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There's a new suspect in the disappearance of Maddie McCann

English Police received more funds to follow new leads that could point to a Portuguese citizen.

Meeting: Kate McCann (right) talks to the Duchess of Gloucester (left), Home Secretary Theresa May (2nd left) and chief executive of Missing People Martin Houghton-Brown (Photo: PA) | Source Mirror

by Pedro Zagacho Gonçalves

The English investigators who are in charge of the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the girl who disappeared in 2007 in Praia da Luz, Algarve, have received more funding for the investigation to last at least until September.

The police has leads pointing to the existence of a new suspect. The investigation funding would be suspended soon, in the coming weeks (in April 2017), but now the British government has approved an extension of more than 96,000 euros for the probe of this new suspect, who could be Portuguese.

The man was spotted near the Ocean's Club, where Kate and Gerry McCann were with their children at the time of the little girl's disappearance. The English police are getting ready to interrogate the new suspect.

“I am pleased to be able to support the British police who are trying to get to the bottom of what happened to Madeleine McCann and give some kind of closure and justice to her family”, said the Minister for Policing, Brandon Lewis, this Saturday.

“Following the request for new funds from the Metropolitan Police, 85,000 pounds were made available to support the costs of the Grange Operation, which will be extended from April to September 2017”, the spokesman (Home Office spokesman) for the British government said.

So far, the investigation into Maddie's disappearance has already cost the British coffers more than 12.5 million euros (real figure is £11.05m, that is €13.1m). Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of the English girl, also have a fund of more than 800 thousand euros (£714,000).

Some of this money will have been used to pay (it wasn't paid yet since there is a complaint against the STJ ruling) the legal costs of the lawsuit that the couple filed - and lost - against Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ inspector.

Madeleine McCann disappeared almost 10 years ago, on May 3, 2007.

in Correio da Manhã, March 12, 2017

Note: everything between brackets my personal observations.

Only have this to say on this matter:


  1. McCanns resorting to dilatory tactics, forcing the postponement of the legal costs payments: “Kate and Gerry’s lawyers in Portugal have lodged papers with the appeal court, so the prospect of paying anything out to Amaral is a long way off”


  2. There's a new (another) suspect in the disappearance of Maddie McCann?
    Is "Operation Grange" in danger of becoming "Operation Mincemeat"?


  3. I fear that the new suspect is a dead man, whose wife, sister or another family member will confess a murder on his behalf, but he/she will of course not know what happened to Madeleine's body, so that will bring a closure to the case and the McCanns will "officially" be relieved but still of course very shocked. Eventually they will thank the S Y from the bottom of their heart and start to pursue all of those who haven't believed them.

    1. This case is becoming more and more an embarrassment to England and an embarrassment to nice and decent English people. If you use You Tube, no doubt you have read thousands of comments against the McCanns and in favour of Portugal.
      The McCanns must have had the shock of their lives when they realized that Portugal would fight back in the way that they did. The only way the McCanns can win this case against Portugal is by engineering some massive deceit and I very much doubt that, after ten whole years, they will succeed that way. I am convincec that going to the European Court will save them., The signs are already here, the comments of Portugal's High Court/Supreme Court Judges who said that the McCanns are not at all 'as pure as snow'

    2. CORRECTION. I am so sorry. I meant to say in my original comment that "I am convinced that going to the European Court will NOT save them."

  4. I suspect Scotland Yard’s blockbuster productions in PdL were not just an exercise to denigrate their Portuguese counterparts.

    It may also have been a prelude to framing a suitable "patsy". Preferably demented or with learning difficulties; unable to explain himself coherently.

    They have interviewed a few "suspects" and now have their DNA (?). Then, it is just a matter of placing the alleles in "strategic places" to frame the suspect.

    DNA evidence will suffice to paint a favourable picture on behalf of their clients - the McCanns. No other circumstantial evidence is necessary. The mainstream media will swallow it hook, line and sinker!

    On the other hand, it could have been just "fireworks" with a view to impress the Supreme Court. The pattern keeps repeating itself ...

    The “framing of a patsy” will not be an easy one to pull over the watching eyes of the PJ. They are likely to see through the “beefs” deception and with a Socialist government in power, it is unlikely they will be told to be subservient to The Crown - as they were before.

    Probably the Yardies will settle for their blockbuster interventions in PdL which "proved" the parents were innocent and the PJ incompetent - even the Smiths sight has become irrelevant and the bundle man was just a father collecting his child, not a lie from a friend of the McCanns'. Their marketing manager friend Jane Tanner ... soosh ...

    I am not anticipating any more fireworks - aside for their forthcoming decision (I bet) to take the case all the way to the ECtHR - uncle Kennedy - the multimillionaire - pays.

    The new appeal will take a few more years until the children are grown-up and no longer subject to (potential) taunts.

    Obviously all these legal and PR stunts are to protect their "good name" and the children. It is understandable. The children of those they denigrated in the process of laundering their images do not count. They are just Portuguese “savages” - The barbarians thought.

    The curse of the McCanns has been lifted from the Portuguese Collective Unconscious. We can all now sleep in Peace.


  5. You couldn't make it up, really, could you. I wish the powers that be who are covering up would give the public of the whole world some credit for their intelligence! It absolutely beggars belief and is a crime against us all, but none more so than a sweet little gurl named Madeleine Beth.

  6. "Its getting warmer in the Algarve, time for an expenses paid holiday." PC Plod "Joe Public are really stupid!" PC Plod


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