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CMTV Special Report - Maddie: The Enigma

Special Report - Maddie: The Enigma

Especial CM, SE17 Ep20, broadcast by CMTV, May 2, 2017

Debate and analysis with Francisco Moita Flores and Carlos Anjos

Rua Segura, SE17 Ep 86, broadcast by CMTV, May 2, 2017

Transcript in progress


  1. Thank you Joana! Just watched the Portuguese original. Pretty hot stuff this is! Amaral telling it as it is - no holds barred!

    "Mickey Mouse" Mitchell is reported to be in great distress! He just cancelled his Soho-checking rounds and placed his cat "Pee-Jay" on tinned-sardines.

    Carter-Suck is known to be on high-alert and ready to fire libel-missiles right, left and centre! If anyone dares to publish this in the UKGB that is ...

    Keep your bullet-proof vests on!

    Kit-Kat photographed two hours ago outside The Fund's headquarters in Rothley brandishing a lightsaber and lashing wildly at her corgi "Amarillo"! "You bastard!" she was shouting. Allegedly.

    Oh dear! What a farce!

  2. Wow, I have just come across your transcripts. Wow, what a fantastic site! Found an English translation of his first book a few days ago, then found Amarals site yesterday (http://pjga.blogspot.co.uk) and now this.

    PLEASE keep up the great work. Here in England the media lie so much. So nice toto be able to now read the other side of the story in English.

    1. Hello then and welcome to a new world of information :)

  3. The biggest McCann lie and the most unforgivable (as in the above video frame) is the age-progression of Madeleine they released in a photo shoot. They hold up the image but in not one of the photos taken of them can they bring themselves to look directly at any of the cameras. They skillfully give the impression they are looking at the cameras but their gaze is always slightly off.

    That tells me they know the age-progression is a lie and Madeleine will never reach that age and she'll never come home. That to me is their biggest fraud.

  4. Hi Joana, I didn't know how else to contact you so delete this if you want after you get the link, New G. Amaral interview: https://youtu.be/xZC2d_ANbc8

  5. Joana, I really cannot wait to read the English transcripts. Let me say that you are doing an excellent job, the only person doing it for English speakers. If it wasn't for you, the British would NEVER hear the other side of the story from the mouths of these people. You are commended for the work you are doing, and we English people appreciate it very much!

  6. the suspense is killing me, please transcribe a sap! Thanks

    1. Hopefully today as I am assuming this channel is using Joanas transcription: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tUHp85TyJ0Y

  7. 16 hours ago HiDeHo4 said regarding the subtitles her their upload of Maddie: The Enigma (https://youtu.be/tUHp85TyJ0Y) that, "Thank you for your patience regarding the translation. I am currently working on the subtitles after receiving the translation from Beatriz Belchoir who kindly gave her time regardless of time constraints to complete and send it to me. Unfortunately I do not speak Portuguese which adds to the time involved in adding subtitles, but does not mean it wont be completed soon. It's currently taking me about half an hour to add one minute of subtitles. I'm about a quarter of the way through and hope to have it completed by tomorrow :) Maddie is worth it :)"

    Is this different to the transcript you are offering?

    Also, I hope the 'Debate and analysis with Francisco Moita Flores and Carlos Anjos' transcript is also made available.

  8. I'll have the video with subtitles ready by tonight at my youtube channel, also the other translations of debates plus an interview with Gonçalo Amaral will be uploaded in the next days. I've nothing to do with that channel, which has been told to not use my transcripts and translations, nor with someone else's translations. Sorry for the delay but important life matters, such as real life work, took sometime to sort. Totally dedicated and committed, and finally with free time, to provide this blog readers with the transcripts.


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