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McCanns vow to fight Gonçalo Amaral in the European Courts?

McCanns exclusive interview to the BBC | Photo: Joe Giddens/PA

"It seems increasingly clear that McCann case is no longer about what happened to a little girl, but an attempt — some say cover-up — to absolve "upstanding Brits" of any responsibility, conveniently blaming Portugal, the poor man of Europe, for a botched investigation and overall ineptness." - Chris Freind, 2013

On what is said to be an exclusive interview to be broadcast today by the BBC (for an undisclosed amount), the McCanns vow to take Gonçalo Amaral to the European Court of Human Rights, because “the last judgement is terrible”. True to their character, their blatant disregard for freedom of expression, constitutional rights and vindictiveness levelled at the former inspector of the Judiciary Police knows no bounds.

No one can forget that Kate McCann once had this to say about the former inspector: "He [Gonçalo Amaral] deserves to be miserable and feel fear." No one can also forget that the money that was donated to fund the search for Madeleine has been used to pay for a relentless PR campaign against the former inspector, but also against the Judiciary Police, against the Portuguese institutions and authorities since 2007. That same money donated by the caring and concerned public world-wide to the search fund turned into a legal fund used to attempt to silence the former inspector, numerous newspapers in Portugal and abroad, TV channels and anyone who would dare to present, factually, a thesis that didn't meet the McCann's criteria - a criteria that is based on the image the couple wishes to project to the world. The fund was also used to at least once pay for the McCann's mortgage and in detectives that were far more experienced in dealing with corporate spying, in mediocre rent-a-cops, some of which attempted to exert pressure in the PJ officers working in the case and it is alleged that some have even created fake leads and unexistent connections to dead little girls, victims without a name, only to sustain the abduction thesis, wasting police time and resources.

Unlike what the couple alleges in this BBC exclusive and has done in numerous other interviews along the years, the investigation in Portugal was archived, mainly, due to the lack of cooperation of the British authorities (ex. refusing to send financial information) and the McCanns' friends unwillingness to cooperate with the Portuguese police, when for example, the crucial step of doing a reconstruction, in situ, with the whole group was refused because "it wouldn't have media benefits" i.e. it wouldn't be televised. And also because even before the McCanns were constituted as arguidos by the Portuguese prosecutors there was an enormous pressure, both political and economic, on the Portuguese authorities to investigate this case solely as an abduction, sabotaging all the other hypotheses the PJ attempted to explore. The English tabloid media distortion that was echoed in the world-media, was then and is now, essentially a calculated PR game to stir nationalistic emotions, to create a xenophobic rivalry intended to belittle the Portuguese authorities and whitewash the couple, this also played a role in the investigation archival.

The fact that the PJ has lost the public opinion battle is largely the fault of their successive national directors, Justice and Public ministers, who since 2007 allowed unscrupulous PR men and hacks to exert an enormous pressure on the PJ officers, their men to be crucified in the media and did not  prevent the re-writing of the facts and events of investigation. Releasing the case files after the investigation was an unusual excellent step but was insufficient PR wise.

In essence, since the investigation was archived in Portugal the McCanns could have asked their friends, the group nicknamed Tapas seven, to come forward and take part of a police reconstruction, very needed to clarify the many contradictions in the whole group statements, that would also pressure the Portuguese prosecutors to reopen the investigation since the reconstruction could not take place with the investigation archived. That step and plenty other alternatives to pressure for the reopening were never used by the couple nor by their friends. Which begs the question, where are the friends of the McCann couple now, who left Praia da Luz soon after Maddie's disappearance and whose contradictory and polemic statements were never confronted, who never helped in that crucial step that could have helped find or at least establish the truth of what happened to the little girl?

Instead what we were offered a few years later was a farcical reconstruction, a Met police/BBC co-production, in no way different from other misleading re-enactments,  that used actors, including a porn actor, filmed in a coastal village in Spain - a crimewatch that was forbidden to be broadcast in Portugal. More could be said about a police force that seemed to be working in tandem with the media, for the media, that wasted £11 million of the British tax payer's money in nice photoshoots in the Algarve and decided from the start to exempt the McCanns and their group of friends from any suspicion. That onion it seems, was never meant to be peeled. What to say about the fact that the British ex-pat community in Praia da Luz, have never heard about the sexual predator that only targeted white English girls (see Paul Luckman's interview, the editor of The Portugal News to BBC radio), oddly a Met press release that is no longer available online, nor about the recent far-fetched and unverified tabloid story of nannies using rape-whistles in that idyllic fishing village of Luz.

Continuing with the sound-bites published today, it is also untrue the couple has "been formally cleared by the Portuguese". The McCanns have been alleging that they have been exonerated in multiple interviews for years, via their PR people, or unnamed sources. There's no doubt they have tried to use the legal action against Gonçalo Amaral to have some sort of official document declaring that they were innocent, or rather not guilty, of any wrongdoings without ever being tried in a proper court. Both Lisbon Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Justice judges understood the tactical manoeuvre they were attempting and refuted their substantiations. The judges reasonings were made in accordance with the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) and its related case law, and are very clear. It's doubtful they'll even meet the requirements to make an application. It should also be noted that the ECtHR cannot deal with complaints against individuals, so if the McCanns are going to sue anyone that will have to be the Portuguese state.

As to the trolls and fake news, maybe the McCann couple, their family, their unnamed sources, their PR people and also the media that had a role in it should apportion blame for igniting the online vigilantes who have effectively caused the death of an innocent woman and for allowing, since they have never addressed this fact publicly, their followers to stalk, harass, threat anyone who dares to oppose the McCanns' version of events.

The BBC interview, transcript available here


  1. This pair are determined, also well protected by the powers that be and the UK media, where will this leave Mr Amaral, I do feel so sorry for him they are so evil and determined to destroy him.
    Mary (liverpool UK)

  2. Thank-you Joana, this is an excellent article which should be read far & wide. Do you have any objections to it being copied?

    1. No, not at all. Thank you for sharing and for your words.

  3. "FB: So how much of a difference has it made. So for the last five years, the police have actively been investigating?

    KM: Huge."

    Oh, really?! Is that what you really think, Kate...?Then why the negative shaking if the head from the moment FB started to ask the question...? As soon as I watched the head going from side to side, I expected to hear a "not much", not a "huge", but that's just me...I'm weird in that way, sorry, when I see someone shaking their head in a negative I expect a negative answer to follow!
    And the same applies to Gerry, his head was shaking negatively too!

  4. All I see is the dogged determination to do whatever it takes to save themselves at whatever costs. This hasn't been about Madeleine Beth McCann since '07 and until the REAL perpetrators are brought to justice this is the sick game they will play. Brilliant article as always Joana. Obrigado

  5. A fair and honest round up of the current situation.
    Thank you.

  6. Agreed. Fair and honest. Thank you, Joana. Your take on things is sorely missed.

  7. If you know French listen to this interview http://www.rtl.fr/actu/societe-faits-divers/il-y-a-10-ans-la-disparition-de-maddie-7788279123

    Summarised translation available at http://missingmadeleine.forumotion.net/t29359-french-radio-broadcast-about-maddie-l-heure-du-crime-with-g-moreas-and-anne-guedes-27-04-17-summary

  8. As indeed you had predicted the McCanns have opted for the "mother of all bombs" (MOAB) as a last resort and are taking the case to Strasbourg.

    Not quite clear how that will be possible in a post-Brexit context but just because the McCanns' are saying so it does not mean it will happen.

    Ultimately everything boils down to their "reputation management" department, their "launderette boy" decisions. You know who ...

    One thing is for sure. The Macs can afford such a move. Money is obviously not a problem for them. Scrooge McDuck (uncle Kennedy) will foot the bill if necessary! Goncalo Amaral - a "sardine muncher" - must not be allowed to beat a Brit. Well ... he already did! Fair and square!

    Kate McCann will be sucking on that hard fact for a long while ...

    Ah! If only Gonçalo Amaral - and his family - had the money to counter-sue some bastards ...

    It seems the amount of Justice one gets, very much depends on size of one's bank account - or the position one occupies in a given country's ideological system apparatus (Althusser's). All factors remaining constant.

    One important point to bear in mind (thanks Joana for pointing that out to us) is that the Macs now can only sue the Portuguese state. Amaral is off the hook for good. He won and that is irreversible. Amen!

    In the unlikely event of the McCanns' succeeding at Strasbourg that will remind Portugal NEVER to allow foreigners (even if EU nationals) to leave the country Scot-free - as the McCanns' did.

    At the very least the McCanns' should have had to stand trial for "abandoning their children to their fate" and for "lying" (checks/open door, etc.) and "perverting the course of Justice". Period.

  9. Supposition I hear from the "Ether's" that Kate McCann may be working in "Eurology" with a very close friend?!

    1. : ) Did you mean Urology? In that case she should do well!

      After years of association with Clarence Mitchell, she has become quite an expert in "taking the piss"...

      Consider for example her literary expression "fuc**ing tosser!" when referring to Portuguese detective Ricardo Paiva who "dared" doubt her innocence ...

      Kate (and Gerry) full command of foul language is well documented off-stage.

      You can easily imagine her asking a patient (who might remind her of G. Amaral): "Show me your pr*ck! You c*nt!"

  10. I have a dreadful thought . Will Portugal now do a deal with UK in order to clear them of all suspicion ? I hope my thought is wrong .

  11. Joana, would it be possible for Mr. Amaral to counter-sue the McCanns in a Portuguese court? Or would he have to do so in a British court?

    If counter-suing them in Portuguese court could the McCanns' laugh it off as a "joke" and refuse to attend?

    I feel sorry to Mr. Amaral - and indeed others who were "carter-rucked" by the McCanns because they did not have the kind of assets the McCanns have at their disposal - celebrities, politicians, multi-millionaire uncles and the like.

    1. He could in any country if he had the money and the grounds to do that. Due to all that happened during this last 8/9 years, with his assets being frozen, as well as portion of his retirement, and more, that's not a possibility.

    2. Thank you for taking the time to reply Joana.

      Don't you think Mr. Amaral might have grounds for that? I suspect he does. Not sure though.

      Mr. Amaral could sue the McCanns' for pursuing this vendetta against him. They effectively tried to destroy him and his family!

      It was definitely a vendetta. Kate McCann said that much in her best-selling book. She said she wanted GA "to feel misery and fear". What's that if not a vendetta?

      Also it is widely known that the McCanns' even contracted one of the world foremost experts in media manipulation! Tony Blair's very own!

      (b) Another legal action Amaral could initiate was to present a complaint with the ECtHR against the Portuguese state for allowing the McCanns to pursue such a vendetta against him in the first place! A good lawyer would perhaps find the necessary loopholes to proceed. I mean he could at least try!

      Taking Portugal to the ECtHR one would actually take off the wind off the sails of the McCanns latest PR stunt.

      Perhaps Joana you could ask someone who knows Mr. Amaral (a journalist perhaps?) if he wants his supporters to open a Crowdfund account to help him bring the McCanns' to Justice.

      How much does it cost to bring a case to the attention of the ECtHR? I don't think it will cost a fortune. For a start I don't think it requires representation in court. Just filling in the papers and arguments for the ECtHR judges to appreciate. I think (not sure though)

      Perhaps you could start such a Crowdfund movement! You are well-known. People trust you. Think about it!

      "Une Euro pour un Hero" or " One Euro for the Hero"! Whatever! I would be one of the first to donate!

  12. Money was raised for Mr Amaral's legal bills once and I'm sure if he wanted to sue the McCanns then the money would be forthcoming.

    1. Why don't we start a new crowdfund for Mr G Amaral, i am a British citizen and right now the McCann's are trying to suppress any social media interaction with groups who disagrees with their abduction nonsense. My own personal opinion on these two are they are truly despicable parents!

  13. I would think the British establishment were horrified when the McCanns chose to launch libel suits instead of slipping away into obscurity behind the protective barrier they put up for them. Now they must continue with this charade.

    This is what the Chinese mean when they say somebody is riding the tiger. The McCanns started all this litigation nonsense - more than any famous person has ever done, I'm sure - but they can't climb off the tiger or it will eat them.

  14. Has Dr Amaral not had his assets released yet, the McCanns have not started the process to ECHR yet so won't the courts release his assets until if/when they do.
    I expect they have earn enough now to pay the cost owing to the Portugeuse courts. Mind the BBC told me they did not pay for Interviews but I enabled life didn't take one & I am lowly not a Dr.
    💨💕 For you well earned efforts Joana

  15. What's the deal about a dead page on the Met's website? I mean, so what? What is sinister about this exactly? Old pages go dead all the time. Plus can just use Internet Archive to see it:


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