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PJ confirms that the investigation into the Maddie case is "still open"

The clarification of the Judiciary Police comes as a reaction after news were "made public" this Friday and following the "numerous requests" that the authorities are receiving.

The Judiciary Police confirms that the disappearance of Maddie McCann is still an open case.

"Given the news that were made public today [Friday] and the numerous requests for clarification on the subject," the Judiciary Police informs that "the investigation into the disappearance of an English child, that took place in Praia da Luz in 2007, remains open, within the scope of an investigation supervised by the Public Prosecutor of Portimão".

Moreover, the PJ informs, that this investigation "has been developed in articulation with international authorities, obeying the rules of judicial and police cooperation, which the circumstances of the situation warrant."

The statement comes after the publication, this Friday, in the newspaper Correio da Manhã of a news report that the Judiciary Police is following new leads related to the abduction of Maddie.

The newspaper also reveals that the PJ inspectors are following a new lead that involves a new suspect, but that the goal is to try to keep the operation in complete secrecy.

Madeleine McCann disappeared from a tourist complex on Praia da Luz in Lagos, Algarve, precisely 12 years ago. She was only three years-old, she would have been four years-old a few days later, on May 12.

in Notícias ao Minuto online, May 3, 2019


  1. I suspect that for as long as Scotland Yard goes on "staging" this case (read "The Chipping Norton Set" for some after-thoughts) - the Portuguese police will do the same or pretend to do the same.

    "Why? Don't they have a spine?" I hear you asking.

    My good friend, to do otherwise, would be tantamount to an offence of lèse-majesté - a diplomatic faux-pas.

    That said, maybe the Portuguese police are much smarter than what we give them credit for. Indeed, such strategy is known in Portugal as: "Deixa-os pousar!". Literally: "Let them land" (before you shoot).


    I wonder if this new suspect, yet another (...) I mean, if Scotland Yard's new reputation management offensive on behalf of the odd couple, has anything to do with Paulo Reis "The War of the McCann's" now on sale on Amazon?

    The manipulative arts of reputation management dictate that any action that casts doubts on the reputation of the client, must be followed by a reaction (in the cognitive opposite direction).


  2. thinking So Portimao not Oporto?

    Is this why we have had the recent media frenzy?


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