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"Investigate the incinerated body thesis"

CM Special, "Maddie, the Mystery" broadcast yesterday

by Sérgio A. Vitorino, Tânia Laranjo

Gonçalo Amaral, the former coordinator of the Judiciary Police who investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in May 2007, in the Algarve, is very clear: "With the failure of all the investigations and the millions spent, which only wanted to discredit our line of investigation [that Maddie died accidentally and the parents concealed the body], it is now time to refocus the investigation."

Gonçalo Amaral said yesterday to CM that it should now be done in Portugal "the reconstruction that was never carried out and the laboratorial analysis of evidence which was never truly analysed, such as the hairs in the boot of the car where Madeleine's bodily fluids were found".

The retired investigator also stated that it is necessary to follow leads like the "incineration of Madeleine's body inside a coffin of a British subject" and to access the medical records of the girl in the UK, which has never been allowed.

in Correio da Manhã, April 24, 2016

Short transcript on this topic from CM Special: "Maddie, the Mystery"

Anchor João Ferreira - I would like for you to tell us in detail your explanation for the disappearance of the body, you have a thesis..

Gonçalo Amaral - No, I don't have one.

Anchor - ... in this book...

Gonçalo Amaral - No, in that book there isn't anything concerning what we just saw me saying on the news piece that was shown. Because these are elements, these are information that appeared afterwards and were never investigated. It's just an hypothesis, and when considering that hypothesis...

Anchor - An hypothesis that Madeleine's body could have been hidden, could have been incinerated, right?

Gonçalo Amaral - There's an information here, in the police, that mentions that. That in a night, three figures were seen carrying a bag, entering the church...

Anchor - In the Praia da Luz church.

Gonçalo Amaral - In that church was a coffin of a woman, a woman from the United Kingdom...

Anchor - Of a British woman.

Gonçalo Amaral - ... and in the following day that coffin was transferred to Ferreira do Alentejo to be incinerated. But no one is saying that the parents did that, or saying who did that. It's something that someone who is on the field investigating has to ascertain, must investigate thoroughly.

Anchor - But you concede that hypothesis, that possibility of Madeleine's cadaver being taken to the church, and then incinerated is a plausible hypothesis...

Gonçalo Amaral - We're practically starting by the end, first is the disappearance, if you allow me to explain, to explain to the viewers... [overlapping speech]

Anchor - I'll allow you, but just so not to lose this train of thought, is this hypothesis plausible for you?

Gonçalo Amaral - It is plausible, and I say plausible in this sense, that that body would fit underneath the cadaver that was already there.

Anchor - And it would fit?

Gonçalo Amaral - It would, yes. At the time, when I was already out of the Judiciary Police I obtained the opinion of people that dealt with that, of funeral agencies, and they said that it was a possibility. It's an opinion that is not officialized but it's a possibility. If it happened like that or not, we don't know, there are several hypotheses to make a body disappear.


  1. This is in keeping with the priest at the time who would say nothing and became a shadow of himself we are told.

  2. This is in keeping with the priest at the time who would say nothing and became a shadow of himself.

  3. Gonçalo Amaral has been correct about this all along. He is a hero for truth and justice.

  4. Yes this poor man has been tortured, he was a well thought of professional who was too clever at getting to the bottom of things, so certain people 'got rid of him' I hope they will listen to him - for the sake of little M.

  5. Oh my,if this could have happens then I don't think Madeliens death was an accident

  6. Hi Joana. Thank you for keeping us in the UK informed. I am a little confused, when was the cremation of the British woman - 2007 or later in 2009? Was this 2009 date the night 'three shadows' were seen with a bag or was that in 2007? Very best wishes.

  7. I just hope truth and justice is coming for Madeleine and Goncalo . Unfortunately the current political situation in the UK is rife with corrupion .

  8. Bit by bit, step by step, the truth shall rise... We´ll wait! Stay strong inspector.

  9. The anonymous above has asked if the date's Dr Amaral referred to, of three people seen carrying a large blue holdall bag, was in 2007 or 2009?
    This has set my alarm bells ringing as in 2009 in my research, I hit on a flickr picture taken near the date of the 2nd anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance 2009.
    The picture is from a group of flickr exhibitors, who I suspected were acting strangely around Luz back in 2007. These same flickr exhibitors Eastern Europeans had apparently returned to Luz in May/June 2009 and took pictures of a thin fair haired female with a dark haired guy wearing a red T-shirt seen humping a heavy large blue holdall (I thought matched the blue missing sports bag) on his shoulders along a deserted Luz beach, at the foot of Rocha Negra in ankle deep water May 25-2009.
    The comment that flickr exhibitor made was, "Yes, good and no tourist around, beach is deserted".
    This information was passed to Op-Grange a few years back of which I was thanked.
    Yet my alarm bell are ringing today, could the British ladies funeral have been in 2009, If not, why would anonymous ask if it was in 2009, the date those flickr group returned to Luz, the date of Madeleine's second anniversary of her disappearance.
    This same Flickr group who were in Luz 2007, seemed to be possessed with an empty luxury villa, taking many photographs of it from all angles, the villa was one of a few within Dannie Krugel's predicted area where Madeleine might be found backing onto Rocha Negra.
    I still have a copy of the Flickr exhibitors photographs of that couple on that deserted Luz beach in 2009, captured humping a large blue bag on the guys back in ankle deep water at the foot of Rocha Negra in 2009 if its any help.

  10. 6 month church vigil for Madeleine McCann: 'Put the bracelet's on the person besides us to the little girl and know who she was'

  11. How do we explain the blood in the hire car if we are to go along with the cremation theory

  12. Events Mileage (in km) done

    3rd May Madeleine ‘disappears’

    12th May vigil at church

    27th May McCann’s hire scenic with 3114km on clock

    3.06.07 3864 km on clock 750km

    50th day vigil at church

    3.07.07 5864 km on clock 2000 km

    2.08.07 5865 km on clock 1km

    100th day vigil at church

    1st week of August Eddie & Keeler sniff out scenic

    1.09.07 5866 km on clock 1km

    9.09.07 McCann’s leave Portugal and scenic is stored in John
    Geraghty’s garage where McCann’s will commission their own
    DNA/Forensic research on the car

    23.09.07 14443 km on clock 8577km
    (scenic handed back to hire car company)

    02.11.07 6 month vigil at church

  13. Totally agree pls let it end for poor m and soon

  14. goncalo is a giant among men.british police have bungled countless investigations.barry george,colin stagg.and many more .yet they have this arrogant view that they are the best and allways insist on going to other countries to investigate crimes.may god bless you goncalo and your family.

  15. How refreshing is that ? A policeman talking about honest to goodness, on-the-ground, genuine police work

    We've had Scotland Yard spending six years and £12,000,000 on God knows what

    The British public have been bullsh*tted with elaborate tales of International Child Trafficking Gangs whilst basic policing has been nowhere to be seen

    You put them to shame Mr Amaral


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