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British media documentaries - a few points

Panorama BBC, Madeleine McCann 10 Years On, broadcast by BBC, May 3, 2017

A few important points to retain:

1- Clarence Mitchell stated he knew that using private detectives whilst a police investigation is ongoing was illegal but attempted to shift blame on to the Portuguese legislation; unlike what he said it's not a technicality issue, but a legal one. The criminal investigation in Portugal is done by the proper police forces PJ, GNR, PSP, under the tutelage of the Ministry of Justice, acting under the guidance of the Public Ministry. He also attempted to excuse, in a somewhat xenophobic and arrogant manner, the use of Spanish detectives because they had similarities to the Portuguese. Along the years the McCanns hired other detectives and retired cops who were predominantly British, so Mitchell excuse does not hold water.

2 - Bilton, with a sense of colonialist entitlement, spent a good time of this Panorama illegally doorstepping innocent people, including a schizophrenic man that was one of the three suspects of the English investigation. Suspects that were easy targets, which, according to the Portuguese media at the time, the English were so keen to caught they even asked the PJ to get their DNA without the men's knowledge or consent. Bilton can also be seen intimidating another innocent man, a former Ocean club employee, who like many others lost his job at the resort due to cuts in staff following the child's disappearance and ensuing media onslaught, a man that clearly was unable to answer in a fluid English or even understand what the reporter was asking. Absolutely shameful that Bilton brought this Portuguese man to the media attention, possibly endangering his very needed job and right to privacy.

3 - It's alleged by both the journalist and Clarence Micthell that the Portuguese police offered a plea bargain deal to Kate McCann, those deals are not part of the legal context within the Portuguese juridical system. Kate's lawyer at the time, Carlos Pinto de Abreu, categorically denied this fabrication. This plea bargain rumour seems to have its origins in Philomena McCann, Gerry's sister, interview given to Sky News in 2007.

4 - It is also alleged the McCann's fund is a charity, this is a lie and an attempt to manipulate yet again the gullible public, the fund was never recognised by the Charity Commission. Madeleine's Fund - 'Leaving No Stone Unturned' is in fact a limited company that was established on May, 15 2007, that was notably used, at least once, to pay for the McCann's mortgage of their house in Rothley, Leicestershire.

5 - It's alleged Jim Gamble was called in early on the investigation to "help the Portuguese". He was certainly not called by the Portuguese Judiciary Police, there's no reference to his name on the case files. If anything he was called by the parents.

6 - Theresa May, the then Home Office secretary is presented at the Leveson inquiry, affirming the government were about to review the Maddie case anyway, and that her decision was not due to pressures of News international. Whilst Jim Gamble, who seems to have a standing dispute with the now British prime minister since the CEOP debacle in 2010 alleges the reason for the reopening was due to pressures by Murdoch's media group. The story behind the reopening was fully researched by the now extinct Exaro newspaper, a series of investigative reports pointing to how Jim Gamble's report commissioned by Theresa May's predecessor in 2010, which has now resurfaced in Sky News Brunt's documentary (bellow),  was possibly used to politically interfere in police matters and force the Metropolitan police to open a review of the Maddie case with a specific remit.

7 - Murat seems to have been targeted on purpose by unknown people in the McCann camp. Bilton makes shocking allegations that should be investigated by the police.

8 - There are, as usual, xenophobic inferences throughout both documentaries, depicting the Portuguese police and its investigation of the Maddie case as inept.

9 - Not sure what to say of the appearance of the Argentinian ufologist, chemtrails debunker and prolific online commentator, who claims to have tipped off the English police about the three 2014 suspects and burglaries. Apparently this information was taken seriously by the English police, as well as by the BBC reporter. Fact is, the video that was filmed by Heriberto himself, starts with the shutters already slightly raised, we have no idea where it was shot, fails to explain why and how would a burglar-turned-abductor be able to enter and leave carrying a child without leaving any traces through a single-sliding window.

Searching For Madeleine McCann, broadcast by Sky News, May 3 , 2017


  1. http://sicnoticias.sapo.pt/especiais/caso-maddie---10-anos/2017-05-04-Os-erros-iniciais-da-investigacao-do-caso-Maddie-em-foco-no-debate-da-SIC-Noticias

    Miguel S. Tavares and Rogério Alves...disgusting!

    1. I watched it last night, no contradictory debate, the moderator and his guests made several mistakes, some intended some due to their ignorance of the case, and personal hatred.

    2. Let us not forget Miguel Sousa Tavares is well-known for his no-holds barred MMA-style of journalism.

      A tabloid journo at heart who, somehow, manages to write for an educated readership such that of the weekly "Expresso" - which, by the way, is where Marinho Pinto earned his nickname of "The Photoshop" ...

      I was referring in passing to the infamous Joana Cipriano's case and how the McCanns' allegedly used that case to denigrate Amaral via "The Adobe".

      Anyway, those of us who saw the interview MST did with G. Amaral way back when (search Joana's blog and you will find it) know him as an "idiot" - and that's a compliment by the way!

      Rogério Alves on the other hand is one of the McCanns' top-dog lawyers - along with Isabel Duarte et al and therefore we need say no more.

      Anything he might say, one can safely assume it will be on behalf of his clients. He is, you could say, the elephant in the room of this debate, side by side with "Quasimodo"...

      And let us not even mention Lima de Carvalho's allegations that Rogerio Alves used money he should not have used to finance his bid for the presidency of the Bar Association. It's out of context.

      As for Duarte Nuno Vieira, notwithstanding his bona fide credentials, he is portrayed as complaining that some forensic samples arrived at the labs contaminated (with dog's hair) suggesting perhaps the sub-standards of his country's police compared with Scotland Yard's block-buster productions, say. Well, at least SIC gives the impression to be construing it that way ...

      No one however seems to mention what happened to the scene of the crime prior to the arrival of the authorities (and afterwards).

      Furthermore, if some forensic material arrived contaminated by dog's hair (probably Eddie and Kella's) are the police operatives on the scene supposed to remove any unseen hairs from the forensic materials the dogs themselves may have nosed-in?

      How? By having portable electron microscopes fitted on their baseball caps? Goggles? I have not seen those on CSI actors or to be precise on the Scotland Yard's "extras" staging in Praia da Luz.

      What we did see SY doing was to pick up rubbish left, right and centre - possibly to give the impression to the tax-payer back home, that they were working very hard on the case. Cough.

      Need I say more?

      The program (or what I have seen of it) reeks of "reputation management".

      I understand "Lift Consulting (Portugal) are no longer associated with Burson-Marsteller, NOR is for that matter Clarence Mitchell in charge of it (Burson-Marsteller that is) BUT "Mickey Mouse" is still in charge of the McCanns' reputation management that is for sure! AND no doubt another "Lift Consulting - Portugal" by another name is still pulling the strings!

      Verdict: Pass the mop!

    3. I found this whole documentary amateurish and disturbing. Bilton at times reminded me of parody, rather like Alan Patridge: all self importance and bigging up the action. I also found it insufferably patronizing and colonial. How dare those damned foreigners investigate our wonderful doctors! Clarence Mitchell also won himself very few fans with this. The facts are that despite errors, the Portuguese police almost certainly got it right, the British police screwed up, and we treated the Portuguese like stupid colonials. A shameful episode all round, but no less that what I expect from the BBC.

  2. Comical how when they translated the comments of a top ranking member of the PJ they used the voice of an actor with cliche' 'PC Plod' accent - making him sound brainless and idiotic. Clever.

    1. Ha! Ha! I noticed that too! Yet, the man was completely correct in his opinion.

  3. You might like to add that Jim Gamble says that when he first met Gerry McCann he found him cold & clinical and wondered whether he might be involved in Maddie's disappearance. Only later did he come to the conclusion that the McCann's were innocent. To my knowledge Gamble has never explained why he came to his later & current conclusion about the McCann's.

    1. I think this is a bit of rewriting of history by JG - because everyone has been accusing him of being pro-McCann from the outset, he`s now saying he wasn`t initially. But we know he was.

  4. I loved the way Mitchell insisted that "Doctors" couldn't do such a thing as kill their own child and cover it up.
    He is probably right though as over the last 30 years in Britain I don't know of any Doctors or Nurses that have committed murder or negligent manslaughter.

  5. We have been commenting on this case for years, and so far the McCann and their cohorts are untouchable. Its been admitted on sky TV the parents and their version of events cannot be challenged, so where will that leave justice is it doomed or is there any hope left.
    Mary Liverpool

  6. Clarence Mitchell really believes people take him seriously. Poor bloke.

  7. Thanks Joana! I am watching it right now. I have just began and I am already fuming with contempt for "Mickey Mouse".

    I feel like punching him in the nose (amicably, you know) and ripping-off the toupee that covers his thick skull.

    The idiot says and I quote:

    "The Portuguese police (giggles contemptuously) advice was...quotes..."No media! No media!". That might be the Portuguese way of doing things but it ain't certainly is the British way or the Western European way ..."

    What a nerve!

    This reeks of ethnical prejudice if not downright racist contempt but, on second thoughts, this crap has to be expected.

    If he can convince his audience that his clients were victims of an utterly incompetent, Third-World police, he would have make a point to his partisan crowd back home and hopefully win a few more pro-Macs. That is what The Fund pays him for.

    Continuing ...

  8. Richard Bilton (nickname "Le Bidon") starts rather well with what seemed a trade-mark balanced approach - almost leading us to forget Clarence Micthell was his former colleague but then, his agenda slowly starts to emerge and we know BBC "Panorama" it's nothing but a piece of "reputation management" on behalf of the McCanns or perhaps an attempt to present half-baked truth without being carter-rucked by the vindictive couple. For an entity like the BBC the McCanns' would not settle for less than 5 million (round estimate).

    Anyway, I instantly realized this when Bilton refers to FSS laboratories - a British government owned company (now defunct) as "scientists" (sic). Scientists my a*se!

    Let me quote this for the benefit of any genuine geneticist that might be reading and/or "Le Bidon" himself ...

    The following is a statement from an independent geneticist commenting on that célèbre John Robert Lowe FSS report Bilton was referring to ...

    "What is the probability that the crime scene DNA described as having a 15/19 marker match did or did not come from Madeleine?

    The probability of inheritance of any single full genotype at all 10 sites, from one set of parents = 0.25 multiplied by 0.25, 10 times, so (0.25)10 = 0.00000095 which is just over 1 million to 1.

    Therefore, there are just over 1 million permutations of inheritance of 10 pairs of markers from any 2 parents. It’s a very powerful technique because we look at marker PAIR values.

    Lowe says that we all share these repeats and if you were to look at any one person’s DNA, you would find a selection of these numbers. That is true, but ...

    The chances of any value represented along with its paired value at any single site is not at all likely. As you can see, even inheriting the same pair values at one site among siblings is a 1 in 4 chance. Looking at the population as a whole, variation in repeat values at each site is much larger.

    According to Lowe, the profile of the crime scene DNA yielded 15 markers that were identical to that of Madeleine’s pillowcase DNA.

    He says 15/19 because 4 markers were missing due to the DNA being degraded.

    Because the analysis is done as pair values at each site and you can’t have half a site nor half a pair value, it should be 16/20.

    The pillowcase DNA did have 20 markers which looked like only 19 as described above.

    If you look along the profile in the table above, reading from site 1 to 8, you will see that in fact, by column 8, you have 16 markers even though 2 are identical.

    In this case, the probability of inheriting those same 8 pairs of markers at those sites from the same parents is (0.25)8= 0.000015 or 66.66 thousand to 1 chance.

    What is the probability that a random stranger, not related to Madeleine, deposited DNA with those exact same 16 marker pairs over the 8 sites with a complete match to Madeleine? Many million to 1."

    For the full report see here:


    Continuing ...

  9. Oops! Here comes "Le Bidon" again with yet another "hóstia" (host)!

    He says that the person who the Smiths' sighted - and said there was a strong probability it could have been Gerry McCann - could NOT have been Gerry McCann because at that time witnesses placed him at the table in the Ocean Club restaurant (or words to that effect).

    Well, not all witnesses agreed!

    There is at least one witness (restaurant staff) who contradicts the evidence that Gerry McCann was at the table around the time of the Smiths' sighting! He arrives afterwards ...

    One such witness statement is enough to throw a monkey-wrench into the BBC/"Le Bidon" hypothesis that it could NOT have been Gerry. It COULD have been him indeed (according to this one witness statement).

    Gonçalo Amaral refers to the same statement in an interview I read here (Joana's blog). That statement is in the PJ Files which obviously the "Le Bidon" did not bother to check. His seems to have been a make-believe investigation "Scotland Yard style".

    Continuing ...

    1. Do you have a link please to the witness statement on this blog, i cannot locate it. Thank you.

    2. http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/TAPAS-EMPLOYEES.htm

      ------- STARIKOVA VITORINO (Russian citizen, with the telephone No "96635 ####) - kitchen assistant:
      - Said that, yesterday, one individual, purportedly the father of the missing, left the dinner table where a group of friends (in number 8 or 9), for about 30 minutes. After having returned, a woman whom she believed to be his wife, also left the table, there having passed a few moments, all the guests left the table in question, except one elderly lady, who told her [Svetlana's] colleagues that that child had disappeared.
      - During the time that she was working yesterday (between 14:30 and 23:00) she did not see any individual with blonde "rastas".

      -------- JOAQUIM JOSE MOREIRA BATISTA (residing at Rua Ilha Terceira, no. 15, Lagos, Telephone No 91 277 ####) - table employee [waiter].
      - Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at the restaurant last night, as usual, of which the parents of missing were part (he didn't know them) he noticed that two individuals left the table, of the male gender.
      - The first to leave was about 40/45 years old (tall, skinny, white complexion, with large [a full head of] hair of color gray) and the period of his absence was about 15 minutes, being that they had to [re-]heat his food, which had cooled;
      - The second to leave (about 40/45 years of age, having the physical characteristics of the first, but having less bulky hair) did so for about 30 minutes, and that shortly after he returned, all left the table, except for an elderly person, who told him that a child had disappeared, the daughter of a member of the group, due to which he thought that the second person to leave could have been the father of the child;

      --------- RICARDO ALEXANDRE DA LUZ OLIVEIRA (as he was on his day off, he was contacted by telephone No 91 397####) - table employee.
      - Of the group of 8/9 British citizens who dined at that restaurant yesterday, like they usually did, which was partly made up of the parents of the missing (he did not know them) he noticed that absent from the table, for about 15 minutes, [was] a man (tall, little more than thirty years of age, normal physical stature, white complexion and hair color light brown);
      - It was usual [for] someone of that group, to leave to go to the apartments to check the children (children of the group members) who slept there;
      - At the table, he always noticed [saw] the existence [presence] of an intercom;

      The Tapas 9 timelines, as alleged by themselves http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/TIME_LINE_3_MAY_07.htm

    3. The thing to remember is that the Smith's sighting takes place 'around or shortly before 10.00pm' (quote).

      According to Starikova Vitorino above it seems that one person - whom she believed to be the father of the child (G. McCann) - left the table for about 30 minutes.

      WHEN this person returns to the table (30 minutes later) a woman whom she believed to be the mother of the child (K. McCann) leaves the table (...)

      Starikova does not give the police the time of the events but, she does give them a most important sequence of events - particularly when she states that moments afterwards (after "Kate McCann" left) everyone (but one person) leaves the table (...)

      The logic is:

      Because everyone left moments afterwards (i.e. after Kate had gone) this must have been immediately after Kate found Madeleine "missing" and alerted her group. Obviously.

      In summary:

      The records give the time of the Smiths' sighting (seeing a Gerry McCann look-alike) "around or shortly before 10 PM".

      Kate McCann alerts others about her daughter's demise around 10 PM.

      It is therefore possible to speculate - since Gerry arrives immediately before Kate leaves for the "last check" around 10 PM - that Gerry did have a 30-minute window of opportunity to feature in the Smith's sighting.

      Since all times are approximate anyway, it is the sequence of events that is of great importance here.

      In my opinion - and that of G. Amaral - this one witness statement throws a monkey-wrench into Scotland Yard/Biddel/Panorama pro-McCann narrative.

      No allegations made.

  10. "One on the nail, the other on the horse shoe ...

    Kudos to "Bidon" when he says (twice) that he was offered a deal to spy on Robert Murat by "the McCann camp"( on minute 29:10)- making sure to emphasize that it was "someone inside the McCanns' camp" - not the untouchable couple itself of course! Without sound evidence, such a slip would be worth another million or more to the McCanns' via their famous "legal executioners" Carter-Ruck. Amen!

    Continuing ...

  11. I should not continue since this point has already been fully addressed by Joana Morais above but, I would add the "Chipping Norton Set" factor to the equation when attempting to understand why and how Scotland Yard become part of the McCanns' reputation management grand-finale and by doing so risked their reputation and become a laughing stock to the world.

    Consider the following lines of thought association, blend them together and then you will know what I mean ...

    (1) Clarence Mitchell was Director of Media Monitoring for the government of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Soon afterwards he is contracted by the McCanns'. Not clear where the money for his salary was (is) coming from. Some cynics argue it was coming from "The Fund". Still is.

    (2) Clarence Mitchell works at one stage for Freud Communication owned by PR guru Matthew Freud (Chipping Norton Set). He then joins the global Burson-Marsteller (PR and Reputation Management) and at some stage becomes a director but that is besides ...

    (3) The point that we are making here is that Matthew Freud was married at one stage to Elisabeth Murdoch - daughter of Rupert Murdoch of News International owner of the "Sun" newspaper. Chipping Norton Set. Clarence knows Matthew, right?

    (4) Rebekha Brooks (Chief Editor of the Sun) was in turn married to Charlie Brooks - a very close personal friend of then PM David Cameron - who by the way was also part of the Chipping Norton Set.

    (5) Clarence Mitchell, at some stage, is no longer committed to Labour and becomes a Conservative under David Cameron tutelage. In fact "Mickey Mouse" attempts to become an MP but fails. Don't cry for me Argentina!

    The "Sun" front-page petition to the PM - published by the Sun under Rebekha Brooks - might have been nothing than the mis-en-scene of a tacit agreement that had already been made within the Chipping Norton Set. Wink.

    (6) Are the McCanns' part of the Chipping Norton Set? I hear you asking.
    Strictly speaking they don't live there but ...it is not difficult to track their association with it by just joining the dots.

    (7) Also (most important) bear in mind Gerry McCann at the time of his daughter's demise was a medical advisor to COMARE, a government committee which monitors radiation in the environment. He was listed as a member of the Medical Practices Sub Committee. It seems "Gerry McCann was on the COMARE medical subcommittee which researched the safety of nuclear power and published those findings in it's 11th report in 2006" - the chain of association goes on ...





  12. Jenny Murat's "new" sightings of a suspicious "woman in purple" (J. Tanner?) http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/woman-purple-prime-suspect-madeleine-10336719
    And of a suspicious man driving the "wrong way" towards the McCann's flat... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3469215/madeleine-mccann-disappearance-latest-theory-woman-in-car/

    Zero mention of these two "sightings" in her PJ statement http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/JENNIFER-MURAT.htm

    Daily Express, May 3, 2009

    "Details of the mystery woman have only just become known after a Sunday Express investigation into the baffling case was alerted by an elderly British woman who has lived in Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve for more than 30 years.

    Speaking from her villa near the Ocean Club, the woman, who has asked not to be named, recalled: “On that night I went to the supermarket at the bottom of the road just before it closed at 8pm.

    “As I drove past the entrance to the Ocean Club I saw a woman standing opposite Apartment 5A the McCanns were staying in.

    “Even at that time of night the streets were deserted, so I was surprised to see someone there. I remember thinking it was unusual because it is just not the sort of place you would hang around.

    “As I drove up to the junction she stepped around to the other side of the street lamp as though she didn’t want me to look at her. She was not carrying a bag or a mobile phone. I thought she might have been waiting for a lift but no car came along while I was there.

    “I turned right and could see quite clearly she was looking at Apartment 5A.

    “As I approached another junction a small, brown car, with just one English-looking man in it swung round and nearly hit mine.”

    When she heard that Madeleine had vanished she asked a relative to inform the police about her sightings."

    1. "Jenny Murat's "new" sightings of a suspicious "woman in purple" (J. Tanner?)"

      Fascinating! Do we happen to know if she was wearing "purple" that night? Does that transpire from the PJ Files? What make was the small brown car?

      It could be true, it could be a figment of a journo's imagination, a retaliation against the McTeam or a combination of these... still ... interesting nonetheless. Hello PJ are you reading?

      I don't think this is a "Clarence Mitchell-driven source" (CMDS for short) but you never know. Smoke-screens and diversions are common in PR.

  13. Speaking to the Sun Online a decade after the chilling crime which gripped the world, holidaymakers Paul and Susan Moyes, who had an apartment just two floors directly above where the McCanns were staying, recounted how the couple were in hysterics.

    Paul, 68, said: “The McCanns were in bits, he was crying on the shoulder of a friend.

    “She was screaming ‘the f***ing b******s have taken her’.

    “There was no doubt about the emotion that night.”

    The couple, from Middlewich, Cheshire, had spent the night of May 3, 2007, sitting on their balcony – which overlooked the tapas bar where Kate, Gerry and their friends were enjoying a night out.

    After sipping whisky the holidaymakers went to bed at around 10pm – only to be woken up an hour-and-a-half later by banging on their door.

    Paul said: "We didn’t see a soul in the original timeline of 9pm to 9.30pm.

    "My take on it, as I have said a million times, especially to the Met, I don’t know what happened.

    "I do feel there is information that the public at large doesn’t know.

    "My wife is of a different opinion and feels it was an abduction.

    After quizzing people in nearby bars, the couple made their way back to their apartment and came across distraught Kate and Gerry.

    Retired accountant Paul said: “It was a friend of the McCanns, saying that a little girl had been abducted.”

    Paul said the family friend asked them to contact the media immediately to see if they could get the search as much profile as possible.

    Wiping the sleep from their eyes, Paul and Susan then raced downstairs to join the search for any sign of the girl – who by now had been missing for around two hours.

    Paul said: "It was four in the morning before we got to bed. Stood about

    10 to six yards away that night was Kate McCann wailing and crying."

    Recounting the time period in which it is thought Maddie was taken, the couple said they were on their balcony drinking whisky - but saw nothing suspicious going on.

    "All we can say is we didn’t see anything in the time window that was allotted."

    The couple still regularly holiday in Praia du Luz - although they are currently selling their 200,000-plus Euros apartment."


    Daily Mail, May 5, 2007

    "(...) Paul Moyes, 47, from Cheshire, and his wife Susan own a holiday apartment in the same black as the McCanns. He said: "There was a knock on the door at about 11.30 from a hotel guest telling us a girl was missing and asking us to help in the search.

    "There were uniformed police, plain clothes and even off-duty local officers. The search went on all night, people were using torches.

    "We searched the beach and the hotel grounds with scores of people. Quite a few of us own holiday homes here so it's a close-knit community and something like this is terribly shocking."

    Michael Hannar, from Pontefract, Yorkshire, owns a ground floor apartment close to the McCanns.

    He said: "I don't believe a three-year-old child would have been strong enough to open the window or shutter.

    "Mine are difficult to open, especially if the window is fully closed. The shutter is also difficult to open."


    1. ''............There was no doubt about the emotion that night.” ''

      There you have it, evidence that the Kate McCann screaming

      ''he was screaming ‘the f***ing b******s have taken her’. ''

      These are the same f***ing b*******s I presume, that she was quite willing to leave have the twins unprotected, whilst she ran back to equally be witnessed saying

      they've taken her

      WOW ''you know'' that is twice, so it must be FACT!Mrs Mrs McCanns says so and was seen and overheard saying so.

      Next please!

      Just a pity that no validity given to any of the media cover of Madeleine featured:
      T7, JW or Smith

      Conspicuous by their absence, ''you know''!

    2. “She was screaming ‘the f***ing b******s have taken her’. OR "fuc**ng tosser" this is the kind of language the McCanns use "off stage".

      Remember that video of Dr. Gerald McCann with their friends "Fu*k off !I am not here to enjoy myself!" Hardly the language a properly educated person would use!

      A lot of the sympathy the McCanns' get in Portugal from educated middle-class and professional quarters is that they assume the McCanns' are one of them. A well educated and brought up couple. They are not!

      They are a couple of egotistic, vindictive "nouveau riches" who did well in life - if it were not for that minor faux-pas "off-stage".

      Front-stage they are something else - mostly courtesy of Clarence Mitchell tutorship and a lot of people buy into that.


  14. I must say that I found Pedro do Carmo performance impressive. Diplomatically and otherwise. Self-assured and cool as a cucumber! It would be difficult even for a phlegmatic Brit to beat that. ; ) Take five.

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  16. The interview with Sandra, I have never noticed this before,watch Kate's face when he says ask the dogs she is holding back a laugh,also Sandra is she now on the Maccann side.

    1. How else do you suppose she would have gained access to the couple, when no other Portuguese journalist was able to. She's been recently and along the years on Portuguese TV defending the couple.

  17. How to Avoid Being Carter-Rucked for a Crime of Lèse-majesté ...

    (in SKY video): "Portuguese detectives (made) a crucial error - according to the author of a secret report (sounds like Gonzo journalism here!) and to prove it SKY has Jim Gamble vomiting on cue:

    "I was shocked most and foremost when under the Portuguese system the parents were made suspects!"." The Portuguese police did not come up with the standards we expect!"

    Oh dear! I thought Eddie and Keela - the forensic dogs were English!

    But of course, we already suspected Jim Gamble was on the payroll of the McCanns' "Department of Reputation Management". He is just doing his job you know - and after all SKY belongs to the Murdochs ...

    ... the "Chipping Norton Set" hypothesis holds true whichever way one looks at it; very much like Einstein Special Theory of Relativity ...

    Poor old Jim does not even takes the time to find out what "arguido" in Portuguese means!

    What's worst! The idiot ignores the fact that considering the parents suspects in the disappearance of a child is a universal standard operational procedure -
    including in the USA for example; a country which takes no lessons in police investigation from the UKGB.

    This was a protocol which the Portuguese - out of a servile attitude towards Britain and perhaps out of commiseration for the parents, not to mention considerable diplomatic pressure - ignored at first.

    In all fairness, this is a point which BTW the SKY voice-over fully acknowledges - afterwards.

    It seems that SKY like - like the BBC - are careful to follow the "One on the nail and the other on the horseshoe" approach that will keep them safe from being carter-rucked for a crime of "lèse-majesté".


  18. On December 24, 2007 Sky News aired an "ok" documentary which asked the question, were the McCanns involved: https://youtu.be/FxUdEnQ_r9M

  19. Be wary of ambitious men with a personal score to settle https://uk.news.yahoo.com/theresa-may-didnt-tell-truth-madeleine-mccann-report-oath-080405095.html

  20. It's fascinating watching BBC distort truth in real time, so as to further reinforce the notion that they are not to be trusted. It is also encouraging, because it confirms that things are not as they seem.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    ; ) Rupert Murdoch's FOX to be precise ...

    The following is a quote from Pat Brown Criminal Profiler's blog:

    "Yesterday, I received a phone call from a FOX NEWS journalist, Christina Corbin, who know absolutely nothing about the McCann case. After I discussed the main issues with her, she thanked me and asked me to send her a succinct statement that they could use in their article.

    I thought they would follow through with facts because just a month ago they allowed me to speak out.

    "Madeleine McCann was Never Abducted, Expert Following the Case Says."

    This is what I sent her:

    As a profiler, the most important investigative technique is to focus on the actual evidence and not create theories that have no origination in the facts.

    Scotland Yard has spent six years carrying out a remit that required them to view this case as a stranger abduction which clearly has tied their hands and forced them to ignore any evidence that supports Kate and Gerry McCann as having any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter.

    Rather than explore the findings of the blood and cadaver dogs who hit on the McCanns' vacation apartment and car, rather than examining the conflicting and changing statements of the McCanns and their friends, rather than questioning why the McCanns showed little interest in the sighting of the Smith family who saw a man carrying off a small blond girl toward the beach on the evening of Madeleine going missing...they are pursuing wild theories of child sex trafficking gangs, burglaries gone wrong, and, now on the 10th anniversary, a woman in the area wearing a purple coat.

    While none of the evidence at this point proves the McCanns' guilt in the disappearance of their daughter, the evidence does prove that they should be the top suspects and, if they are not, the Scotland Yard investigation is a sham.

    Apparently, that didn't appeal to the editors of this FOX article and the journalist who called me.

    They went searching for another profiler who would give them what they wanted; they found retired FBI profiler, Mary Ann O'Toole who clearly had little familiarity with the facts of the case" (quote/unquote)


    1. Either Rupert Murdoch did not approve of it or the CEO of News UK - Rebekha Brooks - winked across the pond. Whatever.

      It seems American publishers - very much like their British counterparts
      are just as scared of being carter-rucked by "The Fund".

      Recently, I read in Pat Brown's blog that at least one American publisher rejected a book she had in mind (about the disappearance of Madeleine). It kind of surprised me! America the land of the free and all that jazz! You know ...

      It seems that anything published in the USA - very much like in the UKGB - must never suggest the parents had anything to do with her daughter disappearance - even if circumstantial and forensic evidence (e.g. dogs) suggests otherwise...

      Particularly if the "infractors" happen to have a lot of money and/or prestige and/or their ass-ets are worth pursuing.

      Some "trolls" call it "reputation management", others "gold-digging". May be they have a point...

  23. Negligence on parents. Leaving little children alone is illegal.

  24. I'd love to know what you think about the new Netflix series


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