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Maddie Case leaves ten paedophiles under surveillance

Judiciary police monitored the movements of British, German and Dutch sexual predators in the Algarve.

by Rui Pando Gomes

The Judiciary Police (PJ) monitored the movements of about a dozen foreign paedophiles in the Algarve, after Madeleine McCann disappearance in 2007, but never investigated the former Member of the Parliament Clement Freud, accused of paedophilia in the UK and who used to vacation in Praia da Luz, in Lagos.

The English police, during the investigation to the Maddie case, sent the Portuguese authorities a list of British subjects referenced for paedophile acts, who also had connections to the Algarve. This list was also part of the process (investigation process) to the disappearance of the English child, but, CM was able to establish the English authorities demanded the list to be confidential. In addition to the British paedophiles, police investigators have also monitored, in the recent years, the movements of German and Dutch nationals.

The former MP and broadcaster Clement Freud, who died in 2009, at 84 years old, was born in Germany but had British nationality. This week, two women denounced through the British media, that they had been abused by the politician when they were minors.

Freud had a holiday home in Praia da Luz, about 600 meters away from the apartment where Maddie disappeared, at the Ocean Club. The son, Matthew Freud, guaranteed that the father was in the UK on the night of the disappearance, May 3, 2007. Still, in July of that year, the mediatic politician invited the parents of the English child for a dinner at his home and the couple accepted.

A neighbour confided to CM that Freud's house was "very busy" during the holidays and that the family did not interact with the rest of the neighbourhood. About the presence of the McCanns in the proximities of the paedophile's house, the same source confirmed that Kate and Gerry were seen "several times at that place".

in Correio da Manhã, June 16 2016

Maddy link to Freud 'ignored by police for two years'

Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann were alerted two years ago to paedophile Clement Freud's connection to the case, but did nothing, one of his victims has revealed.

by Martin Rayner

Vicky Hayes, who was groomed by Freud for years before he raped her as a teenager, was left with an "uneasy" feeling about Freud's motives after reading that he had befriended the McCann family and cooked for them at his holiday home in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

She said it was "odd" that Freud had sought out the McCanns, because he was a "private person" who did not enjoy the media spotlight when he was not performing. In her book, 'Madeleine', Kate McCann describes how Freud contacted the family two months after the three-year-old disappeared and invited them for dinner at his villa around 600 yards from their Ocean Club apartment. He kept in touch with them and played host a second time weeks later.

Ms Hayes said: "I read Kate McCann's book and was immediately upset and anxious that Clement Freud had invited the McCanns to his home.

"He was a private man, not the type to suddenly befriend a couple who had intense media attention. It really jarred with me, left me feeling very uneasy. He had a home in Praia da Luz, but why invite them and cook for them? Nobody else would have thought Freud capable of abuse and rape but he was capable of anything."

She reported her concerns to her local police force in Suffolk, and her son wrote to the Metropolitan Police to pass on his mother's account and concerns over Freud's connection to the McCanns. They received no response.

Ms Hayes said: "I'm angry the police were dismissive of my information. I have a six-year-old granddaughter, a young girl like Madeline. If you have something you feel needs to be looked at, you have to tell someone. That's what I did. That's why I contacted the police, when I read Kate McCann's account, I wanted the detectives to know what I knew about Clement Freud.

"My purpose was for officers to investigate why he invited them. It needs investigating if Freud had any involvement or knew anything."

The Freud family say Clement was in the UK at the time of Madeleine's disappearance in May 2007.

Ana Duarte, a psychologist who has lived opposite the house for 20 years, says Freud used to arrive in early spring and would stay for several weeks.

She said: "I would see him come and go, but we didn't talk very much. He was a bit of a snob if I'm being honest.

"What I can't tell you is whether he was here when Madeleine disappeared. That I just can't remember."

in Irish Independent, June 16, 2016

The villa formerly owned by Clement Freud in Praia da Luz (sold in 2009) Credit: John Nguyen/JNVisuals

"(...) Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have been alerted to the fact that Freud had a villa in Praia da Luz, Portugal, the resort where the three-year-old went missing in 2007.

He befriended the McCanns in the weeks after their daughter went missing, entertaining them at his house on two occasions and keeping in contact by phone and email.

The McCanns are said to be “horrified” by the discovery that Freud was a paedophile.

His family, who include the PR executive Matthew Freud, have said that Freud was not in Portugal at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance and that they have not been contacted by police.

However, officers from Operation Grange, the ongoing Metropolitan Police investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance, are expected to assess the new information before deciding if it may be relevant to the inquiry.

Freud was unmasked as a child sex abuser after one of his victims contacted ITV’s Exposure documentary team, who also broke the story of Jimmy Savile’s paedophilia four years ago. (...)"

"(...) A spokesman for the McCann family said they had not until now been aware of Freud’s child abuse and were not aware that he had ever been investigated by Operation Grange.

The Metropolitan Police did not respond to questions about Operation Grange, but former murder squad detective Colin Sutton said: "If this is something that investigators had not been aware of then it would be certainly a potential line of inquiry that would be worth pursuing.

"It is not something that ought to be taken lightly and you would also want to look any connections he may have had in the area at the time."

Extracts from Telegraph, 'Sir Clement Freud exposed as a paedophile as police urged to probe Madeleine McCann links', June 15, 2016

"(...) It is hard to know what to make of Freud owning a holiday villa close to where Madeleine McCann disappeared. Clement was apparently not in Portugal at the time. When you add in the fact that the McCanns’ sleazy “spokesman”, Clarence Mitchell, works for Freud’s son Matthew, the coincidences do add up. I am not jumping to any conclusions at present. But I found the following fascinating.

Clement Freud assured Kate McCann she had nothing to fear from the cadaver dogs giving a positive response inside the McCann’s hire car, hired after Madeleine “disappeared”. They had no evidential value. “So what are they going to do? One bark for yes, two barks for no?” asked Freud."

in former UK Ambassador Craig Murray's blog, 'Clement Freud, My Part in his Downfall', June 14, 2016

Kate McCann's book references

Freud, Sir Clement, pages 193–4, 229, 233, 234

· "Thankfully, though, there were some nice surprises, too, arising in particular from the kindness and friendship of some wonderful people now entering our lives.

At the beginning of July we received the following letter:
Dear McCanns,
I have a house in P da L, been ashamed of the intrusion to your lives by our media . . . and if you would care to come to lunch/dinner at any time before Wednesday next, do ring and let me know.
I cook decent meals. Sincerely,
Clement Freud

I’m embarrassed to admit that Gerry and I thought this letter was a hoax; more embarrassing still, while we were vaguely aware of Sir Clement, we had to have our memories refreshed by Sandy and Justine before we could place him exactly. Mind you, he wore so many hats – humorist, MP, gourmet, gambler, press columnist, advertiser of dog food, radio and TV personality – that he was hard to pin down.

Gerry responded with a phone call and Sir Clement invited the seven of us there at that time – Gerry and myself with Sean and Amelie, plus Trisha, Sandy and Justine – to lunch the following day. He would be heading back to the UK a few hours later. Sir Clement was eighty-three by then, but his intellect was still razor-sharp (he was appearing on the demanding Radio 4 panel game Just a Minute right up to his death in 2009). I’m usually very intimidated by people with brains the size of planets, but Clement was incredibly warm, funny and instantly likeable. His opening words were ‘Can I interest you in a strawberry vodka?’ It was midday.

I hesitated for a split second, rapidly trying to work out if he was joking. His expression, as always, was deadpan. Not wanting to appear unsociable, I responded, ‘Er, OK then. That would be nice.’ Of course, Clement’s remark about cooking decent meals was tongue-in-cheek: among his other accomplishments, he had trained as a chef and was for many years a food writer and restaurant critic. I can confirm that the lunch he prepared for us that day was bloody marvellous: watercress and egg salad followed by a chicken and mushroom risotto – the best risotto we’ve ever tasted before or since. Clement cheered us up with his lugubrious wit, and would continue to do so by email after his return to England."

· "Clement Freud returned to Praia da Luz on 31 August and called Gerry that day. ‘Is it true, Gerry?’ he said, without preamble.
‘What’s that, Clement?’
‘That you’re close to a breakdown and needing medication?’
Very funny.
‘I have a lot of empathy with the Express though, you know,’ he went on.
For a split second Gerry thought he was serious. ‘Why’s that?’
‘Well, you see, we both suffer from poor circulation.’ Thank God for people like Clement who kept us smiling."

· "Our plans for the evening went out of the window. We cancelled an interview we were scheduled to give Paris Match and dinner with Clement Freud. Gerry rang DCS Bob Small, who was astounded by this latest development. He promised to make some phone calls. Bob was finally able to get hold of Luís Neves, who was reportedly out of the country. Luís claimed not to know anything about it."

· "At 9.50pm, I rang Clement. ‘Come on round,’ he said. ‘It’ll be nice to see you. But you’ll have to forgive my night-time attire.’

We found Clement watching a cookery programme, dressed, as promised, in his nightshirt. It was so ordinary and comforting, a bit like going to see your grandad after a horrible day at school. He gave me one of his looks and a giant glass of brandy, and managed to get a smile out of me with his greeting: ‘So, Kate, which of the devout Catholic, alcoholic, depressed, nymphomaniac parts is correct?’

His response to our catalogue of horrors was merely to raise an eyebrow. Clement had this way of making everything seem a little less terrible. When he heard about the dogs, he remarked laconically, ‘So what are they going to do? Put them on the stand? One bark for yes, two for no?’ He was right, of course; it was ridiculous.

A couple of hours later, fortified by our brandies (it was my first-ever taste of the stuff), some useful snippets of advice and several amusing anecdotes, we left our friend feeling quite a bit better than we had when we’d arrived. The shock of that day, and of what we were now facing, on top of the trauma of Madeleine’s absence, never left us for a second, but it was interludes like this that gave us just enough strength to carry on."


  1. Since the beginning that pedophilia was suspected to be practiced by some members of the group. And now this cozy friendship with Clement Freud. Very troubling indeed.

  2. Let's just hope this will lead to further revelations of McCanns involvement with Paedophiles .

  3. We have to read this with a pinch of salt. Chances are this could be true but we have to bear in mind

    (1) what recently happen to Cliff Richard
    (2) How ideology and/or reputation management works.

    As a few independent citizen journalists and leading criminal profilers have noted, it is always at a critical time in the McCanns vs. G. Amaral court proceedings that these kind of media fireworks start to pop off - perhaps to try and influence the mind-set of diplomats and the judges on duty ...

    In terms of semiotics what this is saying is:

    "Clement Freud probably did it! The parents are innocent (cough) and therefore G. Amaral is guilty!"

    The case will only be shelved by Scotland Yard AFTER the Supreme Court has given his verdict. Just an hunch ...


  4. ‘So, Kate, which of the devout Catholic, alcoholic, depressed, nymphomaniac parts is correct?’ (Freud)

    Bearing in mind Clement was the grand-son of Sigmund Freud - the founder of Psychoanalysis - and assuming his half serious observation or tentative insight was on target (don't be surprised if it was) I read this almost as a "psychic reading" of the crime scene ...

    "devout catholic": think the small village church... the coffin referred to by G. Amaral... DEAD ON!

    "alcoholic" ... think the average number of bottles consumed by the couple and their friends - not counting the top-ups at home and the aperitifs ... DEAD ON!

    "depressed" ... think the medications found/photographed by the PJ on top of their apartment furniture that could easily have been "eaten" as sweets by the left-alone toddlers with deadly consequences ...

    "nymphomaniac" .... think "Textusa Theory"

    The other byte that struck me was Kate's statement that "We found Clement watching a cookery programme, dressed, as promised, in his nightshirt."

    In his nightshirt???

    We assume Clement was not wearing anything else under his "night shirt" except his appendices...

    Was he hoping for a complimentary hand-out, for some of the sexual diatribes that he suspected might have gone on before he caught up with the (alleged) swingers?

    Assuming there was a swinging party going on as some top analysts believe (e.g. Textusa). Personally I am not surprised if there was, but I make no allegations.


  5. Clement Freud's articles in the Racing Post Archive online from April to September 2007 help to establish his whereabouts on a number of occasions and are worth reading for the content.

    Can someone check out the Black Transit Van with red lights and red bumper parked at the rear of Casa Via Mar inside the grounds of the property. It's unusual enough to be easily identifiable.

  6. Full front view of Casa Via Mar by Ronwolhh http://www.panoramio.com/photo/15207148

    1. Ronwolhh was one of a group of East Europeans/Germans on Flickr who took great interest in this villa from 2006/2007, at which point it was suggested they were interested in buying the Villa, as it was up for sale. This means the villa was possibly empty & who were the agents, This group of Flickrs took many pictures of this Villa Via Mar even from the balcony of Villa, which has direct access to Rocha Negra cliff, The Villa was also one of two in direct line of Dannie Krugels triangulated search, If the Villa was empty, how come a guy on the drive of Villa Via Mar was photographed carrying a long rod with sphere or maybe float on the end of it and what resembled a large canvas like a sail attached to the pole, also he must have been under some sort of surveillance by that German group other wise why photographed him a, also a blue container resembling a bag of box was noted discarded in the villa's rockery. As for the 4x4 dark blue transit there were one or two in area of Luz, but it appears a white square plate attached low at left side above back bumper matches that of a police vehicle seen in one of the searches in the area.
      Might be worth mentioning, Kate stated woman told her she had seen a car driving up Rocha Negra on night Maddie was allegedly abducted, or was this a clue as to Maddie's whereabouts.
      Much land changes were taking place in the area of this Villa Via Mar, with the completion of the Baia complex in 2007 along with its Obelisks, Baia is sister hotel to Esterela, the Hotel with wiped web-cam.
      Robert Murat's aunt/uncle's B/B guest house included a Hungarian guest named Attila who worked in Baia Airport, also to stay at the guest house in 2007 was a policeman who seems to have had conversation with Murat at the B/B about his cell phone calls and were they accessible to the PJ, that same policeman had bought an apartment in Baia complex, but it was not ready, so had to stay at the B/B, does that mean Murat or Ralph and Sally had links to Baia Hotel, another interesting fact, at one time the B/B advertised Mexican furnishing in the B/B but later changed it. All coincidence maybe,? A guy working in Baia Airport an Eastern European country was staying in B/B.
      Just one more coincidence, allegedly, as a younger man, ex-PM Gordon Brown had a romance with East European, Romanian Princess Margaret.

    2. Thanks for your response, much appreciated!

  7. Black Transit Van https://www.google.com/maps/@37.0890827,-8.7226352,3a,15y,350.36h,68.1t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sEy0f0DLoCXeZUiRMdVpCPg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

  8. Our under age child was targeted by a sex gang. Our family were gagged in order to suppress all information. http://bit.ly/ourNZexperience

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  10. Greetings Joana! I have one question for you (if I may) and your panel of expert acquaintances.

    How will the Brexit affect the McSit Com?

    Since England and Wales have opted out (of the EU) does this mean the McCanns will be unable to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights - IF the Portuguese Supreme Court fails to be intimidated by their diplomatic and "reputation management" entourage and rules in favour of the Constitutional Rights of their citizens instead of two (de facto) foreigners?

    Mind you, one has to bear in mind Scotland and Northern Ireland are poised to find a way back into the European Union by dumping his allegiance to the UKGB and declaring their independence.

    We must bear in mind that Gerry could always try and get Irish nationality or more likely Scottish - for vindictive purposes UNLESS of course the Portuguese government offers the couple status as "honorary citizens of Portugal" - which so far they have enjoyed anyway, but I digress.

    I look forward to your usual, very informed opinion.

    Kind regards


  11. Addenda:

    Revealed: Police launch probe into what Clement Freud knew about Maddie as we uncover new details about ex-MP's disturbing relationship with the McCanns




  13. PDL seems like a place ,only Uk citizen (expats)live or stayed there.
    Even the nanny's.
    Mabye the locals couldn't speak English *LOL*and only was employed to clean or cook.
    This case is raising questions about parenting standards, or medical expertise, and the Uk mediaspinning.
    Moral standards?
    I do hope Kate raise money to train dogs..to find missing people.
    They Cann.. you know.
    It is proven..

  14. Have the McCanns' congratulated Portugal for their Euro 2016 success?
    Does anyone know? If not why not?

    1. : ) I do like your sense of humour! As far as I know (FPF) they did not. Why?

      For the same reason they will not congratulate the Portuguese Supreme Court if the judges upheld the "penalty" against them - and confirm Dr. Amaral's trophée win.

      You see, the McCanns' are people of a different (read "superior") cultural pedigree. They are Brexiters and as such, bound to feel profoundly humiliated by ANY "sardine muncher" achievement!


    "British woman, 40, is arrested in Benidorm for abandoning her nine-year-old twin sons during a boozy bar crawl - after her boys are found wandering resort looking for her ..."


    1. There is also the case of a child taken away from the parents by the British SS (rhymes with Social Services) and given for adoption. Apparently there have been many such cases involving Portuguese children in England! but here we focus one just one!

      Now just imagine if in the aftermath of Madeleine "disappearance" - while her parents were out boozing and abandoned their children to their fate - the Portuguese Social Services had taken the McCann's twins from their custody? Just imagine! Well, it is impossible to imagine for they are British citizens! The poor Portuguese mother has appealed to both the President and the PM of Portugal to no avail (...)

      Watch the Portuguese mother speaking. Heart wrenching!
      Warning: Keep your "Kleenex" box handy ...


  16. 7 August 2016: “The final forensics were carried out about three months ago but, sadly, they didn’t take us forward. There are no plans for any further forensic work to take place.”



    Portugal has just been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights for "violating the freedom of expression" of a journalist!

    This might suggest that at some future stage the same court will condemn Portugal for the violation of the freedom of expression of a writer - and a criminologist at that! - by allowing the wealthy and well-connected McCanns' to sue Gonçalo Amaral in the first place and, in the process completely ruining his life and that of his children!

    More here:


    1. It's not the first time, google "portugal freedom of expression echr" also search for the work of Francisco Teixeira da Mota ex. Freedom of Expression in Court (2013) http://ipi.freemedia.at/newssview/article/portuguese-defamation-laws-still-reflect-authoritarian-concept-of-power-expert-says.html

      thanks for the update regardless

      ps. good news regarding Mitchell too http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/madeleine-mccanns-parents-dump-key-8731091

    2. Feedback much appreciated Joana! Fascinating ...

      Let us hope that with England now out of the EU the Portuguese judges are no longer under "overwhelming pressure" to comply with British interference in their affairs or indulge in legal stunts "para Inglês vêr" (to impress the English)

      To let the parents walk out of Portugal Scot-free and then allow them to come back to wipe their ar*es on the Portuguese Constitution begs the question!

      I note with interest that reputation manager par excellence Clarence Mitchell has ceased to be on the "poor parents" payroll.

      They say it is all about funds. Really? but I have heard some insiders arguing that "nothing else can be done (in terms of media fireworks) to influence the Portuguese justice system against the one and only HRH Gonçalo Amaral which they wanted to see utterly destroyed."

      I do hope Justice this time is ratified by the Portuguese Supreme Court.

      ; ) HRH stands here for "Human Rights Hat-trick" ...

  18. i doubt freud had anything to do with it .he like murat were just being used as a smoke screen .in other words anyone but the mccans.they think the public are stupid


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