteller - the reputation management agency directed by Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns' spokesperson, Con Party candidate and David Cameron protégée - is, cynics are saying, hoping to influence global public opinion with these legal/media stunts in an effort to beatify the McCanns' ...

    It seems pretty obvious to some qualified observers that the main target of the Yardies is to denigrate the work of former detective Goncalo Amaral - the McCanns' nemesis - and the Portuguese Police.

    The problem is ...

    IF the judge - Lady Melo e Castro - in charge of side walk trial, fails to be impressed by the mis-en-scene and instead, sees through this elaborate charade ...

    Imagine the McCanns' "melon" if she exonerates Amaral and then he goes on to publish a revised version of the book for the American market.

    I understand there are plans to write such a book with Pat Brown - the well-known American criminal profiler ...

    :o This is when the proverbial sh** will hit the fan of the McCanns'. What a melon instead of a million!

  2. «Speaking last month before he received his official notification, he said: 'My conscience is clear and I have no problem speaking to police again.' Michaela, Mr Murat's girlfriend when Madeleine vanished, was questioned three times as a witness after the youngster's disappearance.

    A Portuguese lorry driver later came forward to say he had seen a blonde woman he said resembled estate agent Michaela passing a blanket containing a child to a man on an Algarve farm the day after Madeleine vanished.

    A Spanish woman also claimed she had spotted her in a town in northern Morocco in June 2007, moments after she had seen a girl who looked just like Madeleine.

    Michaela, whose home was searched by Portuguese police after Madeleine disappeared, complained of being treated like dirt by detectives and claimed Kate and Gerry McCann's former detective agency Metodo 3 had cynically used her.

    Protesting her innocence in a December 2007 interview with a UK newspaper, she said: 'I lost my faith not just in justice but in the whole system and everyone that supports it.

    'The worst part is people putting me in this, knowing I have nothing to do with it.

    'They have no feelings, no heart. They are completely empty.

    'When Robert called me to tell me that there was a story about these sightings I went into town and I just saw my face on the front of all the papers. I felt sick.' Silvia Batista, who ran the service and maintenance departments at the Ocean Club holiday complex where Madeleine was staying with her parents, was the first person to turn up for questioning this morning.»


  3. So the farce continues, and the UK blood and cadaver dogs, and what they alerted to in the holiday apartment, and McCann' hire car, appear to have been brushed out of the scene altogether. Still it all helps to reinforce the impression that the McCann are completely innocent, and any question of their involvement should be entirely eliminated out of the minds of everyone, and especially the judge in the libel trial.

    Yet there are still some thinking SY will do a complete turn around and go take themselves up to Rothley, hotly suspicious, given the dogs and all. Surely that would be logical, given those never been wrong before dogs.

    Dream on, because it is not going to happen! Look everywhere folks, but not at the McCanns, because Redwood eliminated them from the get go, and wanted only to bring them 'closure'.

    A win for them in the libel trial really would go a long way to do that. Here's hoping Portugal does the right thing by Dr Amaral.

  4. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.", A quote by Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda which became the main rule of the British Press. What a shame...

  5. Recently I stated that I could see the decision going either way, but after reading what took place in that court today, thanks to Astro, I have a good feeling about the outcome. I particularly liked that it was pointed out to the judge that Scotland Yard shows up in Portugal every time proceedings resume. It is evident that the people representing the McCann family did not provide evidence to support their claims; they basically showed up and said to the effect that: my clients are well known English citizens; they have the moral high ground; they’ve been offended, so please compensate them.

    Speaking of compensation, there have been cases in Portugal where people have suffered serious injury, e.g. loss of vision, because of malpractice and I don’t believe any of them got more than 100,000 euros, maybe not even more than 50,000 euros if I’m not mistaken and these foreigners who are scum of the earth are demanding 1.2 million euros from a man who they know they slandered and libeled only because he tried to determine what happened to their daughter.

    What is taking place in Portugal is an attempt to rewrite history, to bury the facts and conclusions of the original investigation. The McCanns will delay this trial as much as they can to provide Scotland Yard with more time to decide on the details of the final story of the abductor that killed Madeleine.

    Dr. Martin Roberts has posted his thoughts on Operation Grange. His piece “Taking Stock” can be found at http://onlyinamericablogging.blogspot.com/, I recommend that everyone read it.

  6. I am fed up with running around in circles in this case - it is a cover up and that's it, watching all these highly paid professionals carrying out this charade is disgusting - the devils spawn.

    Please Folks just digest what you are all witnessing for a minute - add to those thoughts the powers of who is coordinating this travesty of justice.

    The COVER UP is blatant....and it coming from top down.

    one law for one and another for everybody else......just another way of saying that some people are not held to the same laws as the "majority".

    It has always had relevance and many people have seen the wealthy and "connected" escape the law many times.....resulting in money and status has been the connection to the ..get out of jail card. Justice for those who can afford it expresses that thought succinctly.

    These same rich,connected, people become much larger as their families grow and it becomes more apparent to the public at large that society is split in two... as the miscarriages in justice grow also....follow the bloodlines folks everything connects on some level if you pull the curtains back and put the research in..

    More and more "people" are avoiding laws worldwide ....that others sections of society are held too.
    It has become all too common place and creates much anger, the injustice in the world is growing and shows no signs of diminishing....people are taking their lives after wrongly been accused of crimes - some are deliberately been set up because they have a past criminal records, or are known as the local scoundrels and if the cap can be made to look as if it fits the crime... it will be sold that way via MSM.... this case alone demonstrates out loud what the forces are capable of with agendas to follow.. and the tools they have on hand to achieve that.....the machine sums it up perfectly.

    Most People assume the law works most times - it doesnt.
    We need to come together has people and soon very soon.

    I am going to now say why i believe this is becoming more apparent and in your face, and in doing so i know many will right me off - but it will soon be proven to be 100% correct and with dire consequences by the time mass enlightenment takes place,

    I believe.. no I KNOW .....and i have researched extensively. there are two lineages of "humans" on the planet - it has nothing to do with races - It is biological and the two forms are represented throughout ALL races and sexes.
    a society within a society.

    I know many will bin what i say.... but it WILL become apparent in the not to distant future.
    Science will try to explain we are evolving, they will reference the various ancestors before us neanderthal, homo erectus and so on - explaining that over long periods of time genes have evolved in certain groups who will go forward as the future just as we were once over our Ancestors.

    Its not true the explanations we have been given and the hilarious part for me is that the intellectuals buy it - Its becoming common place to believe the likes of Richard Dawkins on such subjects - he is wrong way off.

    Some are reading this post thinking "he's flipped, lost the plot" lol.....I promise everyone that what I say will materialize.... but it is not evolution - they have walked with us from the beginning.

    What i have said is relevant ....infact its the crooks of the case and its corruption in keeping it hidden.

    This post may cause laughs - all i will say is this. Those that laugh last - laugh loudest....but the truth is ...It is no laughing matter in reality and that too will become all to apparent in the near future.

    There is so much i could say and want to, but i know i will be ridiculed or ignored.
    If you read this post - your mind will refer to it at some point in the future and you will then understand.

    Joana i understand if this post does not make it - It will all make sense in the future if not now.


  7. Anonymous #3

    The British press, or a part of it, is only interested in bringing down and humiliate the Portuguese police, Goncalo Amaral and Portugal. When did we read there all the indicia that points out to the McCanns guilt? Which journalist had the balls to question their innocence, and point out the inconsistencies and outright lies in their depositions?
    Why do they shamelessly lower their trousers to this despicable couple, whose main interest is to cover up for their shameful parental negligence, and beg for peoples money to pay for their high lifestyle? Unfortunately, some British newspapers having also contributed to this, and generously, are now voluntarily gagged, afraid of more Carter Ruck, or outright believing in fairytales.


    One last thought, if I may.

    At last Portuguese defence lawyers are catching up with what is really going on behind the scenes and I quote:

    "Fátima Esteves, lawyer for Guerra e Paz (publishers).... stressed a few relevant points..." here is one:

    "The almost absence of journalists in the room today, in contrast with full audiences whenever the couple attended the trial, proves that the McCanns are the motor behind the media movements and that they define the media agenda..." (quote/unquote)

    "By the McCanns'" she probably meant their media monitor - the one and only, Clarence "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell ! Feel free to clap, boo or poo!

    Mickey Mouse is of course the Head of the global outfit Burson-Marsteller (PR); a protégée of the actual UKGB prime-minister and himself a candidate for the Con Party in the next General Elections. Small world.

    :d It was of course David Cameron - the actual Con PM - who ordered Scotland Yard's blockbuster on-going "review" which, some cynics have argued (myself included), is an appropriation and sanitization of the original Portuguese police investigation but I repeat myself.

    :d OMO washes whiter ....

    Thanks to Astro for fielding and translating the bytes and to the indefatigable Joana Morais for publishing them here.

  9. :o Pat Brown - the American Criminal Profiler - on Nicola Wall, the new SY kid on the block:

    "Unless Ms. Wall wants to find herself back on street patrol, she is going to continue down the same road as her predecessor, until she can find a suitable suspect to finally put this case to rest."

    I could not agree less.

    Read the full article here:


  10. So now perhaps as the British and Portuguese police have eliminated all the so called Portuguese suspects.
    They will interview those who normally would be the prime suspects in a case of child disappearance, the parents, and get answers to the 48 questions that the mother refused to answer.
    For when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

    Letter from Iberia

  11. IF YOU REPEAT A LIE OFTEN ENOUGH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Meanwhile, it seems the McCanns' global multi-million, reputation management outfit directed by Clarence Mitchell of Burson-Marsteller - had his PR colleague Martin Frizell, once more, broadcast his mockdocumentary "Madeleine McCann - A Global Obsession".

    This was broadcast again last night, on the UK Channel 5 (14/12/14).

    This "new" mockumentary, you will recall, was first broadcast on the 18th November and it will remain on-line on Channel5 website for "dissemination" for at least one year until November 2015, just in case, we suppose, The Book Trial lasts that long - every little bit helps......................

    Like PR Joseph Goebbels - the German Nazi - used to say:

    "“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it (adding) for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    :d Take that!

  12. How about we see the headline soon...

    100 questions for the parents

  13. The reason Kate did not answer the 48 questions was because she might have given different answers than those that Gerry gave. As usual, they were being interviewed separately. So, going over the answers that Gerry did give, will give clues to where the story could have plot-holes.

  14. Ban all secret societies (my opinion)

    Thanks for all your good work and for keeping us in the loop!

    Here we go again - like a Strauss waltz... heading into orbit 2015.

    We sincerely hope 2014 will be the last of the McCanns' era, and that the new year will bring the acquittal of Gonçalo Amaral, the restoration of Free Speech in Portugal and last but not least, oversees the mighty crash of Scotland Yard's PR juggernaut. Their "mise en scène" in Portugal, running errands for David Cameron/Clarence Mitchell and the odd couple will taint their global image forever.

    :o Bye! Bye! Sherlock Holmes!
    :k Long live Inspector Colombo!

  16. The Mccanns wrote in the newspaper, that so many people write to them in support , we cant believe it is true, it is just what the newspaper wrote, the Daily Express did it. Lots of people in Britain do not support them.
    Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr to Joanna and Dr Amaral.

  17. What changes would be made to Portugal's legal system if the opinion from an officer of the law is to be silenced. Isn't this form of power similar to that which the Hacked Off Group in the UK seek, of which Gerry McCann and other powerful people are involved. Isn't Portugal's judiciary in danger of giving away power to those who seek to take away it's freedom of speech? Why would high office in the UK become involved? Just as the trial of five years is coming to an end so is the UK's present governments term in office. Sometimes this doesn't feel like it is about the McCanns at all but about much bigger players and issues and everyone including the McCanns are just players.


    "British husband, 59, arrested in Portugal after body of his wife, 73, is discovered under concrete slab at their Algarve home.

    Nigel Jackson, 59, seized after Brenda Davidson went missing in Algarve

    Portuguese police alerted to 73-year-old's disappearance by her son Dean

    Officers say her remains could have been buried in garden for some weeks.

    Jackson reportedly admitted burying wife but said she committed suicide

    Couple moved to Algarve 10 years ago from their home in Rochester, Kent.

    Probe led by same squad assisting Scotland Yard with Madeleine McCann."



    Further reading:



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