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The Crime of the Century

by André Ventura, University Professor

I will start with the conclusion: I think this was probably crime of the Century in Portugal. On May 3, 2007, in Praia da Luz, Madeleine disappeared to never be seen again. The case shocked the Country and the World, giving the motto for an unyielding conflict between the Portuguese and the English police authorities ...which still remains today!

We all still have these images in our heads: the despair of the family and friends, the odd and imperceptible expression of the mother, Kate McCann, asking for the return of her daughter, the solidarity of the people, the massive police presence. A whole country startled by the sad fate of a girl who could be the daughter of any of us. After ten years of a mystery that has never been solved, there are more doubts than certainties. But the hypothesis that the parents themselves, or one of the friends of the inner circle, are involved in the event, whether in an intentional or negligent way, is increasingly consistent. The investigation’s data, in my opinion, points this way.

Why was it that Kate - and no one suffers as much with the disappearance of a daughter as her own mother - gave evasive answers to the police, sometimes even reacting with contempt for the police's work? Why are the contradictions evident in Kate and Gerry's statements regarding simple facts, if whether they had or not argued the night before or if any of them had slept in the bedroom with the children? Why did the dogs alert to cadaver scent in the car used by the McCanns?

It is possible that we are before the crime of the century, where the disappearance or death of a girl ends without the guilty being known, in a plot where everyone insists on casting aspersions about hidden powers or incompetent police forces.

I'll leave this question: if the much acclaimed effort of the English police to find Maddie fails to produce results, despite the massive amount already invested, wouldn’t it be wise to reopen the investigation in Portugal, placing the homicide hypothesis again on the table?

in Correio da Manhã, May 1, 2017


  1. bring amaral here in uk media, media media

  2. Yes bring him here please please

    Mary liverpool

  3. Wonderful truths spoken by brave people who have the guts to speak out. Orwell's world is here and now.
    Right now, to write the truth can be a crime and will be severely punished by archaic British libel laws.
    Isn't it lucky for ordinary people that the internet was invented and some truth is getting out.
    It's stunning that it is not yet registered/controlled by central government like in North Korea/China or even become a pay-as-you-go gig. There's still time.
    Better get down to the patents office to copyright the Alphabet. before Gates or Zuckerberg get into the act.

  4. I wrote it almost 10 years ago:
    The parents, the tapas-group.......doctors, 'respected' UK-citizens..... Could not be involved.....
    Reason: the world would fall apart

  5. "Wouldn't it be wiser to reopen the investigation in Portugal, placing the homicide hypothesis again on the table?"

    It definitely would! But that I suspect will only happen after the UK is out of the EU for good. The vested interests at play right now would not allow it. That much we have seen so far anyway - right from Day 01 ...

    Even after the UK leaves the EU - and joins the Trump Empire across the pond -
    any initiative by the Portuguese PJ will be met with utter (racist) contempt by the McCanns' and the British government! I feel tempted to bet.

    Let us not forget that Britain was perfectly capable to risk the reputation of its elite police (now a laughing stock) in the reputation management of two VIPs who failed to look properly after their children and as a result of it (or something else) a child died - or if you prefer "disappeared".

    The sole objective of the Scotland Yard was NOT to find the Truth of what happened! Have no illusions! But to denigrate the work of the Portugese PJ in order to improve the image of two of its doctors ...

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4468750/11m-probe-Madeleine-McCann-s-disappearance-slammed.html#ixzz4g0x1YYgA (thanking Joana Morais for the tip)

  6. I would like to know why the statements made to the police by the Doctors Gaspar are never mentioned or discussed in British main stream media ?

  7. I only wonder who are the MacCanns? Who is this couple that has support and covering from the highest government circles? Has every parent with missing child in UK receive the same attention and governmental efforts? So who are they if they have special,nonstandard and extra treatment??? Can anybody give an answer? Did MacCanns give an explanation of this phenomenon? Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron...are they putting their energy and efforts to everybody who lost their child? So why this and their attention??? Any clue?

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  8. The Portugal police were trying to incriminate Madeleine's parents for her abduction. Of course the McCanns defended themselves from such bias. It could very well be that concentrating on finding fault with the parents allowed the abductor to escape. I suspect Madeleine could be dead by this time, but trying to make it seem like a homicide in order to incriminate the McCanns doesn't help at all. Blaming the parents because there is nobody else to blame is not justice for Maddie.

  9. There are most certainly dark powers at work here (I feel); but why? what have either the mccanns got on someone very high up in the "establishment" that the establishment are willing to do this, or the establishment having something on the mccanns that they have been able to blackmail them into giving up their daughter and the mccanns being so scared etc that all of the tapas 7 have effectively been scared witless. I feel the former may be the most plausible. The 3rd option still stands, ie accidental death, covered up by the establishment (but then that still leaves the original question, ie why have they received such high level help here) but surely one of the most incriminating pieces of evidence is noted on the "wayback" machine that takes snapshots of the internet at various times to save for posterity; this shows categorically that there was a bulletin sent out BEFORE the date reported for the child being missing, this fact is simply too weird to mistaken, this is definitely an establishment cover up of some sort. And for the record, if the mccanns thought for an instant that their story would was, all I can say is , from the very first moment is saw the pair of them on a news report I KNEW they were lying, you can just tell. I really hope that the truth comes out on this one (but don't hold your breath) I could actually go on at length re the cover up of evidence here (as I know a lot about it) but I will not bore you, the statement above, as far as im concerned proves guilt. They must pay for this.

  10. I always found the accusations from the McCann media machine that painted the PJ as a bunch of bungling imbeciles insulting to one's intelligence. Read the reports, they saw through the bullshit story IMMEDIATELY.

    The only way they did screw up was by not separating and detaining the parents the second Gerry threw himself at their feet in an attempt to conceal the fact that for all his wailing, there were no tears. They were far, far too concerned with the media sensation surrounding formalizing both parents, and any who claim to have checked on the kids, as suspects. In cases like these the parents are always the first to be regarded as suspects, and cleared as fast as possible to move onto other leads. Textbook.

    Goncalo was a good man, but lacked the testicular fortitude to control his investigation and subordinates regardless of politics, or dear god, offending Gerry. Had a few key decisions been made early in the game as outlined, Gerry and Kate McCann would be in prison. David Payne would likely be keeping them company. Goncalo would be a hero, as he is for standing by the evidence. The body would be located, and Madeleine could rest in peace.

  11. The facts, Ma'am, just the facts...nothing else is needed. If the McCann's, as they say, really want to know what happened to sweet Madeleine, and if the Met Police and Scotland Yard are, as they say, investigating, then just let Dr. Mark Perlin review the DNA results with a much more sophisticated and reliable method. If Dr. Perlin's FREE offer is not accepted, then we really know, don't we? What an absolute charade and abuse of the goodness of people who donated to the Madeleine Fund, thinking that their hard-earned money was actually going to be used to help find her instead of being used to sue anyone who had the fortitude and intelligence to speak out against the 'abduction' theory. And it IS a theory, and a weak one at that. No evidence whatsoever. But lots of evidence to conclude that something happened in that apartment and something was covered up.


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