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So, whose hairbrush was sent to the Birmingham laboratory?

According to the Daily Mail, Clarence Mitchell states that Madeleine’s hairbrush was given to dubious Daniel Krugel for DNA matches. Daniel Krugel was in the Algarve in July 2007. The FSS samples were received in August 2007.

Whose HAIRBRUSH was the police given as being Madeleine’s?

The Forensic Science Service Birmingham received Madeleine’s hairbrush as forensics.

From the Lowe Report:

“Examination and results
Reference objects
I received [obtained] information from the pillow-case SJM/1, the tops SJM2, 4 and 5, and the HAIRBRUSH SJM/36 belonging to Madeleine McCann or used by her. The hair found on these objects was used in substitution of [in place of] reference samples of her hair, [which were] not considered to be authentic samples of her hair.

No hair was recovered from the pillow-case SJM/1 nor the HAIRBRUSH SJM/36.”

The FSS received what they thought to be Madeleine’s hairbrush in August 2007. Madeleine’s hairbrush is allegedly given to Mr Krugel in July 2007 and returned to the McCanns ten years later.

It's an important point to make, that needs clarification, more than the issue of the conflicting versions, if Madeleine's hairbrush wasn't sent to the FSS then one could argue the validity of the tests.


  1. Summary of today's articles:

    Colin Sutton confirms that the Scotland Yard investigation is a farce

    BBC Panorama's Richard Bilton says that supporters of the McCanns asked him to act as a spy and that he declined http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/family/bbc-panoramas-richard-bilton-supporters-mccanns-asked-act-spy/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw

    Mark Saunokonoko makes a good sum up of "How the discrediting of former top cop helps shut down damning Madeleine McCann theories" http://www.9news.com.au/world/2017/05/03/14/02/how-discrediting-former-top-cop-helps-shut-down-damning-madeleine-mccann-theories

    Natasha Donn reports on what's been happening in the Portuguese media http://portugalresident.com/amaral-breaks-his-silence

    Pat Brown speaks, rightly so of A Decade of Deception http://patbrownprofiling.blogspot.pt/2017/05/a-decade-of-deception-tenth-anniversary.html

  2. Mitchell lying? The wrong hairbrush tested? Or both?


    Thanks Joana for drawing our attention to the "Daily Mail" link - not to mention the others ...

    I am surprised the "Daily Mail" would dare to publish anything that did not comply with the "McCanns' Code of Journalistic Conduct" - written under the auspices of Carter-Ruck ... reason why the following captions caught my eye instantly!

    "Colin Sutton said a high-ranking friend in the Met called him and warned him not to lead the case when Scotland Yard announced it would get involved in 2010."

    "Speaking to Martin Brunt on Sky News, he said he was warned he would be tasked with proving her parents Kate and Gerry were innocent and ignoring any alternatives theories."

    So now we have a high rank ex- Met Police Chief telling us what the so-called "trolls" have been saying all along!

    Will Clarence Mitchell dare to call him a liar?

    Will the McCanns' attempt to "carter-ruck" him?

    I don't think so. Right know they are still nursing their badly bruised egos - after Gonçalo Amaral knocked them out in extra-time without the possibility of a rematch.

    Ever! It will Portugal that will stand at the ECtHR - if it came to that ...


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